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Day 3

Lesson 3 from: Yoga for Photographers: Part 1

Vanessa Joy

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3. Day 3

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Day 3

before we get started today. Um, I actually had gone online this morning and asked a bunch of you what? Your ailments are in your body. And you know what? Typical pains and places of stress that you have from being a photographer. So one of the ones are two of them that I'm gonna address today are your risk and your feet. A lot of us from sitting at the computer, not even just shooting. But sitting at the computer have a lot of problems. Um, that developed as well. So you know, if you're typing or you've got your hand on the mouth, you're in a very stiff position, actually is known to cause carpal tunnel sometimes. So we're going to talk a little bit about what you can do at your computer in order to help alleviate some of the stress of sitting at your computer, editing, marketing, responding to emails all day. Um, so one of the first things that you want to dio when you're at your computer is you want to make sure you move, so being in the same position for a long period of time, it's...

stressful for your body. We talked about your eyes and how you should move your eyes around in order to avoid eye strain. But really quick. I just want to show you a couple of things that you conduce at your desk to avoid some of the lower back problems that happened. So if you are sitting at a desk, you just imagine all of us sitting here just quick. Little things that you can do just by twisting left and right while you're at your desk and giving yourself a little lean over is really all you need to do. Just toe. Loosen up and please get up every once in a while. I know it's kind of hard. We love our jobs, and we love what we do on the computer. So it's really easy to just sit at the computer and at it for hours on end. But trying to remind yourself every once in a while every half an hour, 45 minutes just to stand up. You could do a little walk around your chair and come back down. The other thing that I'd like to talk about these tennis balls so you can get a yoga massage balls or just regular massage ones, but it's easier and less expensive to just grab some tennis balls. So that's what we're going to show you guys today. So we can all grab our tennis balls. Um, and you can use this to alleviate some of the muscle tension in parts of your body, so we're gonna work with our risk first. It's really a simple movement, and you can do this at your desk. All you're gonna do. Let's put your palms together and your arms together and just slowly roll the ball over your wrists. So which is a nice, easy movement? You can do it a slow Orosz quickly as you want to. You can leave it in some places where you feel some of the risk pain. And then if you want to get some other parts of the wrist, not necessarily just the outsides here. You can just do one on arm at a time going over the wrist area, um, on both the front and the back. All right, so just really nice, easy way to alleviate some of the stress in the muscle there just by using a simple tennis ball. Uh, one of the things that I love to do with the tennis ball is actually deal with the arches in my feet because the arches and my seats get really, really tense on a shoot from standing up all day. You know, 10 hours on the wedding a little bit difficult. So we're actually going to stand up and all you need to do with the tennis ball is put it right in the arch of your foot and just go back and forth on it. This is one of the best feeling things. It's like getting a mini foot massage. Um, and I just loved the arches of my feet or were my problem area is so I used to just keep it right on there. But you can always go anywhere on the foot that you want, but more pressure or less pressure, whatever works for you. So grab yourself a really inexpensive tennis ball, um, and help alleviate some of your stressful areas. We're going to get started with our yoga today. We're going to get a little bit more into some stronger van Yasa flows, so I just want to remind any view that if any point that you get tired. Your arms start to fatigue legs. Whatever. Feel free to go into that child's pose. Take a few breaths and then come back when you're ready. So make sure you're listening to your body. Make sure your breathing we're gonna be breathing with every movement and we'll go from there. So to warm up today, we're going to do it pretty quickly. We're gonna do, ah, breath with each movement. So what we're gonna do is inhale our arms up and exhale squatter, arms down squatter legs and then inhale up. And we're gonna do this pretty quickly a few times breathing pretty quickly. Remember, breathe through your nose and out your nose, so let's try it. So inhale. Exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, Exhale. Keep going. This is really great. Somebody also mentioned online today that they have problems with their quads when they're trying to