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Your Etsy Sales Funnel

Lesson 22 from: Turn Your Etsy Shop into a Sales Machine

Lisa Jacobs

Your Etsy Sales Funnel

Lesson 22 from: Turn Your Etsy Shop into a Sales Machine

Lisa Jacobs

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22. Your Etsy Sales Funnel


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Your Etsy Sales Funnel

Now, if you've never seen a Sales Funnel before this is my graphic of it. This is what I use to teach my private clients, and at the top of the Sales Funnel, you'll see that the widest opening is attracting a lot of different people in a lot of different situations. The top is where your marketing is reaching for more potential customers. And not only for new customers and new visitors, but also it's helping repeat customers come back into the loop, it's engaging them. So, once I have the sale I'm still gonna be using my blog and the social media accounts to continue to engage and talk with customers that have already done business with me. So this is not at all hard-sell marketing, not at all hard sales at all. In fact there's probably not even any asks for business going on. Maybe an occasional sale, maybe an occasional product link. But this is very casual and friendly. It's kind of more contact marketing type of thing, I'm just having a relationship, there where I'm just always me,...

me, me, and "give me something", but I'm just talking to customers in a more casual way. And your Etsy account is up here, your Etsy shop is part of the ways that you can reach out and attract. Your blog, if you have one, any referrals you might be getting, and all of your social media accounts feed into this Funnel. And this is all setup to introduce your business, and invite customers in to kick off their shoes and shop around. And still near the top here you can see that you're engaging with your potential customers. And you're not only finding them, but you're sharing things that interest them, and you're capturing their attention. You're speaking to their challenges, and you're speaking to their interests and their needs. The best way to connect with your customer, or your visitor here, and help them move further into the Sales Funnel for your business is to collect emails in every way that you possibly can. So it's going to be, when you build a marketing system, when you build this out into your world every place in your web that they might stick and connect, you capture their attention, you wanna make sure there's a way to get their emails there. So they have that. It's almost replace the Contact button, so that they know they keep hearing from you again. So probably not going to contact you directly, but they're gonna wait to hear back from you. So have sign-ups, have opt-ins, offers on your blog, that the different offers display, the different opt-ins boxes displayed. And then you want them in your shop, you can put them in your shop announcement, of course they won't be live links, because that's not how Etsy get... Etsy shops don't give us that opportunity. And then social media accounts. Now, just because they're there doesn't necessarily mean that a lot of people are going to be motivated to give their email. But later when we build a campaign and we're looking more at the strategy side of things, we're gonna look at ways to say, "There's a good reason you wanna get on my email," and get them there before you start giving out discounts, or sales, or whatever you're running. So the best way to connect and move further into the Funnel is to collect emails (laughs) Okay, so the next thing I wanna do is... The next thing you wanna do is establish trust with your customers. And so my favorite thing about looking at a Sales Funnel is seeing all of the moving parts and all of the different layers, and all the things that go into an online business, it's so much more than listing a product online for sale, and you can see it for the process that it is. As beginners we have a product, we list it online, we tend to expect a sales. But, as you can see, the customer wants so much more. They want this engagement, they want us to establish trust. So as you're further down into the Sales Funnel you are establishing trust. You're starting to speak more intimately. You're getting to a new comfort level with your potential customers. Beyond your social media accounts, your blog starts to answer their questions, your emails are providing value, they feel like you're speaking right to them, they feel like you're answering the questions that they had. And it's important to note, that at this point in Sales Funnel, the customer is a resounding "Maybe" to your offer. They're interested, they haven't said "Yes", but they haven't said "No". They want more, and they're a very strong "Maybe". But that's good, because you have a long-term strategy and you're gonna continue to persist. And your connection is growing stronger, and that's the most important part of your marketing system. Lisa? Please. You have a couple of questions from the online audience. And I also looked to ask the studio audience if they have any questions about the Funnel. 'Cause it's a great tool, and I think there'd be a lot of interest in it. So, one student asked, "I have over 500 sales, but since I didn't ask "any of my clients to join my email list "after their purchase, can I do it now? "If yes, what is the best way of doing that?" I say "No" to that. And the reason being is because in 500 sales history you're really contacting them after a long time, and it's more of an interruption, than the natural flow of things. If you had sales last... There's a thing, you can't just contact them, out of the blue, to ask them to get on your email list. That's kind of sketchy. But if it's a process, if your Thank You notes come out with your opt-in forms, or you have AWeber setup so it automatically requests that right after the sale, you can do that type of thing. But I wouldn't go on old orders and contact everybody, you'll be marked as spam a lot. Especially on Etsy, that would be a danger to your account. So they had a follow-up question about that, and in light of your answer, Livia is the name, they asked, "I was thinking of emailing them "on my shop anniversary to thank them, offer them a coupon, "tell them they can join my email list", would that still be spamish? That would break the law. Okay. You have to be careful. Because the CAN-SPAM Act mean that everything has to be... Read the CAN-SPAM Act, you can Google that. It's actually seven steps, and it's pretty easy to comprehend and employ in your business. But I would be afraid to contact them like that when they haven't opted-into a list. Okay, great. So, over time, you and your customer start to know and trust one another. And they believe you're the person for the job, because your marketing has sent that message consistently. And now you're having sales conversations. And when you're having sales conversations with your customers, and they're actually listening, it gives me chills, that is the sweet spot in business. Because that's when the business starts giving back to you. And it feels like your message is finally being heard. And your message is connecting, and your message is being received. It's the goal for any marketing. And finally, there's the follow-up. Remember, you're never looking at this as a one-off sale. But you're always treating your sale as an opportunity to build a relationship. If your customer isn't already on your email list you need to do some heavy prompting here. So going forward, we don't wanna go into the past, there's danger in that. There's danger with Etsy with that, there's danger with the law with that. But going forward you wanna make sure your Thank You notices, anything you send them after the fact, your package comes with prompting to get your customer onto the email list, or connect with them. You definitely wanna continue to push that email sing-up. You're asking them a lot throughout this process, but here you wanna really push it, so that you make sure you can keep in touch. So it's important to know, that this is not actually a Funnel with an end puddle. I don't know about you, but when I hear a Sales Funnel I think of something that you come through and then you land. That would be a puddle. But rather, this is flow-chart, because new customers, those first sales, are always invited to come back around. Repeat business is invited to always come back around. And during that cycle, during that flow, the relationships are getting better. And as they're getting better, and those customers are becoming fans, now they're offering referrals. And that's another beautiful stop to get into business. So rather than the daily scramble today we're going to create a system that does this for you every day. A system that's ongoing automated working for you. You're going to blog, and if you blog you're gonna post on social media, and you're gonna email with purpose. You're creating movement, you're establishing trust, and you're building relationships with your customers. And that's the whole point of everything we do today.

