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What Metrics Matter?

Lesson 2 from: Facebook Ads Techniques: Increase Your Campaign Results

Azriel Ratz

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2. What Metrics Matter?

Lesson Info

What Metrics Matter?

when you start running facebook ads you get intimidated by the sheer amount of data being thrown at you and you begin to question, what should I even be looking at. So the first question you have to ask is what data is important that will show me what I should be doing. So that I could know what to change. If one number is high or another number is low, what should I be tweaking? Should I change the targeting or should I change the image of the ad? Should I change create a new campaign? You first need to ask what metrics should I be looking at? So to me, there are four vital metrics that every person who is running a facebook ad should look at First when deciding which ads to run. So the first metric is CPM which stands for cost per 1000 impressions. And this metric is incredibly important simply because whenever you run an ad, Facebook is charging you for the cost of that single impression, they're not charging you per app install, they're not charging you per landing page click, they...

are charging you simply to get that ad shown to that person. So it is incredibly important to know how much facebook is charging you for that impression because it gives you an indicator of how much facebook thinks this ad is relevant to that audience. The second metric is CPC cost per click now, you know, it's really great to get a super cheap cost per impression because it means that facebook finds it relevant that you're targeting this add to this audience. But if it costs you $100 to get the person to click on the add, it doesn't matter how cheap the impression is. So we have to make sure we're actually able to get that person from the facebook ad to your landing page to get them to sign up to your email newsletter or buy your product number three is time on site. Again, if you can get millions of clicks to your page, it is totally irrelevant if the average time on site is three seconds. So you need to make sure that the people coming from facebook actually spend the time it takes to read everything on your site in order to convert. And the fourth one obviously is the conversion rate. If you're not actually able to get the person to sign up or to buy, why are you even bothering to run ads? And this is why it is so important to first look at these four metrics and then to decide how you should be tweaking your ads

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Excellent course! Know quite a bit about FB ads but picked up some really useful tips. Expert teacher. Well structured and clear.

Thanh Nguyen

He is so far the best teacher on Creative Live in terms of Facebook Marketing. I learned many new things on his video and can apply to my own ads to make it better. His ways are very informative, constructive, and consistent. He focuses on the problem and solves it, no beating around the bush and no talking unnecessary self-help lessons. Please bring more teachers like Azriel Ratz to Creativelive.

Naoki Shibuya

Awesome Course I took on creativelive for the first time.

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