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Dodge Maps

Lesson 18 from: Voice-Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

Keith Harris

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18. Dodge Maps

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Dodge Maps

the dodge maps. Project shows why it's so great to have your own home studio, professional studios in new york city Chicago, L. A. And so on. Still have talent in to record projects. I do some of these projects and it's a really great experience. The majority of my work however, is recorded in my home studio and this project is a perfect example of why a home studio is so important. I had just finished up recording projects for the morning and was getting ready to leave the studio when my phone rang it was dodge maps on the phone. We want to hire you for our promo video and can we record this right now? Right now? Yes, like right this second, sorry, we're in kind of a rush and got behind on this project. So this is something actually you should expect the voice over is almost always the last item a company adds to a project first they will create the concept, then the video, then pick the music, then create the script. So the last person invited into a project will be the voice talent ...

as such. You're going to find it's quite common for a company to be in a hurry. They are either really excited to finish the project or because you are last, they are of course already really behind schedule. Long before you were contacted. This doesn't mean you have to work on an emergency basis, but just know that your client might be looking to move forward with some urgency back to dodge maps as it happens. I have a home studio and was still in my office. So I said, great, let's record this right now. They didn't have to book a studio or make time with me. I could offer immediate service because I have my own studio. So I put the headset in my phone and put one of the earbuds in my ear so I could hear the client's feedback And then I put my recording headphones on over that so I could monitor my recording and within less than 15 minutes the project was done and the client had their audio. This was a pretty straightforward read the intended audiences for workers in the construction field. So while they wanted something friendly, more so down to earth and businesslike. So something along the lines of guy next door with a corporate or business like approach but maybe not serious or sad. I started with a guy next door read which they liked and then they asked me to tone it down a bit friendly but less excited. So for example, I wasn't telling my neighbor about my new car with all its great features. I was sharing a powerful tool for business workers once again, right, tell it, don't sell it. And this was the final product starting today, wherever you stand, it'll be much easier to find construction work nearby. Construction nearby is the great new tool from dodge maps, you can instantly find the closest projects happening from wherever you stand. So if you happen to be standing right here, you'll see there's plenty of construction nearby. Then you simply click on any job dot and you'll know where the job is, when, how big and what type of jobs are bidding. And if you find something that really interests you, you can take action, unlock dodge data and you'll know the exact name and location of the job, whether it's public or privately funded and even the owner's contact information, all the important details to get you in on the right projects that can improve your profits, download construction nearby today and you'll always know that wherever you stand in life there's construction nearby. Great new app from dodge maps, Having a home office does not mean you have to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In fact, I highly recommend you don't be on call all of the time, but it does offer a great opportunity to offer a service that you won't have. If you only work in local professional studios clients will be very appreciative of your time, especially when you're helping them out in a pinch.

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