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The Art of the Interview

Tania Ketenjian

The Art of the Interview

Tania Ketenjian

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Class Description

Doing an interview is much more than just asking a bunch of questions and listening to the answers. A great interviewer puts in hours of preparation and research to learn as much as they can about the interviewee. They know how to ask the right follow-up questions to keep the conversation going, and they know when to dive deeper into the most promising aspects of a story.

Journalist, documentarian, and sound artist Tania Ketenjian will help you discover, analyze, and be deeply inspired by the art of the interview. She’ll go over each step of the process, from pre-interview prep to conducting the interview to editing the finished product. By the end, you’ll get over your fears and be able to walk into any interview with poise and confidence.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Choose the right interviewees and book them.
  • Conduct research and prepare a solid list of questions.
  • Structure your interview but be open to digressions.
  • Listen effectively and ask the right follow-up questions.
  • Be flexible enough to allow for serendipitous magic.
  • Get your interview back on track when it goes wrong.
  • Edit your interview so it’s coherent, engaging, and fluid.

Ratings and Reviews

Ashley Pettit

I've just started a podcast - Beyond the mountains podcast. I am really enjoying the process. This is a great class for anyone who wants to become a better interviewer. I am 6 episodes in and I am learning that the magic starts about 15mins into the interview. Now I am trying to be an active listener and just have the courage to go off script and see where the conversation goes. This is a good class for any podcasters and interviewers.


What a great class! The instructor is wonderful to listen to and her samples of interviews are excellent. Definitely recommended.

Margaret Lovell

I loved Tania's passion. I was curious to take a class about the Art of the Interview. I'm glad this class exists. This course is the perfect companion to my copy of Lawrence Grobel's The Art of the Interview.

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