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Robyn Crane

Robyn Crane is the money and relationship coach, and she's on a mission to keep money from ruining marriages and wrecking lives in the process. Using her tried-and-true 4-key process for creating a richer relationship, Crane helps couples get on the same page and off each other's backs. From years of experience as a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner, Robyn merged both the Strategy and Psychology of money to create Money Parenting™ and the KYM GYM System™ (Know Your Money to Grow Your Money). As Robyn shared these principles with audiences and clients, her reputation for keeping couples together grew and she became known for helping people build a richer relationship with their money and their honey. On the heels of her popular Money Parenting™ seminar, which teaches parents to set their children up for financial success, more and more couples started seeking help from Robyn to raise financially responsible kids and find financial harmony in their marriages. She helped them change the way they relate to, consider, talk about, and use their money. Crane has been teaching her proven tools in a range of workshops and programs to rave reviews, giving people clarity on their biggest money issues and strategies on how to build wealth. Robyn has delivered popular talks at Coldwell Banker, Deloitte and Touche, and at women’s leadership conferences and other local organizations throughout the Tri-State Area, helping other organizations and individuals overhaul their money habits—and change their lives in the process. Robyn is currently at work on her first book, The Money Ménage à Trois, about the hidden third party in every romantic relationship and how to prevent it from driving a wedge between you and your mate. She lives in Northern New Jersey with her husband, Trevor Crane and daughter, Phoenix Rose. Connect with Robyn Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube