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Mapping Out the 100 Days

Lesson 9 from: Turn Customers Into Fans in the First 100 Days

Joey Coleman

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9. Mapping Out the 100 Days

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Mapping Out the 100 Days

What is skype calls sometimes skype calls let's talk about that yeah you like skype calls or not I mean it helps us get the information we need fast on dh it's easier to dio versus a phone call because we have the chat element to it so we can type out everything as we're going in it's instant right? Do you enjoy it? What don't you like about skype calls cleaning my office before I call yeah yeah and that's a legitimate answer that's a really legitimate answer and I appreciate you sharing that because there's some people that are choosing not to do one of these methods of communication because it means they need to do other stuff this is like the stated goal on stated goal conversation, right? Oh, we could do a skype call this would be a great way to interact, but it means I need to take a shower today and shave and clean my office guess what or if your women put on makeup or if your men put up makeup whatever it may be you know, no judgment here, whatever it is that you do, we look at ...

all this we say there's all these barriers I don't want to do it, so guess what we don't do skype when in reality skype could be a really cool way to connect with your customers, so give yourself permission to question the assumptions would it be easier to do skype if you've set it up so that you always did skype calls in the same place and you only had to keep this field of view clean rested the place could be a disaster it's like those of you watching at home you have neil what's behind these people on the couch right actually it's lovely it's very clean it's a beautiful studio right but there could be a body hiding behind this couch and you'd have no idea watching at home right what's crazy is the people in the room were just like oh my gosh is everybody behind this couch now on it's just getting right get away all of our secrets exactly exactly that's where we put the bodies right? You know, moral of the story here is if you look at the different ways to interact with your customers you can actually start to have fun with it so when we look at this rate how many of the boxes did you have filled then we had email filled three ish ok which three we had email, email, phone yeah and video and video is kind of skype right? Which we dio what percentage of the time do you think you do? Skype calls with a customer maybe fifteen maybe fifteen percent kind of small every once in a while over the course of one hundred days how many skype calls my video? Fifteen fifteen total with an individual customer or across all your customer is an individual with an individual customer. Okay, great. So some people are looking at what's greatest just watching the reactions in the room. Some people are like fifteen skype calls in one hundred days that that's a lot of skype calls, some of the people in the room are going, I do a skype call in the first hundred days or after today's presentation, I'm going to start to do skype calls or whatever it may be. So the other thing in the reason I bring that up is we want to kind of check our assumptions. We may be thinking I'm kind of dragon, it I'm not getting it done, I could be doing more when in reality you're doing more than anybody else in your industry it's a matter of kind of looking at not only what are you doing and not necessarily comparing yourself to the competition, but rather saying, dear customers, what do you prefer? Do you like it best when we're on the phone, when I send you an e mail and when we do a skype, have you ever asked for customers that no, it might be kind of what do you think they would say? Probably on skype probably own sky it the thing that you're kind of not so excited to dio it's not very willing, right? But it means you have to do these other things to not as bad as the dreaded phone call. Uh, now let's. So thank you for opening that door. Let's dive into that won the dreaded phone call. Why don't you like the phone call? We'll phone calls. They can happen any time you could be anywhere. And they want the answers now and then. And like I said before, it's hard to track down everything like I will take notes as I'm talking to a customer. But there's always something distracting. You are keeping you from getting exactly what their vision is down on paper. Yeah, online enough. Enough had the same comment saying people, when I had my phone number on my card, they would call me at one am and expect answers right then, right? I also work with international clients to the time zones times make it would be a really challenge, really challenge. So a couple thoughts to that because I want to make sure the address enough's comment because I've been so remember I used to be a criminal defense lawyer? Yes, you know, when criminal defense lawyers get the most phone calls between two a, m and three a m why? Because the hour's close it too, you go out and you get in your car and you stride just start driving home and before three o'clock you've been pulled over and are having a conversation with law enforcement and that's when you call. So when I was practicing law, I changed my personal patterns to match my business pattern. I'd go out with my friends and