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Get the Sale

Lesson 29 from: Turn Your Service Into a Product

Tara McMullin

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29. Get the Sale

Lesson Info

Get the Sale

Our goal here is to answer the question how do I keep the sale's coming? We you know, in in less in eighteen nineteen we made an offer to the first ten to twenty people that we want to buy our product I would bet that there are people out there who have already made money on that who have already made sales. Hopefully jen and corey will have made a sale by the end of today on the conference conference at the conference conference dot com come to con god wow um but we don't want to stop there and I see that happen so often I see it happened so often that people make the first set of sales and they don't have a plan to get the next set of sales, so we want to make sure you've got a plan to keep those sales coming. So the first thing you need to realize is that the vast majority of customers need to see your offer many times and when I say many times I mean at least seven that's the old number and because it's twenty fifteen we need to see things fifteen twenty, thirty times nathalie ment...

ioned stitch fix earlier how many times did you have to see stitch fix before you bought it? Do you think it was it had to have been at least thirty times from facebook alone? Yes easily same thing for me with meat with edgar the social media management system I'm friends with laura I knew it was coming I had clients using it and I still didn't buy until like a year after she launched it is that insane or what? But that's reality we have to see on offer many, many, many times jennifer, how many times did you see quiet power strategy or ten thousand feet before you bought it through for okay over launches or three or four times that you saw me mentioning no through for launch is right like ten times person for long, right? He passed so and I don't want to put you on the spot now that's what I thought of when you see it is you said that, okay? And I don't want to further put you on the star, but jennifer bought after having seen the price being seven hundred dollars lower than when she decided to buy into it. I was I felt like I was waiting for my point of readiness yeah, the purchase and that's what I thought I was ready to do the work yeah and that's totally fine and what we do when we don't show our product many, many, many, many times is that we rob people of that opportunity we rob people of the opportunity to say yes when they need to say yes that's what I hear about quiet power strategies so often is I needed to get to a certain point where I felt comfortable doing this program now many times I also say to them, hey, you were ready like a year ago it's really it's cool you're totally ready for this programme now, but you know, we don't want to rob people of the opportunity to do things in the time that they need to do them and one way we can do this is to not just show them the offer many times but to sell the offer many times don't give up just because you've made those ten to twenty sales does not I mean that you've exhausted the market just because you've sold something two, three, four, five times does not mean that you've exhausted the market there there are people waiting for you to offer it again and the more often you offer something, the more people are waiting for you to offer it again it's just math people its mass and psychology so think of something that you've recently purchased where all did you see it first? Not just how many times but where did you see it think shoes all right about your shoes course john flew dog store uh that is on the street that I walk up to get doughnuts okay um and I've walked by it I've lived in portland for eight years so I've walked by it from do you go by doubt doughnuts that's that's the question is several dozen times so uh I've walked by that store a lot and I've seen I've been in there a few times on and then I saw them online and I then I spoke to my wife I said man I really love these shoes and my wife was like oh yeah that designers really big like you should those are beautiful shoes you should get some on this like most things I have to be encouraged by my wife to spend the money so uh my man is tio eso eso finally you know, about three months ago I walked by the store and I walked in and body's right and to the sales person you probably looked like the easiest sale in the world right? But you were actually a really difficult sale they just didn't know about sure yeah how often does that happen with our products so often how about another story michelle so I've been obsessed with mini coopers for ever like I love mini cooper yeah fall in a couple of years ago so yeah, I have been driving one for a while but this is kind of the ultimate story it's just like I would see them on the road and I would obsess about them and I would build them online on their web say you don't race them out on I was driving like a crappy saturn ion at this point time yeah, crappy car yeah, and, you know, it was just like so so may oh, and then I got to ride in one wants because my a friend had one on then there was just one that came available and it was perfect. And so when we went in, like glenn was like, you should negotiate and I'm like, no, I don't like they don't negotiate many first off, but but I've seen you know, I was obsessed. I look the old mini's it seem at car shows and then finally it was like I walked in I was like, yeah, that one let's go done, yes off so