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Recap and Question

Lesson 10 from: Turn Customers Into Fans in the First 100 Days

Joey Coleman

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Lesson Info

10. Recap and Question

Lesson Info

Recap and Question

The first thing we talked about yesterday was why the first hundred days and the answer is really based in science it's based in research and it's based on personal experience of business owners around the world in a variety of different industries and that experience is that if you get the first hundred days right of the client experience or the customer experience or your audience member experience, you can have a customer for life it's really that simple? The statistics are staggering at how many people are coming into your business and are leaving out the back door while you're focused on we need to get new people in, we need to acquire new customers instead of stopping to take care of the ones you already have. We then turned our conversation to who is your audience and I specifically used the word audience as opposed to customer a client or a patient or user because if you think about the audience you're inclined to think more that I am performing I am on stage my business, my pr...

oduct is presenting a show and to some of the points that were made earlier when we were kind of checking in that feeling will make you more aware of the emotions that are involved in the conversation, right? It will make you think this isn't just a transaction, this is an experience, this is a performance that's something we want to dio building on that concept of experience and performance, we turned to the goals and emotions in the first hundred days what's fascinating is we have our own business goals, is business owners things we'd like to see happen? We want to get new clients, we want to get them to pay us. We want to do a project and be moving on to the next project, hopefully providing some service in some quality work along the way, but we often stop and fail to recognize the goals and emotions of our customers. Two separate things number one there goals, which they have both stated goals and unstated goals. We spent a lot of time yesterday talking about how do you identify the difference between the two and why often, the unstated goal is more important than the stated goal. We then talked about the emotions and the fact that the research shows they're over seven thousand expressions that the human face can make associated with emotions. So we've got a lot of different emotions associate id, and yet most companies are operating in an emotional band like this. In fact, arguably, most people are operating an emotional band like this with maybe a couple positive emotions couple negative emotions, and if I recall, we look att an e k g if it's going like this. We're not feeling is good, is if it's going like this? Okay, we wanna have the jumps and the spike that's. What lets us know this is still beating and working. All right? We finished up our day yesterday with mapping the first hundred days, and sherry was great participant for us and she came up here and we mapped out in experience, and we're going to talk a little going to start our session today by reviewing this and talking a little bit about the experience. We also give the opportunity for everybody who is online to submit their homework, and I'm really excited because we have a couple of people that were going to be using his examples from our online audience this morning and talk about mapping their experience. The goal behind mapping the experience is to give you a visual reference point for the roller coaster that your customers are currently on. I mean, without being critical of sherry, because this is representative map of what most of your businesses air doing, we start out pretty good, and then we're suddenly on the roller coaster, and then we're back up and we're back down, we're back up and just that knowledge, being able to see it visually mapped out gives us a frame of reference for saying, what can I do to make sure those dips because they're going to occur jumped right back up his quickly as possible and howard, what are things that I can do and today we're going to be talking a lot about this where we can jump in and make that dip not goa sfar there may still be a dip because again we're dealing with human beings and emotions and kind of the nature of the brain and the human condition but if we actually planet and we become a little strategic about it, we can anticipate where those dips are going to be and try to level them out a little bit today. Day two is going to be another jam packed day we're going to have four segments and we're going to start with our first segment reviewing and assessing your current first hundred days plan okay, so hopefully you did the homework if you're just tuning in for the first time where you didn't get a chance to do the homework don't beat yourself up it's totally fine we're gonna have some awesome examples not only from our studio audience but from online we're gonna walk you through what they did for the homework and they were actually going to conclude this section by bringing someone up and mapping them from scratch what their current plan is right now so if you haven't had a chance to do it you will get the chance to do it as part of this first segment then we're going to turn teo identifying preferences and maximizing the channel mix, okay, this is kind of the sexy way to say way. What is it that your customers really want in terms of how you're communicating with them? But the frequency both the duration, both the time of day, time of weak, all these various elements, how do you figure out what they actually prefer? And then how do you build your systems around that we're then going to turn to a conversation about channel mix, which, frankly, is just a business he way or sexy way of saying you have all these different ways you can communicate with your customers? Which ways are you going to choose? Frankly, for most of us is small business owners and most people I know that we had a couple folks online yesterday, they were just starting their business, it can be overwhelming, you're like, oh my gosh, I