hang out and I get home it like one forty five and I'd stay awake. Why go to bed? The phone's gonna ring and I'd stay fully dressed up, ready to go down to the jail because I was ready to go so I could sit there and say, you know where my client's calling me at these hours or I could say, you know what? I'm going to embrace my clients where they're at and be ready for them half the time I'd even should stay I lived outside of town, I'd stay in town, so I was even closer and what was really interesting as some people look at that who are not night owls who are not willing to stay up and deal with people that are allegedly have consumed alcohol between two and three a m right? They say, oh, how did you get up for work? A tw eight o'clock the next morning I didn't I didn't go into the office until about eleven some people are like, oh, that must have been an awesome life. Well, it wass except for the fact that I was up two or three a m but the eleven that was you're right, that was pretty awesome because up until about eleven am, my clients were either sleeping it off where they hadn't been picked up, and they were still sleeping it off. So whether they were doing it in their own home or in the jail, that kind of didn't matter to me. No, none of my clients ever wanted to meet it. I mean, seriously, you've watched enough tv criminals getting up for a nine a m meeting. Sorry not gonna happen. Three a m meeting in a bar, absolutely all the time, no worries. So you can kind of meet people where they're at and look at your customers. So if you have the international cause, we're oh, one other thing I want to say about the phone calls you khun sight this with all of your customers. I'm happy with you leaving this voicemail. Hey, thanks so much for calling my cell phone. I know I was kind enough to leave my cell phone number with you, but just because you have my cell phone number doesn't mean I'm going to answer it. I'm a little novel in that way that I don't have to respond to a ringing bell like pavlov's dog did leave a message, and I'll call you back during business hours. Most people gonna laugh, they're going to be okay with it. How many of us have been in this situation where the phone rings were having a conversation with someone, their phone rings? Then they pull out their phone to answer it like it's. So rude and ridiculous, it happens all the time. Frankly, most of us are probably guilty of doing it at some point in our life. Why? We think because we have this little electronic box that we're now tethered to, that we need two people to jump at a moments notice and respond to them no voicemail, let it go, and if you're the kind of person that is so attached to your blackberry or your iphone or android or whatever it is that you're like, no, it vibrates it rings I need to do something the joy of airplane mode, which your phone on airplane mode in the middle of the day. So I guess what I need to focus, I'm doing airplane mode, so that shuts everything down there's, no text coming in there's no phone calls coming in end of story. Not to be an apple fan, boy, I told you earlier I was an advocate. Apples got a great thing called the do not disturb feature. And the cool thing about the do not disturb teacher. And I have clients that are international. I turn this on at night when I go to bed because I don't want to wake my wife or my son. So I go to do not disturb mode. Now the age old theory with most people with cell phones because we've gotten rid of our landlines are fear is well, what if there's an emergency? What if grandma dies? What if they're going to call? Oh my gosh, I need to have my phone ready, right? We've all been there well fact, I matter and I don't mean to say this just respectfully of grand parents. But if grandma dies in the middle of the night, nothing you're going to do on the phone is going to help her. Sorry, so let's, just throw that out there. Second of all, with the do not disturb teacher you, khun, set it up so that anybody that's in your favorite list if they call the phone comes through oh, cool swatches make sure that my grandma and my parents and my siblings are on the favorites list and everybody else could just be sitting in the regular contacts then I click it to do not disturb none of my clients are in the favorites don't tell them right but it's okay then I don't have to worry about him going through makes sense cool can you talk about a couple of different things? There is no quick one if you don't mind again actually this one actually was also from ten twenty three design who says since I make handmade products I thought about using a webcam in my studio space so people can see orders being made to give them the feeling of being a part of the process similar some radio shows would this be a good way to include customers or maybe keeping some things private better and my addition to that would be do you count that in that list is that a contact? Because it's not a specific one on one contact yeah so come first of all I love love, love, love love that idea brilliant I was at an event that somebody's in mind re meet settee and michael fishman put on called behavior con it's the first time they ever did it was all about customer behavior and they brought in the top experts on customer buying psychology including some professors from harvard and stanford, one of the professors told us that they've done studies on if you show your work if you show it in process, it