squat down and take a picture. This will help a couple more inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale Exhale to prayer Very nice will step to the tops of our mats Great way to quickly warm up The body gets your heart pounding and all the oxygen flowing nice and fast we're gonna go through something Yasa flow. So let's inhale arms up and exhale. Swan dives to the floor. Inhale flat back. Exhale walker. Jump down to chat around us. Inhale up. Exhale downward dog. Let's just take a quick second here. Have a settle into her downward dog can bend either leg. Just get nice and comfortable. Good. We're going to go into three legged dog, So raise your right leg up and then swooped down. In between, your hands will come upto Warrior one excellent Tennyson settled in your warrior. Make sure your front knee is bent but not bent over your toes and your hips are forward. Great. Hands down. Go to chat around this. Nice upward facing dog Inhale. Exhale downward facing dog. Lift up the less leg where you like a dog and swoop it in between your hands and arms up for warrior one. Nice big inhale and Exhale makes your hips or forward. Friendly has bent nice and exhale down a chat around the inhale upward facing dog and exhale downward facing dog. Take a few breaths here and on your next Exhale walker. Jump your feet up between your hands. Inhale up Exhale Prayer. We're gonna do a couple more like that, so inhale up. Exhale swan. Dive to the floor. Inhale flat back. Exhale, walk, Jump your feet downtown Teranga Inhale upward facing dog Exhale down are facing dog. Inhale your right leg up. Exhale. Put it between your hands. Inhale were your one. Exhale Hands down down this chatter Hunger Inhale upward facing dog Exhale downward facing dog. Inhale your left leg up but in between your hands and inhale where you're one. Exhale hands down back Cheddar Rhonda. Inhale upward facing dog. Exhale downward fees. Take a few breaths here and will inhale. Walk or jump your feet up between rand. Inhale up. Exhale prayer. Inhale arms up. Exhale swan dive down. Inhale flat back. Exhale. Walk jumped to 10 or longer. Inhale upward facing dog. Exhale down facing in Haley right foot up. Exhale do in your hands in hell up or your one Exhale. Hands down the wrong guy. Inhale upward. Exhale down. Inhale your left foot up. Exhale between your hands in him up where you're one. Exhale. Hands down Chad around us. Inhale upward facing dog. Exhale down. Let's go ahead down to a child's pose here. Just take a breath on your next inhale Come up downward facing dog Exhale your feet between your hands walking Jump inhale up Exhale, prick Inhale arms up Exhale swan dives to the floor Inhale flat Exhale walker Junk down a cheddar Runde Inhale upward facing dog Exhale down facing dog Inhale your right foot up Exhale between your legs inhaled or your one and let's hold it here for a second We're gonna do a great twisted warrior one but it will for your bounce off maybe a little bit. So feel free to take this time to why didn't your legs a little bit? If you like, we're gonna come to prayer, turn towards the back wall, turning towards your front knee, Place your left elbow to write me very nice, and then use that left elbow against to write. Nieto, push your chest open towards the back wall. Try to keep a flat back because all look amusing. Nice and try to keep your head up towards the ceiling. This is an excellent way massaging your organs here. Liver nice with every inhale. Remember, think lengthen every exhale, think twist just a little bit further nice he wanted to. You could open your hands. Put your hand down or you can put your hand around in mind if you guys want to you great. Let's inhale back up to where you're one. Exhale. Hands down, Chad around intel upward facing dog. Exhale down. It's inhale. Are left foot up to three legged dog. Nice. Exhale left between your hands. Inhale Warrior one. Take a second to bounce yourself every life, hands to prayer and turn towards the front wall. Right? Need to left. That's a right elbow toe left me and use that lever to twist yourself. Open your chest towards the ceiling. If you'd like to. You can separate your hands a little further or to put your arm behind. Mind. Deep breath in deep breath out deep breath. Anything about lengthening out? Think about twisting a little more. One more deep breath in and breath out. Inhale back toe Warrior one. Exhale. Hands down Aronda. Inhale upward facing dog. Exhale downward facing. Take a few deep breaths here. Really great exercises for developing those quad muscles. Let's go ahead. We're going to raise your right leg up. Swoop it in between your hands come up to Warrior one and let's open Toe Warrior two. Remember, Warrior two. Your hips are open. Try to get your arms parallel to the floor. Facing your foot Were front hand looking right over your middle finger. Try not to keep her shoulders up to keep him nice. I'm going to flip our right hand and lean back for reverse warrior Nice. And then we're gonna lean forward for side angle and you can just put your elbow