that's like that's like the exact same story, right? You were the easiest sale ever, just because mini cooper kept showing up over and over again, and you sought it out to cory. So did you you went online to check it out? Of course, what happens now when you go on a web sight? The ads for that website follow you all around facebook and twitter and instagram, and yeah, I look for a lot of shoes online and I get served a lot of shoe ads. Specifically from nordstrom on facebook and what do I click and I click click and I click and eventually I will buy a pair of shoes without even thinking about it right? But it's how long has that thought process actually been this's how we buy things and when you robbed your customers of the chance to think and think and think and see and see and see your product over and over again you're robbing yourself of the opportunity to make the sale I am tired of people saying my product flopped I'm going I'm getting rid of that that didn't work I'm getting rid of that really? Is that how you buy things? No so stop doing that sasha a real world example of this of the online class first thing I did with you jackie get quirky so it's about self acceptance and self expression um yeah there was a great experience for the students but I was exactly that I got discouraged because I felt like it wasn't enough people so would you recommend just having the page visible on the site and waiting till more people sign up for that early notification list or if you don't really have the intention of offering it at the moment is it better to just let people see see it for this sort of window shopping thing that's definitely one thing that you could do and I would really highly recommend that with high dollar I take it things like theirs some sort of page for quiet power strategy up all the time go to quiet power strategy dot com it's the program sometimes there's a call to action for it sometimes there's not, but it tends to be something that people click through two over and over again and yeah, there's a little landing page there, we can put your email address or you can go on by the book stead and few I've booked through me you're automatically out with list that says you're interested in quiet power strategies, those same difference, so, yeah, you could do that or you could do what we're going to talk about next, which is to start a sales funnel for something on dh you just because you started sales funnel for something doesn't mean you have to offer it again so you could start a sales funnel, see if you can gain extra interest in it or extra interest in the idea and then, uh launch it or make the offer makes sense it will yeah, I'm waiting way. Okay, so this is a webinar that I hosted last a week last friday, a week ago today that my computer crashed right before so I got a new computer it was great that was not a purchase that I needed to make think about many, many times it was about three things that changed about the way I teach that have transformed my business. We got great sign ups for this. This landing page converted about seventy percent. Well, what, anyhow, there was more to it than that. There was a whole bottom here, but s so I put this landing page up so that I could start talking about teaching specifically related to be quiet power strategy brand without talking about what we were going to be selling. All I talked about was like the topic and ask people to sign up for this webinar because I knew it's gonna be awesome, and it was, and then I, uh, put clip facebook posts and a facebook ad off about it, and that did really well, lots of people shared it got really low click throughs on got a nice click through a nice conversion costs per conversion, at least with my existing audience. And so again, people were seeing this in an email, then they were seeing it on facebook. Oh, actually, sorry, the emails next they were seeing it on facebook. Then they thought and email where I sent out an invitation specifically to this webinar it wasn't so much about it wasn't so much a block post, although you know, it was a personal story if you could think of it that way said I used to tell people I wasn't a teacher despite teaching being a big part of how I earned a living on a weekly basis I justin and identify with the role because I didn't think I was very good at it. So then I went on and on until finally it got to the point where it's like no, I fixed this or I at least started working on it really hard here's what that's done for my business? I'm going to tell you all about it and three things that you could do to transform the way you teach sign up here. Then I created a survey and asked people what's the biggest roadblock or the biggest challenge that you have when it comes to teaching or putting your ideas into a course? So people went to the survey, they wrote in their answer and on the thank you page for the survey it said, hey, thanks so much if this is of interest to you, we've got a webinar coming up and we'd love for you to sign up. And so there was another touch point on the same idea, and then we did the webinar and then one of our one of the students in the webinar, doug neil, who runs a company called verbal to visual did this really cool visual note taking sketch from the weapon are so I reposted that and then I posted a link that said check out the replay here if you missed it on the web and our forgot to say on the webinar itself I opened up registration too quiet power strategies masterclass with brianne dick and we you know, we ran a little introductory offer so I'm got sales from