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Lesson 13 from: Facebook Ads Techniques: Increase Your Campaign Results

Azriel Ratz

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13. Transformation

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so now that a person knows who you are and why they should care, the next stage of the funnel is to show them what they can accomplish if they use your product or service. So many businesses focus on giving more and more information to their potential buyers, but what I have found is that more information does not lead to a sale. Instead of information, you have to focus on transformation. How are these people going to be totally different after experiencing your product or service For these ads? We want to start making the videos a little shorter instead of a 4-6 minute video. Try just a 2-4 minute video, but it has a totally different goal in mind. You don't have to tell them about their problems. You don't have to tell them that there's a potential solution. You want them to understand how their life will be different after experiencing your product. So we want to focus on here is what life looks like after. The problem is solved. Imagine you are a fitness coach, don't focus on how ...

many macros you're gonna eat or how many times a week you're gonna work out. Instead, focus on at the end of six weeks at the end of six months, you're gonna be healthier, You're gonna wake up with more energy, you're going to be able to run around the park with your kids without getting tired. This is why people care about losing weight. They don't want to hear about all the very specific details. So what you want to focus on at this stage in the funnel is where they will be at the end.

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Excellent course! Know quite a bit about FB ads but picked up some really useful tips. Expert teacher. Well structured and clear.

Thanh Nguyen

He is so far the best teacher on Creative Live in terms of Facebook Marketing. I learned many new things on his video and can apply to my own ads to make it better. His ways are very informative, constructive, and consistent. He focuses on the problem and solves it, no beating around the bush and no talking unnecessary self-help lessons. Please bring more teachers like Azriel Ratz to Creativelive.

Naoki Shibuya

Awesome Course I took on creativelive for the first time.

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