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Day 6

Lesson 6 from: Yoga for Photographers: Part 1

Vanessa Joy

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Lesson Info

6. Day 6

Lesson Info

Day 6

we're going to get started. Just a quick reminder. Listen to your body. Do what you can, Dio. We're gonna move on into some interesting poses today, But I'm gonna give you step, so just listen to your body. And if at any point you need a break, hang out in child's pose to you, recoup and come back and that's actually we're going to start today, we're going to start in Child's pose. And I really love starting in child's pose because it's an interesting It's supposed to be a very relaxing pose, but most of you right now are probably in this position thinking I'm not relaxed, so I want you to take a second here, notice your breath, start inhaling deeply and exhaling deeply. Figure knows Take no of what parts of your body or tense for me right now. It's definitely my shoulders and my lower back. So I know throughout the entire practice today, that is what I'm gonna be concentrating on what I'm gonna be breathing into. So let's take another deep, deep inhale and exhale and let's come up to ...

all fours. You want to make sure that your hands, your wrists or directly underneath your shoulders and your knees air directly underneath your hips. Wrists her off with a little cat cow. Throughout the entire practice today, we're going to be doing this cat count movement where we're arching and rounding our backs in different poses. Ah, lot of times when we have problems with their back because of photography thing so brutal, you just simply need to move more. That's what we're going to concentrate on today. So take a deep breath in, arch our backs looking up in the air and exhale Round out your back. Taken angry cat and push all the air out. Inhale Archer back up and exhale. Push all the stale air out of your lungs and inhale Arch up and exhale round. So keep going at your own pace. This inhaling train to deepen your breaths just a little bit more every time and exhaling and inhale and on your next exhale, Exhale in round and feel free to lean to the right or to the left. Whatever you need to do to kind of just loosen up your back if you want to. In the next inhale, you can kind of rounded around almost like in a circular pattern. As you inhale and exhale, there's a couple more. Inhale and exhale and then your next inhale. Go ahead and push back to our first downward facing dog. So when you're in your downward facing dog, give yourself a little bit. Room your feet. Your hand should almost be the length of your mat, pushing as much as you can back into your feet. You can always bend your knees to kind of gauge where you are and then straighten them back out again and I'll help push your shoulders back. Just peddle your feet. Go up on your toes. Loosen up here. You can even look under one arm with under the other arm. Whatever you need to dio, we're gonna go ahead and in this position in the downward dog who had it. Archer. Back to inhale and exhale. Give yourself a little rounding in your back. It's an arch inhale, Exhale around Great. One more inhale arch, Exhale round. Fantastic. We're gonna slowly walk to the top of the map, hang in our forward fold, coming down and inhale all the way up and exhale prayer. All right, we're gonna loosen up even a little bit more. We've arching and rounding. Now we're just gonna sway from side to side and let your arms kind of just flail. So what we're doing is really pushing with sort of centrifugal force here pushing a lot of the blood into our extremities, loosening left and right. And remember your breathing. So breathe deep in and exhale out Fantastic. Let's come to center. We want to just stand here, just stand these actually oppose. It's called Mountain Pose. Mommy, stand here. You want to really ground herself in your feet? I talked about this yesterday. Don't have that little arching her back engaged the lower abdominals as you stand palms face forward. Keyes is just slightly up. Great. So we're gonna go into a few flows here if at any point you just need a break, hang out in child's pose. Let's take a deep breath in arms up and swan Dive forward to the floor. Spence, inhale flood back and exhale round and inhale flat back. Exhale right foot steps back into a high lunge like we did yesterday. We're gonna inhale arms, come up and you stay with your foot up. Nice. Exhale hands down, Inhaled a plank Exhale Chadha Ranga or knees Gestion Inhale upward facing dog Exhale downward facing dog Inhale the right foot up Place it between your hands Feet come together Exhale fold over initial arms up Exhale prayer Great. Inhale your arms up. Exhale forward fold. Inhale the flat back almost like a little arch. Here, exhale around a dim inhale flat back. Exhale left leg comes back. Inhale arms up to high lunch. Exhale