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How To Map a Value Journey

Lesson 4 from: Launch a Profitable Digital Marketing Plan for Your Business

Ryan Deiss

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4. How To Map a Value Journey

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How To Map a Value Journey

Now, when it comes to doing this, if you're brand new and you're just getting started, I recognize you haven't yet gone through this process. You don't know. You don't know what's gonna happen in each stage, and that's okay. At this point, we're gonna make our best guess. But if you know that you need to be thoughtful and intentional about each stage, you will be thoughtful and intentional about each stage. And hopefully, some of the ideas that we give you along the way will aid in that. So, this is the value journey canvas. Now, I showed you how you would go about mapping a relationship from stranger to friend to committed relationship, right? How do you do it in the business setting? Usually, it looks something like this. Awareness is when a prospect's gonna see your ad. They're gonna find you and search. They're gonna hear about you via referral. So, begin thinking right now. How do people become aware of your brand? Now, if you happen to be a giant brand, if you're a MailChimp or a...

Shopify or a Google, you know, your past branding efforts have already accomplished this. But if you're a startup, if you're brand new, you gotta think. How are we gonna break through the clutter? Engagement. Usually, engagement comes in the form of content marketing. Reading a blog post, watching and interesting and compelling video. Engagement could also come in the form of social. How do you engage? How do you turn a glance into a stare? The subscribe stage. What are you going to offer in exchange for their contact information? It's free but it isn't. You're asking people for a little bit of their time, for a little bit of attention. You're asking to in to their inbox. What are you gonna offer to get that? And then convert. What are you gonna do to get that first date? What's your "Let's go get coffee"? Small purchase, scheduling a demo. You gotta make sure, by the way, if you meet up for coffee but it's no fun, you're not gonna get a second date. That's why the excite. We gotta think, how are we gonna make sure this is actually good? And then we get into core offer, upsells, upsells. Advocacy, that's when successful customers are getting us testimonials, telling customer stories. And then finally, they're actively promoting us either as a referral partner or an affiliate. So, there we've taken it and we've applied it to this new model. So, let's build. Let's begin thinking about this for your brand. If you have access to the interwebs, you can feel free to download this. If not, you can also just number one through eight. As we walk down, it won't be quite as pretty but it gets the job done. But with a capital J. Does need to be with a capital J. When you go to that page, you will need to scroll down just a little bit, and you'll see this image. Click it and you can download a PDF version that you can fill in. All right? Go in and access that now, especially if you're watching at home now. It would be a good time to go ahead and download this.

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