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Erik  Rogne & Eric Campbell

Erik Rogne & Eric Campbell

7-figure Amazon sellers, Erik Rogne & Eric Campbell are Amazon FBA experts and the brilliant minds behind ImportPanda. Together they have managed to create over 100 incredible products from scratch, starting with less than $300. Erik Rogne carries over 14 years of in-depth experience with manufacturers worldwide. He knows the quickest way to get his students from beginner to a $100,000 per-year Amazon FBA business. He champions ImportPanda’s Amazon consulting arm where he drives the incubation of exciting new products, taking basic concepts and preparing them to be brought to life for highly successful sellers all over the globe. A self-described ‘systems thinker’, Erik has an impressive background in engineering and product management, having worked for a wide range of businesses from tiny startups to corporate conglomerates. His ingenious Amazon FBA system was originally created for himself but he is now finally sharing his wealth of knowledge and secret to success with the world. Eric Campbell has taught over 100,000 students in his renowned online courses. His extraordinary level of accomplishment in online teaching over the past 7 years has led him to head up ImportPanda’s outstanding e-learning program. Initially describing the company as an ‘experimental playground’, it has far surpassed expectations, generating a contact list of thousands of eager-to-learn people from around the world. With his foundational belief in learning from practical experience and his fascinating background in entrepreneurship, e-commerce and supply chain management, Eric brings a diverse range of highly sought-after expertise to Fiverr Learn. | shortsummary:7-figure Amazon sellers and Amazon FBA experts. They’ve created 100+ products from scratch, starting with less than $300. 14+ years of experience with 100,000+ online students. They know the quickest way to get students from beginner to a $100,000 per-year Amazon FBA business.