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Get Buy In

Lesson 28 from: Turn Your Service Into a Product

Tara McMullin

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28. Get Buy In

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Get Buy In

Okay, so we've got a couple more steps to go in the process of automating how we're going to get leads, nurture those leads and make the sale. We've already grabbed attention with attention, getting headlines, and then we've asked micro commitments so that people start taking the action that they need to trust you to get engaged, to be involved so that they're in the right headspace to make a great buying decision. The next thing we need to tackle is getting by in in otherwords getting people excited, excited about what we have to offer about who we are about what our business is all about, about the community of customers that we have around us already. And this is the answer to the question why would someone buy for me instead of the competition? Why would someone buy for me instead of the competition? There are a lot of different options out there. The buy in that comes from your product from your marketing. From what you have to say to the people who are thinking about buying from ...

you, it will become the answer to this question, and the answer to this essentially is the content marketing is as much about nurturing leads as it is about finding new ones, and I've hinted at this a few times throughout this class. Is that the number one way I use content marketing on my own block and in my own email marketing is to nurture leads not to constantly try to get new ones if you think about it there's sort of two types of blogged posts out there that you'll see there's one type of block post that's a really geared for grabbing people's attention that don't know anything about a particular brand they're the and the era very often list posts, right? Yeah everyone's nodding yes on we know what those are you know it's like three things you've never thought about when it comes to launch your information products, I would probably click on that headline too I'm not gonna lie now whether or not I would just I would decide to sign up for something that people were asking for that's that's a completely different story but I'd probably click on that headline too that would probably be, you know, capture a lot of new traffic but that's not how I use content marketing ninety percent of the time ninety percent of the time I am thinking about specific people in my world and creating content that gets them from where they are right now toe where they want to be gets them from where they are right now toe where they want to be, who am I thinking about? Sometimes I'm thinking about people who are just subscribers you know, people who have been on my list, people that reach out to me on social media and say, hey, I really appreciate it, that last email I'll look into their profile a little bit more, I'll follow them on twitter, I'll see what kind of questions they're asking, and I might write something directly for for them based on what they're expressing, what they're saying doing thinking and feeling ah, lot of times my content marketing is inspired by my existing customers and clients. I am all the time identifying roadblocks that my clients have, my my quiet power strategy clients have, and using that as inspiration for block posts. Why does that work so well? Well, if these people are already paying clients if I address their needs with people who aren't paying clients, there's a high likelihood, I'm going to find new paying client that's, right? I'm looking to match up one mindset with another one problem with another, so that way I'm always constantly duplicating xeroxing those wonderful people who are already working for working with me because I love them so much, they're so perfect. Thanks, guys. S so that's that's another thing that I'm thinking about then the other category of people that I'm thinking about when I'm creating content marketing are the big fish clients that I would like toe land sometimes they're already on my email list, sometimes on sometimes they're not. Sometimes they're people that, you know, their colleagues or there, you know, I have mutual friends with them and one spear another, I'm following them on facebook, I'm already following them on twitter, and they're people who are, um, like, your ideas are so good, and I see you doing things wrong in your business are asking the wrong what I think are the wrong questions and man, if I could just get my hands on yur business boy, the magic we could make and some of my most successful blogged posts are actually the ones that come from thinking about those particular client's, because not only are they asked for or not client is prospects, because not only are they aspirational for me, but they're also aspirational for my audience. And so, you know, the aspirational element there is helping my clients get from where they are right now are my subscribers helping them get from where they are right now, where they I want to be, which is often represented by who these people are, and their particular problems that they have right so that's kind of three groups of people by existing subscribers, my existing client base, and then the people that I have my eye on as my next clients. People that I know would make amazing clients that I would have a ton of fun working with, but I could also create help create amazing results with that's, who I'm thinking about what I'm creating content, I don't actually care about the people who aren't in my world right now, it's not, of course, that I don't care about them. It's it's just that they are so far removed from being ready to make a buying decision with me, that if they dictate my content marketing from week to week, then the people that are on my list, they're not getting moved closer to to making a purchase with me, and this is this is something that I think a lot of people do wrong with content marketing, they're constantly trying to