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Day 4

Lesson 4 from: Yoga for Photographers: Part 1

Vanessa Joy

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4. Day 4

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Day 4

yes. So for the past now, coming to four days, we have been talking about how photography is just brutal to your body, whether you are at a shoot and you're hunched over your squatting up and down, moving in positions to get the shot that you need. Photography does damage to your body because of the heavy equipment and the strain that we put on our bodies. So what I wanted to start off with today are just a few ideas for you that you can use on the job That will help reduce strain as well as hopefully prevent any actual injury from photography. So what? I want to show you guys today First, This is not like you don't hold your camera correctly kind of thing. This is more of a Here's a way to hold your camera so that it doesn't hurt you, and that you don't feel the weight of it as much because I know a lot of people I've been asking around on Facebook. A lot of people are having trouble in their wrists, and obviously holding a camera can produce restrain as well as a cross your fingers a...

s well. And one of the main problems for that is because the camera is not being held in a correct manner. So ah, lot of times and see photographers doing this, using their left hand to focus on what you really want to do. Instead of holding your hand this way and putting all the weight into your right arm, which is causing strain on your shoulders or fingers, or risk everything here. You want to take your left hand palm up and you want the weight of your camera to be here. So what? This does because it allows the weight to be in your left hand, which actually makes it easier for you with your right hand to use all the controls on your camera. But it also creates more stable hold for your camera, because what you want to do is you're holding it in the palm of your hand, and then your elbow and your arm should be coming in towards your core. And this way, I'm not even feeling so much strain on my shoulder at all. I'm just stabilizing my arm in my camera by putting my elbow into my core. So try this. Try holding the camera like this. I don't do it all the time perfectly. But I know that I find when I'm holding my camera this way I have a lot less strain on my entire right side of my body. A lot of people were telling me that their pain is pretty much homely on the right side of their body and have a feeling this is going to help alleviate that a bit. So make sure that when you're holding it, um, you're holding and I see like this and you don't keep the weight in your right hand, but instead just put it down to your left palm. So that should be really, really helpful for you guys. Give it a try, and hopefully that will reduce some of the pain. One of the other suggestions I have, um, in addition to getting an assistant to carry around your bags and things like that, we'll talk about the roles of the assistant later today, actually getting a bag like this one that goes right around your hip. So this is a hip bag. You're reducing all of the stress that you're putting on your shoulders and just putting it right on top of your hips or you're not going to feel it as much. And they're bigger muscle groups here so they can handle more weight. This is a bag that I loved by undefined. You can actually check out on the creative live blogged they have, ah, discount going on right now. So hit bag like this. And I know there are a lot of different ones out there. Just anything to take all that stress off your upper body will be really, really beneficial for you. So I'm going to sit. These two decide to do need these anymore, but hopefully that will help you on the job. So what we're going to talk about today to start off our yoga exercises are some breathing exercises specifically designed for stress as well as designed for improving different body functions. Actually, has been proven that the style of breathing that we're going to do today will help you. Focus will help your brain grow and lots of other benefits as well. So what we're going to do, they're going to take your thumb and your ring finger, and you're going to be using these two, and we're just doing some nostril breathing. So what we're gonna do is with our some we're gonna place it over our right nostril and breathe deeply. Syrah left. Still, it's inhale through our left. Hold it while you place your ring finger over your left nostril and breathe out. You're right. Exhale. Stay there and then inhale through your right nostril. Hold it, then switch and close the right nostril and breathe out your left. I will just continue this for a couple breaths. Do it at your own pace. So you're inhaling through the left nostril. Hold it. Switch fingers and exhale through the right nostril. Inhale through the right nostril. Hold your breath, switch fingers and exhale through the left. Keep doing this a few times. This is really gonna help if you're sitting at your office. And they were having trouble focusing. And now I have that problem fairly often. Doing a focusing exercise and breathing exercise like this will help reduce stress and help you focus a little better. All right, so we're going to get started today. We're going to do a lot of flows today, really going to get into it. We're gonna be incorporating that chair pose that we learned yesterday into