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Entry-Point Offers

Lesson 21 from: Launch a Profitable Digital Marketing Plan for Your Business

Ryan Deiss

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21. Entry-Point Offers

Lesson Info

Entry-Point Offers

Now I want to dive into entry-point offers. Entry-point offers, this is it. I mean, this is really where the babies are made, so to speak. We talked about purchase, triggering event, ideal sales conversation, now we wanna get into the requesting action. All right, the requesting action. So we said before, entry-point offers establish "micro-commitments" that convert strangers into friends. So the first big job of an entry-point offer is to establish that micro-commitment. A micro-commitment in the form of time, or a micro-commitment in the form of money. Right? Do you remember this? Little bit of money, little bit of time. We wanna get that micro-commitment, we wanna get that soft yes. So we talked about the guitar pick guy that's selling guitars. Talked about my buddy who sold candle wicks and then he sold candle supplies. Talked about how we used to sell cufflinks, right? How demos and trials work, right? We talked about all this. How really, you shouldn't say, "Give me a bunch of mo...

ney to clean your entire carpet." "Give me 20 bucks and lemme clean a chair. "Lemme clean a chair." And now Fiverr is literally marketplace for entry-point offers. Right? Now I want you to think bigger. So an entry-point offer, yes, job number one is to secure that micro-commitment. That's the first thing, but I want you to think bigger. In addition to securing the micro-commitment, it should also initiate and set up the ideal sales conversation. All right? In addition to securing that micro-commitment, it should also funnel seamlessly in through the form of a requesting action, so a triggering event occurred, now we get the requesting action, that's where the entry-point offer occurs, which initiates an ideal sales conversation and then folds into the purchase offer. We talked about before, ideal sales conversation, it's the who, it's the where, and it's the what. What are they talking about? We talked about the formula for the what. "Since I know you want after, then product or service "is obviously the next logical step." So the big question is, how do we get our prospects to admit that they truly want our after, right? How do we get them to do that? In other words, how do we get to say that, "Since I know you want after," without being pushy or annoying? How do we get to there? We know that if we can say that the answers gonna be yes. How do we get to there? And the answer is you leverage an entry-point offer to get them to make a requesting action, all right? So let's look at some examples based on the ones that we've already seen. "Since you just purchased a bunch of candle wicks, "I'm guessing you're planning to make a candle. "If so, would you be interested in our waxes and molds?" It's not bizarre or pushy or salesy of me to assume that someone who buys a bunch of wicks intends to make a candle. Since I know you wanna make a candle, why? 'Cause you bought some wicks. The purchase of the wicks was the requesting action. The purchase of the wicks was them raising their hand and saying, "Hey, I wanna make some candles." Right? We're not being weird, we're not being pushy. Right? Here's a mix tape, "Goin' to the Chapel", sign us up for The Knot. Since you just purchased a metric butt ton of guitar picks, I'm guessing you like guitars. I'm guessing you own more than one. If so, would you like to check out some of these guitars? The dude is selling guitar picks a hundred at a time. If you're buying guitar picks a hundred at a time, you got more than one guitar. It's safe to assume you might want another. Since you just signed up for a demo, I'm guessing you're looking for a marketing automation solution. Let's jump right in. You signed up for the demo, probably 'cause you're bored. Look for marketing automation, talk to me about it, what's going on? Since you had me remove that disgusting pee stain from your chair, I'm guessing you prefer cleanliness over filth. Would you like me now to clean your whole carpet? I probably wouldn't word it exactly like that, but you get the idea, right? You get the idea. We want the entry-point offer to initiate that ideal sales conversation. The entry-point offer is what allows you to say, "Since this, then that." So entry-point offers are the secret to selling without being pushy or creepy, right? Entry-point offers are what allow us to do that. Entry-point offers where we know we wanna get there, but they acknowledge that this is where it needs to begin. Now, a key thing to remember on entry-point offers, depending on the extent of the ask, you might need additional steps and offers in between. So I couldn't say, "Look, since you're obviously interested "in spending the rest of your life with me, "we should probably get married." I couldn't say that after our first date at Wendy's. That would've been weird. So when you're asking yourselves how many entry-point offers do I need? How long do I need to have this? It depends on the extent of the ask. If you're asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you and only you, you're probably going to need to go out on more than one date. But depending on the extent of the ask, you might be able to ask right away, all right? So now, let's brainstorm some entry-point offers. All right, let's get in, brainstorm some entry-point offers for your business. EPO brainstormer number one, "What's something your prospect would only buy or register for if they had a problem or challenge that you could solve?" Okay, what's something your prospect would only buy or register for if they had that problem you could solve? A good example, this webinar