to your knee recon. Come all the way down and then we're going to go back. Reverse warrior. Keep your front knee bent as we rotate through these, so let's add the breath here. Let's inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale a couple more times. Inhale and exhale. Inhale one more time really reaching back and reaching up and exhale Warrior two and exhale. Hands down Chad Aronda. Inhale upward facing dog. Exhale downward facing dog. A couple breaths here on your next inhale. It's lift that left leg. Exhale super between your hands. Come up to Warrior one and exhale Open Warrior two. Great. We share front foot. Your left foot is facing completely street towards the side they're looking of your left hand shoulders back and down, hands parallel to the floor. I was like to look around, kind of check myself here. Sometimes it feels like you're even, but you're not. You guys actually look really good, so it's inhale. Reach back to go to reverse Warrior Nice. You're flipping your palm and exhale four. Decide angle. Right arm reaches up. Inhale back to reverse Warrior Never tried to keep that front knee bent the whole time. Exhale side angle. Great Inhale reverse warrior and exhale side angle. Do a couple more times inhale back. This is fantastic for strengthening your back muscles. Your core, your obliques. Excellent. Inhale up, really reach and exhale side angle one more time it's inhale up and Exhale Warrior two. Nice. We should all be feeling that tomorrow in our obliques, exhale down, hands down Chad Aronda in Help Up and exhale downward facing dogs. And that's just been Ernie's wide come down to child's pose for a moment here. Great. We're gonna come to all fours, going to come to a four arm downward facing dog on. What this is going to do is really strengthen our upper back muscles that we really work so hard when photographing. This will also help us for really fun Pose will be doing on the wall. Tomorrow. They're going to come down to your forearms, your hands, your poems or flat, and you want them parallel to each other. It's our tendency to kind of put our hands a little bit closer together, but try to keep them parallel. Then, when you're ready, just flip your toes and lift your hips up into a forearm. Downward facing dog. Try not to lean forward. Your elbow should not be at a 90 degree angle that you should be pushing back so that your head comes between your arms. The breaths. Here really think about reaching your hips towards the sky. Remember, you can have bent knees or be up on your toes if your hamstrings are a little tight. If this is strenuous, you can always walk your feet up a little bit or walk them back. Kind of find where this is comfortable for you. Great bend their knees down. Come, the child spits again. All right, let's do that one more time. Come to all fours and then down to our forearms Lift up one more time into the forearm. Downward facing dog. You been one near the other two. This is a great way to stretch your hips more appear, strengthening our shoulders. Great. Come this center and deep breath in and out, right? I wouldn't come back down, child. Spends again. We're gonna come to all fours and then just step in. And from here, we're kind of squatted down. We're gonna come into chair pose. So what you want to do in chair pose? Fine. We're comfortable here. Try to lean as much as you can onto your heels. Should be able to wiggle your toes. Shouldn't be having so much weight on your toes in this post. You can come up a little bit if you need to, but you can stay down that screen. You're just gonna bring your chest up and your arms in front of you. Deep breaths Here. A deep breath in and out. This is fantastic for strengthening your hips and your quads. If you'd like to, you can raise your arms up a little bit. And this is my tendency toe arch my back here, but try to round it so it stays more straight than arched. A couple more breath in and and in here and let's exhale Swan dives to the floor. Forward folds. I was, like, afford fold after chair pose because it's a lot of pressure on your quads. Just grab either elbow. Kind of ragdoll it. Here, shake your head. Yes. You know, we just worked our upper back in that forearm downward facing dog, So it's nice to give it a little release here. We're gonna come into chair, pose one more time. We're just gonna look up first and then raise your chest. What we're gonna do is we're gonna come to prayer and with our right elbow, we bring our right Albert to our left knee and twist towards the front. It's a little twist in here. If you'd like, you can spread open your hands. I like this cause I can't put more weight on my hand if you'd like to. You can also bind. Bring your left arm back. Right arm under. Good. Let's come to center. Let's stand for a second, inhale up and exhale prayer and chair pose twist to the other side. So left elbow to right knee really use that leverage to twist yourself. If you want to open your hands or if you'd like to, you can find deep breaths here, in and out, and let's inhale the center and exhale