our flow, so it's going to be a little bit more intense. So I want you guys just to remember that if at any point in the workout is too intense for you, and you need to just take a second to yourself, it is completely fine and correct to just sit back into your child's pose. So feel free to do that at any point. So let's go ahead and stand up and we're going to come to the front of the map. I just want to start in mountain posture, so close your eyes and you can assess your body. Try to get your feet right below your hips, your toes spread out wide. Make sure that you're not leaning too far back. Too far forward. Your back is straight, right? Not toe. Arch it in any way. Shoulders back and down, homes facing forward and your head just a little bit raised and just scan your body. At this point, notice in the areas of tension that maybe you want to focus on today in the areas of pain. Maybe you want to be careful with today. Let's just take a deep yoga breath in through your nose. Pull up your shoulders. Squeeze your shoulders really tightly as you inhale and then exhale out through nose. Drop your shoulders back and relax them. Let's take one more deep breath in where the nose and exhale their nose Great can open. Our eyes were just going to raise our arms overhead. Inhale up. Exhale School Swan dives to the floor. Wherever you go, you can be on your calves. Shins, ankles for in hell, it's archer. Flat back. Look up. Exhale to push up position and then down to chat. Aronda. Remember, if you need to, you can put your knees down as you come down to the floor. That's inhale to upward facing dog. Flip your feats of the backs of our tops of your feet or on the mat and exhale downward facing dog. So it's nice to do a flow slowly first and just in your downward dog kind of shake around, Loosen up. Shake your head. Yes, shake your head now scrunch up your face. Maybe stretch it open. Loosen up. Great. It's razor right leg up and swooping in between your hands come into it. Lunch here just come on up. Arms up in the air. Nice lunge position. Really concentrate just on your form, so make sure your hips are facing forward heels off the ground. Back leg is straight if you need to. You can always put your back leg down. Make sure your front knee is not over your toes. Let's exhale our hands down wish opposition and then down to channel anger. Upward facing dog Exhale downward facing dog. Let's do the same thing on her left hand side so left leg goes up and sweep it between your hands and come on up to your lunch. Remember, if you're a little bit wobbly, feel Frida. He'll tell your feet outs the little wider than hip distance. Good. Exhale Hands down, down to chat around upward, facing dog in him and exhale downward facing. And then we can either walk or jumper feet up to the top and inhale all the way up. Exhale, prick. We're gonna go intervene off the flow so we will do all those movements with one breath each so it's inhale arms up. Exhale. Are you gonna go down to chair? Pose here. Nice. Inhale the arms and exhale forward, fold them. Inhale flat back. Look up. Exhale, step or jump back chattering gah! Inhale upward facing dog Exhale downward facing Inhale right leg comes up Exhale right leg comes between your legs Inhale, just upto Lunge. Exhale down Cheddar Runda Inhale upward facing dog Exhale downward facing dog. Inhale your left leg up. Exhale between the hands. Inhale chest up to plunge Great. Exhale down to chat around. Inhale upward facing dog. Exhale down one facing No inhale walker. Jump your feet up, arms up. Exhale prick. Inhale arms up. Exhale. Come to your chair. Pose breath here, inhale and exhale. Fold. Inhale flat back. Look up. Exhale. Walker jumped down to chattering Inhale upward facing dog. Exhale downward facing dog. Inhale a right leg up. Exhale. Put it between your hands. Inhale up to lunch. Exhale down through cheddar. Inhale upward facing dog. Exhale downward facing dog inhaler Left Lego. Exhale between hands. Inhale up to lunch. Exhale hands down through chattering inhale upward facing dog. Exhale downward facing dog walker Jump feet up to the top. Inhale up. Exhale prayer in hell. Our arms come up. Exhale down to chair. Pose deep breath in and Exhale forward fold Inhale flat back Exhale Walker Jump to chat Aronda in Health Upward Facing dog Exhale Downward facing dork Inhale the right leg up to three legged dog. Exhale between the hands in hell. Exhale hands down through chattering in hell, upward facing dog. Exhale downward facing dog left leg Inhale up. Exhale down between the hands. Inhale up to lunch. Exhale down through chattering in upward facing dog. Exhale downward facing dog. Take a few breaths here. Her body should be feeling nice and warm. Now number in your down dog. Push your hips towards the ceiling and it reaching her armpits towards the floor less on your next inhale. Just walk jumps feet up in hell all the way off and exhale prayer. Inhale all the way up again. Ex Health Forward fold. Let's just take a second in our forward fold here. Remember, you can grasp your elbows opposite elbows. If you'd like, kind of sway from side to side a little. Shake your head. Yes, sugar had no, it's really loosen up your upper back. This is what we're looking for in this pose. If you feel too much in your hamstrings, just give your legs a little bend. You really want to stretch your upper back here? He like you can yoga to lock and kind of pull yourself down a little bit where you can step on your