get new people and constantly falling short of nurturing the leads that they already have. I firmly believe that for the vast majority of you, you have way mohr almost ready to buy customers in your list than you realize, and that if you would simply nurture those leads maur, if you would give them more of what they need, if you would help him see that what they want to become is what you want for them, too, through the content marketing that you create, you would make more sales, mohr easily okay, so I didn't mention just a little bit ago that case study that I have it serviced two six figure launch there's actually some examples of blogged post that I've used that do exactly that the sales conversations that I use that are all about nurturing leads and not at all about getting new subscribers now the good news is of course, that I often get new subscribers as part of this process because what resonates with you guys is going also resonate with audiences that are out there a swell and every time I make a home run with you, you share it and you say this is me right now this is exactly the question that I had on my mind this is exactly the problem that I've been struggling with and so you share it you feel good about it, you know, sometimes you don't share it on social media sometimes you ford the email sometimes you text message someone the link and those are the most effective shares, right? Those are the things those that's how you know you never know that that's happening but you you can kind of figure out that that's happening or sometimes people will tell you then I just found out about you my friend for jen bed forwarded an email that you said and I just love what I'm reading on your blood could we talk about working together you're any friend of gen babs is a friend of mine, right? So that kind of stuff happens when you're really thinking about creating content for the people that have that have already made a commitment to you. And so you khun there's a there are a bunch of different things that you khun d'oh teo uh there's a bunch of different things that you could do to nurture those leads little bit by little bit really give put them in the best position for buying from you. So who are you creating content for? Are you creating content too? Get a mystery customer that's out there or you creating content to turn the people who've already said yes into people who say a bigger yes and actually make a buying decision with you now I don't want I don't want to you to get the impression that reaching out to new audiences is something that you shouldn't be doing it's absolutely something that you should be doing and like I said that you know, creating content for people who have already said yes is one way that you can actually do that and do it mohr effectively than just, you know, creating link bait we're creating traffic baby, you might reach fewer people but way a whopping amount more of them we'll be the right people for you, which is how I get a lot more revenue out of a relatively small list than a lot of other people in my space who have much bigger lists and don't get is good as conversion asai dio because I'm not just going for his many new email addresses it's possible I'm going for the right ones you know, if you sign up for my case study, I think you're probably a good person for me I'm creating content for you, right? And I'm much more likely to see you turn into a customer or a client than if you sign up for some weird link baby webinar that I recorded three years ago not me that someone created three years ago, you know? And so I like to think about outreach and content marketing as being as needing to be as effective as a possible and as efficient as possible, you know, putting tons of link bake content out there is not efficient, you could get a ton of traffic, but if you're not getting a ton of conversions from it, if you're not getting a ton of sales from it, what's the point you're probably just day looting your brand and you're not taking the effort that it takes to move the people that have said yes closer to making a sale so one of the best ways that you can get by in with your existing leads is to tell them stories and I don't just mean fluffy heart short stories I mean things that really tell the story of who you are, what you're about and what you have to offer so you could tell a story about why you do things differently why do you do things differently? I've got stories to tell about that I bet you do two more detail that you can use the more descriptive you khun b the better you can tell a story about how doing things differently benefits to customers you can tell a client story or a customer story and how the unique things about your unfair advantage about your difference allow you to get better results or allowed you to get better results for that customer you could tell a story about howto apply what you're offering howto apply what you're offering so in other words you could tell a story about how someone actually used or maybe how you used what it is that you're teaching or sharing or walking people through you should definitely tell a story about why you care about this why you care about this problem why you care about this question why you care about this goal people want to know that you care and this is also this is when following your passion is most effective this is what following your passion is about following your passion isn't career advice it's actually content marketing advice passion is that feeling where you just get so excited about something that you just can't hold it back or you get so pissed off about something that you just can't hold it back. One of my favorite questions to ask is what really bugs you? What really pisses you off about the misconceptions or the assumptions or the wrong teachings that are happening in your industry? So if you share why you care about this and allow your passion to come through and through, you're going to make incredible connections with the people who've already said yes to you. I kind of I I sneak