prayer. Do you feel that right in your legs? Wow, it's amazing how much little movements can have a big effect on your muscles. So it's nice because a lot of times when you're working your legs, you know you need to do exercises that can be a strenuous to your joints, but this doesn't have to pay. All right, So what I'd like to do, we're going to go to the wall. So the wall is a great tool that we can use for yoga exercises. So let's have have three people on the side and three of us on this side. We're gonna bring our yoga mat to the wall, short end to the wall. All right, So what, We're going to dio bringing the scooch as much as we can towards the wall. Um, with our feet there so great with your feet there, that should be about as close as you need to be, and then you can lay back. Do you think Maybe even switch back a little bit more. So we're gonna put our few to the wall a little bit higher than a 90 degree angle with their knees. I was just gonna lift our hips and bring him down. All right? Sorry. Left her hips again. But this time we're gonna street in our right foot. Nice. And we're just gonna raise their hips even more and lower them. So inhale lift. Exhale, lower. Inhale lift. Exhale. Lower. A couple more. Inhale lift. Exhale, lower. Inhale lift. Exhale over all the way down. This will do the same thing on the other side. So get your self centered, and then we can lift our hips, the street in our left leg this time. So inhale lift and exhale. Lower. Inhale left. Exhale lower. Inhale lift. Exhale lower one more time. Inhale lift and exhale lower. Although it down. Take a second. Just hug your knees into your chest And if you'd like, try to straighten them out a little bit. Just give her hamstrings a little tiny stretch there. We're gonna put our feet to the wall. But this time you're going to keep your legs straight. you put your hands down by your side, give you a little bit more leverage. And from here we're just going to raise our hips making toe. Walk your feet up a little bit more on the wall as you raise your hips all the way up so that your one complete straight line fantastic. Deep breath in and out. Oh, more deep breath in and out and let's exhale all the way down and we're gonna lift again. That's inhale lift and just pick the right leg up. Hold it up deep breath in and out. One more deep breath in and out. Bring it on down. Let's do warmer time on the other side. Lift our hips up straight in the left, leg out and just breathe in hell in hell in now and exhale, Inhale and exhale all the way down and task. Give yourself not a little hug in your knees, afraid to just great rankles and stretch your hamstrings a little if you want to. Good. So what we're gonna do next with the wall trying to grab our blankets. If you don't have a blanket, remember, you can just as easily use your yoga mat and roll up your yoga mat. So we're gonna roll it up the same way that we did on day one. You basically want to roll it up, so that's around the length of your spine. So if you've got your blanket, roll that up. If you don't, you can easily just roll up your yoga mat as well. Both have the same type of effect once you've rolled that up, but you're going to Dio is put it pretty close to the wall. I would say Leave it about, um, hand's length away from the wall should be good. And then the easiest way to get into this pose is you're gonna come on your side next to the wall and next to your blanket, and you can lay down and just sort of roll onto your blanket. You want it on the center of your back, and you want your hips to be kind of falling off in a little tiny bit and just your legs come straight up the ball. It might need scooch a little bit closer if you'd like everyone to get your legs critical. Still wall, so it might take a little adjusting great. So what this is doing is really helping your circulation. We spend so much time, especially if your wedding photographer on our feet. So trying to bring that blood back to your heart is really important. Those of stretching our hamstrings and really helping out our back. This is a great lower back release. Take a couple breaths here. If you want to kind of wiggle around, you can feel Frito. Hold one leg or the other closer to you. Just give yourself phone deeper hamstring stretch. Actually, let's all grab our right leg and doesn't have to go far. Just give your ankles a little circle right to left, and then you can switch left leg circuit, feed around right and left. Nice. We're going to bring the soles of our feet together and just bend down. So we're kind of in that butterfly position. This will deepen the intensity of the release in your lower back and bring your hips into the picture as well. So give me your hips and nice stretch. You can push your knees towards the wall little bit more if you want to deepen that stretch or bring your feet down the wall little worm just depending on where you are, listen to your body. Take deep breaths here. This is a great time to do some three part breathing. It's really great stress reliever, So go ahead and put your