that, but I knew that wasn't that wasn't enough, right? It wasn't just enough to host a webinar and say here we made this for you, so I had to keep posting right? And so bree on wrote a blogger post that kind of shared a little bit more about the masterclass and about what she's doing now and then I pulled out a case study that she had written about marie about how she went from no list to fifty five hundred dollars in sales in less than six weeks with the master class. And so there were all these touchpoints of how you could find out about this course over and over and over and over again all leading up finally to the sea sales page and a call to action to buy finally and we're still in this process I'm still messaging out about this in fact, as soon as this is over, I need to mess the chattel a lot more about it again because that's what it takes to fill up a program especially something like this where it's new for us it's knew that people would be buying for me but not, you know, working with me like that's all really new and so it's take it's gonna take and I knew it was going to take ah lot of different touchpoints to get people to the point of being of wanting to buy it and the newer something is the more touch points you need except with that you know, really tiny sliver of the market that is your early adopters you're completely aware group of people that was something new you need mohr touch points, but all of this really can be systematized and then automated it really can be even if it's just to the point of knowing that you know, I need ten different facebook posts about this, so I'm going to go in and I'm just going to schedule all those ten those ten feet facebook posts out or look at what block post I need to write write him all out schedule. Um I'm gonna look at how many e mails I think I need to send gonna write him all out and odd and schedule them if that even if that's the on ly level of automation you get two, it is totally worth it because marketing something like this is a log it is a long, dirty process, and it will exhaust you and it we'll break you down, let's be real about it. It doesn't have to be hard, but it's just so much work and so maur the more of it that you can kind of batch up and get out of your way the better because another place that I'm tired of seeing people fail with product launches is getting halfway in getting exhausted and then not messaging about it anymore, right? How many of us have done that been there, done that and have lost a lot of money because of it, right? And again have robbed people of the opportunity to make a really good buying decision for themselves. So stop doing math and start systematize ing this, so all you need to really do is think about how many times are you people going to need to see this? Is it something new? Is it something that they're expecting? Is that something you've been messaging about for a while? How many facebook posts or you're going to need how many tweets they're going to need? How many blood post we're going to need, how many emails or you're going to need? And yes some of that absolutely is guesswork it's some of it is taking a good estimate or a good stab and seeing if it works and then doing something different the next time but if you do this once twice three times guess what? All of that work can be repeated okay, so you can take what's worked and you can pre schedule it or you could automate it into an automated sequence if your product has ever agreed you can create a sales funnel that goes from webinar to facebook post to facebook ad tio emails make it all seamless and automated so that you don't have to think about it anymore you could just keep the sales rolling in any questions about that? My only question is what's the length of time that you've been working on the masterclass launch, huh? So that's funny because not very log right now though I know I knew it was coming it wasn't something I put a lot of work into wendy I I guess I'm asking when did what is the amount of time between the time you started messaging about it to the time the cart closes? This is a very bad example because it was only about I gave people two weeks to sign up for the webinar and so I messaged primarily through facebook about this one because we were just coming off the quiet part of the main quiet power strategy launch so I message through facebook, I paid for a lot of exposure on facebook to make sure that I was hitting people who are super engaged and specific to this interest on dh then yeah, and then we basically did a weekend of may in sales, and we switched over to talking about creative life. And then when I come back, I've got about eight days yet that I can use for messaging again about the master class was about three and a half weeks. Yes, we did. Basically what? The way I was looking at us, we did many launch. Then we did a giant value delivery event so that people could figure out whether this was something they wanted or not whether they got into that many launch or not. And then we'll do a main release this next week. Okay, okay. Yeah, I think when you when you say, like, people get halfway through a launch and give up like, I think most people don't know how long a launch should be, how long do they need to endure? Well and that's? Yeah. And I think one mistake that people make is they think in order to get the number of sales they need, they need to go peter cart open heart open for a month if you want to exhaust yourself and burn yourself out, keep your card open for a month that is not fun instead of keeping your card