reduces by remorse fascinating how does that work and here's how they did it? Have any of you ever used a travel site kayak toe? Look very you know, when you put in where you're going kayak there's, that little bar that shows all they're searching and things start to populate and the flights come up before the full list you see the work happening? I don't know if it was kayaker with expedia, but they were working with one of the travel agents are agencies, the aggregators, and they figured out they had to test studies where they ran words just said type in where you're going and let it ride and then present the results or type in where you're going, let it ride and we'll show you while it rides and fills, the conversion rates were double digits where they showed the work compared to not showing the work same information presented same flight, same pricing people felt more comfortable. So for the person talking about the handmade products absolutely show the work. I love the idea of a webcam where they can see their thing in process, you know tesla does this if you buy a tesla, you khun go on their website and see where your car is in the production phase how cool is that? Unlike let's? Be frank, the type of people that are buying tesla's a or people with a lot of disposable income and they're kind of the techie gearheads once who they're like. I want to see I'm excited about this new technology, so you're showing them that's brilliant as faras it relates to a touch point that's a great question is it a touch point with an existing customer? Yes isn't one that's going to be a high emotional level? Probably not. You're gonna have to gauge whether they're actually checking in tow watch if you sent them an email and said, hey, russ, guess what? We're going to be making your hand knit doi least today if you want to log on on the web cam, we'll be doing it between noon and six a m our noon and six pm if it's six a m, why not? If you're creative maybe worked nine dollars absolutely that's a touch point if it's, we have a webcam running in the back of our shop all the time, it's another way for them to interact, but it's probably not that personal connection we're looking for, okay? In the first hundred days, this is usually what happens with most cos before we had a conversation to talk with them right? Most of their interactions are all happening at once we're really good right out of the box so you bought our stuff great here's our welcome kit here's our warm up thing here's how did you do it? Good luck go install our product you use our service have fun click click click click click all this time goes by all this time goes by and then one day we're sitting there and we're like businesses down oh I should send a coupon to all of my customers and so it's been three hundred days since they bought something from you and you're like hey remember me care about me love me pick me spend money with me I spent all this time jamming it all into one what we're going to do tomorrow is talk about how to spread those pins out over one hundred days to welcome people in slowly teo ease them into the experience but for today what we're going to do is we're gonna actually map some of these out in our remaining time together we're going to do some mapping exercises where we actually show where the interactions are and I can actually use this big giant map now to talk about it we're going to cycle from day one there's a work sheet by the way for those of you that are online there's a worksheet won the pdf so that you can download this one is you see in the bottom is called audience touch point mapping torrens current okay this is where you are today now hopefully you've had a lot of great ideas today and your brain is firing and your thinking what she do this and I should do this for this particular exercise I want you to pretend that we're doing this at the beginning of the morning, okay? We're doing it at the end of the day because we needed to build the context but pretend that this is what you're currently doing okay, none of your new ideas will save your new and fabulous ideas for tomorrow we're going to map them out here and to show you how this works I'm actually going to bring up someone from the studio audience so we talked to her a little bit earlier let's bring sherry up if we could and sure if you want to bring a microphone please welcome sherry to the front of the room fabulous and you could just take a seat here alright on what I'm gonna do is walk you through the first hundred days experience for one of your clients okay and what you might want to do for those of you at home before we get to that we have this persona worksheet we're going to build use this off of a general persona so I'm not asking you to necessarily map a specific client but a specific type of client okay because every client is going to have their own little nuances this is why we did this this morning and we talked about personas we want kind of the big general areas to start with, and then we're going to map across what their experiences with you. Okay, so we're going to you, sherry, and I've got my markers here. Sherry let's pick a type of customer said, you want to tell us what type of customer we're going to be talking about? Well, if you look at my work, she it's empty it's okay? Perfect, perfect and I being your work, she is not unlike many of the people watching at home, right? Who either haven't had the time to do the work