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Visual Notetaking Intro

Lesson 1 from: Visual Notetaking: A Beginner's Guide to Sketchnotes

Giselle Chow

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Lesson Info

1. Visual Notetaking Intro

Lesson Info

Visual Notetaking Intro

Everyone my name's giselle welcome to visual note taking here a creative live I'm really excited to be here with all of you and with the students this is a methodology that I believe really passionately in and I hope that you have that same moment that I had if you're new to this methodology that sort of ah ha resonant moment that I had when I first saw this inaction maybe you've been in situations where he has been in a meeting or at a conference we've heard a lecture a panel and you thought this content is so great I really want to retain all of it but how do I make sense of all this information how do I actually write it down in a way that is meaningful to me in the moment where I'm actually capturing those big ideas in those theme? So if you've had that experience I think you'll get something out of our workshop today so thank you for being here it means a lot I also just want to talk briefly about who I am and how I came to this work also I'm a consultant at the grove consultants ...

international, which is a consulting company in san francisco it's based in the presidio I actually I've been with the grow for a few years I started this work in twenty ten it was the first time I actually did it sat down and tried so if folks are feeling or if you had the experience today like wow like I have a lot to dio where there's a lot of work in front of me it's also possible to get really proficient really quickly it really is skill based and it's about practice before that I come from a background a teaching background so I taught elementary school high school moved into school leadership um that's when I started to become interested in the way people interact in meetings and ways to make those meetings as effective as possible so in a school setting right, we've never had the serve the benefit of having, you know, three day long meetings where everyone got together and sat down for three days it was forty minutes every thursday end of the day like how do you make that really meaningful and powerful for people? And this was the methodology that I found that really worked for that setting and for all settings really so for takeaways what I hope you get out of the class um a few things ah you will understand the power of sketch noting and experience what it makes, what it what takes what it takes to make it an effective communications tool and a tool for working and thinking so sometimes I work with folks than people will come up to me it breaks and they will say maybe you've had this experience to people was say you're awesome you're a great artist it's so great to have an artist here in our midst and I always stop people and I say you know what this is is you know they're definitely artistic elements to what this is but it's a work tool is a communications tool I think the word artist sometimes makes us think that there's a separation between people who can do this work and people who cannot do this work right so to think of it as a way to make communication clearer more direct more effective is one thing you will get we'll also really started the beginning and you will have some time to practice the building blocks what it takes to make effective sketch notes so we'll start with lettering will talk about icons will talk about listening and then we'll pull it all together you'll apply what you learned there going to be some segments where we're gonna be doing some listening practice where you're gonna be listening to some creative live workshops and listening to what people are saying and capturing those things in real time and then also what is the learning edge for you what do you want to take from this day? How are you going to practice? Maybe you're interested in pursuing this as a career maybe you're interested in bringing this into your workplace into the work you already dio so what does that look like for you? Okay so this workshop is for anyone who wants to find a way to take mohr engaging notes. These days, a lot of us are in meetings or in settings where we take notes on the laptop, which is great, and those tend to be transcriptions of what happens. But it doesn't show emphasis that it doesn't show meaning. Okay. Also, anyone interested in sticking patterns, finding themes, finding connections between ideas. This is a really great area of work for people who are interested, who are generalists, right? So people who might not necessarily be interested in a lot of depth and one area, but are interested in connections, how things fit together, you know. So if that's, your air of interest isn't great for you, uh, designers, educators, communicators, facilitator, storytellers, people who are interested in crafting narrative. Anyone who is interested in the ways we transmit content, and we understand information.

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Wonderful overview of sketch noting with tons of opportunities to practice, learn, and refine skills! Appreciated the side benefits of recognizing sketchnoting involves active listening and the opportunity to practice that too. Thank you! 110% recommend this course.

Tran Phuong

Great fundamental skills for effective notetaking! I love Gisele and all her lessons! They are super easy to follow and understand. Would recommend it of course!

Lisa Houghton

I really enjoyed this class. I am a beginner sketchnoter and found it very helpful. Great pace and delivery by instructor. Every minute was worth it. Thank you!

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