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Lesson 22 from: Voice-Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

Keith Harris

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22. Preamps


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as discussed in the previous lesson, if you decide to use an XLR type mike, which is the mic that requires a three pronged cord, then you will need a pre amp to connect that mike to your computer. A pre amp basically translates your voice into the sound wave. You'll see on your computer which allows you to edit and save the file for final delivery, the pre apple plug into your computer via a USB cable. Why do we use this rather than just getting a USB mic because the sound quality improves and we're able to deliver an even better product to our clients just like with mix. There are a number of options and pre amps and we'll go over a few in this lesson if you're just getting started and need a solid but inexpensive pre amp the focus right? Scarlett two I two is a great little unit and costs $160. Focus Right? Also offers a bundled unit including their mic pre amp and headphones for $270 which is a great starter kit, A simple option to consider might be the Sure X to you, which offers a...

very compact interface for XLR applications. This unit sells for $100 kind of like with the mix voiceover does not require super expensive equipment to record a really high voice over product at least compared to music studios Anyway. Now moving into the professional level audio, there are generally three pre amps that are very popular among voiceover artists. The apogee duet Grace by design M 101 and the baby faced by our Emmy. All three products are around $700 and offer premium sound very clean with no extra unwanted noise in your audio. They are also solid state units and compact, making them very travel friendly. I personally use the baby faced by our Emmy and it goes great with either my Sennheiser 4 16 or my Newman T. LM 10 to 1 final popular option if you are building a home studio and want really pristine audio Is the Avalon M5. It's a $1700 unit and is not travel friendly. It does offer a great warm sound and is widely used by professionals who build high end studios in their homes. That's about all you need to know to get going with an XLR setup. All of these systems are rather easy to use and can be set up for a plug and play if you're like me and simply want to work but are not an engineer. And they offer some really great sound options for building your home studio in the next lesson. We will finish the audio checklist and make sure you have the software you need to get started

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