need to be on twitter and I need to be on facebook and I need to have a website and I better have a blogger and I'd better be doing content marketing and I better be able to get on the phone. And what about the real live meetings? I have to have it? What about networking about? So I'm gonna hand out my business cards? And it gets overwhelming and we think to ourselves how'm I gonna get all this done I'm gonna argue that the best way to get it all done is to stop doing so much of it just stop somebody asked me right before the session started today and I know there's some of you that are tweeting that were like joey what's your twitter handle so that we can you know, put you in the tweet it's like I don't know twitter and some people are like oh my god you know you don't do twitter how how can you call yourself a marketer? How can you call yourself you know somebody who cares about customer experience and it's like folks? This is real simple I barely have time to do my emails I don't have time to be on twitter do I lurk on twitter? Sometimes I write him a bit of a twitter lurker I've got an account I follow a handful of people that I really like but I probably go on twitter maybe once every three months for those of you that are on twitter right now and going oh my god, I've been online since I woke up this morning and this is fantastic and look at all these things I'm sharing with the world that's fine if that's the channel you want to use and more importantly if that's the channel that your customers you're using okay, most of my customers to be blunt are ceos of companies if they have twitter handles someone else's tweeting for them, they're not reading their stuff, so guess what, that's not where my customers play, I'm not gonna waste one minute on it, so we're going to spend a significant amount of time talking about that because it can get really overwhelming thinking we need to do this and this and this, we're also going to talk about how those two, two things melt, how the customer preferences can give you insight into which channels you should be using, and then how you use them to get a feedback loop against each other, then we're going to move into segment three, which frankly, in some ways is the segment that you came for. All right? How am I going to create this map of how my business is going to be different starting thursday morning? As I said yesterday, I'm not the theory guy, I'm not the guy who's going to tell you. Oh, you should do this and wouldn't it be need is an academic exercise to do this? No, I'm the guy who's going to say, I want you to have a plan when you leave this class that you can implement thursday morning, period and start to make a difference in your customers experiences right out the box so what we're gonna do is we're going to erase this, we're gonna have the map again, and we're gonna actually work together almost a za team, both with the people in the studio audience as well as those online to figure out what would the optimal experience being the first hundred days we're going to get a bunch of different people up so that you can see across different businesses again, I promise you, I've had the opportunity with company toe work with companies all over the world in pretty much every industry you could possibly imagine gin and this works. So if you're sitting at home saying, yeah, but no, you don't understand, I do, you know, balloon animals for kids, birthday parties and first hundred days doesn't work. Yes, it works for you, too. Okay, finally, we're going to finish up our segment today with a calendar and checklist. I wasn't joking when I said you're gonna be ready to go. Starting thursday morning, we're gonna actually build out a calendar that will track where your customers are in the process, with a checklist of the communications and the touch points and the interactions you should be having with them in the first hundred days. These air templates that has rust set are available on the web site for you to download, definitely print all this stuff out as soon as possible so that you haven't, you can fill them in and again I said this yesterday, and now we're going to kill a few trees but it's going to be worth it because you're going to kill less trees based on your business being more efficient. I wanted to start this morning out with some questions, okay? Because we covered a lot of ground yesterday, and I know there were some questions that came up in the trap room yesterday and maybe there's some more that are popping in already this morning. You've also had the chance to sleep on it and kind of think about this, and the mind has been ruminating, are there any questions that you all have before we jump in and start reviewing and assessing today, things that I said yesterday that you're like? I don't really see how this applies to my business or things that we went over yesterday, that you're like, tell me I'd love it if we could just spend a little more time on that because I didn't quite understand it anything that's coming up, questions sharing, maybe you could give some examples on types of gifts that you could give for design and internet based businesses. Yeah, we're going to talk later on day three about specific examples, but let me give you a preview of what some of those might be, so we're going to go through like ninety minutes segment on different tools that you can use to interact with I think what often happens and again I know we mentioned this yesterday for forgive me if I'm repeating, but frankly it bears repeating the typical business owner thinks that the ideal gift to give their customers there is a coupon for a discount on a future purchase that's a gift for you that's not a gift for them okay, it kind of feels like a gift for them, but frankly, once the last time that you got a coupon and you're like great twenty percent off bed bath and beyond, brilliant because now I have to go to bed bath and beyond and by another shower curtain to be able to use this coupon. I don't need another shower curtain, okay? Businesses around the world in every industry do this and think this is really cool and this is really sexy on the problem is there's actually some research that shows that the coupon users out there in the