that we run. Free online training, how to structure and build a modern digital marketing team. I'll be honest, guys, I can write sexier webinar titles. That is purposefully kind of lame, because I only want people who are interested in learning how to structure and build a modern digital marketing team. And once somebody registers for that webinar, I can say, "Hey, since you're interested "in learning how to structure and build "a modern digital marketing team, would you like "to use our tools to..." I can say that, because they registered for it. So once something that it's not gonna have the highest conversion rate in the world, but the people who do sign up for it, you know you got 'em. Candle wicks are a great example of that. Right? Candle wicks are a great example. This is an example from, so we do a lot of stuff in the survival and preparedness space. So, basically like extreme camping, right? This is an item that we have, right here. It's a cool little survival lighter. You can get it wet, drench it, it'll still light. And it's designed to be used in extreme circumstances. So we offered this for a while and it did really, really well. And we said, "You know what'd be even cooler?" Flashlight. So we began selling this little flashlight. We're like, "Okay." 'Cause we wanna be able to say, "Hey, since you're obviously interested "in kinda survival, preparedness stuff, "you might wanna join our club." That's what we wanna be able to say. With this, since you're obviously interested in survival and preparedness stuff, you should join the club. It worked. Flashlight, it didn't work. Since you're obviously interested in survival and preparedness. What are you talking about? I just bought a freaking flashlight. Who's like, "I don't need a flashlight." You don't have to be tinfoil hat-wearing person to want a flashlight, right? It's a flashlight, they're cool. My wife wants a flashlight, she hates camping, but she'll take a flashlight. So that's why something your prospect would only buy or register for if they had that problem, or they had that interest. It should be a negative qualifier. You're not trying to go out there and get everyone. All right? You're trying to get the people that are ready. "What valuable part of your main offer "can you 'splinter off' and deliver "on an a la carte basis to deliver value "in advance to get your foot in the door?" This is the biggest opportunity for just about everybody in this room. What is the thing you're already fulfilling in your core offer that could be splintered off? What's something that you're already doing as a part of the process that could be sold separately? The candle wicks are a great example of that. All right? What's something that you're already doing that could be splintered off? So, your product, your core offer is what again? It's an information product and it basically walks people through how to safely use medical marijuana for their specific medical condition. Cool, and you're based out of Alabama, right? Yeah. I'm just kidding. Yeah, so you've got a course where you're teaching people how to safely use medical marijuana. Yeah. Right, so that's of course, how to do it, help with the right types of ailments, all those things. What you could very easily do is think, okay, what's the one thing that really the number one question that I get, ya know? And what is that for you? The one thing that in your course everybody says this was the thing that was so helpful. They just wanna know, "What product do I buy?" You know, like a doctor usually gives you a prescription. Yup. Says take this medicine this many times a day. Yup. They're just like, "Simplify it for me, "tell me what I need to buy." And that's pretty much it. Right, so if I'm in your business, I take that one chunk and I splinter it out, and I say, "Here's dosing guidelines "for general dosing guidelines." Now, I wanna make sure that we don't get into I don't know if you know, I am not a doctor. Yeah. Or an astronaut, by the way, in case that was unclear from earlier. So obviously this comes with a giant caveat of don't violate any type of FDA or anything, but you are a doctor operating in a state that's... And it's a judgment-free zone, right? Judgment-free zone. But in that kind of thing, breaking out the dosing guidelines, right? And charging maybe just a little bit for that. You know? Going into that one little piece, it's the one thing that everybody wants that could potentially be your candle wick, right? Because it's very easy for you to say, once somebody's got the dose, "Hey, since I'm guessing you're planning "on taking medical marijuana," 'cause why the heck would you request buy a thing on dosing guidelines if you weren't, then really beyond dosing guidelines, you also need to know this and this and this and this and this. I had a friend of mine who sold one of the top-selling dating courses, helping guys to find a girlfriend. And this was back forever ago, so it wasn't like the kinda sleazy, shady pick-up artist kind of stuff. It was really helping guys that had a really rough time with women, and the one thing that all these guys wanted to know was how do I know if she's ready to be kissed. That was the one question that all the guys wanted to know. If I get a date, end of the night, how do I know if she's ready to be kissed? So he put a little thing, the kiss test, how to tell if she's ready to be kissed. Right? Now what's amazing is, so he sold that, guys are buying. Say, "Hey, since I'm guessing you're market, "looking at getting out there and meeting new women, "now that you know how to tell if she's ready to be kissed, "don't you wanna know how to actually meet a girl?" Right? There's an amazingly powerful thing when you answer the top of mind question. It now opens up a billion other questions that your course can very easily be positioned