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Recording When Sick

Lesson 44 from: Voice-Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

Keith Harris

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44. Recording When Sick

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Recording When Sick

it happens to everyone right eventually you come down with a cold or a sinus infection and it makes the voice feel a bit funny. Can you? Or even should you still record the answer is yes and no. Let's look at this topic in more detail. No one likes being sick and when we have an office job, we might not even think twice about working with a cold in the world of voiceover. However, there are a few questions we should ask ourselves before turning on the mic. How ill are you meaning do you sound like a different person? Does your throat hurt? How bad we don't want to abuse the voice? Is your voice solo or so compromised that you could never match it when healthy. This is important since clients asked for edits even months later. So it's good to note. Are you so sick that if a client asks for a pick up line, say two months later that you could not come close to matching it. If yes, you might need to take a couple of days off. But to answer the question for me yes. I often record sick if I ...

think I can do a successful punch in at a later date and record a good enough product that my clients and especially my regular clients are still pleased with my work then yes, I still record when we are sick. What are some dues and don't of vocal health? Never, ever, ever cough as much as possible. Anyway. I know sometimes we cannot avoid it, but to the vocal cords, coughing creates the same response as clapping your hands and this slapping effect can be very damaging to the voice. So what should we try to do instead, ideally when you need to cough, see if you can cough deeper. Huh? By drinking air up from the chest rather than slapping the vocal chords together. This will still clear the junk and help preserve the voice the other big No, no more important than coughing never grind on the voice. Have you ever noticed after you cough or grind on the voice that your speaking voices suddenly lower? This lowering happens because the voice became irritated and inflamed and over time keeping the voice in this condition can cause long term problems. Another good way to clear the voice from gunk is to hum. A gentle hum is not only good for the voice, but if you are patient, it gently clears the junk to the sides and since humming is also a good warm up, you get to great responses from one vocal exercise. You do not even need to sing or make a defined pitch, just hum like this. Hmm. Of course T steam or even medications can help when sick, but once again, often water and rest will be your best friends when getting over a sickness. When should we see an E. N. T. Or doctor here are a few signs to pay attention to your sickness won't go away. There is a rapid change in your voice or pitch is hard to control ongoing hoarseness or the voices tired each day and or not recovering after a night of sleep or something is just wrong. You might not even be able to name it, but you can feel it or hear it. If something does not feel right in your voice, go to an E. N. T. And have it looked at your doctor will be able to help you with something major like bronchitis through smaller issues like acid reflux, which can irritate the voice or allergies. None of these are a reason you can't do voice over or even need to stop using your voice. But as a vocal professional, you'll have a much more enjoyable career in voiceover if you pay attention to these items and take special care of your voice. In the next lesson, we're going to talk about staying motivated when we're self employed

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