sheet or more likely got the worksheet and were like, I don't even know where to start. I'm confused like how do we do this? So let's actually go to the top of the work sheet so we don't have it here on our white board, but on the worksheet you're using at home at the top of the work, we have a name in this situation. So let's talk about a situation one of your clients might be in when they come to you like we need a new website design, you need websites, a sign, all right, so we're going to write up here website design and tell me about this person okay, pictures. And to make this really easy. What kind of cheat? Pick an actual client. They're not going to say their name. It'll be a secret. But you can say that. Good things or the bad things about them. It's totally okay. We'll never mention their names. For there will be no lawsuits. Is all this person is? Ah, fitness trainer, fitness trainer in their thirties in their thirties. And what else do I know about them? That's it. This one will be looking for him in their thirties. Male female bailey. Okay. We say fitness trainer jack meathead or sensitive like yoga. Dude. Jack meathead! Shock me head! I like it, josh meathead! I was hoping you were going for the job head. Have you? What is this? This new movie that came out recently? That's all about the guy's rent the pumping it up iron, I think. Mark wahlberg's, innit? Is it pain and gain or something like that? I think that's what it's called. So I want you to imagine mark walberg like all jacked up kind of meathead and that's being so critical, mark? Because he's, actually a really intelligent guy. But let's say kind of meathead jock, big, muscular guy. You know fitness trainer all this's um I kind of embodying the type of ok good good and you know what's great is you see sherry space watch her face ladies and german don't look at me watch sherry because we'll know if we're right on the persona when we start to embody their characteristics so hey little darlin, I need a website you know kind of that vibe you know tire marks entire tire marks all right? I need tire marks and if you can get some explosions on there that'd be great and maybe some scantily clad women and you know really give the bible from some major intuitive oh but it needs to be intuitive right? Oh sure sherry's having fun with me all right? I love it so intuitive right? Because even though they kind of show up as this thirty something male meathead that approach isn't growing their business fast enough and they recognise wait I need to connect with something else it needs to be more than that the end product okay, so this is our person we've described our persona they're looking for website design we've maybe given him a name on the work she you know marky mark mark walberg whoever it is this is the description let's talk about the process so day zero which is not on the map remembers thie assessment phase they go through all the assessment and they end up at lexa ll and they say we're ready to work with you and so day one starts the relationship what happens on day one do they give you the check the day they signed the contract and is that the kickoff meeting or there's some e mails before the kickoff but yeah let's day one the way we talk about dae won an activation is when does the first czech hit and not to make it all about the money but that's when this buyer's remorse really kicks in right so when did they get the check when you get the cheque I get the check right after they sign the contract and before any work is done on my part love it's smart for all you creatives listening along hugely important most creatives and artists are like but I love it and I have these ideas in this vision I want to start working and looking very shaking her head she's like no you will starve you have to get the money first especially in this business right okay so we've got to get the money first so that money comes the day they sign the contract and we've got it and we're ready to go so day one activation what is the activity that happens so we signed the contract way to get the money now does this happen in person it's usually online it's usually online so they pay you online for the project. Oh supercool so they're going to go ahead and process this, I presume using like a credit card online and do they sign the contract online? Is that like, yeah, they could do that or printed out and skin it or printed outside and scan it so there's some communication going on now in terms of their emotional level, this is where we're at on emotions, okay, so hear the zero the baseline is kind of flatlined emotion here is there feeling super excited and awesome and this is amazing emotion down here is oh, I hate this is his miserable emotion on day one when they signed the contract and they give you the money where do you think they are on the scale? And before you answer, let me tell for those of your doing home there's no right answer here, right? We're just trying to get it feel this isn't something like at the end, it should look just like this that's why we have the white board here and we're kind of working through it. So where do you think their emotions are on day one? Right when they signed the contract and give you the money, I feel like they're pretty excited on the first day of training job it's a creative job it's fun, they've probably needed a website for a while there excited about getting it solved you know marky mark the meathead here