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Meagan Lewis

Meagan Lewis is a professional artist specializing in stamp carving. She studied art at Weber State University, Utah, where she became excited by the versatility of printmaking. In 2008, her company Brown Pigeon hatched from an idea to print stationery with her hand-carved stamps. Soon after starting the company, Lewis began taking custom orders for stamps and it wasn’t long before she gained recognition for her complex carvings that were being commissioned by people all over the world. Meagan currently has her own line of over 40 stamp designs which can be found in a handful of local San Francisco stores and in her Etsy shop. Her book Put Your Stamp On It was published by Chronicle Books in May 2013 and features 20 projects with step-by-step instructions for hand-stamped gift wrap, tea towels, totes, aprons, and even hair accessories. Meagan loves stamps and enjoys sharing her passion and knowledge with others. Connect with Meagan online: Website | Facebook | Etsy | Instagram | Pinterest