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Understanding Color in Adobe Illustrator

Jason Hoppe

Understanding Color in Adobe Illustrator

Jason Hoppe

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Class Description

Even the most seasoned Adobe® Illustrator® users don’t know all the available color features, or how to use them. This class will clarify all the options for working with color, so you can take full control of your designs and work efficiently. Adobe certified instructor Jason Hoppe will show you how to use the right tools for picking palettes and creating harmonious color combinations.

Topics include:

  • Global and non-global colors and when/why to use them
  • Understanding color panels, how to create tints, and colors harmonies
  • The most efficient ways to create usable (and universal) color swatches for use in other Adobe applications
  • Creating a custom color panel to replace the default list of color swatches
  • Accessing all of Illustrator built-in color libraries
  • Making sense of the Color Panel, Color Theme Panel, Color Guide Panel and Swatches Panel
  • >Adding colors to the Swatches Panel based on existing artwork

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator CC 2017

Ratings and Reviews

Michelle Mealing

Jason continues to astound me with how he uses Illustrator. Loads of time saving tips for the seasoned AI user. Beginners are fortunate enough to have these tips before you've spent hours and hours on projects. Wish I had you years ago Jason. You're a treasure. Is this course worth the money? ABSOLUTELY.


Once again a great course from Jason 🙂

Tomas Verver

Most of the stuf was already well known:) Though I liked the teacherstyle; engaging. I would not buy the course for the single price but as part of the creativelive bundle I think you get much more valuable.

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