peek to this one. What bugs you like? I said, it's, one of my favorite questions. What bugs you about what's going on in your industry? What bugs you about? What your customers are doing right now. What bugs you about the problems that they have? What bugs you about the world the way it is. What bugs you right. Some emails, right, some content marketing about that. And then also, you can tell a story about how to solve a common problem. This is a great way, tio kind of move people along and helped them realize what kind of value you can create for them. So I'd like to hot seat one of you now and help you kind of brain storm I'm just actually gonna leave this up brainstorm some of these different stories so that you can both create blogged posts on the fly and so that you could do more of that email automation like we did with jen and korean the last lesson. So do I have a volunteer? Actually, natalie I'm gonna ask you to come up again because I think this could be a really difficult thing for web designers and I think this is gonna be a really important thing that you need to do is part of launching your new product. So why do you do things differently? Uh how does this is a copout but but it's because I care I really want to see people succeed. Um cory actually asked me over one of the breaks like how'd you get into this and like, why do you care about conversions and all of that? And um I did it. I kind of started my freelance career working with friends and when you start working with friends it's like I have to make sure that this you know my friend cells as many custom bicycles as possible like what can I do to make sure that everything is perfect for his sight so that he gets he can, you know, pay his bills and feed himself and and that has carried me through for you know, the ten years I've been a designer now of that carrying yeah, so could you write an email that the subject line would be something like I care more about you than I do about pretty design? Yes, that I think that would be really great email for you right or really played great block post I mean, it could live both places you could write a block post about it and then you could insert it do you have an automation sequence for your email list? I do, but it could be better all of ours could be about our mind could be better lying to be like four times as long as it is ok, so that I mean, that might even be a great female to start off with because it's one of those emails or one of those subject lines that it's polarizing if people really are if they've been attracted to you because of your pretty design and you say that's actually not what's important that may cause them to unsubscribe that's awesome, yeah, because you want people to go from the you know, I really want my website to be beautiful too I really want my website to be beautiful and to perform really well for me, right? And so if people aren't willing to make that mental leap soon after they sign up for your website or senate for email list then those aren't people you want on your list in the first place right exactly I mean cause I know from the people that do you end up contacting me and they're like oh, I want a duplicate of so and sos design and I'm like well there's a lot of red flags there but I'm sort of like, you know that's just not really what I do I'm way more than just about the pretty picture yes absolutely okay the next one is so how does doing things differently benefit your customer? It gets them were sales they feel more competent in the in the personality that they're putting forth they feel represented in their business but at the end of the day I'm really all about making sure that their business functions better and that they can feed themselves ok so you could write an email with the subject line ah better website should mean a better business it's like you're so good okay, next question might be a little bit more difficult for you, but I think there's probably something really good there too how would you how should people apply what you're offering? Maybe even if they don't make a purchase or even if they don't sign up for especially website design services with you, how could they apply what you're offering in terms of content marketing I'm not sure I understand. I mean, I guess they could apply what I'm offering and in terms of figuring out what their main goal is for their website that's on screen because that's a big problem that I see is that either people have no goals or they have, like, five, okay, so it's like, just just pick one, okay, so I may not have a catchy a subject line for this one, but it could be just something as simple as do you know what? Your website, what you want your website to do for you, right? Yeah, easy peasy. Um, why do you care about this? Uh, I just really like to see people making a living, doing what they love. I mean, it sounds really miss america, but that's really how I feel, I know that it's really how you feel and, you know, sometimes these messages almost sounded like a little cliche because there are a lot of people out there that are saying something similar, but at the same time, I think it's important to realize that your customers aren't getting all of the same messaging that you're getting right, and so that message might be the first time they've ever heard something like that. I mean, think about all the swarming web design agencies that are out there so many, especially with local businesses, and you have a fair amount of local business and local referrals as well. And so these are people that maybe getting pitched by, really not with it website design agencies that costs a lot of money. Yeah, well, in there, out to pad their portfolios, not actually make someone else more money. Yeah, and that really upset me. Well, and so that might be a great subject line for this is I do this so you can make more money e mean, like let's just cut to the chase. Yeah, right? Yeah. Um, you know, also coming from, like you and your personality, that would be a really interesting message, teo, because