open for a month, start messaging two weeks before you want to open your card and then keep your card open for two weeks or do three weeks and one week it's not actually how long your cart is open it's how much time you give people to make a decision about buying before the cart opens? You can save yourself a lot of heartache if you just message for longer before you actually ask for the sale so that's what a lot of this is to say makes sense all right? Cool yeah everything product yeah please so I just released a planner a month ago now I guess I'm beginning a bog of october and we did a little buzz content marketing in advance to get kind of the existing audience excited so I had a lot of sails right away and of course then they started trickling off and so that's when I started getting into okay let's, start thinking about what people really need this you know, the middle majority of people who may be already been list and how can I nurture them or? And so I've had continuous sails on and then I set up a funnel to fully automate that going forward so I don't have to actively be talking about that anymore but the seed is planted out there so people can come into the environment and still be purchasing bingo yep that's exactly what we're talking about thank you for sharing that so like I said he really you can get yourself into a low to trouble when you don't plan your marketing ahead of time I try and get my clients so they're thinking about a full sails conversation so maybe that's four block post six block post for email six emails ah webinar nhs ten emails whatever it might be before they opened the cart to something and when we say open the cart basically we mean make the offer make thee asks say come by this I made this for you because if you don't plan that out ahead of time well, first of all, loss of things can go where all you can hit that burnout place another thing is that if you don't plan it out ahead of time, you don't know where you're headed and so I I want to know what my sales message is that the end what's the hook and then I reverse engineer the conversation so that I know I'm headed towards that hook with all of those block posts are all of those emails or with all of the events that I'm doing that way each piece feels really inevitable it feels really welcome it feels really familiar and then when someone lands on the sales page it again feels really welcome inevitable and familiar in all the best possible ways that's how you get someone really comfortable with buying before they even know there's something for sale all right so now I want to hear from you guys specifically our panellists what mistakes have you made with marketing and selling your product jen I simply haven't been tenacious enough tell us what that's looked like or what it hasn't looked like well I think that because it hasn't been that hard to read reach a certain level based on word of mouth and reputation and like my community going out and bringing in their community I haven't really push it as hard as I could have and that I mean I take full responsibility for that so it means I haven't been a regular blogger I haven't done the email marketing you know I haven't been consistent my messaging or I just learned given of lead in two one I'm going to sell something so this is great because now I know what I was doing wrong and I can fix it fantastic jennifer what mistakes have you made? I think over the years with the membership I've had to continually reiterate that this is a thing that is available yeah andhra mind people because I was doing a lot of content marketing actually wasn't doing content marketing I was creating content that was leaked bait that would go on interest and get people to the website, but they weren't necessarily valuable leads and so I had a really shift gears to make sure that I was crafting specific messages that would attract people to the membership and then of course remind them that it was a product they could buy. Yes, absolutely I'm still glad that you brought that up because that's so often what I hear like terra why isn't my evergreen product selling well, when was the last time you ran into someone who was available? I don't do that it's just supposed to sell I'm sleeping isn't that what's supposed to happen? No, I mean that's great when it does there's nothing better than waking up and seeing the papal notification on your phone right? Like that's super fun but that's not actually how that works, sasha um so many things but the thing that comes to mind this one I did two online classes in one month and the marketing and the teaching for both just really killed may I mean, I think that's the last time I did it because I do not have the capacity for that and yeah, I was wrecked. Yeah, I appreciate you saying that as well because I think that's another big mistake that a lot of people make is they just trying to do too much all at once um jennifer's asked me, I don't know how many times how can I? How can I sell this all the stuff at once? Like? Well, please don't right what I think it really I was looking at others in my industry and there's so much of ah, it is a volume that sort of thing, and so even other examples of people who they have very robust divers, but businesses with lots of people working for them and teaching things, and so they have lots of things to talk about in order to kind of reduce that overwhelm. I've had to narrow it down, and now I have this clear kind of funnel of offerings kind of a cascade this is what I do, whether you like it or I'm not a good fit, right? Yeah, I