is looking about being more intuitive with this website and getting more customers so he's feeling pretty good on a scale of zero to ten where would you say it is? Seven seven all right, so I'm gonna come in here and there's little marks on your things so well draw seven, ok? That's where he is on day one when he sides now what are his stated goals at this point? What is he looking for? He's just looking for a better web design than what he had thrown on line before and tio drive more customers based on decent design by the way, the sea with the circle around it is my shorthand for customers. Ok, it also means copyright in this particular instance, it means customers so I don't have to write it out more customers because of better design. This is where it gets a little trickier. What do you think his unstated goals are? Yeah, this is where I fall. Sure. Yeah. That's okay, you're doing great this this is harder this's definitely harder. So what are some of his unstated goals? Um, to make more money so he has more time? Uh, so maybe more money sound more products equals more time how how would more money celebrity you got it? Nice celebrity wants to be like I'm the rock star trainer everybody should look at me look at me look at me that's why I work out so much that's why I'm jacked up look at this look at the attention we've got a thought from nuff online who says possibly credibility credibility sure credibility is well what's interesting about this particular candidate we're calling him marky mark this particular customer is is he secure or insecure? Do you think at his core not what the world thinks? Just a little insecure yeah ah lot in secure right. Okay what's fascinating here's some of the women are in the room there like I dated that guy is so insecure you have no doubt okay? Some men compensate for insecurity by buying red sports cars. Some men compensate for insecurity by going to the gym and bulking up okay doesn't always apply again this is a broad persona we're not talking about anyone specifically that you probably know when I've worked out with before. Okay, but what we are talking about is ah customer that is actually insecure do you think that marky mark here admits that he's insecure very often usually not usually not do you think there's any way he is going to admit to an attractive young woman that he's insecure? Maybe if I ask nicely maybe no no what's fascinating here what's fascinating is sherry's like I can crack that not. I know I get I can fix him. We'll make him better, right? Ok. Fact of the matter. Is he's going to be hard pressed to ever admit that to you now to your business partner who's male? I know, maybe maybe probably not even then, but definitely not to you. And definitely not on day one. But we know that this is where he's at so we can start to think about what? How might we want to change the interaction, to acknowledge his own stated goals, to acknowledge his emotions and address them accordingly, we can have some fun with it. But again today, just the current experience. Tomorrow we're going to be talking about what the experience could be in the future. So what happens that so they sign the contract. Marky mark gives you the money, and now we're going to build the ultimate meathead website for the personal trainer. All right, but it's, intuitive that's why he came to you because you're artistic and intuitive and he's going to get so what's the next thing that happens, um, they get all of their information over to us about specifics. What they need now for that are they filling out a form or they're just telling you this is what I want or they're questioning you prompt there's questions and okay, sometimes silvery little bios and give us some background history. So we gather everything that we need in order to get started questions and forms, and they're giving everything you need to get started, right? And so this is kind of like the gathering data mode, right? All right, so we've got these questions and forms some of it is stated, stated is the wrong word? Some of it is things that are responsive to the questions, right? I want it to be blue, some of it are a little more subjective, maybe like it would be great if it could do this right, it could be fancier or staying here. Oh, my gosh, the best word that web every web designer wants to hear. I want a fancy website. What the heck it's fancy there like you're creative, you know what fancy means? Because let's, be honest, marky mark, you're using fancy in your life all the time, you know you're not stop using in the conversation with me, all right, so at this stage where there filling out the forms, how are they feeling about it? There probably is still feeling pretty good state killings good right is it is high is the seven years that maybe a little bit we have six probably a six right you know it's probably a little bit lower because now they're having to do work right so it's not as exciting they're going wait I thought I was just going to tell you build me a website and a week later it would magically appear I didn't know I was going to have to answer questions I didn't know I was going to have to be involved in the process right so they're emotion is waning a little bit right not a lot but it's definitely going down just a little bit okay what's interesting is remember so how far into the process I forgot this so we started on day one how far into the process for you getting the question is are you