you're super sweet, you're super approachable, you're super kind, you're super smart, and you are that direct with people. I do this to make you more money. I think that might be really attention grabbing message and something that reinforces again and again now that you're in this to help people's businesses succeed, not to just put pretty things on the internet. Okay, absolutely. What bugs you? All the things so many things, I just get really ticked off seen so many designers out there doing a massive disservice to their customers in making pretty pictures that just don't do anything, and ultimately just do not make anybody more runny. They just had their own portfolios, and that is just because they just don't know what they're doing or they just plain don't care. Yeah, so could you read an email or a block post? It's like five things I hate about web design. Oh, five things I hate about the web design industry I would love to e give you all permission to write things like that, by the way, so affected it's never occurred to me to do that, but I got, like writes that itself. Yeah, okay, so you got to think about your personality and you've got to think about your brand and maybe hate isn't a word that you want to use or maybe you don't want to be quite so direct, but I think anyone, any personality, any fascination archetype could take that idea and make it work for them, right? Like that headline would work for me because my brand is very I'm going to tell you the way it iss, and I'm going to tell you again, and then I'm gonna make sure you know by telling you a third time, right? And that's that's one of the things you guys appreciate about me, right? But that may not fit your style on dh, so you'd have to think about that maybe there's a way you can make it fit your style, but it actually sounds like you're really intrigued by that idea, so I really like it well, and I'm my own writing style is kind of how I how I talk so it's, like, I might say something kind of outlandish, but then I tried a kind of sugarcoated or humor my way out of it are, you know, kind of soften it. Yeah, are you funny in your block? I try to be okay because I think you're very funny people generally real respond and be like, well, that was hilarious. Cool? Yeah. So then you could kind of almost you could do that almost a little tongue in cheek that yeah, okay for sure. Superfund was a common problem that you see people coming to you with, like, your your your prospects that are, like, right on the verge of hiring you what's a common problem that they come to you with, mostly that they're overwhelmed and they don't know where to start. All right, could you break the process down to, like, the five things you need to do to get the most out of your web design experience? Yes so that way it's like and not something that you could reference for everyone that comes through your doors whether they've come through the automation sequence or not you could say these are the five things that I need you to be clear on before we really get started if you're not clear on these five things it's going to take longer it's going to cost you more money and you're not going to get a good result it's right? So that could be a really trust building thing for you a piece for you as well as just something that's really useful and valuable to people who really and really gives them a taste of what you're all about when it comes to the service that you provide good yeah for sure I think maybe not exactly in that order or you could play around with the order but I would love to see you right all of those pieces put them up on your blogged and then stick them into your automation cycle so that people are kind of piece by piece getting introduced to who you are, what you're all about, what makes you different and some of the different ways that you can help them out even with out them hiring you absolutely sound good yeah, any questions? I don't think so okay, thanks now like you any questions about creating content that automates that process of buying maybe showing your expertise okay? Yeah like like case studies is the first thing that comes to mind but but showing people that you do know what you're talking about yeah, absolutely and I think that actually that's another way that you get mohr traction out of all of these things is you could turn each one of these things into a case study actually so you could have one of these that comes from your perspective or hypothetical stories or what you see going on in the market and you could turn around to do this all over again with case studies. Yeah, sasha would have some kind of link or yeah like offer at the bottom of each or would that be over killed to do it for all? Yeah, so one thing that I've done and we kind of hinted at this in the micro commitment lesson, but one thing that I've done with my automation sequence is tio most some some of the e mails are pieces of content in and of themselves, but a lot of them now are little introductions to the piece and then ask for a click over to my web site and the reason I do that is because I like to keep my email template as clean as possible it's a single column it's mostly text there aren't a lot of calls to action there's my emails are only ever about one thing um, and when I ask people to click back over to my site, there's lots of different ways, then that they could spend money with me so and their most again, they're most motivated to spend money with me in that early period so they could click through to a block post and see, you know, two of my books in the sidebar and decide to purchase those where they could click through to the workshops tab and see all of my creative live workshops that are, you know, really inexpensive compared to a lot of other things that I offer, right? And so that opens the door to a sale without them getting tired of a constant called action to buy. Okay, that's said, definitely every so often within the sequence, and probably more often than a lot of you already have, I would absolutely ask for a sale. So