to answer. Does that make sense? So thinking about that, what is your candle wick? It doesn't have to be a physical product, right? It could absolutely be digital. You see this a lot of times with SAS, where they'll go and take out a chunk and offer that separately, right? Offer that separately and to send people through. Web designers that sell logos. Let me redesign your entire website. That's terrifying. It sounds like it's gonna take forever, it sounds like it's gonna be really, really expensive, and what if I don't like it? Now, lemme design a new logo for you. Boy, that new logo looks great, would you like a new website to go along with your great new branding package? A dentist that sells teeth whitening at cost. You've got beautiful white teeth, but they're still real frickin' crooked. You wanna do some Invisalign? Since I know you want a perfect, beautiful white smile, why else would you have signed up for teeth whitening? I said before if I'm a roofer, I'm gonna be on the roof pointing at a hole. Since I know you don't want rain in your house, you want me to fix this hole. So the question, if I've acknowledged, right? I'm a roofer talking to a homeowner on their roof. I've got my who, I've got my where, and the what is, since I know you want that hole gone. The question is, how do I get on the roof? Gutter cleaning. Why don't more roofers offer free gutter cleaning? Or gutter cleaning at cost? It gets you exactly where you want to be. Now maybe when you're up there, you find this roof is just fine. If that's the case and I'm a roofer, I only offer the free gutter cleaning to neighborhoods that I know have houses that are 20 years older or more, that are ready for my services, right? 'Cause again, I'm gonna run this through the filter of the triggering event. What's the triggering event? Well, I know all the houses in this neighborhood were generally built with 15 year roofs, it's 20 years since that neighborhood was built, they're ready. See how all these things begin to come together? Triggering event informs targeting. Hosting service that sells website templates. You got a website template, I'm guessing you own a website. Since you want a website, you're gonna need a place to host it. It seems so obvious when you get into it, just like the 12 steps to human intimacy seem so obvious, and yet, because we don't acknowledge the steps, we skip them. We skip them and we wanna sprint ahead to the thing that we want. And I mentioned this already, a junk removal service that offers to take away an old TV for 20 bucks. Since I know you're interested in cleaning up your junk, is there anything else that you would like for us to take away while we're here? We got a couple of guys, we've got a largely empty truck, we don't have to charge you any extra for the trip fee. Yeah? I was gonna say, it's kinda funny, you said it's pretty obvious, it is, because I was thinking about oil changes, right? It's like that triggering event and they market this come in, 10 minute oil change, you're in and out. Yup. And then sure enough when you're there they tell you a few other things that may be wrong. Yup. The fact that you care about keeping your car maintained means that you'll probably be interested in getting XYZ services as well. Yeah. You probably own the car. Exactly. Same with wiper blades. Why can't I get someone just to come and change the frickin' light bulbs in my house? I don't wanna change a light bulb. They're up high, I'm short, all right? Ladders scare me, all right? I said it, now we all know that. We're in this together, all right? Why can't somebody come and change a light bulb or change an air filter, if they did that, they could look around and find a billion other things that I've broke and that probably need to be fixed, right? We're unwilling to buy a drink. We're unwilling to do it. In the dating space, it's very, very simple. The fact that you're all there together at the single place and you're alone, you accept the drink. You don't have to say, "Hey, since I know "you're probably interested in meeting someone." You're all there, right? You're there, the location, the acceptance, all that stuff funnels into this. In business we gotta get a little more clever. Then finally, "What's a 'little victory' "that you can deliver that will cause your customer "to believe you have "the ultimate solution to their problem?" What is a little victory that you can deliver? Remember what we talked about with hope. Hope. We always want to talk to our customers as if they're already on the mountain. We want to speak to them as though they have already experienced the ideal after. We wanna say, "Hey, you're welcome. "I'm here, I'm everything you've ever wanted and more." We wanna say that Chatbooks is gonna turn you into the perfect mom, but no one believes that, because the biggest hurdle that we oftentimes have to overcome is self doubt. Self doubt. They often believe the claims that you're making, they believe that they've worked for other people they don't believe that they will work for them. And so we need to give them a little bit of hope, because they're still sitting here at the bottom of the mountain looking up, saying, "I could never make it up there. "I can never make it up there." So we need to give 'em hope. There's a back pain clinic in Texas that, when you call in, the person on the other line says, "You know, our particular procedure doesn't work "for all types of back pain, so there's something, "a little exercise I want you to go through "to see if it'd be a fit for you. "So if you could do me a favor, "you could take your right leg and cross it over your left. "Right? You're doing right over left, not left over right, "yeah, right over left, okay, great. "Now I want you to take your left hand "and put it on your back and then lean," and they have you do this