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Lesson 29 from: Facebook Ads Techniques: Increase Your Campaign Results

Azriel Ratz

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29. Recap

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at this point, we've figured out how to find or who, how or what based on the other components we already had. So our job right now is as a business sit down and develop each of these three. So number one is who can I target that? I'm not already targeting, sit down and create a customer persona and build ideas for interest groups. As we discussed already We have entrepreneurs, we would create 5-10 interest groups and then we can use interest explorer to find more and more interests based on that group that is working Number two, the how map out your existing organic funnel as it exists today and simply mirror each stage of the funnel to move people from one stage to the next using an ad. And number three is the what create a campaign for your three best performing products and run them against each other with each of your best performing audiences, find the offer that works best and scale that one. While continuing to produce more offers based on the data you have of what type of offe...

rs work for these people. In the next chapter we're going to discuss CBO, which is campaign budget optimization, which is a brand new tool that facebook released, which can possibly allow you to scale better than ever before. Using ad budget optimization

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Excellent course! Know quite a bit about FB ads but picked up some really useful tips. Expert teacher. Well structured and clear.

Thanh Nguyen

He is so far the best teacher on Creative Live in terms of Facebook Marketing. I learned many new things on his video and can apply to my own ads to make it better. His ways are very informative, constructive, and consistent. He focuses on the problem and solves it, no beating around the bush and no talking unnecessary self-help lessons. Please bring more teachers like Azriel Ratz to Creativelive.

Naoki Shibuya

Awesome Course I took on creativelive for the first time.

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