world and there are a percentage will use that as a trigger and we'll come back and do business with you, but my question is this is your ideal customer the customer that is always looking for a discount I don't know about you that's not my ideal customer my ideal customer likes to pay full freight in advance with no refunds right that's my ideal so it's worth thinking about what actually would move the dial for them so the second problem that a lot of business owners have sharing I think this might be part of the question to say well I knew web design so like what's a gift for a web designer to give you know it's like do I give an extra sub paige do I give you know oh by the way will incorporate video into your website for free as a gift the problem is it doesn't feel like a gift because they're coming to you as I need this as a tool for my business and when we think about gifts the word that I actually use is present and I use it because it has two meanings number one the meaning of present meaning a gift or something that you get number two that it's in the present right that it brings you into that moment emotionally and it leaves you focus right in on what you just received so if we think about in this scenario you know giving an extra sub page is that really going to be a president and let's be clear I'm not implying that you were going to give them another sub page, right? But this is often what business owners do they think we'll let me give you mohr off what you're already buying for me? How do we want to change it up? The other thing is these presents don't need to be expensive, right? We talked yesterday about bill hill, who runs the mighty auto repair shop in ohio. They do a gift every time you come in to have your car service, so when you get your car back, you get in your car, there's something in the car. Now, some of you are thinking, like the business owners there going, oh my god, how do they make any money? With all due respect? And I think bill and liam might be watching, and I don't mean teo give their big secret away. These gifts cost less than five dollars, so they shared a story with me recently that one of the gifts they give is popcorn in july and the popcorn that they given july comes in a little thing it's like nothing of microwave popcorn or that it's got a little sticker on it that said, says mighty auto, thanks all of our troops this fourth of july for their service to our country has nothing to do with getting your car fixed nothing. Is maybe a dollar two dollars, made by him? I mean, I don't know where they buy him if they buy him a costco or what they do. But you know what I mean, it's not that expensive. They get these sort of stickers made up. They shared a story with me that about two, three months after the july gift, someone came to have their oil changed and the guy came in and he said, you know, I got to tell you, there are a lot of places that I could go to get my oil changed, and I came here for the first time in july to get my car worked on. And I'm back here to have more service now because I served in afghanistan, and I really appreciated you acknowledging the troops. Like when I got the popcorn, I thought it was going to say who? Mighty auto once she wishes you a popping july or something about your brand and because it was about me and my buddies that I served with, I've been telling everybody I know, like mighty autos, a place that supports the troops. You should do business there. So I encourage you to get creative and to think about little things that would matter for them. And be interesting to them. One last thought and I we had a chance a little bit to talk about last night, and this is actually john's idea, so I don't want to steal about it, steal it, you know, without giving him public credit. As a web designer, one thing you could do is take a picture of their home page, right, frame it and give it to them the day the website launches and maybe even put a little plaque underneath. It says the date off what the home page looks like and a hand written note that says, congratulations on launching your website. As you know, we talked a lot about content, marketing and updating your sight. I hope the site doesn't look like this for too long, because you want to encourage them into the behaviour, right? And so you make the gift something that they might be excited to hang in their office, and it will promote their business and it's a little reminder. Hey there's, an ongoing conversation here and now you've put the artifact in their space that's one thing we're going to talk a lot about tomorrow is this idea of creating artifacts, and I specifically used the word artifact to put in their space so that later you see it. Or they see it rather and are reminded of you subconsciously and say oh yeah that's right sure he didn't also in trouble my website you know I was having lunch the other day with my college roomate who needs a new website? Why didn't I think I should introduce him to sherry makes sense you just got a quick comment from someone in the chat room we have adrian h motus praxis who says I once received a great gift from a company it was an authentic signed photo of an actor in in one of my favorite tv programs along with a personal note from the company's ceo typically spend close to nine thousand dollars with company per year needless to say, I've been recommending them for the great service anyway but when this arrived I was really surprised they found out that I like the tv program from a little fun survey on their website after checkout love it love it love it there's a thank you so much what was the name of the person with adrian age motus praxis adrian okay adrian thank you so much for sharing that straight for a number of reasons, right? Number one if someone is spending nine thousand dollars a year with your business, can you give a kn hour to thinking about how to surprise them? I mean seriously, this is a no brainer all right especially for your top dollar customers and I don't want to create a situation where we think we have our low dollar customers in our top now their customers and the only ones we take care of are the top dollar that's not at all what I'm implying you've got to take care of all of them