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The Perfect Offer Explained

Lesson 18 from: Launch a Profitable Digital Marketing Plan for Your Business

Ryan Deiss

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18. The Perfect Offer Explained

Lesson Info

The Perfect Offer Explained

We've outlined a map of value journey. We've clarified the message. Now it's time to actually create the offer that we're gonna be driving to. So we're gonna be really zooming into that convert stage that we started and making sure that now that you've got your perfect messaging figured out, you can have a perfect offer to go along with it. We kinda close out the last session if you recall saying, great, you got this wonderful message, right? It's perfect. And you know that people will want it. But if you just yell it from the rooftops, people aren't necessarily going to buy. And the example that I give you can imagine if let's say I was just the greatest like George Clooney looks and height. I'm walking into a bar and I know everybody in there. I'm single and ready to mingle so I just saunter on in and I'm just like, hey, you're welcome. I'm here. That probably wouldn't meet with the best response. So you can have a great product and you can have pretty good messaging but if it's stil...

l not delivered in the right sequence, then you're gonna have problems. So now we're gonna really be diving into sequencing. So we talked about messaging. Next, let's craft that offer and specifically think about the perfect offer. Remember that the goal is this is where we want our customers to be. I always begin with the end in mind. If you've noticed that, that's come up again and again and again. I want to think what's the outcome that we wanna be? And how do we back into this? So that's where I want my customers to be saying. How do we get there to do that? We need a perfect offer. So let's define what the perfect offer is. In simplest form, the perfect offer is the right product at the right price, presents to the right person with the right messaging at the exact right moment. Right product, right price to the right person with the right messaging at the exact moment. Now fortunately, we kinda checked that messaging box, right? If you recall from the previous segment, we outlined our 30 second sales pitch. That's how we know we've got our right messaging. But we can have the right product at the right price talking to the right person. We're clear on who our avatar is, our segment. We got our messaging delve in but if we delivered at the wrong moment, it's all for not. If we delivered at the wrong moment, it's all for not. When I met my wife our freshman year, my now wife our freshman year, I knew I was, not the perfect product but decent. I was decent. Price was free. We were in that place in life. And neither of us necessarily sought out to get married really early but we were both kinda in that stage where we were like, hey, if we meet the right person, that would be great. Messaging was okay. Charming enough. But if I would've said to her two weeks in, I absolutely remember thinking this, I remember thinking this is probably the woman that I'm going to marry. I remember thinking that, I remember saying that to my roommate at that time. And he said, don't say that crap. Say it to yourself. You could say it to me. Do not say that to her because that's freakin weird. Not the right moment, okay? So that's where we're really gonna dig in in this segment and figure out how to nail the timing. How do you get that right moment. And the big lesson here is that sequence matters. You heard me say before the phrase, it doesn't hurt to ask, is absolutely false. It does hurt to ask. In fact, what people don't realize if you ask someone for something and they say no, you've caused them to be more likely to say no again in the future. Do you realize that? We as human beings don't like to change our minds. To change our mind is to admit that we were wrong the first time. We hate doing that. That's reduction in status. That's all things bad. We don't like to change our mind. The question that we have to ask ourselves is does the offer funnel follow the same form and function of a normal, healthy human relationship? Or are we being creepy? Or, in some cases, are we getting ourselves friend zoned? You know what I mean by the friend zone? I like it you're so nice. Do you wanna be just friends? How do you think you can wind up getting friend zoned as a marketer? Anybody thought about this? What does it look like to get friend zoned as a marketer? Anyone wanna wager how that could happen? What you got? I think you have a mic right there. How could you get friend zoned? I think the moment not presenting the right message at the right moment could definitely friend zone you rather than allowing that relationship to nurture itself into portentially- Yeah, exactly. And if you never ask. Right? I mean, if you never get to the point because you got a lot, this is really, really common in social ride and you're doing inbound marketing and so everybody on who's watching, you're doing inbound marketing, you're doing social, that's great but a lot of things that's put out there in inbound marketing and social circles is what you need to do is just give and give and give and give and eventually they'll come around and say they wanna buy. That's only never how it works. It doesn't work that way. That's now how humans work. That is the playbook for getting friend zoned in business. And I don't want you to be the creepy person who's proposing marriage on the first date and I also don't wanna see you get friend zoned. Alright? There's a time to deliver value in advance and there's a time to say, okay, I know what you want. What we have to offer is the next logical step and you should do it. But doing that in the right moment where you're not crossing a line is critical and that's exactly what we're going to speak to. So we opened up talking about this. We opened up talking about the value journey. And thinking through how do we transform strangers into friends, into customers, into raving fans? How does that happen? We began to map that. But the pivotal moment is right here in the convert stage. That is the pivotal moment to this entire process. That is the make or break. That is it. If you get that part right, it's amazing. Everything just seems to flow naturally from there. If you get that part right, it all seems to work out. So what we're gonna be doing in this segment is zooming in. If you imagine that this whole canvas is fractal and each one you have the ability to kinda zoom in. We're actually gonna zoom in to that box and to do that, we're gonna be leveraging this. We're gonna be leveraging this tool right here which we call the predictable sales canvas. The predictable sales canvas is another framework, another tool that you can leverage to begin to document this process.

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