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Chase Jarvis - Recap

Lesson 9 from: The Photographer's Guide to Resiliency

Alex Strohl

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9. Chase Jarvis - Recap

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Lesson Info

Chase Jarvis - Recap

So that was Mr. Chase Jarvis. What a guy. His interview is gold. I mean, hearing from somebody who's built such a empire in photography and has moved on to build something completely different is something that we can't get enough of. I mean, something I don't wanna get used to it was very eye opening. So I just want to take a few minutes to recap what we talked, you know, because an hour long conversation. So according to Chase, and I agree with a lot of the points, how could I not, anyways he's such a legend that, I wanna recap what the takeaways are from our calls. So, first one is to think beyond what you've been doing as a creator. If you've been doing music or photography for the past three years is it still reflecting what you wanna be doing or not? And if it is great, is there other things you can add like new hobbies that can sort of infuse into your work, right? Let's say you like filmmaking and you like the west and making films about the west. You know, what, if you picked ...

up, I don't know horseback riding, for example, just to expand your horizons just because by doing this new activity it's gonna infuse a lot of new ideas into your creations. Second to start doing and start small. And that's something that we can't say enough is that it's nice to think about, you know, a a career in photography, you know going real pro and building a studio but are we taking the steps to make that happen? Are we just happy and in love with the idea? And we'd rather just think about it. Let's just be real with ourselves. If we wanna be doing that then let's continue doing little things every day the hard things every day. And if we wanna experiment, instead of just dreaming just do something small. You wanna become, I mean, I really like carpentry, right? I like the idea of building things with my hands. I'm terrible at it but I tried to build a little storage rack in my garage for my skis and it worked out. So I just learned that about myself. Like I can do it okay, at least. Did I enjoy making it? Yeah, I did. So there's that, I've learned that about myself. If I just was still thinking about that I wouldn't be any further along, so, start and start small. Number three from Chase, narrowing down our client list into two buckets. First bucket is like, it's gonna make, you know the client is gonna make it and they're going to need my services in the near future. They have the means to survive this crisis. They will be here. And second bucket is not gonna make it. So if this client is not gonna make it I gotta have a conversation and tell them what Chase did is telling these clients like, Hey, you know that things, you know, are bad. I wanna make sure that, you know, we're here to help. If we have to be efficient in current production costs, shoot everything at once. We can definitely do that. If we wanna get more scrappy in the way we produce things you know, use easier sets go less far away. Let's do that as well. So I think that's really valuable. And to the big boys to the big clients, Chase in the, in the first bucket Chase went and told them, Hey, I'm here forever. You know, you know where to find me. Let's make some more things happen whenever you're ready but I'm here to stay. Number four, use this time to bank on and invest on what differentiates you and what differentiates you usually is something that you're very fond of that you like. So for example, I like going out in places, right? And I really take a lot of pride in finding places that are kind of off the radar, for example. So I'm gonna invest in that this year to bring more ways to go to these places and new places. And I'm gonna invest in that to differentiate myself even more. So, whatever it is that differentiates you, just invest in that. If you've been making YouTube videos or blogs, just double down on that and invest in the things that make you unique and special. And finally, Chase had a very good point, I just asked them what's gonna be his takeaway. And he kind of turned the tables around and it's a good point. You know, let's ask ourselves what's the takeaway gonna be, the biggest takeaway from all this? What is that gonna be? And let's make it precise. Let's not just make it vague. Like, you know, I want go harder. It's more what's precisely what I'm gonna take away from this. I'm gonna write it down, internalize it. So for when the next is just write it down have an journal and internalize it, just so we're ready for when things get better. And we know what's that takeaway is and how that takeaways can stay with us for all our lives.

Ratings and Reviews

Anabella Borges

Perfect Timing They say things come at the right time and this workshop definitely did. Being a photographer is the greatest gift I could thank for, showing though my eye how I see existence is a blessing; but being successful from it is very tough! It has been a ride for me, and this workshop clarified so many things. The tools that are being shared are worth it all. Listening to these interviews made me feel not alone, hearing them speak about reinventing ourselves and trusting our creativity was inspirational. Specially the similarity of all about not giving up and staying authentic. Thank you Alex, you created a master piece of knowledge. Anabella.


What a wonderful resource! I really wanted to give Alex a HUGE thank you! This has been such a great resource as an aspiring Photographer. I feel way more confident and knowledgable about reaching out to clients. I still have some of my own homework to do but I feel like I am well equipped to tackle these challenges and to keep moving forward. Such a generous and honest resource. Can't thank you enough! And thanks to all who interviewed and shared their experiences.

Niklaus Morin

Timely Generosity Many thanks to Alex and friends who made this workshop happen! Very helpful, timely insights and reminders that building respectful relationships, trust, and community are values upon which to build personal, professional and cultural fulfillment and success. The conversational details within the interviews are fantastic. And the common threads throughout make me hopeful. Thanks again to all!

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