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Lesson 4 from: Launch a Successful Podcast

Kris Gilbertson

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4. Q&A

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We just had a question coming from nostra bleach is there anything considered taboo in the podcast world? Or is it kind of anything goes, oh, it's, anything going wear truly in the like a gym attainment world? We're in what's great with the podcast is that if you do have an explicit show, I'll show you that you want to set the the parameters on it, so people know, but it is I mean, today we whatever you think up that you want to have fun with, uh, there is an audience out there for it, and so, you know, look, look at the youtube sensations who's been discovered and found just from their own unique ideas and how they crafted that. So I say if you have a passion around it and it's something that that you're, what I want you to think about is what are you going to stay passion about and how fun with and what's the the number one best idea that you can stay consistent with because this is a consistency platform, you want to make sure you stay consistent and keep moving forward with it, but...

I won't say there's anything taboo you could do stuff to set the parameter so people know what to expect, but it definitely yeah, you could have a lot of fun with that. I have another question here from lucia, and they want to know they say my goal would be to create an expert status, but I'm wondering if you can repurpose your content. For instance, do you re use your block content if you already have it, or should all of the podcast and content be completely original? Oh, I love it. Most of the top experts that I work with, a lot of the experts that you saw there and some new ones that I'll be launching here in the next couple of months, they have a volt of epic content, and this is what this is one of the best mediums to repurpose your content, because it does give you that leverage, so if you already have for and we're going to have a whole segment dedicated to this, of showing you how to repurpose and different ideas to think about. But if you really have, if you really have a block that has a ton of articles, you could now then bring that toe life and actually turn those into audio or video teachings as well. So you don't have to start all new. What I like to dio is again, I'm all about leverage take what you already have and your repurpose ng on a new platform, you were progressing in a platform where there's a brand new lis sinners but also it's a whole new medium format and people take different things when they read it versus when they listen to it or they watch it so I don't want you to reinvent the wheel I want you already take what you already have but then we'll go through how to set the podcast up for success for your theme and actually howto really purpose that into a channel so it makes sense but yeah, you could definitely just repurpose that and have a lot of fun with him I think now we do have a lot of questions coming in about equipment and technology and I know that some of the equipment stuff we are going to get into later but I just want to let you know that everybody is really excited for that as well weigh do have one here that's a little bit more in general from mr bill in the chat room and I know you're talking about about content repurpose ing so mr bill wants to know how can you tell if your idea for a podcast is already oversaturated or is that not something we should be concerned with? That's a great question so as more and more people are launching their podcast, the one thing I want you don't really think about is what makes you authentic and what makes you unique you know there are a lot of interviews shows out there right now but thing that I want you to think about is when you actually are using this in your business a lot of times, like I said, I was just that one of the biggest conferences, and one of the biggest questions is, well, how do I monetize what I've built? I'm gonna teach you how to actually think about how you're using your podcast in your business. So, for example, when I started, I had no connections, I had no list, I was just starting out in a brand new industry, so what? I knew the number one thing I wanted to do was make connections to open the door up, so I started to use connections on my interview and then turn those into joint venture strategy. So just because there may be a lot of podcasts in your niche and there's a lot, it comes down to how you're using your podcast in your business. So, really, we're going to address a lot of that, but also I want you to know we're going to do research here in a little bit as well, and I want you to find where's, your void, what's, the void that's missing in the marketplace, that's where most entrepreneurs commit quantum leaps in their business, because if you can find the void that other people haven't filled yet and you fill it that's an immediate audience in there as well. So you just have to look and find the different things that you could bring your unique personality, your character, how you think, you know, just really get clear on what your unique talents are and bring that and thrived. Bring that into your show so we'll go over more on that as well. The great questions. This is phenomenal. Now we do have some of these foundational questions coming in, and ipod again gave us a great question, asking what's the ramp up time to be expected on getting a podcast following, and with that, there were some questions asking, is there like a podcast checklist? These are the things I need to dio I have a feeling we're going to get into that over the next three days, but yes, absolutely so it will depend for for your audience on what your niches and then also how often you podcast. So the one thing that is really exciting about podcasting that's different than blogging is, the more shows you you do, the more episodes that you launched the more subscribers and downloads you will get so it's it's indirect to blogging so if we just belonged every single day it's not necessarily guaranteed that we're going to get more subscribers eso what's great about that is you can grow your following faster that way however, that may not be the most practical for your business unless that's that's your way how you wanna monetize we're going to go over that a little bit so it all comes down to your marketing plan and then also how big that boy is in the marketplace of where you're looking to be able to bring that in position your podcast for that so we'll go into a little bit more on that as well and then I was there another part to the question the breakdown oh yeah, yes step by step I have everything so actually this guide right here on the inside of the course it's the podcast blueprint this actually takes you step by step through everything on actually how to put it all together and then on the the actual blue I'm fair with the other one's called we actually have step by step on everything here for howto launch and put all the podcast together all the slides will be have all the content formulas handed as well so I don't we will hold your hand to help you launch that for sure that's great. I do want to read one last comment that sort of leads into a question I think is really interesting as we get started here. This is from tony stuck in china. So tony says he's working in a biotech medical lab, so they do a lot of seminars with doctors and their cancer patients up to one hundred at a time around the world. Should we think about doing podcast for the medical field? This lab does cancer research. What does this idea come off as a scam? Or does it not have as much legitimacy because of how important this is and how you're talking to a lot of patients here? I guess the bigger question, are there any industries that maybe podcasting is not the way to go? Anything that's off limits? Yeah, I really think it comes down to how you're going to use it and how you how you want to support your community. So you have a great community already built in there and that's, a medical field that's, a massive field of information that people have answers on. If you look at wiki leaks or wikipedia, like how many people go to research questions that they have, I think that's an inn amazing way that you could help support your community, and then also other people that have the questions that they're looking for. So if that's a way that you want to grow more awareness, a podcast is a great way to be able to use that to leverage that, or if you're looking to build more of that community. So again, if this is a strategy, what I like to say with podcasting is if if it's something that you're engaged with, that you can enjoy, but then also it's, a way that you want a market and share out there, you could grow your audience and build it that way, especially because it with content for, um, health care and that industry there's so much written text out there. But I don't see as much on the go. So I think that could be a really great way to support the community that you already have. And then also create bigger awareness on a global scale for everybody else that has questions in that marketplace.

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a Creativelive Student

This is the best $149 I've spent on my blogging/podcasting journey so far. The course was so rich, so jam-packed with information and ideas. I am on fire with ideas (couldn't get to sleep last night because so many ideas were rattling around my brain!) and truly inspired to go out there and do it. I'll be posting my podcast launch on the Facebook Group when the time comes. Thank you, Kris!

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