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The Etsy Marketing That Matters

Lesson 20 from: Turn Your Etsy Shop into a Sales Machine

Lisa Jacobs

The Etsy Marketing That Matters

Lesson 20 from: Turn Your Etsy Shop into a Sales Machine

Lisa Jacobs

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20. The Etsy Marketing That Matters


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The Etsy Marketing That Matters

Let's kick it off today with the three elements to marketing that works. This I'm calling the marketing that matters because if you spend any time on Pinterest or you spend any time online researching your creative business, you've probably seen a lot of articles that say things like 21 ways to market, or 10 ways to market your shop online and everything like that. The thing that bothers me about those is that first of all, if you go down that list, it's things like share it on Facebook. Like, hashtag duh. We're all doing that anyway. We're all pinning it, we're all tweeting it, tell me something I don't know, give me more. And the reason that I don't like lists like that is because it's marketing for marketing's sake. It's just it's more of the scramble. Okay, then I'll go out and do 21 things. There's no plan behind it, there's no strategy behind it, and there's no cure for the scramble within it. The number one element to marketing that matters is sharing a consistent message. Shari...

ng a consistent message. And the main focus of that message, your brand message, is what are you delivering, and who or how is it serving that customer? Your marketing's job at the end of the day is to continuously share your brand message. Continuously and consistently put it out there to your ideal customers. Your shop, your Etsy shop and your social media accounts are doing that right now. They're sending a message for you whether you set it up intentionally or not, as you're sitting here, everywhere that people can find you online, that message is being spread. That's the beauty of online, and it's also the curse of being online, because if you don't have it set up well it's not sending out a good message but if you do, it's sending out a beautiful message, it is welcoming people all the time. The question is, what is your marketing saying for you as you sit here? What is your social media account saying about you? Is it saying that, is it telling customers how you'll serve them? Is it telling customers what you're good at? Is it showcasing your experience? That's its job. The number two element of marketing that matters is to keep a customer focused on everything that you share. Marketing is not about what you want from the customer. Let's not get that twisted. Let's not share a lot of posts because we want more sales, because we're frantically scrambling through the day, we frantically want to bring more people to our product so that we get some income back for ourselves and that's how marketing is right now kind of being run for creative business. Instead, marketing is about what you're going to give and what you're going to offer. It's a customer focus. If I start out in a daily scramble, I'm really scrambling because why? I want more sales, I want more traffic, I want your email and I want it right now. I mean, I really want email. Moreover, I want a reliable income for myself and I want that bad. You see, there's a lot of me, me, me in that message and that's scary, because that's how a lot of people market. And anybody can say that I want more sales, and anybody can say that I want more customers, and I really do like email. (laughing) But, we're all saying that. In order to stand out, you want to shift the head space to what am I giving you? What am I willing to invest in this relationship that I know is going to be valuable to us both, and how can I culture more of a friendship with my ideal customers? Shift the focus off me. I wouldn't want to get to know anybody that it was all about them when we got to know each other, and neither would a customer. There's always as much to know about what I call your ideal customer as there is your best friend or your spouse. Just for a quick recap, an ideal customer, there's different places you can find this exercise. I've attached an ideal customer workbook to the bonus materials of this course and I really went in depth with it in my copywriting for crafters course for CreativeLive. But, just to give everybody who's tuning in for the first time a glimpse, an ideal customer is a fictional profile that you create in order to start to home in on that message and start to realize what they want from you, and it starts out as guesswork, and then it really graduates as you start to know real dream customers and dream clients, and then you start to put their attributes and their qualities into that profile. Alright, so the number three element to marketing that matters is a long-term strategy. And this, I believe, is the true secret to success in online business. I believe that there's nothing more powerful than your own persistence and your own consistency, and the hardest thing is weathering the slow seasons in this creative business. It's wanting to quit but not quitting when it feels like you're talking to yourself because for a long time, and for years to come, actually, there are going to be slow seasons where you feel like you're talking to yourself and that means you have to believe in your message and you have to believe in your product. Delivering a consistent message, even when there's no return, and even when you get no instant gratification from that message, or it is just very low and not very few instant gratification, and very little connection, you still need to keep going. We're gonna explore that strategy in the following sessions. That long-term strategy, that persistence. I'm gonna ask that you follow a rhythm, that you learn the rhythms of your business and it's gonna be a real interesting, I'm excited to bring that to you because it's going to be a real interesting way to look at your business in a way that I bet you've never looked at it before, and you're going to be looking for repeatable campaigns, and those are winning and powerful, and that means that you do something that works once and then you improve and enhance it as time goes on. You're going to boost what's already working, so we're gonna look for things that are working really well in your current marketing system, and then I'm gonna help you supplement the slow seasons and do things that will create more sales for you when you're having a slow season and weathering that. That's just the tip of the iceberg of what we're going to cover today. To market your Etsy shop, you're going to need a website that attracts and converts. We talked about that for an entire day, in build an Etsy store front that sells. And that's my job. That's my job to help you get a better storefront together, get a storefront that attracts and converts. To market effectively, you're going to need a marketing strategy. That's everything we're going to cover today in market your Etsy shop to sold out success and again, that's my job. I'm here to help you build your strategy. I'm here to walk you through it today. And finally, you're gonna need an email list and that is your job. I cannot do that for you, and it's absolutely necessary. If you don't have an email list, sign up with a free provider right now. I know that it's a vulnerable hump and I'm going to go ahead and assume that everybody here already has an email list or has one started, but as I stand here, I can promise you that there are people that have not gotten over that hump and they need to hear it one more time, go sign up for an email list. It is the key to a successful online business, you need that direct contact with your customers and marketing strategy does not work without it. It takes five minutes to create, it takes five minutes to learn and start making your own opt-in forms, and you can get it for free, and one of our favorite free providers is Mailchimp., go get one if you don't have one. None of the following will work without it. You have to have a way to directly contact your customers. Lisa? Please. We asked the online audience what sort of marketing issues they've been having and what they'd like to learn about, so I'd like to read some of those comments. Minushka, how to actually start it properly, start marketing properly. Time capsule says how to drive traffic to our website from Etsy. Our secret tree house says how to reach the right people, and daisy chain oddities wants to learn how to talk to the people and what to post. And time capsule again says they'd like to learn how to increase our social media engagement from our fans, our customers on Etsy. And finally, erin merick says I'm excited to hear about concrete examples of marketing and specifically, non-cringeworthy marketing. Anybody here would like to add some of their issues and what they'd like to hear about? I'm interested to know how you convert your Etsy customer to your email list. I think email is so important and I think email subscribers are absolutely essential. There are the places that you know where you can put the email subscribe opt-in, and you can put it in your shop announcement, but like we said, you don't want to put it in the first one to two sentences, that's very essio rich. You can email a link to your opt-in with your thank you notice so that it automatically goes out with Etsy. And there's other things that you can do which I really love and you can covert Etsy sales to email subscribers with a company called AWeber. I just mentioned the company called Mailchimp, that's a free service. Aweber definitely starts at a fee. It's a more advanced service, and they have an Etsy app connected, so that when you connect them when you get a new sale, Aweber automatically sends them an opt-in option. They send them that first list. They will subscribe it to your list, to your email list with Aweber if the Etsy sale, the Etsy buyer, clicks the confirm yes I would like to get on that email list. Perfectly within the law and something that can be very useful if you find yourself getting a lot of Etsy sales, but you're not getting them on your list. Thank you, that gave me an opportunity to share that tip because I think a lot of people don't know about that. But, also with email subscribers, the thing to be careful of is the can't spam act. The can't spam act is actually really simple and you can Google it online, but the thing about that is you always have to give them a way to unsubscribe. Wherever you're collecting your emails online, the most important thing is make sure that they have that unsubscribe button and then there's a few other things that are kind of no brainers, kind of always come out with email subscriptions online. And any email provider will make sure you're covered on those basics and make sure you're following the law. Alright, so from here, let's dive into marketing as a big, broad concept. I'm going to break it down today into three parts. The entire day is going to be segmented so that we are going to talk about marketing in all of its groups. We're going to talk about marketing as a system, and what it should be doing for you when it's online. We're gonna talk about marketing as a goal to set so that whatever you do when you're marketing makes sense to your business, so the goal actually gets you out of the daily scramble. And we're gonna talk about a strategy. How to sell more whenever you're marketing. How to build your list whenever you're marketing and strategy is going to be a really fun segment as well. And then by the end of the day, we're going to turn all of those components into a winning marketing campaign that you can duplicate or adjust so that it fits your creative business. There's a lot of components that come with marketing because it is a broad, big topic. I designed the course materials and I designed everything we learned today so that it could be mostly set it and forget it, and that's gonna be a good system, so I don't want to overwhelm you because everything is going to be able to be set up once and then run effectively over time.