whether it's, you know, to start a free trial of kickstart labs, or whether it's to buy a book, or whether it's tio, you know, purchase a workshop because I linked directly to my my creative life catalog fairly often, those are all things that I would include a little bit by little bit when they're related. Tio ah, part of that automation sequence, part of that buy in sequence makes sense, jen. So this is all like this would tell my client like who I am and why my product is better and and why they should buy it can I also tell the customer who they are yeah for sure for sure andi I think that that yeah, I think that that almost comes hand in hand right as well yeah so like when I talk about why how I do things differently or why I do things differently one of the things that I would say is you know, people come to me when they're tired of beginner content and they want something that's more robust for in depth on more geared to the phase of the business that they're in well now I've just told you something about myself and something about yourself yeah, okay, any other questions? No any questions from online about getting buying there's a question about content marketing general ok, I think it's a frustration that many people have and I think you answered a little bit already but I'll throw it out there when you want to know what if you can barely do content marketing because you're so focused on busy with serving existing clients I want to do more content marketing but trying to find the time to do it yeah so we did we did talk about time in a previous lesson I said one of the easiest ways you could make more time in your business is to raise your prices if you are so bogged down with work that you can't do the things that you need to do to make your business work then you're charging too little for your service um hands down bar none no exceptions god's honest truth that's the answer again in a previous lesson I mentioned that our imperative is to spend fifty percent of our time getting traction for our product and fifty percent on the product self same goes for a service if you're spending forty hours a week delivering your service because that's what it takes to pay the bills then you are headed towards burnout you are headed towards failure because you will lose that stream of leads at some point it will end and it will dry up and you won't know what to do because you haven't been doing it all along so now is the time to make a commitment to yourself to raise your prices to create extra time in your schedule so you can start doing the stuff now but great question yeah um I have a pretty diverse list with different goals and desire so when I think about jane content marketing it really is about exactly what I'm moving people tio dio I think okay need to segment this list so what do you suggest for someone without situation? Yeah so there's one really easy thing that you could d'oh is to kind of get everyone started along the same the same automation sequence on dh that would probably a lot of introducing them to the corkery alone world. So introduce them to yourself and you introduce them to what quirkyalone really is. And then you could send out an email that actually says, you know, is this your problem? I wrote a block post about that. Is this your goal? I wrote a block post about this. Is this what you're experiencing now? I wrote a block post about that and take, you know, three different goals or three different problems and have people click on one of those lengths now, yes, this gets a little tricky because some of somebody's going to click on all three of them. But that's okay, if you start sending them twenty emails a day, they're probably gonna love you because that's why they clicked on all three block posts, right? But in male champ in entre port an infusion soft and convert kit in a weber. In every single system, you can use a link to then segment uh, people. So in male champ, the secret there is to use gold tracking and so gold tracking is the future that you need to look for on you can use a for specific goal and the action taken on that specific goal t to start anew automation sequence you might have a beginning automation sequence and then you might have three other automation sequences depending on that customers goal and the segment that they that they self select themselves into there's a little bit like what brianne talked about earlier in terms of you know she had that call with the coaches for him or the coaches counsel people and you know they probably went into their cr m and clicked off a bunch of you know she wants press she wants networking and so she started getting emails about pressing networking and not maybe so much about professional development makes sense yeah that's that's great cool I also do that with webinars I make sure that anyone who signs up for a webinar doesn't just get added to my list but gets added to a specific interest group so that I don't necessarily have an automation sequence set up for all of them but I do know that in the future like if I have content specific to that list against select them out and send them something specific or if I've got an offer that I think they would be interested in I can send that directly to them okay cool so your task for this lesson is to create a sequence of content that introduces new leads to your brand and why it's different now here's the superfund trick you probably have content on your blogged already that you, khun, leverage and utilize for this. So what I want you to do is take that bullet point list of stories that I suggested and go on a little scavenger hunt in your blogged. To find those things you might need to rewrite an introduction here. There, you might need to change a called action. You might need to update a story a little bit to make it relevant. But you do not have to do the work of writing ten new pieces, because I almost guarantee you they already exist. If you've been doing this any length of time, you've already done this.

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