prepared to have all the questions answered within the first two or three days of getting two or three yes but usually it's more like a week two weeks it's us reveal right what the business wants two to three days why so we can start moving them through the process let's go we develop a timeline based on exactly the project starts right away so immediately there becomes a conflict between the businesses needs and desires and the customer's needs and desires so while the goal is to two three the reality is closer to seven at say ten ten oh my gosh ten days now if you remember earlier we were talking about the affirmation stage this is when buyer's remorse and doubt is coming in and in that ten days are you communicating with them? Are you waiting for them to get their question area? I'll send a few emails and a few emails and usually the emails are probably be like hey haven't heard from you in awhile can you seriously get that questionnaire and they'd be awesome and what's that time too it's tying to the unstated feeling of insecurity and I don't know how to answer these questions so when they're in the affirmation stage of buyer's remorse when they're wondering should I really have spent this money? Should I really have done this already gave you the money I already signed the contract marky mark might be feeling that he's not smart enough to answer your questions that makes sense and he doesn't really know and you're starting to freak out because you're like seriously we're on a timeline we're running a business here yes it's creative but we gotta put food on the table we've got to keep the lights on we have to move this and so you have competing emotions going on by the way for those playing at home were only in stage two and already the wheels are starting to fall off this thing right. Not a criticism of you this is happening. All the people watching all of this happens with almost every design firm, especially web design firm in the world. This is what's happening it's starting to fall apart so let's get to admission. Okay, when they've actually submitted the form what's the next dave, would you come back with wire frames? Where do you come back with a new initial home page design or what's your first thing they see for marky mark what would be the first thing you showed him? Just a home page design home page does. Okay, so ah home page design is admission. And remember at this stage this is where they start to see the fruits of what they've spent the money on their admitted into the fold and it's like here's. What it's going to be like to work with us? Because before you send him a questionnaire on that kind of hinted at what it was going to be like to work with you, but now they're actually seen your work product. Now they're actually saying, ok, this is what it is. What date is this occur on ballpark fourteen fourteen so let's, look at this. The goal was to have this information on day two or three which would have given you eleven ten to twelve days to go from the information to the home page design instead marky mark decided to give it to you on day ten and I keep referring to it is marky mark come back to the persona and the resigned you that it is it anchors you in who they are and what they're feeling instead of having to be all about your business let it be about the customer so now what you were gonna have a week to ten days to twelve days to put together you now have four how's your emotional state at this point little bits just a rest freaking out going oh my gosh wounded I ever even signed this contract definitely you're hating the client maybe hate's a strong word right? You're too sweet yeah right you're a the point where you're like I am so sick of this client already were a day fourteen and we're att the first interaction of the commission now we understand why these first hundred days air actually important right? So you show them the home page when you show them that first design where are they on the emotional level they're usually pretty happy with it usually pretty happy with it. So nine nine awesome so here's the great thing and this is why I love having sherry up here in her business you're really good at what you d'oh you're very talented and you're comfortable with that and you're confident about that which is awesome you know that if I could just get you to the home like I got this right which is wonderful because what is that countering the insecurity her confidence is trumping marky mark's in security now he may not be willing to admit that it may be happening even at a sub conscious level but if he's going to score this and nine he's feeling it but this is where things get trickier because they might be initially excited about the home page design but then maybe they'll have a day or two to think about it and once we've already moved on they come back with all of these def univision yeah obviously approved I love it I love it and we're going to get to that in the acclamation stage right okay so that's where we're at right now yeah I know it's exciting you know we're going to get some rage from marky mark he's going to be driving crazy all right we didn't fill these out I want to come back to these at the affirmation stage when they give you the questions and the response is what are they saying their stated goals are and they may still be the same as before right you know oh better website still stated you know better site make sure there's tire marks tire