right hand on your stomach. Your left hand on your heart. Let's breathe deeply. First into our stomachs. Inhale into your stomach, inhale into your lungs and then into your chest. Hold it for a second and exhale out your chest first in your lungs and your something when I say stomach. But it's really your diaphragm, right in this area. Let's do a couple more three part breathing. You can do them on your own, inhaling your stomach, then your lungs than your chest, holding it for a second than exhaling at your chest. Lungs pushing on the air out your diet A couple more breaths in and out. Inhale and exhale. Go ahead and put your hands on your shoulders for just a second and try to, like, wiggle them down a little bit and back towards the floor. So really opening your chest pushing your shoulders down, getting a little extra arch in your upper back there such a good back release. When you're ready, you can roll over to the side. Easiest way to get off their that is one of my favorite poses. To do both before and after a wedding just really helps realign your back, but you're back in order again and release your lower back. And I need attention that you're feeling there as well. It's your upper back. We're gonna bring our yoga mats back to where we were and keep your blanket folded up. We will be using that again. Let's just come to the top of our mats, so let her heart rate go down a little bit. I want to just warm it back up. Bring your heart rate up a little bit more, more bodies up a little bit more. So getting some of the next hoses that were going to do so let's just inhale up. Ex health forward folds in hill flat back. Exhale. Walker jumped down. 10. Ranga Inhale upward facing dog and exhale downward facing dog Nice. Even then, you're down. Facing dog is probably feel that you're a little bit more aligned than you were in your first downward dog of the class from downward facing dog when she has to go ahead and slowly just put your elbows down to go to four arm downward facing dog Nice And then let's inhale. Lift your arms back up to downward facing dog. It is all in the triceps, so try to keep your elbows in rather than putting them out. Let's go ahead and slowly put our elbows down. Nice. Deep breath in breath, out and inhale. Go ahead and push back up to downward facing dog. Very nice. I don't have you guys go to three like dog, and we're just gonna open this three like a dog. So what you do is you bend your knee, flex your foot and look under your right shoulder and let your hips open up a little bit. Depends where you feel with your balance, but it's a great hip opening exercise. You can stay here if you like, or you can do what we call flip the dog and you just keep going with your right foot going back. You can watch it hit the ground and then you turn up. We'll see to experiment that if you like, you can have your arm up or back? No. When you're ready, you just lipped you. Talk back over Nice soon. Put our foot down. Let's just do a little flow since you've been upside down for a little while. So come to plank. Nice down to cheddar unga. Exhale in pale upward facing dog. Exhale downward facing it seemed thing on the other side. Salts lifter left leg up. Bend it, Open the hip look underneath your left arm and if you like feel Frieda, flip your dog. Great. If you flipped, go ahead. Come back over really good dog and go down. Go ahead down downward facing dog. I'm starting down to child's pose. You breath here. You going to come to all fours just going to loosen up our backs a little bit more. Yesterday we did a cat and cow pose, so let's start with that. We're going to inhale. Arch your back, look up and then exhale around your neck. Let's do that. Couple more times. Inhale, aren't you? Can look up. Exhale round your back, Push all the air out one more time. Inhale and exhale. Now when have you guys dio? We've been going arching just rounding and arching what you guys to tilt towards the right. Come down to your arch and kind of like your circling your spine here and they're going to the left. So it seems a little weird at first, but going to the right. Then down, up and rounds you come doing like circles with your spine and really loosens up. I suggested you this really slowly at first because it could kinda find some spots in your back that really kinked. And then let's go the opposite way. So I left first, then down then up and really just looses up your back. Your hips really fantastic. Release one more time doing a circle. Great. We can go ahead and sit back on our feet and bring our feet in front of us. We're going to come and do our bridge post. So we did this a little bit before when we laid on her back and we put the block underneath us, and it's sort of some march of X if we're not going to use the block this time. So Lander backs your hands, Congar. Oh, right next year by China, kind of squeeze your shoulder blades together, put your shoulders back and down. We're just going to lift our hips up from here. You grasp your hands and a class for them underneath you and then wiggle your shoulders