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Lesson 19 from: Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Salim Holder

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19. SEM

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keywords are the foundation for a sound search engine marketing and search engine optimization strategy. In this chapter, we will review how we use keywords to create a more effective SCM also known as pay per click or PPC campaign to drive traffic to the website. For ECM we pay to show our ads when certain keywords are searched on a particular search engine. Let's discuss how this process works and what to look for if considering to hire someone to complete the ads for you. So let's just do a brief overview of google pay per click ads and how it works. Number one, there's a bidding process, a bidding process where you can choose how much you are willing to pay for someone to click or view a particular term. There's a bidding process which would be cost per click or CPC, cost per impression or CPM. Those would be two different ways that you can choose to pay for when somebody sees or clicks on your ad. Google ads are purchased and space is awarded through a bidding process. Companies w...

ill identify how much they're willing to spend for a particular ad to be shown. There are two absence for setting your bit. You can pay only for people who click on your ad. This would be relevant if your objective is driving consideration or conversion. This is measured by a cost per click or CPC. You can also pay for the people to see your ad or based on impressions impressions are the number of times your ad was in a position to be viewed. This is measured by cost per 1000 impressions or CPM quality score is another metric that's used to determine where your placement is for your bids. Many times we oversimplify the ad process and just state if you pay more your ad will show however google is a business and they want to make sure that the ads that are showing and being clicked on are most relevant to their audience as a result, in addition to bid price quality score is a metric used by google and others to award ad space. Now we don't know all of the factors that impact quality score. However, we do understand a few which are relevance of the add to the keyword that was typed the historical performance of previous ads from that particular company for that particular term landing page relevance and on site behavior. In other words, what is the bounce rate, click through rate amount of time they spend on a particular page. Now there are a number of different formats that you can select from when purchasing ads on a platform like google, the search engine. Marketing ads are the search ads or text ads that you see on google display ads. Our ads that are shown across the google display network or banner acts shopping ads are ads shown on the side of google or even sometimes at the top. These are ads for products that are looking to make a sale and then finally video ads are ads to be shown on google's Youtube network. While platforms like Fiverr have amazing courses that you can take to learn how to create your own PPC ads, some of you still may wish to hire an expert. So here are some tips to consider when hiring a freelancer or an agency partner. Number one, are they Google certified. Nearly 80% of searches are done on Google so it makes sense to start your search engine marketing campaign with Google. The google ad interface is powerful and it offers a number of different tools and tactics hiring someone certified to use a tool simply means they have a strong foundation that can help you get the most out of the tool with less money wasted case studies and previous experience. Have they done this before? Can they show examples of their work asked them to understand the challenge that they had to overcome. What did they do? Keyword research, ad targeting ad creation and what was the outcome. Just knowing they know how to use the tool is only half the battle you want results so request that those you hire can prove that they have achieved similar results in the past. Second, how will you track results? You want to ensure your add account is connected to your google analytics account so you're able to read results for yourself. Also you want to ensure the proper conversions are being tracked on your website. It's important to know which ads and campaigns are most effective in driving not only traffic, but the other actions you deem important on your site, such as product views, sales subscription sign ups among others. This can be done within the google ads tool and with the help of a developer who can add the proper code based on the conversion selected to your site and less than an hour, your freelancer and or agency partner should also have some familiarity with this third. You're gonna want to focus on ownership of the google ad account, ensure that you retain ownership of the add account in the event that the relationship ends or that you would like to make a specific change yourself. You are not going to want to wait to be granted access to your own stuff. So it's best to set up your own account and grant your freelancer and or agency access. Finally, how much should you pay agency or freelancer rates and fee structures can vary widely, but I'd recommend considering whether a flat fee or variable approach would make the most sense for you. Generally speaking, freelancers or agencies will charge 10- Of the total amount of their client will spend on advertising. For example, you spend $1,000, they might charge you $200 for the work. If you're spending a significant amount of flat fee, maybe a better path as 20% of $1 million dollars is a lot to spend for just labor for creating the ads. Freelancers naturally will be less expensive than agencies as they have much less overhead and expenses to cover. So consider what is best for you. And your budget paid. Search is a great tool for local businesses, restaurants, hotels, salons. It's good for new products and those where consumers are doing a lot of pre purchase research, clothes, cars, healthcare or even technology.

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