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Lesson 1 from: Voice-Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

Keith Harris

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1. Introduction

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Welcome to the world of Voice Over




What Is Voice Over?


Myth Busting


Where is all the money?


Quiz: What Is Voice Over

The Voice Over Performance


A Conversation With One Person


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Hello Doers thank you for signing up for voice over for real people. I have really enjoyed putting this class together and as such, I want to give you some quick instructions before we get into the course itself first and most importantly take this course in order if you bounce around to different video topics that you think sound the most exciting or might be a good fast track for you. You'll end up leaving out some very important skills needed to become a strong voice over talent as well if you skip a lesson, some of the later lessons might be much harder or not even make sense at all. As this course is designed to build on itself and help your skills step by step. All of the scripts and practice materials can be downloaded in the next section. It is not necessary to stop and practice after every lesson. You certainly can make a special practice session out of each lesson, but more importantly is to practice regularly. Set some time aside each day to work on the skills from this prog...

ram. Reading out loud is not always as easy as it sounds, but with regular practice, Reading out loud will eventually become second nature. Building a voiceover business is not a race, there is more voiceover work available than there are good talent. So if you're looking to work from home and develop a strong voice over business, you are in the right place and the best way to start this process is by staying regular. Don't take this entire course all in one day, but do decide how much time you'll dedicate to your training each week and as the weeks add up, you'll feel very accomplished in seeing your progress in closing. I want to remind you this is voice over for real people. Real people have real life experiences. Real people have a wide variety of skills, jobs, families and all of that is very valuable life experience when it comes to voice over. So you are already well on your way. So let's get started in. Less than one. I'll discuss in more detail why real people are wanted for voice over.

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Joe Wiese

Keith Harris is an amazing teacher. His coarse is timeless. Thank you Keith. Please come up with another coarse.

Matthew Longmire

Sabrina Lungen

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