hands. Whatever works for you. If you like, you can grasp your hands behind you. Get a little shoulder stretch at the same time. Great post. Just play with and let your upper back and neck. Let's come to flat back down the chatter wronger upto upward facing dog. And here just open your legs a little bit, a little bit bigger than the with your map and just give yourself a little arch bag as much as you can. Make sure your shoulders air down just a nice little stretch and then look over your left side. It's a nice stretch for your hips. You look over your right side. Nice. You can bring your feet back together, push back to downward facing dog, so we're going to go through a flow here next, and our goal for this. You're going to keep our rate foot ups. Let's just bring a right foot to up three legged dog. Well, we're here. Give it a little bend, Flex your foot. Open up, look underneath your right and let's get a little opening there and then come back to three legged dog leg street toe pointed. And with this one leg up and can lower little bit, you're gonna come to your push up. Position your plank. Keep that one leg up if you can. Down to chat Teranga upto upward facing dog Keep that one leg up, down, down facing dog It's a fun little challenge to try. Let's switch legs left. Leg us nice. Come forward to your plank down to chat. Rhonda Upward facing dog and down downward facing very nice thank you. Put your foot down and let's just come back to our child's froze for a moment. Okay, let's come to all fours, and we're just going to do a little little exercise here or in push up to our plank. When did something a little similar before, which is going to change it up a little bit with our leg. Let's start with the right leg. Lift it. We're going to bring it to the outside of our right knee inside between our hands and then over to the left and then back. Yes. You push back to downward facing dog in between is your core once a break for sure. So come back the plank lifter left knee in to the outside of your left knee in between your legs and then over to the right and then back down. Nice. Let's do this war more time on each side. So let's go ahead and lift our right leg. Come to plank. Come on outside of your right elbow in between and then to the left. Push back one time on the left, outside of left, elbow in between and then over to the right and back. It's come to chats. Foods come all forests however you like, but her hands outside of our feet in the hell up and X help. Great. We're gonna go right into some balancing poses, have some fun ones today. Some of my absolute favorites. The 1st 1 we're gonna do is Eagle and easily when Hugh Percy it looks a little contorted and crazy, but it's actually not so bad at all. And it really is a great focusing pose which most balancing poses are. But this one, it's it really trumps the rest. I feel like so what we're going to do is put all of your weight on your left leg, then with your right leg, you just put it over your left like you can stay right here if you like, Or you can keep wrapping around and wrap your foot around your calf. So wherever you are, you have, uh, near hip problems. You might wanna stay easy on this. And then with your hands, our right hand goes under our left. You just kind of crisscross them and then keep wrapping them around. So just wrapping them around their palms touch. And from here, we're just kind of go into our chair, pose just like that and focus on something in front of you. You need a strong focus here. If your shoulders are down, tryingto lift your elbows up as much as you can. This reason cats A fantastic shoulder blade clavicle stretch as well. If you want to, you can go deeper into this pose or even bend over. Keep your focus wherever you are. Nice. Let's come up and released. Shake out that left leg. Let's come to the other side so put all of your weight into your right leg. Spread your toes wide. Give yourself some ground there. Pick up your left leg. Cross it over your right again. You can just stay right here. We can wrap your foot around yourself some leverage and their arms go up left, goes under the right, bend both elbows and then trist around. Tell your palms touch again. Shoulders down as you sink a little lower. Try to get your elbows a little higher. Focus on one area, if you like, Until forward deep breaths. Remember breathing your pose, inhale and X Excellent. It's come up and out, right? We're gonna go ahead to another balancing pose. Let's face this way tends to be this. He's your right long ways. So let's put all of our weight into our left leg, and we want to grab our right foot. You wrap it on the outside, but if you can see inside is better, just depending on if that bothers your shoulder or not, your left arm goes out in front palm facing up and you just slowly it's like to bring your leg wherever you can. The most important part is you don't want to dump forward that will make you lose your balance. And they keep focus on one area, deep breaths and come down. Do that on the other side so all of your weight goes into your right foot. Spread the toes wide yourself grounded, then grab your left foot. Right. I'm in front. Just start to bring up your foot. Whatever works for you, we can come down lovely. What's great about those is you'll slowly see yourself building towards a better balance, and it's, uh, it's something that you definitely see progress. We did 1/2 moon pose yesterday, but I like to do warmer time this today