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Dave Morin - Recap

Lesson 21 from: The Photographer's Guide to Resiliency

Alex Strohl

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Lesson Info

21. Dave Morin - Recap

Lesson Info

Dave Morin - Recap

Well, that was Dave Morin for you guys. I've learned a lot during the call, especially in how to look for solutions. There are problems, and what are these problems bringing? And how we can look at the world in a way that our ideas, whatever that is, can bring solutions to people? What are they gonna be needing? So if you start looking at what consumers are gonna be wanting to buy, for examples, then you know after COVID what brands are gonna be trying to sell. And if you know what they're trying to sell, if you have a good guess on what they're gonna be trying to sell, then you can go and approach the right ones to make content for them, as simple as that. So just having a good pulse on that has been powerful from Dave. In pitching, Dave is adamant on the context, and I agree with that. So what's the relationship you have with the person? How does that play into what you're trying to pitch? And if you don't have... If it's a cold outreach of... Obviously, I've said that many times, bu...

t try to get an intro, right? So how you can get an intro just requires you reaching out to your contacts who might know this person and then using LinkedIn or Twitter. A lot of good stuff on negotiation. Just the fact that we sometimes get really discount negotiated by brands. And even oftentimes, we can be asked to do something for free. So the best response to that that Dave provided, I think is good is, if they don't wanna pay cash, maybe you can get some shares. And this is gonna be tricky with some companies who don't have a structure to give you ownership or you're doing something that's too small. And they're not gonna be bothered to go through all these processes to give you some stock. But just keeping that in the back of our minds, how we can be more owners of more companies. I think that if I had done that with even half the people I've worked with, I'd be in a very different place. I'd own a lot of parts of stock in a lot of companies, and that would be pretty key right now. So just a really good way to see it is that, how can we become owners of these companies versus just shooting one project or two for them? And then on the mindset, Dave shared two things. First is to focus on activities that build resilience. So what can we do that pushes us to be stronger? So that could be meditation, or that could be harder exercise. Whatever practice we can think about that are gonna be hard to do but that lead us to coming out stronger after these activities is something that we should all be doing. And then second is to take care of our body with... And I love food. So I can really relate to what Dave's saying, is feeding us well and trying to get good sleep and then doing either meditation, yoga, going to walk in the forest, just doing the self-care because when you can take care of yourself first, then you can take care of others. I think that was really powerful. And then lastly, he got me thinking on revenue streams beyond setting prints, which is a good one, but what other things can we build? I was lucky enough to build the workshops a few years ago out of nothing. And I'm still always looking for new things that I can build that can solve problems for people. So just us keeping that in the back of our mind. What kind of problems are we seeing? Do we think there's enough people who need that problem solved? What can we do to solve this problem? Who can we team up with? Doing that will lead to really cool opportunities 'cause we'll be open to these solutions we can bring. We'll be open to the problems people face. And by being open, I think we'll bring really good things our way. So that was the interview of Dave Morin. Thanks for listening.

Ratings and Reviews

Anabella Borges

Perfect Timing They say things come at the right time and this workshop definitely did. Being a photographer is the greatest gift I could thank for, showing though my eye how I see existence is a blessing; but being successful from it is very tough! It has been a ride for me, and this workshop clarified so many things. The tools that are being shared are worth it all. Listening to these interviews made me feel not alone, hearing them speak about reinventing ourselves and trusting our creativity was inspirational. Specially the similarity of all about not giving up and staying authentic. Thank you Alex, you created a master piece of knowledge. Anabella.


What a wonderful resource! I really wanted to give Alex a HUGE thank you! This has been such a great resource as an aspiring Photographer. I feel way more confident and knowledgable about reaching out to clients. I still have some of my own homework to do but I feel like I am well equipped to tackle these challenges and to keep moving forward. Such a generous and honest resource. Can't thank you enough! And thanks to all who interviewed and shared their experiences.

Niklaus Morin

Timely Generosity Many thanks to Alex and friends who made this workshop happen! Very helpful, timely insights and reminders that building respectful relationships, trust, and community are values upon which to build personal, professional and cultural fulfillment and success. The conversational details within the interviews are fantastic. And the common threads throughout make me hopeful. Thanks again to all!

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