because some of your low dollar ones are eventually going to be your big dollar once but we have a tendency to goto least common denominator and we say, well, I've got two hundred customers okay everybody's getting you know, uh I know I'm going to make a donation to a charity I really like and send them a christmas card that says that donation was made to this charity I support in your name it's kind of like the coupon but almost worked right it's like the thing that let me allow myself to introduce myself and talk about myself you know what I mean? It's like really where's the give or take four year customers that are your key ideal awesome kick ass customers that you want more of blow their minds do something special. The other thing I love about adrian story is she says that she gave that information as part of a fun survey we talked yesterday a lot about how do you collect information on your customers and how do you do it in a non creepy way I don't know there was an adrian that was asking yesterday about it may even be the same adrian I'm not sure okay, but that's how you do it in a non creepy way you make it fun the other thing you can do and we're going to get a little preview of this here in section one you can go to your customers facebook page and in about fifteen minutes learn a ton about them we live in a society where those who were on facebook have a tendency to click like on books they like shows they like you know, movies they've seen places they like to travel they're putting us all out in the world for free all you have to do is give a damn and go look it's right there imagine and this isn't what happened in adrian's case but imagine if we went to her facebook page I'd be willing to bet if she's that big of a fan of the show she has liked that shows page or that actors page so you could go to that website and see oh this person really likes george clooney I'm going to seek out an autographed picture george clooney and send it to her is a surprise it's really that simple this is the one thing I I said yesterday I really want to reiterate this is not rocket science it's just about being a decent human being and caring it's that simple, and it requires a little time and a little creativity, but not as much as you think your thought is, oh my gosh, this is going to take forever no fifteen minutes on somebody's facebook profile and as you well know, if you've ever lurked or stalked someone that you're interested in on facebook, some of the people in the room are like, oh yes, I was doing that last night, the moral of the story is fifteen minutes, you can have a pretty clear idea of who that person is, what their interests are and what they're like star, and it has a really long lasting effects because adrian said that it happened a year ago and she's still talking about yeah, and here's what's fantastic about an awesome surprise or gift. It happened a year ago, and now adrian is sharing it. She already should have told us in the chat that she shared it with all of her friends and all the people, and I imagine because it's an autographed picture that it's hanging somewhere in her home or office, I'm not sure, but I'd be willing to bet that that's the case I would imagine that she's, even when people have come to her home or office, has pointed it out to them, okay, that company has an artifact now what's fascinating is they didn't have to put their logo on it or hey thanks for being a valued customer of our business no none of that give them something they actually want to hang up they'll remember where they got it and they'll tell you the story and they didn't take it one step further by try ming and on the chat it's an interesting enough story that russ tells me about it and now we've just shared it with the world right now what would be interesting and let's give that company due credit if adrian's willing adrian trymon on the chat and tell us the name of the company you don't have tio okay I understand you may not want to do that but it would be fascinating if you would tell us the name of the company because I'd love to be able to promote that company because they're practicing what were preaching today and any other questions yeah another comment from polly mathis so he says I love the gift idea and a client customer of his actually did it for him once but it was during the holidays so it seemed kind of obligatory is giving gifts just for so it's important right oh my gosh yeah let me address that right now stop giving holiday gifts unless the holiday is an awesome amazing holiday okay and without judgment okay christmas monica awesome amazing holidays but everybody pays attention to those new year's awesome, amazing holiday lots of people pay attention to those okay often, you'll see some companies that are even like on the cutting edge will give thanks, giving gifts, and they'll tie it into like we give thanks for you and for our business, and we're kind of like I kind of want to take a shower seriously like thanks what? That just it doesn't. It feels weird, like you're not my family, but what if it was something interesting you're unique? I had the chance to speak to a group of auto repair shop owners a few weeks ago, and a lot of them actually were surprised to know about the national holiday that is october second. Does anyone know in the united states with the national holiday occurs on october second? No, no one write its national name your card, eh? According to nationwide auto insurance, they've created the day. This is the thing. What most people don't realize is twenty five percent of americans name their car twenty five percent. I'm not a name. My car kind of guy. My older sister is a name a car kind of guy. She had a carny maynard for a long time, right a jeep and people name their cars. Now is this going to work for every customer? No, but it might work for twenty five percent your customers and I don't know about you if I could get the attention of twenty five percent of my customers at the snap of a finger, I'd be all over that so imagine sending them something that says today is national name your car day we love to know the name of your car post a picture on our facebook page with the name of your car so we can print it out and hang it in