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The Value Journey Explained

Lesson 3 from: Launch a Profitable Digital Marketing Plan for Your Business

Ryan Deiss

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3. The Value Journey Explained

Lesson Info

The Value Journey Explained

What is the Value Journey? So let's talk about that. So Desmond Morris had 12 stages but he was understanding that you know, they were trying to get, somebody was trying to get somebody else naked. We're not. So we only have eight stages, okay? Stage One and it's important to remember, right? So this is your customer, this is them in the before state. This is them in the after state. We'll come back to that. Never forget that, I don't care what you're selling, your product, your service, it is a vehicle. It is a vehicle that transports people from a less desirable before state to a more desirable after state. That's all a product or service is. If we ever pretend like it's anything other than a vehicle, we're making this story about us and not about our customers. We'll come back to that again, just wanna touch on here. So here they are in this before state. Why are they unhappy? 'Cause they don't know that you exist. They don't know that you have the solution to their problem. So how ...

are we gonna solve that? Stage One is Awareness. What Desmond Morris called Eye to Body. They're gonna become aware of us. Stage Two, Engage. We're having a conversation. We're shaking hands, right? Engage. Stage Three, Subscribe. You gotta get their number. Right? You gotta have the ability to follow up. I mean unless you're some super Casanova, you're probably not gonna be able to pull off that marriage thing on the first meeting. Then we get the Convert stage. Convert. A convert does not mean that they've bought everything that we have. A Convert means a shift in the relationship. You ever heard the expression, wow that relationship really took a left turn, and that's a bad thing? Right here, the left turn is a good thing. We wanna make this left turn. That means the relationship has changed. It's changed for the better. We'll talk about exactly how that happens. Stage Five is the Excite stage. If they're not happy that they met you for coffee, they're not going to meet you for dinner. The Excite stage so we've gotta begin to bake some value in. Then we have the Ascend stage. Ascend. Talk about what that means. The Advocate stage is when they're beginning to say really nice things about you to other people even when you're not watching. And finally, the Promoter stage. This is when they're actively promoting you and your brand. So these are the eight stages that we've identified in what we call the Value Journey. So let's think about these eight stages in the context of the example that I gave you before. Again, selfishly my relationship with my wife. So Awareness. It started off with full body blue spandex. That'll get the job done, right? What's your full body blue spandex? How do you make people aware that you exist? Doesn't matter how great your product or service is if they never hear about you. Then you're just that you know, pathetic person sitting in the corner being like, nobody likes me, nobody will ever talk to me. It's like, you gotta get out there man. Come on. You gotta make yourself known. Engage. I don't remember exactly what I said but it was probably something clever like, "Hi, I'm Ryan, do you like my spandex?" I truly, I don't remember. Well what's that, what's that first line, right? How do you begin to engage? How do you what we call turn a glance into a stare? How do you turn a glance into a stare? You could advertising til you're blue in the face. It'll get impressions. But if you don't ever get engagement, it's all for not. Subscribe. "Can I get you number? Maybe we can grab lunch this week..." Right, so cool. I got the number. But you have to offer something there by the way that you get the real number. Now ladies, I'm not gonna ask you to do this but have you given a guy a fake number? People do that in the dating space. Now here's something we probably all done. Have you ever opted in for a mailing list with a fake email address? Yeah. So it's not just about getting it, it's not just about getting the number. It's about the ability to follow up 'cause you got the right number in there looking forward to hearing from her. We're gonna talk about how you do that. Alright the Convert stage. In the dating space, in the relationship space, it means we need to shift from, okay we met to now we're gonna go on a date. Now for most it's like, hey let's go and grab coffee. I wasn't that sophisticated so I said, why don't we go meet up at a local restaurant in town? It rhymes with endies. And they took the dining card so that was, that was super romantic and I was really into the spicy chicken sandwich at that particular time in my life. So we met up and grabbed lunch. That was our very first date. Right, let's meet up and grab a spicy chicken sandwich. I don't know what I did but she was excited enough. She wasn't necessarily proclaiming me the one at that stage but she was willing to actually go out to dinner at another time. Fast forward, you know, a couple of years, you're meeting the friends, you're doing that awkward meeting of the parents and then eventually down on one knee promoting. That's where we get to this ladder of ascension that you're going to see. Advocacy. Keep calm, I have the best husband ever. She's never actually posted that but honey, if you're watching, it'd be nice if you did from time to time, no I'm just kidding. And then the promoter, my wife is very quick to point out that this analogy does break down at some point and it's approximately here where it completely breaks down but you get the idea right? So the thing that's critical to realize is this document, right, this document that I'm gonna give you a link to, you're gonna be able to download it, this document can map the progression of any relationship, business or personal and to prove it, here is the mapped progression for my wife and I. That is the mapped progression of our particular relationship, right. You can go, you can map this. Now this is totally unhelpful to you, I realize that.

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