marks right so we've maybe get flame getting a look flames oh my god! Awesome flames entire march on it's gonna be amazing all right that so now what's interesting is we have some new stated goals tire marks and flames were never part of the initial conversation but suddenly they've shown up in our part of the conversation and as a designer your aesthetic is going great I love building websites with tire marks and flame this's why I started my business yeah I'm really excited about it what are some of the unstated goals that marky mark's experiencing at this point how is that maybe changed here he was like I want celebrity I'm feeling in secure I'd love to have a little more credibility he's had to fill out this questionnaire that's probably asked him some things that he never thought about before it's probably just wanting to be reassured reassured wants to be comforted marky mark wants to be cuddled he's a big meathead but he wants somebody to hold this hand and care from and part of the reason I imagine that you're a fantastic person to help them is because you have a very warm personality that might be a and you connect with people that way yeah and so what's fascinating is you're actually meeting his stated and his unstated needs in a really awesome way which is why we're going to go from six to nine because she's delivering on that the problem is he's not meeting yours for sure yeah and so it creates this interesting dichotomy ofthe I'm really good at this but oh my gosh, what is this costing me? And now we're into an emotional spiral as the business owner, so the customers in their emotional spiral we're in our emotional spiral and those two things they're interacting gets exciting way come over to admission, we show them the home page. What are the stated goals at the point where we're showing them the home page? They either prove it or have some changes that they'd like to make and then we move on to interior pages, right? So the stated goals here for yu lan is tell us, do you like it or not? What changes we need to make or not where we act what's their stated goal at this point whether stated goal is probably still better sight still tire marks have you talked him out of the flames yet or we've got we've just put the flames on the web did the flight we just did the flames awesome and their own stated goal at this point when they've seen the home page design how if things changed a little bit, I feel like they're usually reassured, okay first glance ah but once they start thinking about it a little oh they may change what they wanted in the beginning nice, so they become a little bit doubtful of themselves there you go, here's the challenge he wanted tire marks and flames now that he sees it on the website he's going oh my god, that was the worst idea ever definitely so now you have two choices, okay? This is fascinating the psychology right? He has to twice is who made a mistake him or you I'd say it was him and you know, I know you'd say it was him absolutely and frankly I'd agree with you what's he thinking is he thinking I made a mistake or is he thinking she didn't listen? I didn't understand ah, she didn't understand if sharing is a better designer, she would have understood that even though I said I want tyre marks and flames, she was supposed to interpret my request for fancy as not really being tyre marks in flames and it just gets more confusing after this yeah, because now we're in this viral and it goes from there so acclamation we talkabout acclamation in the context of getting toe altitude, right? Like I told you guys, I live high in the mountains. When people come to visit me, they have to get acclimated to the altitude so we're in it we're starting to experience that they've seen the home page and now they have to get acclimated and we're going to do other pages and they have to start making decisions sign off on that home page because as you said just a few minutes ago we got to keep this thing moving ballpark what day are we looking at in the acclamation stage when they signed off on the home page? Yeah um typically if everything goes according to plan lovett which it never does but let's pretend it did sometimes they sign off on them right away. Maybe it'll take two or three revisions right? So another week another week is marking marking to sign off on the first time usually marky marky mark is the best possible client that I'm saying marky mark who's frankly a freaking train wreck a tte this point is the best client got more now just thinking about it right machine makes usually easy to please sir he is the sweetest person in the world she's like oh my god dealing with a guy who wants the flames and the tire marks he's actually one of the nice ones but let's say the idealist have him sign off right away but you say it may take a cz muchas a week yes so we go to day twenty one all right, this is the acclamation face this is where he's kind of getting acclimated to were operating at altitude how is this feeling? And we may or may not be doing things during this time to help him acclamation to reassure him to make him feel comfortable about the decision what often happens? I'm not saying it happens with marky mark is we give him the home page when we say go home and think about this when you're done sign off on it and let us know and we'll move to the next face guilty by what happens in what's happened with most people it's totally okay so when he's acclamation he's left