our shop for all the other cars that come in to see to be jealous of how awesome your car is I guarantee people will post I guarantee on what's greatest for your employees bill actually be working in the shop and see the cars of all your customers and they'll be reminded of my paycheck the bread on my table the way I feed and clothe and provide shelter to my family comes from these people it never ceases to amaze me how few customer how few companies have photos of their customers in their offices why don't you do that? Why not have a constant visual when you walk in that says this is why we're here today we're not here to make money we're not here to answer emails we're not here to check for more things off our seven thousand three hundred eighty four item to do list we're here to serve, we're here to serve these people some more thoughts, so we did get information from adrian, she says. First of all, it was a single question survey or is a single question survey there was asked by the company mascot, a dog, I love it when you're having fun and because it was asked by a dog, my gut instinct is adrian was like, this is fun, it's playful. I'm willing to tell you the answer exactly, and the company was verbal ink that's verbal, inc dot com it's, a transcription service says unfortunately, none of the survey going since redoing their website, but they have a very close working relationship at this point and just funny detail. It was actually for the tv show arrested development, and it was a picture of tony hale, who plays muster fantastic, so arrested development, the company is verbal ink, they do transcription services definitely check it out because, frankly, I believe that we should support businesses that are doing it right there's all of this and forgive because I've actually of clients that work in the space is all of this. Oh, by local movement, and we've kind of demonized the big companies. And we have all these people that say, well, you should never buy a book on amazon because amazons putting the little bookstore's out of business no amazon's well, yes, but the reason amazon is putting the little companies out of business partially is because they have amazing customer service amazing customer service I don't know about you guys. I order a lot of stuff from amazon I mean, the ups guy I live on top of a mountain in colorado u p s guy cruises are house about three times a week. Okay, it's a little ridiculous if you have an order go wrong with amazon, they fix it immediately. I mean, no questions asked. I wanted some rechargeable batteries recently and after about two weeks the rechargeable batteries stopped working not all of them, but like that order to twelve set and like four of them just died and didn't work as I pull this system like this is two weeks it's not like any I've gone through one cycle, I go online on amazon and you could do the whole thing online. I go into my order, you know, problem with an order her type and it's not working a live chat window pops up the person says, oh, my gosh, so sorry it's not working I'm putting another one in the mail to you today oh, by the way we're going overnight it free at no charge to you have it tomorrow I'm sorry for the inconvenience I typed back and I said wow that's fantastic what do you want me to do? Because he's gonna sell me another twelve pack my new aid if the batteries are still working I said well what do you want me to do do you want me to send back like before that aren't working and you just send me four or do you want me to send back all twelve and then I'll get these twelve I think I was like well, if it's okay with you we'd like you to just keep the eight not worry about it if it's okay with me yes now I have twenty rechargeable batteries this is perfect and I said are you sure because like, do you want me to prove that the ford effective and it was no we trust you it's all good just dispose of them in an environmentally responsible way that's why I shop in a massage that's why you amazons putting small bookstore's out of business because a small bookstore used to have the monopoly on the fact that if we have this book we're in this town we have this bookstore if we have the book you can get it if we don't you can special order it we're going to charge you more and it's going to take a couple weeks amazon with long tail has all the books we should patronize the businesses that are doing great customer experience and great customer service because I believe in this is why I'm so passionate about this stuff that the bar for customer service and customer experience in this country and mostly around the world but particularly in the united states is lying on the ground. I mean, this isn't one of those things of like, oh, we need to jump over the customer service bar no, just step and you're over it it's on the ground if you start to raise the customer experience in your business, it will force other companies to do it all boats rise together, it's that simple zappos comes along and says, we're going to do free shipping. Amazon comes along and says, we're going to do free shipping those of you that have product businesses. Randy, if you're not doing free shipping, I is a customer looking at it going well, allison does hit his hapless does it? Why doesn't randy randy does I love it. Excellent! That was not a setup. I had no idea. I'm so glad that you d'oh right, but I imagine that part of the reason you do and if you could pick up a mite, can we talk about it a little bit? Why do you do free shipping? Because everyone else is because everyone else does right free shipping costs you money free shipping costs your bottom line no customers cost remove me more money no customers cost me more money that is a great answer. All randy, I love it, I love it that's like the quote of this segment I love it. I know you know, free shipping costs me money no costumers cost me more money. Absolutely. So what are you doing? You know, apple comes along and makes beautifully designed products beautifully designed I mean, regardless whether you're an apple fan boy like me or not, if you're not let's chat, I can convert you. The fact of the matter is they've raised the bar on what products need to look like I mean let's go into