down in hell Plank. Exhale Jenna Ranga Inhale upward facing dog Exhale downward facing dog. Inhale the left leg up Exhale Place it between your hands. Inhale feet together. Exhale fold over, inhale arms up. Exhale prayer. Fantastic said a few more times we're gonna go a little faster with your breath. Remember one breath through each movement, so inhale arms up. Exhale forward fold. Inhale flat back. Exhale full down. Inhale flat back. Exhale. Right leg comes back. Inhale arms up. Exhale arms down. Inhale foot back to plank. Exhale, chattering Inhale upward facing dog. Exhale downward facing dog. Inhale your right leg up. Exhale. Place it between your hands in healthy. Come together. Exhale forward full inhale arms up. Exhale prayer Inhale your arms up again. Exhale forward folds inhale Put back exhale forward fold Inhale flat back left foot comes back Inhale arms up. Exhale arms down. Inhale the plank. Exhale chatter, Wrongdoing. Inhale upward facing dog Exhale Download Facing dog Inhale your left leg up Exhale between your hands in healthy together Exhale forward fault Inhale arms up and exhale Prayer One more set in hill Arms Come up Exhale forward fold. Inhale flat back Ex helpful down Inhale flat back, right leg comes back Inhale arms up. Exhale arms down. Inhale plank Exhale chatter longer in hell Upward facing dog Exhale downward facing dog. Inhale the right leg up. Exhale between your hands in healthy together Exhale forward fold in hell. Arms up Exhale prayer one more time in the help arms up Exhale forward, Fold in hell The flat back. Exhale full. Inhale the flat back. Exhale the left like back. Inhale arms up. Exhale arms down. Inhale the planks. Exhale chatter. Ranga elbows right by your sides. Inhale upward facing dog. Exhale downward facing dog. Inhale the left leg up. Exhale step between your hands. Inhale feet together. Exhale forward fault, inhale arms and exhale prayer fantastic. Take a few deep breaths here, inhaler and exhale and inhale and accept. Inhale our arms up. Exhale forward folds. Inhale flat back. Exhale, fold. Inhale flat back. Exhale. Step the right leg back into your high lunge again. Inhale arms up and let's exhale. Plant your back foot down flat to come toe warrior one. You want one. Move your foot in a little bit, or even out what's comes. Dance in our warrior one, Remember, tried to lose the arching her back by engaging your core muscles. Here, you want your hips square to the front, your front knee free over your front ankle and you're pushing in the back towards the outside part of your foot. Great in him. And let's exhale. Open Torrey or two this time or hips are open. You can push your hips forward instead of leaning this way, push the hip forwards your chest comes up even more and exhale. Go ahead and flip your palm's and bend your arms a little bit, squeezing the back of your shoulder muscles here and relaxing upper shoulders. Then street your hands had again. It's a great way to just quickly engage the correct muscles and relax the others. So go ahead. And Suri in that front leg, you could even step it in just a little bit. Keeping your days of your front hand. You're just gonna reach out as far as you possibly can, pushing that right hip out. And when you can't reach any further, then you can put it down, either on your shin, your ankle or on the inside of your foot, and the other arm comes up and your gaze goes up. Try to make sure you keep your chest open and let's take a deep inhale and exhale. And on our next in hell, we're gonna arch your back just really slightly. This is really small movement. And then round your back on your exhale. So inhale just a little arch. Exhale round. We're just introducing. Keep going with Inhale arch and Exhale round. Very, very small movement. We're just introducing a little bit of movement into this triangle pose. It's gonna really help our backs loosen up. So one more inhale arch. Exhale little anybody round and let's go ahead and come back up. Been the front knee, swing her arm around so you're back in your lunge. Plant your hands down. Inhale back to plank. Exhale, chattering gah in him upward facing dog Exhale downward facing dog. Let's go ahead and bend our knees. We can either walk or jump up to the front of your mouth. Exhale forward. Fold in, Uh, exhale prayer. Inhale arms. Come up. Exhale forward fold. Inhale flat back. Exhale for fold. Inhale flat back and exhale the right. I'm sorry the left leg comes back. Inhale up to your high lunge and then plants that back foot down to come into your warrior one. Take a second here and make any adjustments. You need to widen your stance. Make sure that left hip is front. Make sure feet are lined around. Engage your core. That's always the one I have to look. Look for. Relax your shoulders here and deep breath in and on your exhale Open Warrior two. Take a second if you want to flip your palms and then your elbows