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Deliver an "Ah-Ha" Moment

Lesson 7 from: Launch a Profitable Digital Marketing Plan for Your Business

Ryan Deiss

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7. Deliver an "Ah-Ha" Moment

Lesson Info

Deliver an "Ah-Ha" Moment

Alright, Step three, we now need to go back and bridge the gap. And deliver an "ah-ha" moment. So if you recall, we started over here at the ascend, then we skipped over and said, "How we gonna get that first date?". Now we need to acknowledge the fact that if it works, if we get them to go on a date with us but the experience is terrible, we will never get them to this stage. We will never get them to this stage. You might have experienced this. There was in the early days, certainly of Groupon, you had a lot of businesses that were running Groupons. Which is smart. A Groupon is a great way to get the first date, to bring people in. But if you don't educate the people sitting in your restaurant, if you don't educate your servers, hey, we're gonna have a lot of people coming in. They're gonna be getting free dessert, so we know that that's gonna be cutting in on, you know, some of the tips and things like that. But this is an opportunity for us to grow, so treat 'em extra special great...

. And if you do, then we're gonna be giving all of our servers a bonus for every time somebody brings in ... If you don't train ahead of time, if you don't ensure as the business owner, or as the marketer, right. If you don't ensure that what goes on at the convert stage is actually ... gets 'em excited, then it's all for naught. So how do we do that? How do we make sure that they get excited? How do we make sure that after that first date they're saying, "Oh my gosh, he might be the one". How do we make sure that that happens? To do it you need to identify your "Ah-ha". Your "Ah-ha". Let's unpack "Ah-ha" real quick. "Ahhh". "Ah-ha" is the combination of wonder and understanding. Ah, ha ha, right? "Ah-ha", wonder plus understanding. Wonder plus understanding. If, by the way, you simply amaze them. If you simply have the "Ah" but they don't get it. Now they're impressed but confused and take no action. A confused mind says "No". They're amazed but they do nothing 'cause they're scared. You haven't given them understanding. Is you simply have understanding without the wonder, if you have the "Ha" without the "Ah", you've answered a question that nobody asked. We need the "Ah", we need the "Ha". That's when excitement happens. So the "Ah-ha" moment is when the true core value clicks with a customer, transforming your product from a "nice to have" into a " must have". How do we go from a "nice to have" into a " must have"? There's three main ways that we do that. The first is by delivering some boost in status or charisma. Status or charisma. Can you make them more interesting than they would be on their own? I like to say if you tell somebody a story, you'll capture their attention. If you give somebody a new story to tell about themselves, you'll capture their heart. So give some examples of some brands that have leveraged the "Ah-ha" moment to deliver status and charisma. The second, community and identity. Can you make them feel like they're a part of something? Can you make 'em feel like they're truly a part of something? Can you make 'em feel like they have a home? Can anybody think of an example of a company that really nailed community and identity early on? I heard Apple, Facebook for sure, their business is community and identity, right? Let's go offline. Let's think brick and mortar. Nike? I like Nike because you were able to ... ♪ Like Mike ♪ ♪ If I can be like ... ♪ That's the last time I'll sing. What about Starbucks? Coffee's been sold for years. Starbucks combined coffee with community, the third place. And then probably the most powerful of all, hope and progress. Hope and progress. The definition of hope is making people feel like tomorrow will be better than today. You don't have to make, you don't have to deliver on the ultimate end result, people are understanding, they understand that that's gonna take some time, but you gotta make 'em believe. Alright, let's look at some examples. I recently got a Tesla. They came out with the Ludicrous Speed and I'm like a Spaceballs kinda fan and so I was like, Ludicrous, I have to have that. So I went and did a test drive. Okay. And if you, say if you've done, I'm guessing everybody has done a test drive at some point in their lives, but you know it's awkward, right. Test drives are awkward. You're in a car that you don't understand, you've got a stranger sitting next to you, you don't own it, you're like just don't get in a wreck. So I'm in this car, I'm driving around, I'm cruising around doing the test drive, I'm like okay, I'm ready to go back. Now, I'd pretty much made up my mind that I was gonna get one but you know, kinda wanted to go look at some other things. And the sales person said, "Uh uh, we're not done yet". He said "if you're gonna own this car, "You need to know how to do a launch". What's a launch? Well, you're about to find out. Come back around to this back street. So he took me around to this back road, which already I'm like, well he's going to murder me. But we go around to this back road, right? And he does this, not kidding, looks around and he says, "Alright, this is what I want you to do. "I want you to come to a complete stop, "I want you to lift your foot off the pedal "And I want you just to floor it. "Okay? "Alright, three, two, one, go." And I did and I was like, "Wow, yeah, that was great." He's like, "Uh uh, stop, you did it wrong. "You have to do it again. "I want you to take your foot, three inches off, "Pretend like there's a nasty bug and squash it." And I did that and just (exclaims) the thing took off like a rocket ship. In that instance, in that instant I was suddenly cooler. Now not really, I'm still a nerd, but, but he said, "Now that's what it's like "To have your own private roller coaster." I'm not just some normal dude, I'm a dude that owns my own roller coaster. Right? Now, I went back by the way, 'cause I'm a student of this stuff, and I had my friends go and do other test drives, like tell me if they do this. They did all of it. It's script. It's script, it's copy, it's messaging. It's all messaging, even the ... thing, they taught him to do that crap. Brilliant, I love it. I absolutely love it. And at that point, sold, done. But it wasn't just that, it was also community and identity. 