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Education in Mauritius

Lesson 16 from: Voice-Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

Keith Harris

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16. Education in Mauritius


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Education in Mauritius

in this lesson. We're going to discuss how this project was created, question what are you doing here? Yes, you innovation technology education more rhesus, pretty fun and product, right, But here was the tricky part. I did not get to see the video before recording the script. I only had the script and some direction from the client. Let's take a look at what I received upfront. Initially the client asked for an upbeat read. So in my five characters, I picked a friendly version of guy next door, something that might sound like a student on campus or someone actually taking their classes. The client was very happy and said, this is a wonderful recording but we're heading in a totally different direction. This is going to be a much more aggressive commercial up the energy, well, not wanting to oversell or fake the content. I went to good energy like a student on campus who was really excited about his class load. Once again the client was pleased but said, can we give it one more try, go...

over the top aggressive, super high energy in your face. A totally new educational concept in marketing. So I went to high energy, gave it a lot of attitude and this is the final product question, what are you doing here? Yes, you innovation technology education more rhesus. There's a new trend in Mauritius. New education is not difficult. New education isn't classrooms, it's everywhere. Old education is pressure, new education is convenient, old education is about tuition, working hard, no sleep and stress new education is about learning and happiness, socializing, free time inconvenience. This is not about education. This is a video about us. We and you, us we transfer old education to us. I am D C. Leno's guidance, visit us on www dot guidance dot d c llanos dot com. Understanding what the client is looking for can take some adjustment, especially if the entire conversation is over. Email. Always take feedback with a welcoming approach, meaning when the client offers feedback on your read never take it as a criticism. Always use their feedback as an opportunity to collaborate with your client. This will keep them returning and you growing and improving.

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