to make sure that your shoulder top shoulder muscles are not tense and lean a little bit forward if you can, then that front knee just a smidge. Nice inhale. Gazing off your front arm right off the tip of your front middle finger and go ahead and straight in that front leg. Bring it in a little bit. She's like, lean as much as you can forward, really push that back hip out, and then what? You can't lean forward anymore. Go ahead and bring it down to your foot. Great. And then we really want our hips to be facing this back wall. So as we bring our left arm up, try to make sure that your hips aren't facing the ground, but that the turning open towards the front all and we're going to go ahead and do that arching and rounding here again. So inhale. Just aren't your back ever so slightly Reach up a little bit more maybe a little bit behind you. Exhale arch in round Inhale arch Exhale round. Fantastic in how arch Exhale round in how arches. Very little movement. Don't overthink it too much. Exhale around right. Inhale art for more time. Exhale. Come back up to our warrior two. Inhale. Bring your swing around to the front or back in your lunch. Exhale Hands down in hell. Plank Exhale chatter. Unger Inhale upward facing dog Exhale downward facing dog. Take a second here, then bend your knees. And if you get a hot fart try do it silently as possible. So it's almost like a afloat. Nice Exhale Forward folds, Inhale arms Come up and exhale down Fantastic. So we're going to go into one more set of standing flows Go ahead and inhale arms up Exhale down, inhale flat back Exhale, fold Inhale flat back Exhale the right leg back into your lunch Inhale arms Come up, Exhale. We're here to nice. We're gonna straighten that front leg warmer time Bring the back leg and if you'd like. But this time we're going to turn and face the front of the room. Your hips are square to the front of the room. We're gonna lean forward as much as we possibly can and then drop that right hand down either to your sigh, your shin, your ankle or the inside of your left foot, and then we're gonna turn towards the back wall, so turn towards your left. But so this is a reverse triangle. It really gets into your hip. The I T band here. Remember your deep breath in and out. Really squeeze your inner thighs here that help you be more stable if you want to. You can widen your stance a little bit, and that'll help stabilized you as well, and we're gonna arching around here again. So with your inhale arch ever so slightly, exhale round it. Inhale arch, Exhale around Inhale arch. Exhale One more inhale arch, Exhale round. Let's go ahead and put her Ah, hand down next to your foot. We can step back to a plank. Inhale Exhale chatter Run Good in hell. Upper facing dog. Exhale downward facing dog. Bend your knees ever so slightly Inhale up to the front of the map. Exhale forward fold Inhale comma and exhale prayer in how arms come up. Exhale, forward fold. Inhale the flat back Exhale, fold in health Flat back. Exhale left leg comes back. Inhale arms up. Exhale Warrior two. Go straight in that front leg. Turn your hips to the front and bring that back leg in. So straighten both legs. You need to is a good time to widen. Your stance helped to stabilize now that we know where we're going in this one, so go ahead and lean forward as much as you can when you can't anymore. Go ahead, place your left hand down on your right leg on your thigh. Your shin. Your ankle is never on your knee essentially or to the inside of your front foot. Go ahead and twist open tryto. Keep your hips square. Don't let them turn too much and you really do most of turning in your chest so it's inhale little integrity. Arch, Exhale round Inhale arch, exhale round inhale arch. Exhale around couple more. This is really engaging all your muscles, strengthening them well, loosening up the tension in your back and exhale around one more. Inhale and exhale your hand down. Inhale comes a plank. Exhale Chad Aronda Inhale upward facing dog Exhale downward facing dog. Let's go ahead and come down to her child's pose and I want you to a second re a re evaluation of how your body feels now. It should be much, much looser. You're probably still noticed some parts of their type. For me, my lord back is definitely looser, but my shoulders could use some more works. I'm gonna work on breathing into those. It's a couple more inhales and exhales and inhale and exhale. You're using this time to just bring your body back, bring your focus back and rejuvenate and let's go ahead. Come back up. We're going to go on all fours. Now we're gonna go into what's called an extended child's post, so it's similar to how we just work. But instead it's going really stretch our upper backs in our chest area. So instead of just going backwards to our child's pose, we're gonna extend our arms out in front as much as probably right to the edge of your mat and then push