looked totally kind of created that ease that I needed, yeah, you can't you can't follow creative lives, email marketing template for yourself because you know how many people they have working in marketing here, like it's all live it on and you're you're not that many people. Even if you hire a team, you're not that many people, and it would not be a smart choice to go in, you know, thinking about marketing or your email marketing that way, so make sure that the operational decisions that you're making are also you know we're also reflected in the marketing that you're doing and the capacity that you have for that marketing so this is our final hot seat and instead of hot seating one of you I would like to ask all of you what do you what are you going? What are you going to change about the way you market and sell the things that you offer whether it's the services that you have existing or whether it's the product that maybe a product that you already have or a product that you're considering building melissa you're going to start with me you are at the end of the line well, my biggest challenge is I think just the way that my brain is wired it's really hard for me too do stuff well in advance yeah I don't know why I mean, it seems like like intellectually it seems like you should be so easy but it's really hard for me to come up with content and create content in advance so you know, like I can have a schedule of you know over this next four weeks or six weeks I wanna have content that goes out on my block on this day and email that goes out on that dance stuff like that I can I can sort of plot that out but then figuring out what the content is going to be and actually doing it just like my head explodes, okay, so I totally feel you on this, and this is a problem that I think a lot of people have the way I handled this because I'm my natural tendency is also not to be a planner, and I've really had to learn how in my business to become a planner to do things ahead of time, and it's made things a lot less stressful for me, and it's also made things a lot more efficient, so one of the ways that I handle that is I write my best block post when I'm inspired by something in the moment. Yeah, right, I read, I read someone else's block post, I see someone post on facebook about a problem that they're having, you know, I run into something in the quiet power strategy community that is like, wow, I've not thought about that problem that way before I see why you're having this roadblock now I could fix that, you know, I'll drop the gotta post off to them, and then I'll go on all right, you know, a thousand words on it and share it and those but almost without fail tend to be my my absolute best posts, so what I do when it's coming, tio, like either launch that I'm planning. You know, to be kind of new, or whether it's something that's, automated eye focus on a particular person or a couple of people who inspire me with that product. In other words, I know they're going through these problems. I know they have a particular mindset, that's not working for them. I know there's an assumption that they need to bust in order to move ahead. And I allowed that to inspire the conversation than that I have of a riff, you different blood posts and that's how I kind of channel that in the moment thing, but ahead of time, does that make sense? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. The other thing that I will definitely do differently, I've done the launching things back to back thing before, and it nearly killed me. The other thing that I swear to god I will never do again is my last launch. It was there was high holy days, which I leave services for my santa god. Then I was off at a conference on a non conference conference for, like, four days, and then my my course started four days later that is not happening ever again. So it's not just a matter of scheduling, you know, your your business life, but but you're, you know, setting things up so that your regular is saying and I and I just had this idea that, oh, well, this is going to be inside of my membership community, the creative sandbox, so it has to start on the first of the month, we didn't start on the first of the month you start any day of the month, yeah, so yeah, just offer that up to anybody else out there, my similar issue scheduling that's huge, so I don't have the luxury of taking a lot of time off around launches when conferences are happening, I need to go because it's important activity in my business or when there's creative life like I often schedule launches around creative, live things because it's a really good way for me, tio reach a whole new audience and really gain a lot of trust, right? So I don't get to take time off around off. I don't need I don't get to clear my schedule around launches instead, you guys know my mom works for me. My mom clears her schedule around launches so she doesn't do anything she doesn't have any visitors she prepares herself for, you know, two weeks of sitting in her chair and answering my mom, yeah, so I think that's a really, really good point, which I hear your mom yeah michelle what are you going to do differently about the way you market and sell I think the first thing is I'm going to reposition my offerings yeah and obviously raised the price we talked about that yesterday but I really I'm loving this idea of building a speech that you sell as a product is part of your business so it's a revenue generating its not like speak your truth that kind of stuff not that I was ever that type of person but so repositioning