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The course was really practical and organized very well. Each day built on the previous day and had solid, actionable recommendations. I am just starting my Etsy shop and feel like I have a plan for moving forward with some confidence. Lisa is charming and very real and her enthusiasm for supporting businesses is engaging and very encouraging. She wants us to be part of the tribe and I appreciate that! Thanks Lisa and everyone at Creative Live for more great "Mini B-school" lessons that I can use for my online business.


Thank you thank you thank you! I have been going about the "daily scramble" for years - with ups and downs along the way and this course has been a true eye opener for me. The message of consistency and brand cohesion as well as deep respect for my customers will surely stay with me and help my business continue to grow. No matter what stage you are at in your creative business, Lisa has something great to teach! Highly recommended!

Kaitlynd B Zimmer

Lisa has so much personal energy and friendly personality its hard not to fall in love with her! Her extensive experience in the industry from ground up growth was a pleasure to relive through her hilarious trial and error comments. Overall what I came away with was taking action is the only way to grow and learn what works for each individual Etsy shop. And to make those actions pay off get your self out of your comfort zone! The section on SEOs was a huge eye opener! Thank you Tim for shining the light on areas I has not even aware existed before. I feel I now have the tools to build the strong and engaging Etsy shop that can become the success I dream of. Thank you! Kaitlynd B Zimmer

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