back, trying to get like your armpits down onto the mat. Keep your chin up and it's a great throat opener as well. So really deep breath in and out. Just relax into this pose. You can push back a little more food like this is an excellent one to do when you've been sitting at your computer all day. Inhale and exhale what we're gonna do. Place your hands where they are, and you're gonna just bend your elbows, keeping your hips kind of loaded the ground. Come forward into a cobra. So this is your cobra. Your hips stay on the ground. You're just ever so slightly leaned forward and your elbows. Nice buyer side, and you use this to push your body up. Use your hands, take a deep breath in and exhale. Come back to that extended child night starting to flow for this, so inhale him forward to the cobra. Exhale, Inhale, Come forward, Ben X help and hell forward and exhale back. Let's push back all way your child's pose. That definitely helped me loosen up my shoulders more so go had been your knees to push back up to a downward facing dog walk, hop, flute, jump levitate Whatever works to the front of the Met, and we're going forward for that. We're gonna hang here in our forward fold for just a moment, so there's a few things you can do, and we talked about how you can pull your hair down when you're hanging here. Try to just get your upper body. It's upside down as you can feel free to bend your knees to do this. If that helps you lean forward more really. Let your neck hang. You can shake your head. You can grab your toes and yo you to walk with your pointer and middle finger wrapped around your big toe and pull down If you'd like, you can put your hands behind her Cats find whatever is comfortable for you And what we're gonna do is we're gonna do a little arching and rounding here. So wherever you are in hell, arch your back a little bit Exhale around, Inhale arch your back Exhale round inhale arch Exhale round one more inhale arch Exhale around, Go ahead and clasp your hands behind your back. You're trying to keep your palms together here and then, just like gravity. Take over as you let them fall over your head. Just stop wherever, feels comfortable for you. Deep breath in and no one more deep breath in and let it out. Inhale, Let's come up slowly rounding rid of every Britain vertebrae. I want to do that slowly when we've been hanging upside down for a little while. They don't topple over when you come back up, unless just inhale our arms up, give yourself a little bit of a back bend here and exhale prayer. Fantastic. All right, we're going to go into some of our, um, down dog variations. So let's go ahead and inhale our arms up. Exhale for eight fold, inhale flat back and exhale. We can walk back or jump back to your plank. It was pretty good. Pretty quiet. Just X held chatter. UNGA inhale upward facing dog Exhale downward facing dog And here in our downward facing dog, just really ground down into your hands Push your hips back. You can bend your knees if you need to We're gonna lift the right leg Put the left leg more towards the center of your body to give yourself some stability and we're gonna open our hips so that they're stacked right on top of the other. And you're looking underneath your right arm so you can stay here if this works for you. If you want to go a little bit deeper, you can flex your foot and bend your right leg. If you look under meet the other side. That's where trying to get it to go. You can stay here if you like, or you can what? You can do what we call flip the dog. So to do this, you look under your left arm and you watch your foot slowly come down to the ground as you flip over. Let's to stay where you are. They're comfortable. This is a great opening exercise. Take deep breaths in here and now. Deep breath in and out, and slowly and hopefully gracefully flip your dog back over. They come back to your downward facing dog. Great and drop that foot back down. Come down to child's pose, give yourself a little bit of a break, and then when you're ready, let's come back up to the downward facing dog again. So downward facing dog in this time, we're going to lift our left leg up, so wherever it goes, it's fine. Then open your hips so they stack a little bit and you're looking underneath. You will your left arm. You don't want your upper body to turn. Mostly has agreed. You just want your hips to open, so stay here if you like, or you can bend your back leg. And if this is too much for your shoulders, you could always bend your knee as well and put your knee down. If you want to flip your dog, go have look underneath the right arm, watching your right foot on your left foot come down and flip over, so inhale and exhale. Your chest is wide open here, so you should get lots of deep cleansing breaths here. And let's take another inhale and exhale. And when you're ready, go ahead and race. Really? Flip your dog back over. Come