underneath and ST in your arms so it really helps you push your chest up your hips up. And this is a great release for your neck as well. We're gonna do a little bit more of that. So you bring your hips down, we're gonna come into bridge for more time. If you'd like to, you can stay in bridge or while you're in bridge, you can play around lifting one leg and then the other leg. So let's try that. So hips up, clasp your hands underneath, wiggle your shoulders underneath you and just play around. You can come to lift the leg lifted, but keep it needs together. Little strengthening things. Weaken Dio alternate legs. Let's come down again. We're going to do this one more time so you can stay in bridge if you like, or the alternative would be to go into a wheel and what wheel is is you Put your hands your palms right by your ears. Flip back and you put your feet a little bit closer to your bottom, and then you push up your hips from here, so go ahead into bridge. Or if you're familiar with, well, you can join me and just push up your hips. Either Enbridge, or push them all the way up in wheel. If you were in wheel a couple of ways, you can stay here. You can try to put your feet together and straight in your legs. This releases your, um, hip flexor is as well as your shoulders chest. Or you can try to get your feet close to your hands, which is pretty interesting. So from here, they're coming out of wheel. Just makes you tuck your head as you come down. I have some wheels back here. Fantastic. All right. From here, we're going to go into plow. And this is one of those positions that people look at and go. I cannot do that. However, my 64 year old father did it with me last week, so I'm pretty sure most of you guys can do this. So you just tuck in your legs at first, put your hands on the ground and use your core to keep talking and lifting your hips. If you get to the point where you can't lift anymore, use your hands to push yourself and then you straighten your legs. You might be right here. Keep your legs flexed, or you can try and touch your feet to the ground behind you. You can keep your arms, uh, kind of kick standing you here, or you can put them down. But what you want to do most here is relax your neck, so deep breaths here. Remember, if you can't breeze were at back off a little. But the key here is relaxing your neck, especially the upper part of your neck. It's a fantastic release for that. If you want to, you can bend your knees and round your body even more, just depending on where you are. But let it be a great release for your neck. Deep breath in and deep breath out. One more deep breath in and deep breath out and bring your feet down slowly, slowly, slowly, nice. So let's give ourselves just do a little tiny bridge here, lift your hips. Can a counter posed to all that rounding and we can put it. We're going to do one more plow. I'm just going to give you a couple options where you can kind of move around a little bit there. So just lift up going into your plow again. And if you're here, what you can do, don't turn your neck one way or the other. But you can bring your left like out and touch down over here, so you're kind of rolling onto your left shoulder. They come back to center and do the same thing on the other side's kind of bring your right leg out and down so it touches the floor and you're rolling on your right shoulder now, so it's kind of like a stretch in the massage for your shoulders. You never ready. Just come back to center, relax your neck and breathe slowly. Exhale rolling out. Nice. Give yourself that little counter stretch. Lift your hips up to a bridge. Fantastic. Let's go ahead and twist from side to side. So what we're gonna do last time, we just kind of bent her knees and went over. This time I'm gonna have you keep your legs straight. Keep your arms out like an airplane and you're going to go over to the left, touch your legs down, lift him up, and then go all there to the right. Feel free to keep your knees bent if you like, because this his a lot of pressure, a lot of core strength. You're just gonna kind of windshield wiper them back and forth. So it's a stretch and twist and at the same time, a core strengthening exercise. Great. So feel free, like straight if you want it to be a little bit more intense, keeping your legs together because it's easy to kind of do this. That's hard to keep your legs together and needs together the whole time. Soon a couple more times. Make sure you are breathing. I like to exhale when I get down and then inhale the center and then exhale down your times in Health Center and exhale down in Health Center and exhale. And let's just inhale up to center. Great grab ahold of your knees are underneath your knees. We're just gonna rock a little bit. We're gonna rock forward and back. So if this hurts your spine and for me, it does bother mine a little bit I like to put the Mexican blanket below my spine. So if you'd like to do that feel free. You just lay it out flat. But we're just gonna rock. So what you do is you hold on electing underneath