particular stretch. And they go to the person and say, "Okay, hold, hold, hold, hold, hold, "all right now stand up, sit up straight, how do you feel?" "Wow, I actually feel a little bit better." "Okay, I have good news and I have bad news. "The good news is you are a candidate "for our particular type of procedure," because all we did there is we helped to reduce some of the pressure, now the bad news is, of course, gravity's gonna take over, it's gonna settle back in and the pain will come back. It doesn't matter that the pain came back, because if you're someone who struggles with back pain, you just wanna know that relief is possible. You just wanna know that relief is possible. Got it? You just wanna know that it's possible. My buddy who's the personal trainer who makes everybody before, this is how he used to start off with training sessions. The first thing that he would say to people, he'd say, "Look, you're in bad shape right now. "We know that, that's why you're here. "The reality is it took you a while to get into this, "you know, into this shape that you're in right now, "it's gonna take you a while to get out, "so let's get started." His churn was through the roof, 'cause people were like, "That sucks, I don't wanna hear that." Now, he's not going to lie to them, right? He's not gonna lie to 'em, but he had them do the juice fast, because now he's able to say, "Okay, before we even get started, "there's something that I want you to do. "I want you to do this seven-day juice fast. "I want you to do it and here's why I want you to do it. "Number one, it's gonna make you feel thinner. "It's gonna give you some energy, "you're gonna be getting rid of some gunk, "but here's the main reason that I'm having you do this." And he would tell it to 'em. "The main reason I'm having you do this "is because I'm never gonna ask you to do anything "quite as miserable as what I'm gonna ask you to do "over the next seven days. "So when you're done, you will know that you have "all the willpower you need to make it through to the end." He had to give them hope. But this doesn't apply, look, if you're selling spoons, nobody has to like, "I just hope that this spoon will work for me." Right? I know this gets very, very melodramatic, and depending on the industry that you're in, it may have no relevance whatsoever, right? But you're dealing with people who are in pain, right? You're dealing with people who are in pain. What we talked about, you're dealing with people... Depending on the market that you're in, if you're dealing with people who are in pain, people who have been burned in the past by other competitors, you have to overcome that, right? And the way that you overcome that is by delivering a little victory. What is that little victory? What is that? Make them believe. There's a kitchen remodeler that I met, and they advertise on Facebook free design ideas. So their entry-point, their lead magnet is free design ideas, so design guide. So you'll download kitchen design guide, look at all these different designs, pick the one that you want, then their entry-point offer is for $100 we will send a professional designer to your kitchen to measure and do all the other stuff and present you with three different design ideas. At the end of it, you could choose to take all the information and do it yourself. You could take all the information, hire someone else, or what we hope happens, you can take all the information in, hire us to turnkey the project for you. Okay? They get these people to give 'em $100. They give all the $100 to the designer, the designer doesn't even work for them, okay? But now they're saying, people are coming in, they're not saying, "We're gonna come out and quote you a kitchen redesign." Before they ever say what it costs, they allow you to see how beautiful your kitchen can be. Does that make sense? They allow you to see how beautiful the kitchen can be. Now, you either want that beautiful kitchen, that you've picked, because they have you do three, so you pick the one that you want the most. They're closing 86% of the people who take that $ into a kitchen remodel, average $40,000 ticket. Sold 100% through Facebook ads. Kitchen remodeling. They don't talk to the people until after the designer has already gone out. Think about it, kitchen remodeler, they never send a single salesperson out to do a quote. They don't talk to a person until after a designer has already gone in and let the homeowner see how beautiful their kitchen can be. The people that don't convert don't convert 'cause they're just not ready yet. It is very rare that somebody goes and does, and some people are like, "Yeah, I'm gonna do it myself." The guy I talked to was like, "They almost always come back." What about a turnkey email campaign? If I was selling some type of marketing automation solution, I would stop talking about my marketing automation solution. Most businesses don't have anything to automate. They got nothin'. Give 'em emails, give 'em campaigns, turnkey campaigns. Cool, you've got these campaigns. You wanna send them manually, you wanna automate these? Right? Give them a little victory. Allow them to believe. So what's your requesting action? I want you to think about all the different entry-point offer ideas that can go in there, and hopefully you have more than one, right? What's your candle wick? What's your little victory? What's something that you could offer that truly, only someone who wanted what you had down the road would even be interested in? Would even raise their hand. That's the requesting action. I am thankful that my wife was not sending "Goin' to the Chapel" mix tapes out to all the guys she dated. She was only sending them to me. That's how I knew that she's ready for me to ask. What is that for you?

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