that I think is number one I think number two is just not over complicating things like what I have learned from corey and jen this weekend is great I can dio like the sell your speech course throw up a landing page tomorrow and certain driving traffic to see if there's any interest in it and it's not like it doesn't have to be complicated cause I over complicate everything in my life yes to the emp degree so I think those air to like repositioning my one on one and then I'm just getting started and doing like living room strategy but also just throwing up the landing page yeah and there's nothing that we talked about in terms of getting attention getting commitment getting by and asking for the a sale that has to be complicated there this is a really simple process that you can use and simple doesn't mean it doesn't it can't be robust just but it shouldn't be complex thie actions air really straightforward and really simple so I'm yes I'm glad that that's where your mind us cory where you going to do differently about this kind of system monetizing and automating the way you make sales yeah it's one thing that I was already working on but this just makes it the's few days has made it more clear that I need to really get done is not only having a better on boarding sequence for when people join my mailing list but also when they buy my products and and then creating additional buying opportunities after the initial on boarding sequence that happen automatically so you know they get a new pitch every couple of months or something right? I don't do that right now not in an automated way anyway and then the other one is I think that I have actually gotten so bogged down and working on the business that I have that I have gotten away from being deeply connected with the things that my audience is fighting with on a day to day basis I really haven't written very many blawg posts in the last few months uh and I think that I need to get back to that because I want to feel reconnected with them like that yeah and it's important absolutely rebecca what do you two change about the way you automate or systematized your marketing and sales yeah, I go a lot of things that cory said um but I think it's just tightening up systems at potentially a particular looking at on boarding processes and the micro commitments was really helpful some actual going to be brainstorming with my team a little bit to get some further clarity and repositioning our services I think teo and the other part is thie planning in advance? I liked what you just said about you know I do when I have been inspired I want to write what away and if I'm not but I'd like to now I have let khun created archetype when I need teo be inspired and I have so many so much content inspiration here to just to start filling all the gaps it's really helpful and I would highly encourage you to not use an archetype and instead use real people riel people all the way my thing is personalization not generalization your archetype is always going to fall short of how inspiring the real people are in your world so if it takes like pinning up some dossiers of real people that you know all over your office or you know having that a locked file folder in your desk maybe of people that you need to think about specifically that can change so much for you absolutely thank you natalie we're going to change about the way you automate your sales and marketing who so many things I think the biggest the biggest takeaway is really treating myself as a client just kind of from the one on one perspective of really putting my own projects into a trail aboard and really kind of visualising everything that I'm doing and scheduling everything's so I can move things see where they make sense and then really scheduled the time to dig deeper into each one each each kind of bullet point to dig into um and then of course the from the product side of doing the the email automation and doing the landing page for my mvp and really focusing on that as well. Excellent andy, what are you gonna change? I've over the years I've been sort of struggling with the whole content marketing assed fart is sitting down and you know, I think I've got a brother block is going to take a three days or whatever, so I have no problems it's just trying to schedule that I have no problems finding fifteen things to share on facebook in particular day, but I can't necessary quite get the whole block post and stuff, so I got to focus on more than content marketing and email marketing interesting so just a suggestion for you if you don't have any problem finding fifteen things to share on facebook then it's highly likely that you're more of a curator than a creator and maybe you don't want to push yourself to create content all the time especially if it's going to take you three days directive log post you have better things better ways to use your time and it's highly likely that people value you for the way you curate content so take those fifteen things that you're going to put on facebook share five of them on your block and write a right your expert intro and conclusion to that here's why I'm sharing this with you here's why this is important for you to read could you do that yeah yeah yeah austin cleland's mailing list is exactly that and it's amazing yeah totally I guess those people I have way too much that I want to save weight to yourself involved all right, so remember that marketing and sales also doesn't end when a promotional period is over marketing and sales doesn't end when a promotional period is over just