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Bonus Vocal Exercises

Lesson 49 from: Voice-Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

Keith Harris

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49. Bonus Vocal Exercises

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Bonus Vocal Exercises

vocal warm ups are good for anyone who uses their voice a lot. Just like with any kind of exercise, it's good to warm up the muscles in order to avoid strain or injury and the vocal cords are just the same. So I wanted to add a few more vocal exercises here to help get you going. Let's start with a breathing exercise. Sometimes we'll have impossibly long sentences to speak in our clients scripts and while we can take a breath when we need it. Also helps to learn how to regulate our breath for longer sections. And this exercise helps a lot. This exercise is called square breathing. What we're going to do is breathe in for a certain count and hiss out for that same amount. Let's start with the number five. We'll start by breathing in And then we'll hiss out for five. Let's go to eight. Nice work. Now let's do one more, going to the count of tan and you can use as many numbers as you want. I encourage you to move up to higher numbers and then go back and try the lower numbers and see how ...

much easier they are after doing this a few times after that we can take the same exercise and add a bubble or a tongue trill like this or I like bubbling because you can't do it if there is tension in your neck or throat bubbling and tongue trilling is not easy for everyone but try it and you might surprise yourself. Let's try one together, we'll do it to the number five. That gives you an idea and so on. Next, we're going to add a bit more tone to that by saying, oh kind of like singing along pitch, but over time we'll learn to stretch it out and extend our air. Let's try one together, You just take in a big breath and sing, oh, oh this doesn't have to be done super long or definitely not very loud. It just kind of helps get the voice going. The last exercise is designed to find the most relaxed phone ation of the voice and it's called the vocal fry. It sounds like this, it's kind of funny right now. The danger here is that we do not want to grind on the voice. This is a very gentle exercise but can be very healthy for the voice and also a very useful sound to have in your tool bag when doing reads. Let's try one together. Ah Nice work. In the next lesson, we're going to discuss a few more motivational ideas and when to take a break from the studio

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