back to your three legged dog, You put your foot down and then let's come back down to child's pose. Fantastic thing. A lot of great work here today. What a good strengthening. So when you're ready, you're gonna come up to all fours and we're going to push back into our plank. Before we do that, though, we're gonna go into side plank, which is really engaging in your core. So feel free at any point to come back down to your child's pose and recoup and come back. So go ahead and push up to your plank. We're gonna put our left hand towards the middle of our Matt here as we tilt our feet over to the left coming to our side plank an option here, put your knee down. This is still extremely engaging of your core so you can stay here or, if you like, you can put your both legs straight. If you want to go on, you can always try putting your foot on your ankle or your calf or above your knee. Never under any, though. Or if you want, you can grab hold Yogi toe lock. This is one of those poses. There's just so many places to go. There's lots of different expression. You can straighten it, or this is where you would even turn and coming into your split. So feel free to go where every like and say they're deep breath in and out. One more deep breath in, and if you're in your split, you have to come back out. The trick is coming back out the way you came. Good, and let's bring your hand down the plank. Push back to child's pose. Give yourself a moment. Excellent. Deep breath in and out. Let's come back to all fours again. Push up to our plank and go to the other side so your right hand comes towards the middle. Now, as you tilt over, either with your neat down. But try opening your chest, makes your breathing wherever you are or with your feet, both legs straight or putting your foot to your ankle, calf or thigh or grabbing your foot straightening it. And if you want to slowly and controlled I'm two years. So deep breath in and out Deep breath in and out wherever you are to come back the way you came into your plank and then the child Spitaels, Great couple rejuvenating breaths here and let's inhale Come upto all force. We're just going to a little bit, of course, during thing we kind of just did the outside of the core, your sides obliques. We're going to do the front part of your course. So we did this yesterday on What we're going to do is just do it in more of ah pattern. So we're just gonna push back toward downward facing dog read Lift your right leg and they were gonna comfort to her plank. Well, bringing a rate knee toe a right elbow. Inhale back. Exhale when you're right. Need to your nose inhale back Exhale right knee toe left elbow twisting over Great inhale Back up Exhale Bring back to the right elbow Inhale up exhales here knows inhale up exhales your left elbow and this last one feel free to inhale up. Come to the outside going here leaning levitation pose if you want and inhale back. Exhale, Need knows. Inhale back. Exhale when we're time to the other side of the elbow. Leaning forward if you want, you know, back up and foot down. Child's pose. It's amazing what movements. We only move nine times, but it does so much former deep cleansing breath and we'll go ahead and push back up. I knew the same thing on the other side. We're lucky enough to have two sides to our body, so go ahead. Pushed back up the down facing dog. Lift that left leg up. Inhale. Exhale left. Need left elbow. Inhale up. Exhale. Need knows. Inhale up. Exhale. Need a nose Inhale up. Exhale. Need a right elbow. Inhale up. Exhale needed the left elbow. Do you look? No, if you like. Inhale up. Exhale. Need a nose. Inhale up. Exhale. Need a right elbow lived. If you want. Inhale up foot down. Exhale down here. Child's booze that we love so much right now and inhale and exhale. This is a really good time to notice what your body does when it's under stress, so for a lot of us. We breathe quickly and the short inhales and exhales, but will actually will actually help us instead of that are deep breaths in and deep breaths out. So we can take that any stressful point of our life, whether it's exercise or a difficult client or crazy wedding day, One more deep breath in and out, we're gonna push back to her down her facing dog. We're gonna lift a right leg. We're gonna bring it forward to the right elbow again. But this time we're gonna put our foot down and come into our pigeon pose. So pigeon is an extremely good hip stretching exercise. There's a few different ways you can come into this. You can keep your foot as close as you can to your other hip. You can put a block underneath your hip if you don't. If you can't get it to go all the way down, walk underneath her hip is gonna be hand tastic. Yeah, one of you could throw that. They're really help people at home see trying to suri in your back as much as you can. If you can get down here, you can stop school The start to move your