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Retarget Your Pixeled Audience

Lesson 27 from: Launch a Profitable Digital Marketing Plan for Your Business

Ryan Deiss

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27. Retarget Your Pixeled Audience

Lesson Info

Retarget Your Pixeled Audience

When I was a kid, my dad and I would go down to, we'd go down to the beach. And on Texas beaches you can drive, all of the beaches. People from Texas, you know. Texas peeps, you know this. The beaches are roads. They're technically state roads, right? So people are just driving all over these freaking beaches. You can't do that in California or most other places. But in Texas, you know, whoo whoo whoo. So we're driving on the beach and it's in the middle of July and my dad's in a Mitsubishi Eclipse. And we're going along and all of a sudden just stops. And we're just, you know, we're stuck. We're stuck in the sand. So here's my dad, I'm like 12 at the time. So, it's not like I'm really gonna be helpful digging this thing out. And I certainly can't hop in the driver's seat and try to operate this manual transmission while my dad pushed from the back. Like, we're stuck. Now thankfully, at that exact moment, we see this guy coming towards us. He's got this big truck with a giant winch on ...

the front of it. Right, big truck, giant winch on the front of it. Comes and pulls up next to us, "Hey, you guys stuck?" Yeah, we sure are. "Oh, you need some help getting out?" Oh, would you, that would be great! Right, so this guy comes, pulls around. I'll never forget this moment. Pulls the winch out and right before he's about to attach to the front of the car, he looks up at my dad and he went, "You know what, I'm not technically a tow-truck driver. "So I can't technically charge you for this. "But let's just say, I'd work a little faster if maybe, you know, greased the skids a little bit." My dad is one of the most kind, patient, generous human beings I've ever know. He didn't say anything because he knew we were stuck, but I saw the rage in his eyes. And what he really wanted to do to this guy was pick up, wrap the which around his neck, and throw him through his own windshield. Right? That's what he wanted to do, cause like, you got me. You're sitting here, I got my kid over here. We're trying to have a nice day at the beach and you wanna get one over on me, right? You really wanna get one over. You're gonna play that game. You're gonna pull this quid pro quo with me. But I wanna take us all the way back to beginning because how often do we do that to our customers? I'd really love to give you this piece of content, but first I'm gonna need your name and email address. I'd really love to show you what we're doing over here and make this up, but I'm gonna need a lot of money, right? We're unwilling to go first. Now, here's what I absolutely know for a fact. My dad's a good man. Had the guy hooked us up and pulled us out, he would've, "thank you so much." I mean, he'd have been offering money. Right? All day long. But remember I said, you got people that, they're gonna come to your, they're gonna click through, they're gonna come to your website and like, 1 to 2% are gonna click through and do something. That's relying on the kindness of strangers. Thinking about it again, as I've gotten older, I guess I can't totally fault that guy. I don't know what his personal situation was. For all I know, he had hungry kids and a family to feed and he was in a desperate situation. And he made the decision, "you know what? "I wanna do this thing, but I can't rely on the kindness of strangers." Maybe the guy that he pulled out before didn't tip him any money. Right, and he was stuck. But I know for an absolute fact, that if he would've pulled us out, my dad would've paid him way more than he gave him. Right, and would've been a lot more thankful. But again, at the same time, I'm sympathetic to the guy, as I've gotten, you know, older. Got kids of my own, I'm sympathetic to the guy. So, that's oftentimes where we are in business. And it's the reason that in the past, the big brands won. Because the big brands, the funded companies could afford to rely on the kindness of strangers. They could afford to wait. You know, you could have Coca Cola spending of millions of dollars on an ad campaign with just, like, hippies dancing on a mountain, if you could buy the world a Coke, kinda thing. And I'm sure this will sell more Coke, we don't know, hopefully it works out. We're freaking Coke, it will work out, we're rich, right? That's why the big brands won, right? Because they're able to rely on the kindness of strangers. They're able to wait, they have enough cash. I never did. So let's go back to that scenario, alright, where we're stuck in the sand. And now you've got my dad, the guy goes and hooks us up and pulls us out. And now my dad goes to him, he's like, "Thank you so much, here you go." But instead the guy was like, "No no no, sir. "No no no, thank you, it was truly my pleasure. "Happened to be driving by, brand new "winch on the truck, excited to use it. "I feel like I should paying you. "I mean, that's nah, right, nah." Totally fine, and he leaves. He leaves. Think about the amount of relational equity that that person has just built into my dad. But the reality is they're never gonna see each other. They'll never have the chance to ask for it again. But what if at that exact moment that the guy drives away, some other old dude, some like, Jimmy Buffett kinda guy, in like flip-flops and let's say he's got a bird on his shoulder, or something, I don't know, it helps with the visual. Let's say he walks up and he's like, "Oh hey, I see you met Jimmy." And I was like, oh God dang it. Was that his name? I forgot to even ask him his name. "Yep, great kid, super nice kid, "doesn't surprise me at all that he helped you out. "I bet, you know what you outta do? "I don't know if you have dinner plans tonight, "but Jimmy is a waiter at the "Italian place down at the end of the island. "I bet Jimmy would get a kick out of it, "if you guys would go there tonight "and request his table." How big a tip is Jimmy gonna get? How big a tip is Jimmy gonna get? Selling, when we sell, when we ask for the order, we are making a withdrawal of relational equity. When we ask for the order, we are making a withdrawal of relational equity. There is nothing wrong with that if you have adequate funds on deposit. Branding, I submit to you, branding, modern branding is anything that makes a deposit of relational equity. Branding is not making people aware of your logo, or your color scheme, or your origin story. Branding is anything that makes a deposit of relational equity. If you wanna be a modern day branding company make deposits of relational equity, such that, when it's appropriate, you can then make a withdrawal. But just like we can't rely on the kindness of strangers, we