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Getting a Great Costume Shot

Lesson 11 from: Using Composite Photography to Create a Fantasy World

Karen Alsop

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Lesson Info

11. Getting a Great Costume Shot

Lesson Info

Getting a Great Costume Shot

Do the same with the dress. So just yeah, drop it down, on the count of three, one, two, three, okay and one more time, one two three. One more because I did it too quickly and one, two, three, excellent, okay, let's review. Okay so now we have some hair shots. Definitely got, definitely got shots that will work for the hair to add that on and again they're against green so it's gonna make it very easy to extract that out and add it on. I still haven't reviewed those last little shots that I've got but I'm pretty sure that I've got at least the face expression that I want, that's so cute. So that, I'm going to star that one I really like that it's cute, she's interacting with her mom but the rabbit. That one's quite cute it's loading up. Really liked that one, okay. Yeah. I really like this one here. I like the expression. Not enough hair but we can add that 'cause we've got the other shots, I like the arm position I like the feet position. I'm hoping that the angle that Eve's looking ...

is correct but I think we should be right, let's take that into the scene. Okay. Edit in. Open as a smart object in Photoshop. Close these other ones. Okay. So I'll get rid of the green in this one so I can see and make sure that it's the one that I want. So again, color range completely knocks it out straight away saved the settings that I had before. And quick select tool, and here. Okay. Drag this into the scene. You're such a good Alice Eve. Around here, little smaller. Very very cute. The sizing's probably not completely correct yet and I'll play with that when we go into the editing but it's close to what I want. She's looking at the white rabbit, the rabbit's coming towards us. Feet are at the correct angle. The horizon is in the middle here so feet are pointing down and the road is pointing down. And lighting is good, we'll add some shading we'll add some highlights, we'll do all of that in post. But I'm pretty happy with that, I'm going to just show you very quickly now and I'll go through it properly in the editing segment but how I would add some hair to that, just so you can see how that would work so we'll get one of the, one of these ones here. I think probably that last one. And there's some hair that's outside of the scene but we only want just a touch of hair textured hair for the wind. So grab that, open it in Photoshop. And again, select Color Range. There's still some extra green up there that was above where we were shooting before I can add to that. Increase the fuzziness so it gets rid of some of that extra green, again I've, as I said I've got some tricks that get rid of the green altogether, we haven't done that yet. So this is just a quick edit. There's one other thing I want to shoot with the hair and show you. And that is getting Eve to drop her hair back. And I've done this quite often when I photographed, even I did a Jazz musician and she was in a scene with a whole lot of beige and wanting her hair to sort of flow out like that. So one way of doing it is just to drop the hair back and the Photoshop is on so we're going to do that in a second too. So sizing that down. To around about the right spot. Again it's rough. We'll mask. I accidentally added a vector mask there, we'll mask this area, just to see how the extra hair sort of looks. There'll be a lot more refining when we get into the editing stage, there's some extra hair there flying up in the air we can do the same thing to the other side as well, okay. We need to do that last shot and we can even create a Photoshop brush from this as well so the awesome thing about photographing a subject is that you can do other things like create your own brushes so when I mask Eve's hair if I create a Photoshop brush of her hair it's going to completely match her hair. So I think we'll do that, we'll drop your hair back now might need mom or someone else to come in just to help her. 'cause all i need you to do, you can do it this way, you can do it this way and drop your hair down that way or you can drop it back that way, which way is easier that way? Okay alright. So we'll turn you around, that's it. Yeah. I might get you to do it forward so then I'm gonna get more of the green behind you, is that okay? Look that way, yeah, okay. So turning to the side so that direction, that's it, perfect. Alright. I'm gonna get down low so I get more green in the scene. I probably need more green so what we can do is can we roll that green back towards us? It's going to be a whole lot easier to mask out the hair if it's all on green, so the background is all on green. Hum, chin is back up. I think that's better, yeah. And even if you step towards the green a little more Eve so that you're closer to it. As I said before we'll create more spill but we can this is just the hair so we can totally take that green hue away without an issue. Okay. That's it. (beeping) Just lift your head up a bit higher. That's the way. Okay. One more. Perfect, done. Thank you. Alright. So we'll bring up your hair, we can see that. I think my tethering dropped out then but I've got it saved to the card so I'll load that up in the editing segment and show you how I would create a brush from that as well and we'll use that on Eve's hair. So I think it's dropped it, but that's okay, so we've taken the hair, we've photographed the hair, we've photographed the dress, we've photographed all of the different elements, Alice running, we've got wind in the hair we've got all the parts that we need to put it all together and create Alice in the scene so, are there any questions? We do have, should we, should we let our little Alice go? Oh yes. I think we need to give her a big clap. Should give her a round of applause. (clapping) Thank you so much, well done. (chuckling) Alright great well we did have a question from Faith Suzan who said do you have any suggestions or options for people who don't have a green screen what would you suggest for that? Yeah, so, well you can get little portable ones so that is an option if you're wanting to use green screen. If you don't, you can still photograph and composite it just means that you need to do all the manual masking out so the, why I'm using green screen is it cuts my time out in terms of my editing. And I went that way because I'm doing a lot of this work. But you might only be doing a little bit of the work so you can always cut around, use the pen tool mask put someone up against a background that's clean as in a white background or something that you can cut out easily and yeah, there's many, many, many ways to extract out, it's just that green screen for me is the quickest way when I'm it a lot of the time.

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Judy Mitschelen

I've found many great instructors at CreativeLive and Karen ranks right up there at the top! With her relaxed, thoughtful manner of presenting, I was immediately hooked. Her organization, clear explanations and demonstration, and on target response to questions are superb. This course covers an amazing range of skills and tricks of the trade. Whether you're interested in getting better shots to work with, better workflow at the computer, or better output at the end, Karen covers it all.

Endigo Rae

This was such an amazing class! Karen is so talented, inspiring, and such an amazing teacher. Very forthcoming and open about all of her techniques. I'm so looking forward to jumping into compositing, I feel like this is definitely something my soul desires to explore and Karen has made it so easy and accesible through her beautiful course! Thanks so much Karen and CreativeLive!


Karen is very talented and a great teacher and I enjoyed every minute of the course. But what I found to be the best part was seeing what an amazing person she is. The video of compositing the disabled children to make their dreams come true had me in tears. It has inspired me to use my talents to help others and not learn photo manipulation for self enjoyment. God bless you Karen.

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