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What's In Your Toolkit?

Lesson 7 from: Visual Notetaking: A Beginner's Guide to Sketchnotes

Giselle Chow

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Lesson Info

7. What's In Your Toolkit?

Lesson Info

What's In Your Toolkit?

I want to show you my kit and what I bring around with me typically have on various jobs this looks a little bit different than what the folks here in the audience today have at their tables you actually just have smaller versions of what I have here these air just bigger, thicker markers so just want to give you a sense of, uh, some of the brands I like some of the tools I like and I hope it's useful for you, so I carry all of my stuff in this aren't been there really inexpensive about fifteen dollars or so um it's useful because when you open it, it's got this top area for, um smaller pens, a pencil, knives for cutting paper it also closes and then it's got this trade that lifts out in the middle, so I'm just going to show you briefly of some of the things I like to use as far as, uh brands go I I I used primarily to different kinds of markers one is this marker which is actually made by the grove where I work ah, they're called charters markers I use all water based so no all water ...

based markers because I tend to be someone you could already see like I draw myself a lot so also it's nontoxic so water based markers they're also chisel tip markers as well so you'll see that it's got this chisel you can actually make lots of different kinds of lines with the chisel tip marker it's a little bit um there are a few more options than with a round tip okay also I really like the thickness of the chisel right so you can actually and for people who are here in the studio today you can see the way I wrote your names see the way that there's just like they're very angular they're very alive so it's because the chisel bit thicker so they're these markers they come in various colors you know seven or eight seventy eight colors so these air the charters markers that I always use I would say, um the advantage of this marker is the chisel tip perhaps one of the disadvantages is that it is not refillable so refillable markers are these? So these are markers uh there nyland markers it's a german company they come in various sizes. This is the bigger one obviously that I use for titles to dio highlighting it's really useful if you're working a large scale these are the smaller ones that are similar. I think that the kind of um the comparable marker to the charter the thing about these is the chisel tip is a little smaller so if you're somebody and you think one day I wantto work large I wanna work publicly up on a board if you're someone who writes small and you're a little bit concerned that your writing will appear small, it won't be big enough for people to read these air a little bit tricky, because because the chisel is small, your writing kind of appears smaller, like you'll have to force yourself to be bigger. Okay, so the wonderful thing about these is again water based you khun buy ink that comes in these little bottles and you can actually, uh, refill them with water based ink. You can actually, um, exchange the nimes he's come in a much wider color palette and some really wonderful colors. So these air than oil and markers he's also come and I had them today. But they also come in brush tips as well. Okay, so if you're someone who's really into the brush tips, they have a whole set of the same colors. Um, for those of you who are here today, you actually have some of the smaller a few brush tip markers. So imagine those, but but in the larger size and the size, okay, they also make white board markers. So increasingly, a lot of people find themselves in workplace environments where there's nothing but white boards. Or people say it no don't bring in paper don't bring in this giant set up but I still want you to be live in the room but I want you to work on a whiteboard or we have this great innovation space we have floor to ceiling whiteboards so if you want to move away from like you know the the kind of um you know basic red green blue black set that you get those four color sets the norland markers has a set of thirteen markers you can you can use um additionally you can also get uh canisters that are empty and fill them with your own ink um and mix your own ink sometimes this is useful if you are working for a company that has very particular bus logo particular about its color and you don't have ah marker that matches that particular color you could mix those water based inks and create your own okay you can also fill these with white board ink as well that's something that's limiting sometimes about whiteboard markers is the only get that really skinny size and you don't have those thicker markers you can purchase these empty filled him with white board ink and you can use them on white boards as well okay so a little that's a little bit about markers just as terms of the rest of the stuff that's in here I'll talk about this later actually when we talk about tricky tips regarding content, but I always have a little pack of post it notes for me to write notes on and to stick them on the board for myself. So I have those, um, tape white tape that is really strong and sticky, but does not, uh, take way paint. This is really useful if you're working in an environment that if you're in a kind of a hotel banquet kind of squishy wall banquet with banquet hotel room, you know, or air walls, this works well, um, this is scotch brand artist tape is what it's called so scotch brown artist tape it's what we're using today and then also, sometimes people will say, like, what happens if you make mistakes or there's this fear about making mistakes so in the moment, it's difficult? If you're if you write something, you realize that's completely, not what I wanted to write, um, when I work large, I actually use it's kind of like the original analog white out, so I actually buy these plane, um, mailing labels there, sticky labels, and I just cover mistakes with thes I make sure they're papers so I can write over them, and the marker will, will it here it will be a it will resist, so I used those that's what I care around with me, um, you can also do those in your personal notes as well. Just cut them down to size, put them down on top. If you take photos later of your work, people will not see the little pieces, little sticky paper that you put on top and then also, um, we're not going to go over it today. But maybe I will just show you laid her. Um I also have a pack of chalk that I use it. I think of it as a highlighter. I'm not someone who uses a ton of it, but if I want to underline something, if I want to highlight something, um, it's something else you can use in addition to markers. Typically I use the lighter colors. I don't really bother with the darker ones. I think they're a little too saturated, so I use them for for highlighting.

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Tran Phuong

Great fundamental skills for effective notetaking! I love Gisele and all her lessons! They are super easy to follow and understand. Would recommend it of course!

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I really enjoyed this class. I am a beginner sketchnoter and found it very helpful. Great pace and delivery by instructor. Every minute was worth it. Thank you!

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