in these rocking back and then forward. It's just a nice little massage for your back. If you want to, you can go into yoga toe off, do that. And then when you come up, don't touch your feet down. So, Justin Option. So you come up in kind of balance. Thanks. Do two more times, and then we're all going to come up and go straight all the way up and stand up to your feet. Nice. Let's just do a couple balancing poses while we're up. So you face front. We're going to go into Half Moon so you can do it from here. You can also do it, um, from the ground. Like doing it this way. So what we're going to do, you put your arms out to your side if you'd like, you can use a block here which I find to be really helpful, and you just hold it long ways. So you just arms out and you're still gonna tilt towards the right. Put all your weight into right foot, and so they tilt. You can do it till your block just hovers or, if you want to tell it touches and your left leg is parallel to the floor in your left hand, shooting up and keep your chest up ever you'd like. If you want to, you can grab your foot here, depending on where your balances. The block is very helpful next, so let's come up and we'll switch hands if you're holding a block, so just airplane arms out. Put all your weight into your left foot, stabilized and then slowly start to lean towards the left. Do you feel your block? Come down or you can just hover. Ideally, you do want to just hover your block, but it's a little intense. Try to keep your right leg engaged and flexed. Great. If you'd like to, you can grab your foot. Give yourself a little quad stretch while you're at it. Nice. Remember deep breathing and come up. You leave your body. That's a really fun balancing one because it engages the sides of your body rather than engaging your core like we normally dio. So do you want more balancing here? Just gonna keep your hands on your hips where you lift are right leg. So ground your left leg. So just lift the right leg. Put it down. We do that warmer time, but with a straight leg this time. So lift street good and then do little tiny pulses. So just pulls your leg up and down. 87654321 And bring it down. Nice. We'll do the other side to put all of your weight into your right leg. Spread your toes, give yourself some ground and bend and lift. Nice. And that down. Former time, but with a straight leg this time. So lift as much as you can Really engaging your core to lift your leg and do little tiny pulses up and down. 87654321 and down. Reach couple balancing poses in their room. Come back down to our mats and just get a nice quad Stretch in so way we're going to do this. Yes, we did pigeon the other day, So we're gonna put our leg in a pigeon position says, Bring your right knee up and you can keep your foot next to your hips. For this means we're going to be up here and it's just a little bit more stable. You're going to turn towards your left leg and pick it up and get a little a quad stretch so you might be here just barely picking it up. That's fine. Just depends where you are in your quads and your hip. What, sir, if you'd like, you can bring it closer towards you if you really want to kind of flip your arm around and bring it beneath your arms and find this way Great. I had to keep your chest lifted as much as possible. Nice and let it go. So that is getting your quad. You can do this exercise a little bit differently by twisting your hips towards the front more. It does engage more of the hip that stretching, and then, instead of turning towards the left to grab that leg, you can turn towards the right, took her at that leg, and by doing this, you engage that right hip at the same time is a little bit more difficult, so you can do it the other way and still get a great quad stretch. Either way, you can also bind in this position. Try to keep your chest nice and lifted wherever you are. What that they go and we'll switch sets to bring your left leg up, then put near your right hip and we'll turn towards the right stretch. This way. If you have any discomfort in your hip, you can actually do what Colleen's doing, Um, and put a block underneath your hip as well, just depending on where you are, So go ahead and bring your foot in. If you want to bind, you can do that. Great. If you want to find halfway, you can always do that as well. It's great for your shoulders to bind in this position. Nice so you can let that go, and then we'll square our hips towards the front. And this time, just turn towards the left to grab your foot is again. This way. It engages more of your left hip and actually stretches your quad just a little bit deeper. So wherever you'd like to be here, have fined or you can come to a full bind if your chest lifted and breathe deeply, really breathed into those tense parts of your body and you can let it go. Bring your hands down. I'm fucking feet around towards the front. Let's just do a quick little forward fold here. Since we just spent so much time with our legs in the other direction. Just forward fall. Keep a flat back tilt of the