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What Should Be In Your Etsy Marketing Strategy?

Lesson 25 from: Turn Your Etsy Shop into a Sales Machine

Lisa Jacobs

What Should Be In Your Etsy Marketing Strategy?

Lesson 25 from: Turn Your Etsy Shop into a Sales Machine

Lisa Jacobs

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25. What Should Be In Your Etsy Marketing Strategy?


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What Should Be In Your Etsy Marketing Strategy?

So, to simplify my marketing strategy, at the core, is this. I'm looking to find people who appreciate my work, deeply appreciate those people, and then brainstorm ways of finding more people just like them. My whole thing is about doing a on how do I find customers and turning to the world and saying, where are you, and how do I find, wait, how do I get found, and turn, doing a 180 on that and saying, how do I find more customers? So I'm always, always looking for new ways to connect with more customers. When we start to build a strategy, the first thing we'll do, every single time, is look at the seasons of the business. So to do this, I'm going to show you how to create a marketing calendar for your year. And it doesn't, this can be perpetual, I recommend it is perpetual. I recommend you start with the month that you're coming into or the month that you're just starting out, and then build it out 12 months in advance. Always build it out 12 months in advance. Make a perpetual campa...

ign. But just for this class, and the purposes here, I made a January through December calendar. If I were going to start working with a new business, I would start with this month, and then go 12 months out. This is simple................. yet it's the guide to stopping the scramble once and for all and being done with it. So Your Best Year 2016 is a book I write. I write it every year. And in it, I created this.............. revolutionary system where we really break down the goals, from a year into segments. And rather than looking at a year at a glance, we look at smaller parts and smaller pieces of the year. So that your plan can be evolving, just like you are, as a creative business owner. One of the things that........... stands out to tell you is that I think a lot of times we feel pressured to create one, five and 10 year goals for businesses and that's where we all kind of start, and that makes me think of my husband, because he has a very traditional career and he has a lot of traditional mentors that he can follow in his career. And so it's very easy for him to do a one, five, 10 year projection. But for me, it's not the same. Whenever I do projections like that, what I ask for in five years never looks like where I get in five years. And 10 years, it's hard to say what I'm going to like until I try it. So I have, I like, at the longest term, long term goals to be three years, and never more than three years. And I like that to not be rigid or set in stone, but rather, everything is broken down into smaller chunks of time, where you test what you're asking for, because you don't want to get to the top of the ladder and feel, and realize it's, I'm butchering that, but realize it's up against the wrong wall. So to start your marketing calendar, this is how I have it, as it can be a creative business plan, it can be something that you work with every year. It should be creative, you are creative, so your marketing plan should be as such. But I start always taking note of where I want time off. Because I think the best way to drive your business is to take the wheel. I did not build this business to be an employee to it for the rest of my life. I did not build this business to work for it. I wanted to work for me, so I start with a fresh calendar, and then I'm going to plug in where I want my vacations and where I want my time off. That's important to note, because I don't want to be heavy into a campaign when my children are at home from school, or when I have other things going on in my life. So I wrote those onto this calendar in orange. I'm not out of the game, whenever I put them on my calendar. It's just caution time, it's just be careful because that's important to me. And that should be, that needs to be important to my business' schedule.

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The course was really practical and organized very well. Each day built on the previous day and had solid, actionable recommendations. I am just starting my Etsy shop and feel like I have a plan for moving forward with some confidence. Lisa is charming and very real and her enthusiasm for supporting businesses is engaging and very encouraging. She wants us to be part of the tribe and I appreciate that! Thanks Lisa and everyone at Creative Live for more great "Mini B-school" lessons that I can use for my online business.


Thank you thank you thank you! I have been going about the "daily scramble" for years - with ups and downs along the way and this course has been a true eye opener for me. The message of consistency and brand cohesion as well as deep respect for my customers will surely stay with me and help my business continue to grow. No matter what stage you are at in your creative business, Lisa has something great to teach! Highly recommended!

Kaitlynd B Zimmer

Lisa has so much personal energy and friendly personality its hard not to fall in love with her! Her extensive experience in the industry from ground up growth was a pleasure to relive through her hilarious trial and error comments. Overall what I came away with was taking action is the only way to grow and learn what works for each individual Etsy shop. And to make those actions pay off get your self out of your comfort zone! The section on SEOs was a huge eye opener! Thank you Tim for shining the light on areas I has not even aware existed before. I feel I now have the tools to build the strong and engaging Etsy shop that can become the success I dream of. Thank you! Kaitlynd B Zimmer

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