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Dave Ursillo

Dave Ursillo is a writer, 12-time author, teacher of yoga and self-expression, and story guide whose whole world revolves around creating containers for healing and transformation through the art of self-knowledge. Across his writings, in-person experiences and online programs, Dave helps creative self-starters and “everyday” yogis harness a range of creative tools and personal practices for evoking their voices, communing with heart-focused desires, and cultivating selfhood.

He believes that becoming more of your whole true self is the essential ingredient for living an experiential, artful and beautiful life.

Over a decade ago. Ursillo was a political insider on a fast-tracked career path in the world of public service, writing policy reports at the White House Council of Environmental Quality in 2008 and helping run a Rhode Island state officeholder’s gubernatorial campaign in 2009. He dreamed of becoming a presidential speechwriter one day and seeing his words recorded in history books.

But after falling completely disillusioned to the world of politics - and an increasingly discontent, partisan, gridlocked system - he quit his career path and committed to living his leadership instead. He leaned on his long love of writing to guide his mission of service and giving to the world.

Since 2009, Dave has built a reputable platform as a creative and teacher who lives by example and creates experiences that usher his readers and students into experiential self-reflection. He has published over 500 articles at his online home, and self-published 6 books since 2011 (while also being published in 6 more). His work as a teacher of writing, creative self-expression, storytelling and yoga has led him to work with over 3,000 students from 30 countries. He has held workshops and retreats on four continents, and has been featured on CBS News Sunday Morning, Psychology Today, INC, Forbes and Chicken Soup for the Soul, among dozens of others.

Outside of his work, Dave is a blue-eyed Renaissance Man who keeps a garden on his apartment balcony, is secretly obsessed with the Broadway musical, Les Miserables, and in spite of being born and raised in the smallest state in America, has traveled to 23 countries since 2013.

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