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Landing Page

Lesson 16 from: Facebook Ads Techniques: Increase Your Campaign Results

Azriel Ratz

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16. Landing Page

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Landing Page

now that we know what each ad should look like. The question becomes, what should the landing page experience be after A person has gone through this funnel. After analyzing hundreds of landing pages, I have found the perfect formula to get people to want to learn more and finally purchase your service or product. On the top of the landing page, we want to start off with a headline that tells them exactly why they are here. What are they going to accomplish when they get to this landing page from there? We want to shift to explaining what I call the promised land, what does it look like to have achieved all the success that your service or product promises these people really show them what life could look like after they've achieved that. Now shift back to the problem, This is what we talked about originally on the awareness level, dig deep into why people need this service or product exactly what problem it's solving and then shift from there to prove that you are the one that can he...

lp them solve this problem. Now tell them the offer now that you've shown them that you are the one that can help them explain exactly what they're going to get with your product or service and then give them a call to action to actually go and buy the product underneath. That call to action should be proof from others that have purchased your product in the past. This can be either testimonial videos or reviews of other people telling honest feedback about how much they've actually achieved from your product or service underneath that you want to write the perfect frequently asked questions section. What you want to do here is you want to look at what everyone else is asking. Any people who comment on your posts, anyone who messages you on facebook and has a question that has been repeated over and over again, include those questions with specific answers directly on the page. So if someone is wondering, how long does it take to ship or how long will it, will it take me to get results? Answer those questions directly on the page? Because if people leave not knowing the answers to these basic questions, many of them will never come back to ask you. So you're better off taking those most frequently asked questions and including them directly on that landing page right underneath that. Give them these people a reason to act now. Give them the urgency about why today is the day they want to buy. So many people think that this has to be done through sleazy methods with countdown timers, but really at the end of the day it could just be about the need to make their life better. So even if you could just say every day you wait, this is going to happen or the sooner you start, the more joy you'll get from the product, show them urgency, not just through using tactics to appear like they have to buy right now, but actually showing them how much better their life could be if they acted today. And then finally end the page with a strong call to action. And this is all your landing page needs. Simply walk through this process and make sure your landing page includes every one of these points. Because this will allow people to come to the page, truly understand they are the people looking for this solution there, the one experiencing the problem. You've helped others solve the problem and they are going to have their lives changed if They buy your product. Don't forget that many, many users over 65% of users today are on mobile and your landing page should be mobile friendly. Make sure that any images you use are engaging and keep people on the site. And finally, as mentioned before, keep your sign up form or purchase page as simple as possible. Any additional questions that you don't need answered are only going to prevent people from signing up and learning more. So you want to make sure that you're form is as short as possible to get people to come to the page, learn everything they need to know and then leave after buying your product

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Excellent course! Know quite a bit about FB ads but picked up some really useful tips. Expert teacher. Well structured and clear.

Thanh Nguyen

He is so far the best teacher on Creative Live in terms of Facebook Marketing. I learned many new things on his video and can apply to my own ads to make it better. His ways are very informative, constructive, and consistent. He focuses on the problem and solves it, no beating around the bush and no talking unnecessary self-help lessons. Please bring more teachers like Azriel Ratz to Creativelive.

Naoki Shibuya

Awesome Course I took on creativelive for the first time.

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