because you are, you know, putting a lot of effort into getting people on board it onto your into your product making those sales you know, getting people interested in what you're doing and it takes a lot of effort and people have heard a lot from you the best thing that you could dio when a promotional period ends if keep following up great you didn't buy here's one thing that you could do next great you didn't buy let me tell you what's coming next great you didn't buy maybe it's not the right time for you here's what you could do to make it the right time for you next time you know there's all sorts of different things that you could do with that and the biggest thing that you want to do is don't stop mentioning your product right? I'm not selling quiet power strategy right now you cannot buy it from me right now but I talked about it all through out here not because I was promoting it just because it's a great example of things yet now thousands more people know that that product exists then before we started with this right so you you know use every opportunity you have to talk about what you have to offer because you never know how many times it's going to take someone seeing something to buy the next time okay? It is time for our epic conclusion and it's all about making it happen so I want you to take this and run with it. These were the five objectives that we had when we started this class and I want to review them for you because you are completely equipped to go and do these things now one discover the product waiting to be built inside your service sometimes that means turning your service into a product sometimes it means finding something complimentary sometimes it means thinking about the way you do things and building something from that like the con con to sell your new product to ten right for you customers? There is no reason that you guys can't leave this room right your invitation offer and make ten sale's this weekend, not all of you will that's, okay, but if you are feeling motivated, if you are ready to serve people in a new way, if you're ready to bring in revenue this weekend, make it happen. Number three, market your new product with marketing that resonates, hint, earth thiss was a product development course. Yeah, this was a course about marketing. You have mohr tools for marketing now than when we started, you have more tools for marketing these probably ever had before, and they're all intertwined with your ability now to develop products that people actually want to buy. Four oughta meet your customer intake process. Brianne shared so many ways that you could ensure your customers have amazing experiences with you, whether you apply it to a product that you're building or the service that you're already offering. Five automate the way you find new customers. Put that content marketing out into the world, create those that automation sequence with your email, autumn, e some facebook, at least schedule it out into the future, a number six automate the way you get feedback and improve your product, this is this was back from yesterday. This wasn't even the end objective, but this is something that I want all of you to walk away with is that just because you build a product it's not over just like just because you're the end of a promotional period doesn't mean the marketing's over when sir something ends it's an opportunity to start something new to start the next phase of the product to start the next marketing campaign to start the next idea to start the next messaging this was a lot of stuff it's been a four step process. First we examine the mindset that's in your way we looked why it's been so hard for you to create a successful product based business to this point? And for most of you, that meant going from owning your job to really owning a business from going to self from self employed to truly becoming a business owner. We identified the asset that's waiting in your certain that we identify the asset hiding in your service that's waiting to be discovered again for some of you that was the service itself that you could turn into a product that's the methodology it's a new licensing option for some of you it was a whole new way to push is ishan what it is that you offer and something that would be even mohr marketable even more salable for some of you it meant creating something again that's tangential toe what you offer that's inspired by how how you do what you do and why you do what you d'oh instead of just a process that you use for your service we outlined a system for ensuring that you build a product that sells I hope you guys gave yourself the opportunity the permission to start over so that when you build this product you're not just building you know this idea of something that you had in your mind when you started but instead building something that is built to sell instead of building something for yourself really building it for the people who want to buy it. And then finally we created a plan for automating or delegating future work so audience what's changed for you what's changed for you anybody want to share? Jen what's changed for you. I think that, um that um everything is simpler than I realized that I over complicated things and that got in my way and it's just a matter of just going through the steps. The process itself is quite simple and not as hard as I thought. Nice melissa well, the hot seat I had on whatever day it was just changed everything for me and gave me this ability toe look at like my personal life experience and see it as a system like see the