ah, uh, kind of dating myself go into a best, buy her, you know, a big big box computer store and look at how many of the computers are now starting to look like apple computers everybody's doing it because they're like, oh, wait, apple actually gives a damn about design I should act like I do. The problem is they're actually not living it they're trying to copy instead of embodying that ethic themselves that's why their computers aren't selling that's why the ipad even though it's more expensive than a lot of its competitors even though has less features than a lot of its competitors even though it's on an operating system that is more closed down an android and a lot of its competitors is still selling more because we've created a situation in our society and when I say in our society I mean globally where people judge you based on how put together you are or your design aesthetic mean, the most brilliant move they ever did was white headphones most people I mean we're kind of far enough into it now that allows people forget apple was the first one to do white headphones everybody else did black when they first came out with these headphones and you saw someone on the train or on the bus or walking down the street you knew that they had on ipod or an iphone in their pocket it almost became a problem because people got targeted absolutely tented camps and muggings absolutely became a real issue in a lot of the big cities people knew you have three to five hundred dollars in your pocket in a piece of technology because I see you have white headphones on what does that mean? No maze and branding amazing branding by the way doesn't say apple on the headphones doesn't flash and you know oh look it's apple it's apple it's really clean it's really simple and in many ways it's the antithesis off what their competition wass the competition was black headphones cheaply made torches to ear buds that would go in that, frankly, within a year, one of the air buds bud dy instead, apple has sculpted, there are a lot more sculpted, the earbuds they've got the little controller it is, by the way, most apple are iphone users don't know how many things that controller khun dio did. You know that when it's plugged in and you have the camera or the video on, you can start and stop the video or take photos with the camera using your headphones? I had no idea until a week ago I've had an iphone since the first iphone I had no idea until a week ago they're thinking ahead, they're making it interesting, all right? John it's kind of a comment and a question is that it struck me that the first hundred days is the law of the universe and it's like that don't work let's connect on an ongoing basis equals results, so one of the very best things we can do for office hundred days is give our customers a vision of what they could do with what we have in the first hundred days, and I have trouble seeing how that would work for the automata business auto repair business, for instance. I'm sure you would have an answer but for most of what we're doing here seems to be service oriented that if you don't do something with what we have nothing's going to happen so if we give them the vision that you're offering us in turn that would be one of the very best ways for our first hundred days to be wonderful love it absolutely absolutely and to your point I would I would argue that applies to all businesses whether it's service her products you know we've got to product mostly product based businesses if I may in the room you know in randy and bob bob this software randy does this as he describes it impulse buy and I'd love to play with that a little more because by describing it is that you're telling me that it's not valuable you're telling me that this isn't something the you know hey if you have a couple extra dollars in your pocket you should spend it by this and I'm not trying to be critical but we're going to talk in one of the examples today about the language we use is subconsciously and consciously influencing our buyer there's I would describe your product is I've actually created amount for a smartphone that is something that apple wishes it would have created oh what what now I'm in the fanboys air going oh oh my god what is this now it's got to be awesome it's got to be beautiful it's gotta work really, really well, I would say work flawlessly, but apple, I mean, talk about an amazing company and forgive me for using the one that is often used is the example for design, but the reason I do it is because they they get it right and be you've heard of the company and you've probably used their products, okay? Some of the things they do around design and getting it right are so phenomenal, but even when they stumble, it ends up not being there fault when the iphone first came out a t and t was the carrier. Now I'm not going to say anything disparagingly about at and t other than I'm on verizon, ok? Yeah, exactly. Well, it was not a good experience, it was not a good experience, and I think to a tee and tease defense, they had no idea how many people were going to jump on this. They had no idea. Should they have known, I would argue the at least should have anticipated, I think that's personally, I have no factual basis for this, I think that's why verizon passed on the deal the first time around, most people don't realize apple went to verizon first and verizon said, no, we don't want it I think part of the reason they passed and if anybody's watching and knows the true story oh my god, I would love it if you would message me and let me know that what the reality is, I think part of the reason they passed is they knew they couldn't deliver, and so what happens is when the first iphone comes out and it's not working, do people blame apple knew they blamed a t and t apple never came out and said it and t socks they just let their customers say it on. They sat back on, were quiet and all the king's scott worked through now we're the problems purely a t and tease, I don't know I'm not a technical cellphone expert was. I can't tell you if there were things apple did that were wrong, that made it worse. But it is a big fan of the apple brand. I'm more than happy to point my finger at and t and say it wasn't down.

