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Before & After In Action

Lesson 16 from: Launch a Profitable Digital Marketing Plan for Your Business

Ryan Deiss

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16. Before & After In Action

Lesson Info

Before & After In Action

What I want to do right now is I want to go through an example together. So we're gonna watch. I asked those of you in the room and I asked the folks at home to watch this video, the Chatsbook video. And I want you to watch it and I want you to watch for how does this video set up the shift? The transformation from a less desirable before state, to more desirable after state. Have, feel, average day status, good versus evil Let's see if when we're done watching this video, if together we can't craft a pretty compelling before and after grid. Okay? The target market here is moms and they're selling a scrapbooking service. This is the before state. I have three kids and I work from home so people always ask me how I stay so calm and organized (laughs). I'm kidding. Do you think I have time for a bath? I'm fully clothed. I fell in the tub while I was timing my son holding his breath. 26 seconds. Now go fetch mommy's hair dryer. Motherhood goes by too fast. I haven't slept more than four...

hours in 12 years. My diet consists of the protein bars and pita chips I inhale in the dark in my pantry. And my children are growing like weeds but I barely have enough time to keep them alive, let alone print pictures of them. Time, time is the enemy. Clocks are evil. Here's the problem. What the fork? Making photo books sucks. It sucks. Don't say suck. They're designed for moms with lots of free time. Imaginary moms. What? My hedgehog. Good versus evil. Formatting them takes hours. It may push some buttons. Have good ease and features. I mean and they easily cost $50. So when Sarah does something adorable I have to say, that's cute but not $50 cute. But at least scrapbooking's great if you have no job or no kids. So not great. Jeffery put down the crossbow. I am so tired. (crowd cheers) What's her emotional state? Don't get me wrong, I love instagram, but our kids never see our photos. They refuse to follow me. Hi Jeffery! You're doing great! But now there's this solution I do have time for because it takes no time. Introducing Chatbooks. The app that automatically creates quality photo books from your phone. Halfway in we only just now found out what the product is Chat Books is shockingly easy because you already did the work when you took the photos. Chat Books creates and ships a photo book to you every time you add 60 photos to Instagram, Facebook or your phone favorites. It even includes the original dates and captions. (doorbell rings) It's like getting a magazine subscription to your own life. Magazine subscription to your own life. Why is dad wearing a dress? Okay that's me. The short-hair was a mistake, okay. Unlike a photo book site, the Chatbooks app takes only 30 seconds to set up. And you do it once. 30 seconds to record the lives of your kids. Technically that's less time than it actually took to make the kids. How do you make kids? What? What? What? What? So if you love your kids or think you someday might, click the install button here. Or search Chatbooks in the app store or Google play to install the Chatbooks app today. What's awesome is that your Chatbooks requires zero formatting. And if you're saying no formatting, that's the only reason I do photo books, then this isn't for you freak mom. These books are already beautifully designed. Did you do it? Do we gotta do the potty dance? No! Plus these chatbooks cost just $8 that's what you pay for a day's worth of diapers, except you fill Chatbooks with the kind of crap you care about. How about, Go away Then your photo books won't just be for special occasions. They'll be for all the quirky, daily stuff you and your family care about. Yes, it's that easy. It really prints and ships your photo books without you having to lift a finger. Thank you. Jeffery, get off the roof. Okay. Every time a Chatbook is shipped, you'll be notified with enough time to edit your order. And if you're not satisfied, you can always get your money back with our love Chatbooks guarantee. That was really stupid. Chatbooks are made with the same paper and ink as photo books five times their price. So you can spend the savings These are features you have on your little thumb-suckers. You gotta say it. Suck. Don't say suck. My family's life is insane. And I want to hold on to every single freaking stupid stressful beautiful moment. And now I can. You can install Chatbooks directly from this video. Click the install button here. Or tap the screen once, and click the visit advertiser link here. Chatbooks, live your life and let Chatbooks print it. Oh hi there. This is an actual bubble bath since Chatbooks gave me the time for them. In fact, I'm ordering one now. And I'm done. I did not think that through. So did you see the book end? That was the clearest, articulation of a before state to an after state that I've really seen. So number one, kudos to Chatbooks and give them a shout-out. It really is a great service and I think everybody should get it. And not just because they were kind enough to let us do this but it is a