system inside it yeah that I can then turn into products which is I'm still reeling on rebecca I think that's something you had shared with me earlier is that now you are starting to see again that system inside of what you're already doing right yeah absolutely I think you know having all these wonderful ideas shiny sparkly but really trying to go back to this powerful process that you created to drill down and hang out there be patient let the ideas go and really really follow the process even if it might take a while for me to get clarity on that this the importance of that so thank you absolutely anything jennifer opportunities to go a little bit deeper than I have been with both my daughter responders sequence and my member orientation process and to use automation t make that happen all seamlessly to help target and taylor those messages nice all right what are your next steps what's one next step what are you going to dio when you leave creative life melissa I am definitely working on this product and so um my next step is uh might be I'm not sure it might be a landing page great michelle think the invitation yeah cory writing the emails for the conference conference rebecca meeting with my project manager and doing some long range planning fantastic natalie the sales paige nice andy I was always struggling with where to star as faras what should be the minimum viable product and now sort have that clarity is far what that should be and putting those steps and to get that going nice jack I'm gonna write the invitation letters for the conference jennifer I am going to send the m v p letter that I wrote a five o'clock this morning yes sasha um from the start of this I've been thinking about doing a quirkyalone conference for february fourteenth and having not be a big flagship annual event and the u s so changing the tab from tang has an adventure to adventures no tank azem adventures one of those and then the korcula in conference is the new domestic opportunity we the new domestic see you can have that one to your fancy lists natalie all right guys what's your ultimate goal now one of the things that we did on day one is to start thinking about mawr because there's on ly so much that you can accomplish when own your job you guys are leaving here business owners what do you want out of your businesses now what's your new ultimate goal let's go the opposite way sasha what's my ultimate goal is to be the total ceo and have an awesome staff that and I basically I want to have the quirkyalone conference so I can speak and be a thought leader and I have this fantastic staff that implements boo jennifer uh be more visible on my end history for a specific message nice jen I would make a crap ton of money yes I have a team of people that can help me make that happen boom handy um it's gonna be to make like um oh gosh in real life business or brick and mortar business easier because of the digital playing and digital products love that message andy thank you natalie help a lot more people and set them up for success and their businesses nice rebecca really have my business work for me and not me completely being a slave to it yes cory I want to travel a lot more and I want to change the way that artists talk about money I want teo retire my husband he's on board yeah that's it that's exactly what I was gonna I along with transforming that changing the conversation around creative expression and play of course fantastic. So guys, you are ready for more you are now equipped with tools that can help you build the next phase of your business you are equipped to take ah brand new idea and turn it into a money making venture this weekend. If you want teo take twenty four hours take forty eight hours and really changed the way your business makes money change the way you impact your communities change the way and the number of people that you can service you are not tied to that time for money, sir. Cycle anymore. You are not tied to just a small group of people. If you don't want to be, this is your opportunity. And you have the tools to make mohr happen now. And that is the end of turn your service into a products.

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I love Creativelive and I watch a lot of good classes, but this course is mind blowing, I can´t explain how much Tara makes me rethink my business, and how this class clears up what are the right things to do to grow my business. This is especially important as I am a sole propriator and at times I am just completely lost about what to do. I love love love this course, and to be honest, the course worths so much more than what it is priced. Thank you Tara and Creativelive!


It was a great experience, thank you Tara! I have watched and own other classes. This feels to me like some kind of broadening of knowledge every time with you. It has been very inspiring 3 days. My service is not a product yet but on the way to become. Great people in studio, too.

Gloria Roheim McRae

Ever wondered about the roadmap to creating VALUE in your products? This Creative Live houses that roadmap. I just finished three full days doing this training and can say that it's Tara's best yet, and that my business in 2016 will not be the same because of it. We will be better connected to our customers needs, we'll have content that transforms their lives (for free), and as business owners we now have the toolkit to sell our products more consistently. Thank you CL and Tara Gentile for this gift. You make small business dreams come true.

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