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Yoko Co

If you're looking for speakers discussing marketing and sales, I'd suggest taking a time out and watching this lesson. While you can pour time and cash into marketing and sales, if your not keeping your customers happy, then what has it all been for? If you really want to take your marketing and sales to the next level, start with the client experience. Happy customers who become fans will provide better marketing than you could every write for yourself (plus other people will believe it, because it isn't you talking about how great you are, it's someone else talking about how great you are!) And those fans generate referrals by the boatload. And all you have to do is be great at what you do, and make sure your clients' or customers' expectations are managed well, and then exceeded. Joey will teach you how to do this. As a side note, we've made this course part of our onboarding process, so every new hire watches this complete lesson within the first two weeks of their tenure with us, it's that much a core part of our philosophy. Godspeed!


I watched a replay of this course in November, 2017. It's incredible it's still such a current and updated course, even though the lessons were shot in 2013. Very deep content, told in a very light, fun and assertive way. Wonderful examples that inspire action and hands-on tips that you can apply immediately for every kind of businesses. Best in-studio audience ever.

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Wow...just WOW! What a fantastic course. Joey over-delivers, practicing exactly what he preaches in this truly insightful workshop. I honestly can't think of anyone I wouldn't recommend this course for. Such a small investment for such tremendous value. Get this course NOW! You'll be so glad you did.

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