foot up until your leg. Your shin is parallel with the front of your mat. So wherever you are, you're just gonna slowly into your hands forward. You might stop right here. You might keep going. You might come down to your forearms. You might totally extend out wherever you are. Listen to your body and find where Here your pose is deep breath in and out. And this is one of those poses always in the hips that you've mind starts to wander So take this time to really control your mind Keep it focused Concentrate on your breath Breathe into those 10th spot So think about your inhale letting in all the oxygen to the tense areas. Exhale, relaxing that muscle of oxygen comes out. We're gonna go ahead and thread the needle in this pose so over conduce we're going to take our left hand, reach it out and you're gonna reach it underneath your right hand and this may be where you stop. The idea is to get in this stretch in the shoulder here so you could stop here. Or you can keep going till your shoulder hits the floor. Relax your head down if you want to. You can take that right arm back behind you helping to open up your chest. That way, this is going to start stretching that shoulder area. It's another deep breath in and out, deep breath in and, well, the start on this thread and needle. Push yourself back up plants that back foot lift to that one leg, downward facing dog. I want to shake out that right leg a little bit. What's up there? And then come down to regular downward facing dog and left the other leg up left leg up so that we can bring it back in front to pigeon on the other side. So just fine wherever you are here, this might be it, but that block underneath. If you feel any tension here, help support you. Or if you want to go further, you just inch your foot. Your shin is paralleled friend Matt, so wherever you are and one side might be more title more loose than the other, that's okay, All right, I'll deal with that issue in your back. Deep inhale, Exhale, Fold Forever is comfortable for you. Really concentrate on your breath here, but that we inhale. Think about well name thinning. Every exhale, folding over, inhale and exhale and let's inhale are right arm out and threat through the needle underneath your left arm. Go wherever is comfortable for you getting some release in that shoulder area. Feel free to bring your left arm up and around, opening up your chest as well. Keep your neck relaxed and your head down on the ground and deep breath in and out. Loosening or hips like this is really fantastic. We're all gonna walk out of here feeling completely aligned honestly were floating. Let's go ahead and on threat or needle slowly inch your way back up. And instead of coming into her downward facing dog, what we're going to do is lean over and swing that right leg around. We're gonna come into what we call a double pigeon, so your front leg you want to bring it so is parallel to the front of your mat, and you're gonna put your right leg on top your foot on top of your knee so that both legs are parallel to the front of your math. So it's not quite like a crisscross applesauce or lotus. It is so you're making a triangle with your legs. Feel like dying since we see the triangle of your map. So in how up and exhaling forward to wherever is comfortable for you Completely different hip stretch singing. Put your forearms down. You could reach out and just relax your neck over deep breath in and L deep breath in and out. Moamer, Inhale and exhale slowly push away, back up and we're going to switch sides here, so switch your legs. Your right leg is going to come down. First, make sure that's parallel to the front of the map. Then put your left leg on top Street in your body up. Sit on your sit bones, lean forward wherever is comfortable for you and relax into the post. So deep breaths in and exhale. Think about relaxing. A lot of times we can do things, and our bodies can go further than we really think we are. If we just relaxed, um, it's another deep inhale and exhale. Relax deep breath in and out and slowly start to inch your way forward. We're going to put our feet in front of us and go into a seat, its final twist. So we're gonna take our bender right leg, bringing over in front of us. You can leave your left leg straight or bend it in. Whatever is more comfortable for you does not make a difference. Um, making me leave my now you're going to put plant your right hand as close as you can towards your spine. This is gonna help you keep your spine straight During this lift up your left hand, bring your left hand to write me and slowly start to twist We're gonna add some movement to this that arching and rounding again So go ahead and inhale Lift your left arm arch back Exhale round squeezing out all the air while you push and twist in hell Lift, arch, exhale round Squeeze out all that air in up Ex held down more, more in help up and exhale down Let's