because it's definitely one opposed. That gets better as you become more familiar with it. So if you recall the half moon, you can have your block. We're not Have your block. We're just gonna tilt to the side, so go ahead and ground your right leg down. You put your left arm out and then slowly to start to tilt. And if you want to get to the walk to the ground, go ahead and do that. Make sure your hips or stacked one over the other, and you should be looking up towards the ceiling if you'd like. Go ahead and binding. Grab your left ankle. Stay here. You're feeling ambitious. Try hovering, not letting the block come there. You can come back up. We'll switch our block to the other side. If you want to try hovering. Go ahead. Don't let the block touch at all. It's definitely a great core workout. So it's put all of our weight into our left leg. Right arm comes out. Find your focus as you begin tilt down. And if you'd, like, grab, make sure hips were stacked. Looking up is slowly. Come on. Nice. All right, We're going to go ahead and get into some inversions, which I absolutely love. And don't worry. They really don't look at the heart of they are. So we're gonna go ahead to the walls. Let's have two people over here in three people over there I think will work our space. We're gonna bring her yoga mats over just so they're touching the wall. All right, so we can go ahead and sit with our backs all the way up against the wall. What we're going to go into is what's called the l pose. Um, and it's definitely one that really strengthens your upper back and your shoulders. However, that being said, it does take a lot of shoulder strength to get up there. So there are little poses that we can do beforehand. That might be a great place for you to start and work your way up to the all posts. So what we're gonna do just together placement makes your feet are out in front of you, and you can scoot forward and bend your knees if you want to. But the placement of your hands is gonna be right after your feet. So kind of get your palm's right after where your heels are, keep her hands there and switch around. That's your hand placement area were actually coming this way. So if we would like Teoh, you can start with forearm downward facing dog, and then that will get you close. So what we do for that is we should put our forearms down and our legs go up and you can stay here because this is really fantastic for your shoulders. However, if you want to keep going, you could straighten your arms, push up again and then slowly walk up the wall. You might want to stay here, or the idea is that you come into L. A pose, I guess an upside down now. And hold this as long as you can while you're breathing. So play with Had a little bit. Go wherever you'd like to go. You might want to stay on your forearms. This is totally fine. You could even go on your forearms and do a forearm. L post whatever works for you. We have some good l poses here. Hey, try to get your hips in a 90 degree angle. So if your hips aren't in a 90 degree angle, might wanna walk your hands closer to the wall. It does feel a little bit like you're gonna fall over. Sometimes you should probably be OK. And just remember to breathe when you're up here and then let's come down. Nice. So whenever you're up there, you can try maybe just europe there for a breath, maybe two, and then build 23 or four or five. So definitely a great one that will build your shoulder muscles right in between your shoulder blades. You guys felt that right there. Right. And that's the muscle that we used to pick up our cameras that we really need to stretch. So we're going to go ahead and try hand stamps. We're going to use the wall there. A lot of everyone gets a hand. Sounds like Oh, my gosh. But trust me, it's really, really not that difficult. It's just a matter of getting used to it. If you would like some cushion below your head, feel free to use Matt. I'm okay with that. So if one of you guys would like a cushion, blow your head, Here we go. So you can just put that right down here. What we're gonna do is we're gonna use the wall for our balancing support. So I find the easiest way to go into a headstand is to use your hands. I clasp my hands like this. You put it right down before the wall and you're not just going on your head. You're using your elbows too. So it's not just a complete headstand. So you've kind of got some support here. If you want to start going into a headstand, you don't just start kicking up and going crazy with it. Your first time You just inch almost like you would in your downward forearm. Look, so you just please your head in your hands, push your feet up and you might want to stay right here It first, or you can lift one leg up. What's the other like, up little baby poses? But then, when you're ready, the easiest way to get up and maybe you'll stay right here is just tucking and coming up and the walls nights, because then you could kind of relax here for a second, get your balance. You walk up the wall so you get to where you want to pay. Flexing your feet is recommended, just keeps your legs engaged, and then when you're ready to come down, just come down the same. We got up like that. Let's give it a try, so go wherever you would like to. You don't have to kick your legs up. It's a matter of fact to be great if some of us didn't that way, the viewers at home can see clasp your hands, please your head there and then just go wherever is good for you. Maybe it's just