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The course was really practical and organized very well. Each day built on the previous day and had solid, actionable recommendations. I am just starting my Etsy shop and feel like I have a plan for moving forward with some confidence. Lisa is charming and very real and her enthusiasm for supporting businesses is engaging and very encouraging. She wants us to be part of the tribe and I appreciate that! Thanks Lisa and everyone at Creative Live for more great "Mini B-school" lessons that I can use for my online business.


Thank you thank you thank you! I have been going about the "daily scramble" for years - with ups and downs along the way and this course has been a true eye opener for me. The message of consistency and brand cohesion as well as deep respect for my customers will surely stay with me and help my business continue to grow. No matter what stage you are at in your creative business, Lisa has something great to teach! Highly recommended!

Kaitlynd B Zimmer

Lisa has so much personal energy and friendly personality its hard not to fall in love with her! Her extensive experience in the industry from ground up growth was a pleasure to relive through her hilarious trial and error comments. Overall what I came away with was taking action is the only way to grow and learn what works for each individual Etsy shop. And to make those actions pay off get your self out of your comfort zone! The section on SEOs was a huge eye opener! Thank you Tim for shining the light on areas I has not even aware existed before. I feel I now have the tools to build the strong and engaging Etsy shop that can become the success I dream of. Thank you! Kaitlynd B Zimmer

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