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How To Generate Awareness

Lesson 9 from: Launch a Profitable Digital Marketing Plan for Your Business

Ryan Deiss

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9. How To Generate Awareness

Lesson Info

How To Generate Awareness

Step five, generate awareness. Now it's time to generate some awareness. This is where everybody wants to start. How do I get more traffic? How do I get more traffic? My question is what you gonna do once you got it? You don't want to be that proverbial dog that finally catches the car and is like, "Now what?" We are going to close our session today. We're gonna close out the day talking about how to create an awareness plan. We are going to cover it, but we are going to cover it last, because we optimize in reverse. We get all these things great, we plug every hole in our bucket, then we dump the water in. That's the way that we do it. So for now, what I'll simply say is, don't make it complicated, stick with the big three. These are the traffic stores, Facebook, Google, YouTube. Facebook, Google, YouTube. They represent the vast majority of media and advertising spend. Like the vast majority. And they represent all of the growth over the last 12 months. If you want awareness today, i...

f you want attention, you don't have to ask yourself how do I do it, how do I get it. You go to the awareness and attention store. It's called Google, it's called Facebook, it's called YouTube. They will gladly take your money, and in exchange give you awareness and attention. So the question is not how do I get more traffic, simple, you buy it. You can earn it, there's earn ways to do it also, and I'm not knocking that. You should do that, as well. But the question that we should be asking is not how do I get more traffic for free, it's how do I structure my offer such that I can afford to spend more than my competitor to acquire a customer. I don't believe there is ever such a thing in this day and age, as a traffic problem. There is no such thing as an awareness problem. If you want awareness, it is readily available. There are only offer problems, period. If your offer is good enough, you can afford to go out there and get all the awareness you want, and more. And if you're trying to pick between the three, where should I start? Facebook, they kinda got every man, woman, child on planet earth, platform is easy to use, it's easy to target, simple enough. So question number six, how do qualified prospects find out about your brand? And for now just think about it, how does it happen today? How does it happen today? For us, at Digital Marketer, it's Social Ads, Paper Click, SEO, Referrals. I can tell you, if you're here or if you're watching at home, if the main way that you get traffic, if the may way that you get awareness is through referrals, that makes me a little bit nervous, right, you're like one step away from ticking somebody off and now they're not telling people about you anymore. Nothing wrong with referrals, in fact, we want to engineer it. That's where we close that loop. But we gotta know that we've got control over our awareness. So we really want to have search and advertising up there. But what is it for you today? And in all of these, if you're not sure for now, put a question mark.

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Mike Brown

Amazing content and very well delivered. Ryan was great at covering high level strategies while providing tangible action-items! Totally recommend this class. Thanks to Ryan and Creative Live :)


This was a great course - truly engaging and actionable! I am a professional photographer and would highly recommend this course to anyone who maps out their own marketing strategies. This was the first time I heard Ryan Deiss present, I'm excited to watch his other courses!

a Creativelive Student

Amazing course, the best on Digital Marketing

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