straightening your legs and if it is playing around, pick a leg up. Take another leg up. I love it like maybe just tuck or touch the wall. Deep breathing care. This is great for your balance as well. Strengthening the muscles around your spine, which is so important. Great for circulation versions. Air Fantastic. If you want to, you can always play around with what your feet are doing to kind of come toe butterfly and twist left or twist rate ever you like. Then when you're ready, let's come down. Nice. Definitely can't help the red face, though, through all the blood goes I'm just going to show you guys, um, another option. When you're working with Wallwork, it's called the forearm stand. You're more than welcome to give it a try or you just go into your forearm downward facing dog And that's kind of the beginning to this. So what you would do for that and you can use a block if you like, can help you start out. Just put your hands down parallel to each other like you would in your forearm downward facing dog. So if you're want to start this, it's called a forearm stand so you would start your hands here. You could put your head on. The block is like a little safety net, or you slowly just start to kick up. So the idea and I like using the wall for this because it's not that easy. You're on your forearms. And then from here, people have asked me about this. I'm showing you youth, arch your back and slowly come down into a scorpion pose. That's how you learn to do that. Lots of practice. So let's try just therefore arm downward facing dog elbows come down, make sure your hands are parallel to each other and, if you'd like, just go into your forearm downward facing dog. If you're feeling ambitious, by all means, kick up to the wall or you can just do what I'm doing. Just little kicks just to feel what the way it looks like. Nice. Whenever ready, we can come back down and let's just go to child's pose one more deep breath here, Then exhale. So inversions air really great, and then using your wall as a spot will help you feel a little bit more secure about that. When you first start out. So let's go ahead and bring our mats towards the middle again where we had, um, block. Let's go ahead and do some seated poses. So let's just stretch out our backs a little bit first, because again, you're strengthening your back when you're doing a lot of inversions, so we wanna loosen it back up again so we can move. Let's just come into a butterfly position. Try to get the soles of your feet together. We're just going around down over our feet. Just let your neck relax, but their spine relax. Whenever you're imposes, make sure you don't do any bouncing back and forth. It's not good for your, uh, muscles. But if you want to go a little further, just remembered in Hill and then exhale and breathe into going a little deeper, Nice and then you next in helping come up what's crisscross applesauce. Here. We can just tilt towards the right. Try to get your hand as close as you can. Two year back into your body helps keep your Backstreet and look over your right shoulder. Take deep breaths and with every inhale, think about lengthening your spine every exhale, maybe just tilting a little further and let's inhale back to center and arm comes up and around. Listen close to your back and exhale. Twist every inhale. Think about lengthening your spine. Every exhale seem just a little bit further nice, and on your next inhale, it's come to center. Great. So we're going to go into another pose that seated. I just wanna remind you, if you do feel any strain on your hips or on your knees during poses were seated at their knees bent. Feel free to use a block or your, um, folded up yoga mat if you want to, or your blanket and you can just sit on it does help a little bit with the strain if you're feeling in extreme here. So what we want to do is we're going to bend are right leg and bring it so it's pointed straight out in front of you and then take your left leg over it, and you might just be here with your knees separated. But you want to try and get your knees stuck on top of each other, You guys or something, we're going to take our arms and bring them behind us. You can either grab your hands or you can grab your elbows. Or you can go back into the backwards prayer, which ever one. The idea is that you get your hands your chest up Backstreet, and then you can slowly lean forward. You're really going to get into your left hip here. So deep breaths in Think about lengthening and exhale. Think about going just a little little millimeter deeper. So inhale, lengthen, exhale. Breathe into that left by inhale lengthen X help free. One more inhale and exhale it all out over, inhale and come on that we're going to switch her leg. So this time my left leg is going to go on the bottom, right? Like stacked on top. It's really great these hip exercises that we're doing it really helps. Um, release your hips where a lot of us hold a lot of tension on When you release the hips, you'll find that your lower back strain, as well as your knees and in your feet, are going to reduce a swell so arms come behind backwards prayer or grab upset elbows or four arms or wrists your back nice and straight and then tilted the hip lean forward every inhale. Think about lengthening every exhale coming forward just a little bit more inhale, lengthen. Exhale into the right hip again. You might find that one of your sides a little bit more tense than the other. It's really breathe