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Unleash the Power of Adobe Creative Cloud

Melissa Piccone

Unleash the Power of Adobe Creative Cloud

Melissa Piccone

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Class Description

Do you work with Adobe software, but not utilizing the robust tools offered with Creative Cloud? Even if you only own one of the programs, you still have access to everything the Cloud has to offer, such as design apps, file management tools, stock libraries and more. You will also gain a better understanding of the Cloud and how it can significantly improve your workflow. 

Adobe certified instructor Melissa Piccone shows you how to: 
  • Use Adobe Bridge to organize your assets 
  • Create and manage graphics with the Adobe Mobile Apps 
  • Understand libraries for better workflow and organization 
  • Use Adobe Stock imagery and templates 

Software Used: Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 

Ratings and Reviews

Derek Rodenbeck

Wow, I can't thank Creative Live enough for this class. I was blown away. This is just what I needed as I continue on my path of self growth and development. Please do yourself a favor and get this class, it is well worth the investment. After all the best investment is in yourself.

Hayden Brooker

Great review on Creative Cloud especially, I've been confused about mainly colors, and the difference between saving as a search, a color theme, or in a CC library. Definitely helped and is full of info, Melissa is a very entertaining speaker as well and I loved the small bit of audience participation to get questions from others who might have similar thoughts about the programs they're not used to.

Astrid Callens

Nice Intro In the adobe creative cloud. Thanks.

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