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Gig Photo and the Fiverr Forum

Lesson 41 from: Voice-Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

Keith Harris

Gig Photo and the Fiverr Forum

Lesson 41 from: Voice-Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

Keith Harris

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41. Gig Photo and the Fiverr Forum


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Gig Photo and the Fiverr Forum

Thanks again for staying with me this far. We've accomplished a lot together and by now maybe you've even recorded your first job on Fiverr One of the top questions I am asked by doers when setting up a gig is if they should use a personal photo or headshot or if they should use a logo. Having a logo for your business which might basically be your name written out in an artistic way is a great tool to support your business. But the stats are very clear that people are more comfortable ordering from a person they can see rather than a logo and here's why most of the business you do in voiceover will be done electronically meaning you'll only talk over email for a lot of service oriented businesses. This can seem like a large gap or even disconnect from the client in order to make the client feel more comfortable and know they are working with a live person. Order rates for voice over are actually higher. For those who use a headshot people like seeing who they are working with rejection...

s to this idea often include typecasting. Typecasting is when a potential client sees your picture and assumes what your voice will sound like truly voiceover actors are type casted much less than they fear. If you have a friendly welcoming photo, potential clients will click on your demo and listen to your voice. The demo closes the deal as we've already discussed but the photo will help them click through to your gig. Do you need a professional photo? No, not necessarily. If you already work in a field that requires a professional headshot, that is great, you might want to use that one. If not you can take your own photo as digital cameras offer such high quality today but do a special photo session just for your gig. I recommend against cropping a picture of you at the last family picnic for example and this of course is not social media. Fiverr is a business platform, so while we want a friendly smile, make sure your photo shows that you're also serious about offering a great quality product. Along with that, I recommend using your name as much as possible as your user name. The reason again is similar to why we use a photo, people are much more comfortable doing business with keith H voice than they are doing business with voice xK 1 27 or any other made up name, you can use your business name but again a potential buyer contacts you when they feel more comfortable with saying hi keith than using other user or business names. These tips might seem small, but with so much competition out there, you want to utilize anything that will give you the slight advantage over other voiceover artists. Lastly I highly recommend the five or four um if you haven't checked out the five or four um yet you can find it under the community tab being self employed and working from home can have us feeling well alone and losing perspective on different issues we're having or even frustrations with particular projects. I have found the forum is a great place to connect with people, get questions answered, stay updated on Fiverr news and developments and most importantly, to never feel alone, even if you only spend five minutes a day in the five or four, um, it'll help you stay connected to the do our world and can make a big difference in your day and the more time you spend there, the more badges you get for participating. Yes, fiber gives you rewards for participating in the forum. Pretty cool. Right in the next lesson, we're going to discuss vocal health to help ensure your voice over. Business lasts for many years to come.

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