into your hip here, trying to get it to relax as you stretch. So deep breath in and out, one more inhale and exhale, inhale Come up and we're just going to straddle our legs out. They can be wherever works for you. It could be right around here where you can go a little bit further. However you would like, we're just gonna lean from side to side. What were first gonna do is twist towards the right and then lean over this way. Keep your feet flexed so that your muscles are engaged and when you lean forward, don't let your hip your left hip come up. Keep that grounded. Try to keep your back straight breath in and out from here. If you can feel free to put your left hand across your right and just twist towards the back a little bit more and leaned down and you're going to get a nice release in your left side of your back. Here, it's wells in your left, lax breath in, on out inhale. Come to center. Twist towards the left, lean over, tilting at the hip. If you share your right hip, states down. If you'd like. Cross that right hand over your left hip and really look towards the back deep breaths in that's straightening that spine, lengthening it and exhale, rotating just a little bit more. Still, one more inhale and exhale. Let's inhale to the center. We're gonna come back to our right side. But instead of twisting, we're going to lean over this way. So the easiest way to do this put your right hand down. You can. Still they go on to your elbow, arm comes up and leaning over. Try to not keep your chest facing down, but raise it as much as you can. You really get a whole side here, breath in and out and let's come back to center. All right, here. Let's take one more deep breath in and out. Inhale from the center. We're in the sweeper feet over to the side. We're gonna come into our plow pose, so we'll just start that by coming back onto our backs. We're gonna go for plow, so but our palms down try to get your shoulders back and down and your neck nice and streaks. This is really gonna release you next, so just tuck up your legs. And if you need to use your hands to push up your hips so you come over to plow. So let's just stay here for a couple breaths. Remember, if you can, the idea is to get your feet to touch on the other side. Nice, and at first I know it's easy to tense up your neck in your back. It really breathe into a try to get it to relax. Deep breath in on out from here. Go ahead and bend your knees. Make sure your hands are placed on your back. Bend your knees and you're going to slowly tried to straighten them up. And this is a shoulder stand. Ideally, you want to get your lower body straight. This is one my favorite favorite inversions, because it's much easier to balance here, and at the same time, you're really getting into stretching your neck, especially that upper neck area right at BC, your skull, so you can keep your body here. Or you can play around a little bit, which I recommend doing cause it's easier to balance here. So feel free toe. Put your feet together and I think just tilt to the right. Tilt to the left, loosen up your spine. Here, just play around. You come to splits if you want to, maybe touch a foot down, even not a full split. You just touch one foot down and then switch. Just play around. One of my favorite things I'd like to do in a shoulder stand is tilted one foot down until it touches and kind of roll a little bit, too. That one side and kids, you're really great. Shoulder stretching massage on that side. Come to the other side. It's kind of leaning over. You can even take one hand off if you want this, then when you're ready, just tuck in and you can roll down. So we're gonna roll up into a squat position Here again. This is a position that if you would like feel free to use a block, you can just sit on it here. That works or make it a little taller and sit on it, or you can just sit squatted. Nous. So what we're going to do? You want your feet together as much as you can. Get them going to come into prayer position and then twist towards the right side, bringing your left elbow to your right foot near ideally up on your toes. Here a little hard to do it when you're what on your heels and twist trying to look up towards the ceiling. Or if you'd like to put one hand down, bring me a bone up or, if you'd like you combined here so you can take your right arm back behind your back. Left arm underneath. Try and find your hands wherever you are. Make sure that your breathing deeply and exhale one more deep inhale really well. Lane thinning that spine, twisting your chest and exhale. Just twist a little further and come down. Sit back for a second. Just wiggle out your your ankles because it definitely puts some pressure on your ankles in your shins. What's great about that poses that you're really strengthening those areas, which, if your wedding photographer and you're walking around all day. Um, that tends to be an area that gets really strained. So it's come back to her squat position we're gonna turn towards left, bring your right elbow to your left knee and twist. I would like to go ahead and open up when we've even going to 1/2 binder full mind. Deep breath in and out. One more deep breath in and exhale Twist a little further, hadn't come back to center. Lean back, Just rule out your ankles again. So that particular pose is a good way to get into a side crow. And we did regular crows before where we had leaned forward, elevated onto our hands. But this physician is a great one