great, great tool. But you take something like a scrapbooking app service, right? You could've talked, and they did on occasion, scrapbooking is really hard. We make scrapbooking easy. I mean that would've been a perfectly, we make scrapbooking easy. Wouldn't that've been a perfectly adequate headline and message? Yeah, that's what most people would've done, right? That's what most people would have done. In other words, they would recognize talking to some stay-at-home moms, mommy bloggers, baby retailers right. And what did they have before? Thousands of pics stuck on a phone. Right, that's what they have before. And now we make scrapbooking easy. They could've stopped at the have, they didn't. They didn't stop at the have. So what was mom's feeling? What was the emotional state. What did you see? Frustration. Lack of time. Frustration. Yeah lack of time. Did she seem like she didn't really have it all together? Tired. Tired, yeah. Overwhelmed. I mean, literally she had to grab her child from jumping out of the window and later on her child actually did jump off a roof. But remember. You're not literally saying, and nobody believes that you're saying, oh if I get Chatbooks my kids won't jump off of roofs or do anything stupid. No they're not saying that. It goes back to that magical thing. So feel, overwhelmed, frustrated, tired. I'm so tired. I am so tired. What mom doesn't feel tired? Remember we want to acknowledge the before state but then show how we can transform them and transport them to the after state. What was the average day? Average day. Chaos, chaos exactly. Chaos but mixed with cute moments. Chaos mixed with cute moments, right. But you're the frazzled mom that everyone pities. I know this. My wife, she would sooner die than be pitied. She doesn't want to be pitied. And you're that frazzled mom like her. Get mommy's hair dryer. The frazzled like ah, you know. Your status, that's who you are. I'm so tired, I haven't slept. I seem like I'm basically living on a diet of pita chips right? And what's the good versus evil? Because I thought this was, this was pretty clever. What is the struggle here. What is this internal, existential battle that they're fighting? What is that? I think it's more of a mom who is torn between spending time with your kids and spending time making the memories of, the memories of those times with the kids. Making the kids versus capturing the memories. Preserving those memories. Yeah. You're being pulled in these two directions. Did you have something as well? No I was just gonna say that the idealized mom that has time for everything has it together. And then you have the mom that doesn't. Yeah, freak moms. They're fake, right? They don't exist. These moms that pretend like they have it all together. There's an acknowledgement that those don't exist. We're not them. This isn't for you, you heard it. Unless you actually enjoy spending time in which case this isn't for you, freak mom. If you're gonna have a good versus evil, you plant the flag and you say this is what we're against. It was very, very, very clear what Apple was against. It's very clear what Chatbooks is against. They're against the perfect mom. Because they acknowledge that the perfect mom doesn't exist. And you said it right. This constant struggle with time. Life is just moving too fast. And moms have to pick. Do we create the memories, do we document the memories? It's this constant struggle. And guilt. And you saw the mom up late at night right. Making the thing. I've watched my wife do that. That is not an abnormal scene. Go back to average day. What's the narrative? What's happening? Here I am late at night after everybody else has gone to bed. Because I have to make the choice, do I make the memories, do I preserve the memories. So the only time I can do this is after everybody's in bed. Good. Afterwards, you have a magazine for your own life. That was phenomenal. It's like a magazine for your own life. If you are selling something that is new, if you are selling something that is novel, the most important messaging decision you will make is your choice in a metaphor. If you're selling something that is new, if you're selling something that is novel, if you were selling something that has never been done or sing before or it's a bit unclear, the most important choice you will make is your choice in a metaphor. Before we have thousands of pics stuck in your phone and now you have a magazine for your own life. Notice that it kept getting delivered. Kept seeing the delivery guy. Oh thank you. Thank you. And Chatbooks so easy because you already did the work when you took the picture. It's like getting a magazine for your own life. Before you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, tired afterwards you feel accomplished. If you go back and watch it every time, and I don't know if this actress just did this because she just is that talented, or if the director called out to it. But every time she'd get it, she stood a little taller. Thank you. She stood a little taller. I'm accomplished as a result of getting these memories here and preserved. Thank you. Even though she still, notice the chaos never went away. It didn't lie. It didn't say because of Chatbooks, you're not going to have a messy yard with toys strewn