go ahead and center ourselves and switch sides You know the same thing on the other side So plant that left hand as close as you can It's your back elbow to me and twist slightly and let's inhale a right arm comes up Archer back. Exhale around it and twist as much as you can. Pushing out all that stale air. Inhale Arch up, Exhale, Round Down and twist Inhale art Exhale round down and twist one more inhale up Exhale, twist and round Let's come to the center will put both our feet out in front of us, and normally here you could go into a typical forward fold. But what we're gonna concentrate on again is our back here so you can bend your knees if you want, wherever you need to get to just to grab hold of your feet. So find where that is for you. I don't want this to be so much of a hamstring stretches. It's going to be beneficial for our backs. So grab hold the tops of your feet and inhale. Arch your back. Hold your feet towards you. Exhale round and push your feet away from you in arch. Exhale, push your feet away and round. Inhale arch, exhale hosher fiddling around one more inhale arch and exhale round, but this time grab your feet and pull yourself back as you around as much as you can. You can even, like, wiggle here a little bit it's around out parts your back. Great. Come back to center. We're going to flip our feet around and go into my absolute favorite shoulder opening post. This one. I mean, my husband did the other day. It was fantastic, really is great. So you're going to go ahead and lean forward so you can put her hands around your heels. You're gonna put your head down fairly close to your knees, maybe like a palm's distance away, and here you're gonna lift up your hips and pull on your heels. You can feel your bat, your shoulder blades really open up here, and if you want to intensify it, just lift up your hips more or pull on your heels more deep breath in and out, deep breath in and out, more, more deep, within and out. We'll slowly come up. We're gonna bring our feet in front of us. Scoot downs that your Peter at the edge you met, we're gonna come into our plow posts or your shoulder stand, if you like, and then roll down straight in to save Ospina. So we're gonna lean backwards for this one. You can plant your hands underneath you to sort of help you were going toe. Lift your feet up so you can push yourself over and hold onto your back here. Gonna pulled and support your back. You might just stop right here, and that's great. If you can go further, go ahead. Get your feet to touch. That's fine. Wherever works for you. Keep your neck straight. Do not turn a deter side. Or if you're comfortable, you can slowly start to lift your legs and your shoulder statement. My only rule when you're in shoulder sands is Can't stay here. You have to play. So move your feet left, right Anywhere. Get some movement in there. Great. Go ahead wherever you are, just roll out vertebrae. Vibert Break until you're flat on your back. Take a little tiny counter pose here, Just fight lifting up and arching your back Just a little one and then round back down. Close your eyes, Let your feet open. Poems up. Take this moment to yourself to just breathe and relax. Remember this nice, calm feeling for the rest of the day, and when you're ready, just help yourself up to see the position you can feel for you to stay in Bosnia for as long as you like, because you have about 1/2 an hour until we come back here at photo week on creative Wife. And we look forward to seeing you, then not must a

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I really really enjoyed this! I love how Vanessa was great about telling you not to push your body more then it could go and to not only breath but how to breath this is so important! I've done a lot of Yoga video and classes too and the teacher never seem to mention (at least on the video) other ways to accomplish a pose! Great job Vanessa!! Thanks Creative Live for putting this type of course on the calendar keep them coming love all that you offer!! I'm so busy in my job/life that I need to remember to stop and take care of me!

Meg Rouje

Awesome! I like doing yoga at home, whenever suits me..Vanessa explains very well and do lot of different poses and gives tips on how to avoid or heal body pain on the field..Breathing exercises are clear too.. Her lessons can really teach anyone, from beginner to advanced: she always takes care to explain each pose for beginners and she will go all the way to advanced stretch..(wonderful to watch!) I got into yoga more seriously since I've started with her, she's really a good teacher!

a Creativelive Student

Love this class! I always wanted to learn yoga but never had the time to commit to a class. This lets me do it when I have time and is great at explaining how to do all the poses! Perfect for someone that wants to learn!

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