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Craft One Amazing Piece of Content

Lesson 25 from: Launch a Profitable Digital Marketing Plan for Your Business

Ryan Deiss

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25. Craft One Amazing Piece of Content

Lesson Info

Craft One Amazing Piece of Content

Let's walk through step-by-step how we do this, alright? Step one is to craft one amazing piece of content, okay? One amazing piece of content. You do not need to become a blogger. You do not need to blog daily or weekly or monthly, okay? That is not necessary. This is really about quality, not quantity. Now ideally you've completed this step. Alright, because we talked about this back in the engaged stage, okay? Hopefully you already have this. Hopefully you already produced something. And people really like it, and think it's really, really cool. Hopefully it's out there, right? And again, that's what we talked about with content marketing. And the big point that I want you guys to recognize is, this is nothing new. How many of you guys have heard of the Michelin Star rating? In restaurants; do we have any foodies in the room? Alright, foodies in the room? You guys realize that the Michelin Star, and like the Michelin Man, like the tire company started by the same group? Michelin wan...

ted to get people driving more to burn up more tires so they said go to this restaurant way the heck over there. That was how the Michelin Star rating began. Content marketing, okay? Content marketing to encourage excitement and engagement that got people to use the product. So this is nothing new. And Michelin's one amazing piece of content was their restaurant star rating. I already gave you these examples before, so this is all just review: 39 Insanely Fun Team Building Activities for Work," right? I talked about them before in the context of the value journey; I now want you to see them through the eyes of, is this a really great piece of content that I can drive, that I can amplify, right? So you have this one, which is solid. Remember the "Try These DIY Home Remedies to Fight Doggie Breath," you know? So maybe buy some traffic to this, and now the retargeting is, you know, dog's breath still stink? Try these, you know, awesome chewables to help your dog's breath. Continuing the conversation, right? It's one steady flow. Then "5 Makeup Tips for Older Women." Want any more makeup tips? Want to get a discount code? So that you can try out Cindy Joseph, Boom by Cindy Joseph, you know, risk-free? Right? Yeah, sure, I already read it. Same thing, and if you've got a really compelling video message like this squatty potty had a really compelling video, then amplify that video. Post the video to social and then sponsor it. Get more people to see it. Get it, get it all over the place. Same deal: if I'm these guys, I'm sponsoring the heck out of that video. I want people all over Charlotte seeing my repair guys dancing around with air filters. I want them to see it. I want to follow up, because I know if somebody is watching this, guess what, at some point their heater is going to break. So let me do, not just, not just do Facebook marketing for people in the general Charlotte area, right? Let me do some Facebook marketing to amplify a video that people are gonna think is funny, they're gonna share, so it's going to have some viral coefficient, then the people who click on that, and they're in the Charlotte area, and now we're going to retarget them to just make sure that we're staying top of mind. That we just have our brand out there, so that if something happens, there we are. But we're not doing a branding campaign to the entire area, we're primarily focusing our branding efforts on people that have already seen a little bit of who we are. So let's get into some content ideas. The biggest thing in the world is to just answer the dang question. What is their number one question? What is the number one question that you get? Where do you think, by the way, you could come up with a list of those? Can anyone think of a good source, maybe within your own organization, where you can come up with number one questions? What do you think? [Woman In Audience] The sales team. Sales team? Absolutely, who else? [Woman In Audience] Um, I'm stumped there. Support. [Woman In Audience] So support, oh yeah. So I heard it over here, so you get credit for it. Yeah, support. That's almost every blog article we've come out with at Digital Marketer was based on support questions. And the nice thing about that is you kill two birds with one stone. Right, not only do you have new content that you can possibly amplify, but the support team doesn't have to keep answering that question from scratch anymore. The support team can say, "That's such a great question that we wrote a blog post about it; here it is." Now the support people is sending people over to our content, where what's happening? The support team is amplifying it, now those people are getting pixeled. We follow up with them. Right? When we send emails out telling people about a new blog post, right? We're not just delivering on the promises that we made to send them valuable content, we're also re-engaging them. They're on our list, we're going to re-engage, they're gonna go view it and now they're seeing new ads based on the fact that they clicked on that content. That matters the source. Alright, so answer the number one question. Give them a list of resources. Lists are powerful. One of the most popular blog posts we ever ran was, and don't Google this, because especially standing in this room in this place, it's utterly shameful, but it was a list of the equipment that the Digital Marketer had in its video studio. Right? And it was just like, we use this track a lot, and this one- people love that stuff. They love lists. A specific case study. Ultra-specific case study. And then I talked about this before, but templates, examples, swipe files, all those things. They're shortcuts. They're shortcuts. But when in doubt, just answer their number one question. Just do that. The New York Times, I think this is one of the snarkiest headlines I've ever seen out of the New York Times, "A Revolutionary Marketing Strategy: Answer Customers' Questions." And this story would trend back in 2013, it profiled this pool company that, all they did, was, he looked at, he took all the questions that people kept asking him when he would go out in the field and was doing sales calls, took all the questions, and he was like, "Screw it, I'm just going to post it up to our website." He posted them all up to the website, and then people would go there, get the answer to the question, and call him up. "Hey, now that I have the answer to the question, you want to build a pool for me?" Remember that 57% of the way through? They're going to get that 57% of the way through the sales cycle before they talk to a sales person. Who's going to take them there? Who's going to take them that 57% of the way through? Are you going to do it? Or is your competitor going to do it? Because they're going to call the ones that get 'em close to the end. Alright? You got the content there, make sure they find it, through amplification. If you need more ideas, um, we have a blog post,, we update this every single year. I think there's like two or three hundred different post ideas that are generic, to different markets, right? It's just a ton of post ideas, but the biggest point, the biggest thing that I want to emphasize is this is the exact pieces of content that you need to pull this off. You ready? You ready? One, you need one. You don't need to blog weekly. You need one amazing piece of content, alright? One amazing piece of content that should be worthy of amplification. Don't amplify crap. Make sure it's great. Spend the time to ensure that it's great. Make sure that it's worthy of amplification. It's amazing what happens when you decide that you're going to buy advertising to a piece of content, it's amazing how much harder you work on it.

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