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Advanced Typography: Fine Tuning and Finessing

Ilene Strizver

Advanced Typography: Fine Tuning and Finessing

Ilene Strizver

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Class Description

Master the typographic skills that are rarely taught or fully understood by design professionals from acclaimed author, educator, and type expert, Ilene Strizver.

In Advanced Typography: Fine Tuning & Finessing you will learn advanced typographic skills and aesthetics every serious designer needs to know. Ilene will share practical tips you can use to visibly improve the readability and effectiveness of your type, including:

  • How to fine-tune your type
  • Tracking and word spacing tips and tricks
  • Custom kerning
  • Working with figures and fractions
  • Text kerning

Professional typography sets your designs apart, while attracting and holding your audience’s attention. Learn how to set type without fear – develop your skills and build your confidence in with insights from Ilene in Advanced Typography: Fine Tuning & Finessing.

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Class Materials

bonus material with purchase

Creating Type Solutions.mp4
Ilene Strizver - Typographic Checklist.pdf
Ilene Strizver - Type Rules - Chapter 2 and Glossary.pdf

bonus material with Purchase

Ilene Strizver - Chester - What Makes a Good TypeFace.pdf
Ilene Strizver - Oldrichium - What Makes a Good TypeFace.pdf.pdf
Ilene Strizver - Typequiz.pdf
Ilene Strizver - Typography - Fine Tuning and Finessing Syllabus.pdf

Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

Ilene's courses on Typography are jam-packed with excellent information that will elevate the quality of your work in print. She knows what';s current, but also what's important in long-time standards, and why. Just an incredible amount of information! you will enjoy watching, but you will want to purchase because of the sheer amount of useful content.

Nelson Mueller

Wonderful course! I enjoyed it from the beginning until the end, just like the fundamentals course. I wish there was even more of her. Hopefully in the future.


I bought this and the intro class and love them both! I had no idea fonts, typefaces and typesetting could be so interesting and detailed. Ilene is a clear and informative teacher. I love that she teaches why things are done, not simply "do this". I learn faster and remember better with her style of instruction.

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