can't necessarily rely on, you know, Jimmy Buffett-type characters to come up and inform these people where we work and how they can go about giving us money and, you know, making that withdrawal. Except, we can, right? That's exactly what retargeting does. When you think about retargeting, I want you to picture Jimmy Buffett dude walking up in the flip-flops with the bird on his shoulder, telling all the people that, you've gone first, with where they can go to reciprocate. Cause humans want to, and if your content is great enough, if you really delivered, if you really delivered on that promise, if you really delivered extraordinary value in advance, they're going to look for ways to reciprocate. They're gonna look for ways to do it. We've had people tell us, "I joined Digital Marketer. "I don't, I don't really even know what it is. "I'm not gonna use this stuff, "I've just been getting so much value "from your free content, "I felt like I had to do something, right?" We have built up an abundance of relational equity that they had to, they wanted us to make a withdrawal. Right, built up such an abundance that like, this isn't equal, we've gotta even this thing out. That, that's what branding is all about. That's what bonding is all about, and that's a type of awareness that you should seek to be building. But I can appreciate the fact that early on in a business's life you just can't afford to do it. But you can, thanks to retargeting. Okay, retargeting is what makes this work. Retargeting, I think, I truly believe that this is the single biggest innovation, period, for small businesses, for self-funded companies. The single biggest innovation, this is the thing that allows us to compete in the brand like the big boys, without having the budget of the big boys and girls. And it's important to remember that during this process the goal is not to convert, not yet. That's stage four. The goal is not to convert, not yet. The goal is to engage, right? That's what it's called, that's stage two. The goal is to engage and hopefully amaze. Hopefully make them say, holy crap these guys are special. They're really great. The conversion happens later. The subscribe stage is stage three, the convert stage is stage four. When you buy advertising and you generate awareness and you go straight to the subscribe stage, I'm not saying it won't work. But make no mistake, you're skipping a step. Now how many steps can you stip, can you skip before it becomes kinda? Two, you can get away with two. So you can go from awareness straight to conversion. You can do it, but when it isn't as effective, now you know why, cause you skipped a step. And when the customers that you get as a result of skipping that step are not as high quality, if they're a little bit impulsive too. Now you know why, right? You skipped a step, you went with the ones that were willing to have you kinda skip a step. So goal number one is to build a pixeled audience. When you're thinking about awareness, or you're thinking about stage one and stage two, I'm way less interested today in how many unique visitors did we get. I'm not super interested in how much we pay in on a cost-per-click. I wanna know how many people do we have pixeled. Cause here's what I know, if I got 'em pixeled and I'm advertising to 'em, my competitor is not. They're having to advertise to the unwashed masses. Right, and they're having to do it in a way that is under-optimized, cause they're trying to skip some steps and therefore they're paying more. I don't have to do that. I have my audience, I have my people. I know who they are, I know what they last looked at, and I can continue the conversation. I don't have to try to start a new one. How do you do it? We've already talked about it, Facebook custom audience. Right, if you're brand-new to all this stuff google Facebook custom audience. They got tons of tutorials and videos to show you exactly how to set up a custom audience. You can create a custom audience by uploading your own email list, but the ones that build over time based on the actions are actually the most valuable, cause you get that recency. Clicked on this today, later that day they're seeing a new ad. And I'm talking about Facebook a lot cause it's where I think people should start, but Google AdWords has retargeting. YouTube, some of the highest ROI traffic we generate, period, end of story, is YouTube retargeting. Alright, God help you if you go to and we've got an event coming up soon. The only thing you will ever see on YouTube moving forward is me being like, hey we've got an event coming up soon! I'll buy all we can get cause the ROI is so high. My son thinks I'm famous because he'll use my computer to play Minecraft and stuff like that, and he'll go and look at tutorials and there's like, there's his dad. So, I've convinced him that I invented Minecraft. So, retargeting has many benefits. So, Google AdWords, YouTube, Twitter has retargeting and AdRoll's an entire retargeting network. But generally, between Google and Facebook, you've kinda got everybody. You kinda got everybody. You're appearing all over Facebook's news feed and then with Google, you're appearing all over their feeds as well. In one page, you can set all of these pixels and it doesn't cost you a thing to set all the pixels. You go and set up ads and the individual campaigns, you're rocking and rolling, ripping and tearing. Here are some resources if you wanna really follow up on retargeting, again, these are gonna appear in the resource document. And I want you guys to dig in and go and look at these, but just know it changes. They're changing it pretty regularly. Alright, Step 4: Present Your Perfect Offer. Right, present your perfect offer. What do we mean by the perfect offer? That's what we just figured out, right? These stages, the subscribe and the convert stage, we've generated awareness by buying traffic to our amazing content. Now, the follow-up is either sending them here or here, depending on if you have a one-step, two-step. Sometimes it doesn't make sense to have people subscribe directly in an e-commerce type thing. If there's one that you're gonna skip, it might be the subscribe stage, depending on the type of business that you're in. But now, in the follow-up we're gonna send them to that perfect offer that we just crafted in the previous segment. Right, so we're gonna send them to whatever we put in here. Remember that entry point offer that we starred? There you go, that's where they're going. Now, I don't recommend that you have a page that looks like this. There's prettier page designs out here, but this is no longer weird if this company has already shown a visitor some really amazing content. Right, if they come here and they recognize the logo and they recognize all that stuff then it's fine to say, like, hey can I get your number?

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