about. No mom would ever believe that, right? It's still messy. But here it comes. Thank you. Average day, still chaotic but cute moments are remembered. They're captured. The cast is still there. No mom believes it will go away and if you ask any mom, they won't actually want it to go away. It was actually quite an interesting moment there in the before part when she either would catch the kids or something happened to the kid. Like that ball in the head. Yeah. And he after moments, she's actually spending time tending to the kids. Great observation. That's a really good observation. Before, yeah before she can't keep up right. So I mean you're barely saving a kid, kid's getting nailed, right? And afterwards yeah, it's more quality time. It's the sweet time, right? There's a lot of nuance there. It's so great. Status before, you're the frazzled mom everyone pities. Now you become that scrapbooking supermom. The books were all on display for other people to see when they came over. It wasn't said. I probably would've said that. I probably would've had a scene where neighbors came over and give me the opportunity to direct that video and number one, I make it way worse. Because I'm not as talented as the people that did it. But if there's one thing I'd add, if you gave me an extra five to 10 seconds, I would have had friends come over and go, what's this? And I'd probably have the husband or the wife be like, oh my how does she have time. I probably would have just to really hit that in there. Do you have another followup? Yes and that magazine of your own life, that magazine note is actually giving the glamorous titles of that mom. So instead of all that chaos, she's not just being lost in mess, she's glamorous. Yeah, yeah she's glamorous. And all at the end, she is able to slow life down a little bit. At the end, she's back to where she began but it's a real bath. Now notice she's still enduring. She's still not the perfect mom. It hasn't transformed her into the perfect mom. Because that doesn't exist. That's what we're fighting against. That's the good versus evil. This belief that you have to be the perfect mom. Now I know that doesn't exist. So when you get right up to that moment where it's like, Chatbooks has turned her into the perfect mom. She drops the phone right. She still makes mistakes but god dangit she still got her bath. So great, so great. Now I'm not saying that you're gonna be able to leave this room and produce that level of video. For example I have no idea how they even get a little kid to jump off a roof. Like how do they even do that? That's magic. That to me is more amazing than the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. But I'm not in the moving making business. But what I do know is you can leave this room when you take the time to put together this. And you can absolutely craft some inspired, some inspired messaging. Some truly inspired messaging that moves beyond the have. If all I can convince you to do is to go from have to feel, that is going to separate you from your competition. If you take the next step and you can begin to tell the story of your customers. Which we already talked about. It can be a literal story. A story that happened. That's why we have stage seven back in the value journey. When we get these advocates beginning to tell actual stories as well as hypothetical stories. That is going to separate you. That's going to add richness to your messaging. That's going to be a message that's worthy of amplification. And if you can begin to get into status and good versus evil, if you can change the story that people tell about themselves, you got them. You've captured their hearts. If you can make them feel like they're winning in this internal struggle before good versus evil, and you saw an example there of a scrapbooking app. A great service but I don't think the people at Chatbooks would claim that they're curing cancer. Just like is somebody mows a lawn. They're not claiming that they're solving world hunger. But you can really make somebody feel better. I hope if nothing else, going through this causes you to fall in love with your product. Cause you to fall in love with your service. Causes you to want to market the ever living snot out of it because it's worthy of that attention. They're just selling done for you photo albums, right? They're just selling done for you photo albums. When you leave here your big homework in addition to that mapping your value journey, is to create a before and after grid for each and every segment, okay? I recommend by the way if you have a team, involve the team in it. I would draw this up on the whiteboard. Have a have, feel, average day, put it up on the whiteboard. And make sure you have somebody from customer care, customer support there. Somebody from sales. Anybody who talks to the customer, bring them in and ask them, you ought to be able to figure out have. That's features. That's features. Features and benefits kind of stuff. Feel, okay describe how do they sound when they call in? Are they generally happy, are they generally sad or are they generally frustrated? Right, let's go through this together. What are the stories that you hear? Right, what are the stories that you hear?

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