for if you wanted to go into side. Croce. If you guys are interested in doing that, this is where you would start. You have put both of your hands onto one side, so you do it on either side. Both your hands here lift up a little bit, your right hip goes on to your left and your right name goes on to your left leg, right leg and then your right hip onto your right knee. and then you slowly just start tilting to one side or the other. So if you guys were interested in trying that go for it, you can go to either side. If I can explain it better on the side with the right on the left. So you're you're putting your hands on the left side of your body. Your left knee goes to your right elbow, your left hip goes to your left elbow, and then you slowly try to keep your chest up sleep and it takes a little bit. Of course street, but not as much as you would think. So give it a try. We are going to come with our feet in a nice pie position over here. Keep your feet flexed. We're going to put our hands behind us. Only did this a little bit. We believe on Day two, but we do it slightly differently, so we're just gonna push our hips up in this position. If this is too much strain on your wrists. While it's a nice stretch, it might be too much strain. Feel free to turn your hands the other way or wherever they are, so that they're comfortable So go ahead and lift your hips up and then really quickly just lift your right leg up and down. Then you're left. Leg up and down and hips go down. Nice. And let's forward fold over our legs. Let's bring our hands back. Don't do that one more time. Get your hand position, go ahead and lift your hips. Right. Like comes up. Left leg comes up and hips go down and stretch. Nice. We're going to come into our favorite boat pose right before she Bosnia. So we're just going to come up. You can bend your knees If you would like to. Just kind of balancing here. You can hold them if you want. If you need some more stability or if you can get them out straight keeping your chest lifted, go for it. Let's just hold here for couple breaths and come back to bent. Don't let your feet touch. Just hold your hold your feet, for it's like it. Give your court break, get let's come back out again and we're gonna roll down onto our backs. Contents of 10 98765432 one. Nice to just let your feet relaxed down. Poems come up, shoulders back and down and let your breathing go Here we focused on I relax ation over these past four days Mental relaxation, physical relaxation. So we're going to attempt in this last Vasana too. Combine all three, so just scan your body on in the areas of tension. If you find any, just squeeze the area really tight as you inhale and exhale and release those muscles. Imagine that you're eyes are looking somewhere far in the distance healthy. Relax your I'm muscles. If you want to give him a little stretch, just do figure eights with your eyes and then finally, mentally just clear your mind of anything. Afraid a focus and listen to your breath. If that helps, picture yourself somewhere calm and serene, so just keep your body, your eyes and your mind Nice and relaxed. Will you let your body absorb all the hard work that we just are? You waken start to wiggler fingers and our toes. Wake our bodies back up, roll over to either side, hand in front of the heart and keeping your eyes closed. Just come up to a nice seated position that you're comfortable in. Let's go ahead, just centre yourself here, put your hands on your knees wherever is comfortable for you. Take a deep inhale on a count of 10 through the count of 10. So inhale. 12345678 9 10 and hold it and exhale. 10 987654321 and one more deep breath in and out. Let your shoulders relaxing your muscles. Go slowly, open your eyes and thank you so much for joining me today. And for the past four days, I hope that you found even just a little bit of relaxation and release intention areas that you have had and that you will continue to incorporate yoga and tear lifestyle to help out your life and as well as secure longevity in your photography career.

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I really really enjoyed this! I love how Vanessa was great about telling you not to push your body more then it could go and to not only breath but how to breath this is so important! I've done a lot of Yoga video and classes too and the teacher never seem to mention (at least on the video) other ways to accomplish a pose! Great job Vanessa!! Thanks Creative Live for putting this type of course on the calendar keep them coming love all that you offer!! I'm so busy in my job/life that I need to remember to stop and take care of me!

Meg Rouje

Awesome! I like doing yoga at home, whenever suits me..Vanessa explains very well and do lot of different poses and gives tips on how to avoid or heal body pain on the field..Breathing exercises are clear too.. Her lessons can really teach anyone, from beginner to advanced: she always takes care to explain each pose for beginners and she will go all the way to advanced stretch..(wonderful to watch!) I got into yoga more seriously since I've started with her, she's really a good teacher!

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Love this class! I always wanted to learn yoga but never had the time to commit to a class. This lets me do it when I have time and is great at explaining how to do all the poses! Perfect for someone that wants to learn!

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