head and just give yourself a little hamstring Stretch. Deep breath in and deep breath out. Deep breath in and exhale. Feel free to if you want to round your head over wherever you are and loosen your neck deep breath in, Make sure still breathing that yoga breath through your nose and out through your nose. Inhale one more time and exhale and slowly start to walk Hands up and we're going to forward fold again. But we're going to just open her legs just to go outside the length of your mat. Tried again. Make sure that you are sitting on your sit bones here, and then we're gonna lean forward here, and this is going to get a completely different part of our hamstring. So just a little lean forward here, you can grab the bottoms of your feet to try to keep her feet flexed. You'll get more of a stretch that way and lean forward here. You'll notice this gets more of the inside part of your hamstring. Try to keep that flat back as far as you can, and then we can drop your head down deep breath in and deep breath out. Remember with each breath and think about lengthening that spine and each breath out, holding over just a little more deep breath in and deep breath out. This one is also great for loosening the muscles by your knees. If you have any knee pain in the back of your knee and then your next inhale just something, walk yourself back, read it and grab our blankets or your yoga mat and give it a little roll up again. If it's not already there, you can also use a block for this if you like. I just find the blanket to be slightly more comfortable and using a blocks. We're gonna put it towards the top, and we're gonna lay down on it so that it comes right beneath our shoulder blades. touching your shoulder blades a little bit, but really right beneath. Um, so you're just gonna lay back, but the soles of your feet together drop your knees. Nice. You can put your hands on your stomach, if you like. On the outsides by your knees. Really? Just let that blanket help. Push, um, your chest forward and arch your back. Remind yourself to keep your shoulders back and down. So if you need to do that, just touch your shoulders a little bit. Push them back and down. Really get that great stretch for your upper back. This is another one that I love to do after my weddings after shoots just really helps after I've been hunching over holding my camera kind of hunching over while I do it or squatting down helps bring my back back in alignment. So we're going to take our Sheva's now right here in this position because it is a great one. So just try to clear your mind, and we're just going to focus on some mental relax ation. So I just want you to picture whatever is calming to you. Maybe it's just a nice scene. Um, scenic area beach park. Whatever. Imagine yourself walking through it. Actually picture that we're visual people. So we should be able to picture ourselves walking there wherever we like, or if it's more coming for you. My husband does this when he wants to calm himself mentally. Imagine, uh, a whiteboard or a blackboard and just imagine yourself erasing everything. Let your breathing go. Make sure your entire body is relaxed and just breathe normally. Make sure that your face is relaxed, especially between your eyebrows. It's we'll put our feet flat out in front of us. Your hands down, turn and slowly help yourself up. Don't turn over your side first. It's fine. Just come to a nice seeded, comfortable position. Me, I'm gonna sit on my Met. Helps alleviate some of the pressure on my knees. Let's just take one last deep breath in and little out. Relax your shoulders. Okay. Thank you so much for joining me today.

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Sherrie R

I really really enjoyed this! I love how Vanessa was great about telling you not to push your body more then it could go and to not only breath but how to breath this is so important! I've done a lot of Yoga video and classes too and the teacher never seem to mention (at least on the video) other ways to accomplish a pose! Great job Vanessa!! Thanks Creative Live for putting this type of course on the calendar keep them coming love all that you offer!! I'm so busy in my job/life that I need to remember to stop and take care of me!

Meg Rouje

Awesome! I like doing yoga at home, whenever suits me..Vanessa explains very well and do lot of different poses and gives tips on how to avoid or heal body pain on the field..Breathing exercises are clear too.. Her lessons can really teach anyone, from beginner to advanced: she always takes care to explain each pose for beginners and she will go all the way to advanced stretch..(wonderful to watch!) I got into yoga more seriously since I've started with her, she's really a good teacher!

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Love this class! I always wanted to learn yoga but never had the time to commit to a class. This lets me do it when I have time and is great at explaining how to do all the poses! Perfect for someone that wants to learn!

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