'Cause now I knew how to do something that none of my friends did. So as soon as I took delivery of the car, what's the first thing I did? Hey man, hop in (exclaims). You know, I picked my mom up. I've never heard so many expletives come out of my mom's mouth in my entire life. Utterly freaked her out, right? And you're fine, you're like, you know, put your head back, you don't want to give people whiplash. So in that moment, during the test drive, and the "Ah-ha" needs to be delivered either after that first transaction or during the consultative sale. The test drive is consultative sale. A webinar is a consultative sale, a demo is a consultative sale. Somebody walks into your shoe store and asks what they should buy, that's a consultative sale. That "Ah-ha" ether needs to be delivered during the consultative sales process, or it needs to be delivered immediately after that initial transaction on the date. Alright? They nailed it. They nailed it. So at Uber. So I'm at Uber. I remember the first time my buddy ... I live in Austin, so we're always like Austin likes to think it's San Francisco but it's at least a few years behind. And I remember coming here and my buddy who lived out here at the time was like, "You've gotta try this new thing Uber." This was years ago. And he's like "You know, check it out." I'm like, "So you're gonna ask, like ..." I grew up my whole life, like you don't get in cars with strangers, that's like rule number one. Like I'm gonna actually order, like ask a stranger to come and pick me up? Like, this isn't natural. He's like, "No, no, it's fine. "'Cause you can watch as your driver gets closer. "You know they're coming. "You know they're coming, you can see their face." It worked because you got hope and progress. You can see them getting closer. I don't believed Uber would have worked if it's just like you call somebody and be like, "Well, I hope this total stranger shows up." No hope, no sense of progress. The other thing that I heard him talk about was there was a status bump as well. Because early on, especially when you're able to boop, boop, boop, and now black car pulls up, I mean you're a baller, right? You're a baller. I think that's where Uber nailed their "Ah-ha". Twitter, they realized once somebody followed 30 people, that was when they got their "Ah-ha". Had a buddy of mine who was a personal trainer, and high-end stuff. He had everybody start before he would do his personal training sessions, he had everybody start with a juice fast. A seven-day juice fast. 'Cause he said you'll feel thinner and your will-power will go through the roof. He'd tell 'em right at the outset. He's like, you're not gonna, you know you'll lose some water weight and things like that, but the biggie is you will feel thinner. Hope and progress. He also had them do something else, I'll show you this example later. He had them post a before video to social. Saying like, I'm starting my journey, my transformation begins today. If you see me out eating a cheese burger, ask me how it's going, right? And he asked them to do this. Now what he did that was really, really smart is, he got all the people that were in his community that had gone through his program before to respond to that person's Facebook post and say, "We don't know each other, "But I went through it and we're in this together." So during that process he was also bringing community and identity. He gave 'em new name. He gave them a new name. And status and charisma at the end of it. 'Cause look at you, better looking, looking svelte. At Digital Marketer, we realize that what we need to do, when people would join we would try to get them to go through one of our trainings, go through one of our execution plans. It didn't work, it was too much work on their part. They didn't get the "Ah-ha" fast enough. So instead, we said, "Okay, we've got this private "Facebook group, if we can just get people to go in "And ask a question, then I bet they'd stick around." So we said go in there, use the hashtag "I'm new here". So that we knew that if somebody went in and asked a question and they got an answer, they stayed. That was their "Ah-ha" moment. That was how we built in community and identity. We also gave them hope and progress. People would tell us, I've been wanting an answer to this question for months. I'm a member of this group for less than an hour and I have it. Hope and progress. Hope and progress. There was an E-mail marketing solution that was out there, they used to have a step one, upload your E-mail list. It was hard and it was scary. They changed it to step one, let's deign your E-mail newsletter template. Have them design their E-mail, ooh, that looks pretty. Oh, yeah, got your logo in there, that looks great. Okay, let's craft your first E-mail, ah that looks nice. Now who do you want to send it to? Upload your E-mail address. When they gave them hope and progress first, before asking them to do some work, that was when they turned the corner on their [Inaudible 00:10:51] issues. So question number four, what's an "Ah-ha" moment that will deliver, that you will deliver that will transform your product or service from a "nice to have" into a "must have"? What is your "Ah-ha" moment? Figuring this out is one of the most critical steps in the process. Alright, what is that "Ah-ha" moment. I said for us it's "I'm new here". What is it for you? What's something really cool that you can deliver during the sales process that you can give away? Often times it's whatever the coolest thing is that you're doing over here, the thing that everybody compliments on. The thing that people just love. Splinter it out and bring it over here. Give it to them. Give it to them on the front end. Let them believe that you can do what you say you can do.

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