to fend for himself oh, and by the way he's insecure and he's doubtful and he's questioning himself he's wondering if he was smart enough he's wondering if it was the right choice he's totally in a state of doubt even though his reaction that he's showing you is really positive I like this home page it's starting to come down now, right? Okay, so we get to the acclamation what happens here? So we move from the home page to maybe like some pages? Yes. Okay, some pages and we've got the sub pages as we're trucking along and how's he feeling now maybe like a five five yeah wow awesome we've gone from a nine to a five we are acclimating at altitude and we have the lowest emotional score of the entire process. This is why clients leave in the first hundred days right there this is not preplanned we're doing this live I didn't know what sheri's answers we're going to be this is why they leave the train wreck is happening in their own mind it has nothing to do with your business you are doing everything you promised you would d'oh we know yeah, you know and you're like seriously, I'm delivering on the contract I'm doing what I promised come on wow and it's in a five okay his stated goals air probably changing a little bit right now probably completely different completely different now. So the new projects so this is basically a new project the completely different stated goals, his unstated goals they're still the same ah, they're still the same insecure and doubtful and what's fascinating do you think it's fair to say they're even greater definitely is three reasonable three ex grader we'll give them that ok, we'll give them that this thing is going off the rails we're in day twenty one let's go to assimilation okay what's the next phase after we start to sign off on the sub pages we have more some pages right or do we do content or we do we start to new what's what's happening next it's done it's done once the sub the interior pages are approved that's usually it okay so while we're assimilating and he's getting you so this is more sub pages right we're getting the approval on the sub pages how long is this process lasting I'd say this process would be not considered some pages but more complete re haul of the whole saw I'm sorry you have a new project this might take an additional way have only one needs site we're going to start from scratch it might take a hundred doing wheels another three weeks now we're at day forty two yep where's his emotional state ah below five low five yes, we're on the train down I'd say what what's the lowest we can go ah wow wow teo give teo you all right two and by the way, for those of you watching at home I'm not a math major you're saying we'll wait we're actually in the negative energy hers just play with me we're going to play for positive for today so we're down to but we're low the ideas we see the trend going down okay? We're at it to we have an entirely new site we have entirely new stated goals right there completely different than what they were the unstated goals, the insecurity of awfulness times ten we're executing from their great now we're to adoption now at this stage yes, john he grabbed the mike I have to ask this point and wouldn't they be born money that was at stake suddenly if you were redesigned the whole site, wouldn't this be a cause for a lot of anxiety and tension on both sides yes, usually it depends on how we're charging people sometimes will do a project rate sometimes we'll do hourly if we're doing hourly change your mind you should like exactly, but when we are doing a project great, we've run into a lot of problems where it's hard to ask for more money people will be like we agreed on this rate we don't we don't agree that the revisions that you've stated our revisions are actually so therefore we're not paying you any more money finish the job right? So marking market this point instead of at day forty to seeing it as an entirely new site which is what you see it, what he actually sees and I'm going to write in here even though it would be up here is the site you should have made because this is your fault now definitely you didn't listen you didn't pay attention I was really clear my meat hey come on, I know and so were pride picking up actually some more of the over confidence in his interactions with you he's getting more irate, more angry, more like come on, I told you what it was, how did you not read my answer of fancy and understand what I meant by that, right? Not even hearing himself how ridiculous is is on we're just running down and down what I love about this is it a really honest example and I appreciate it do we resolve the site? Do we build this ice? We always always right because that's one sherry she's like I will deliver so when you deliver the site what day is the site delivered on ballpark? Maybe another seven days maybe another seventy. So dave forty nine we actually get the new site we launch it yeah yeah, your site launched where's his emotions probably back up at a nine or ten back about another take with it at the very end. Yeah. Now why does that happen? Because she won't quit because she will do whatever it takes to get this site done and to get it launched even if it costs you money in with the cost of time even if you feel like a little part of you died inside yeah, yeah and I don't say that to make fun I say that because it's on you know it's true it's true that's the that's the thing about this right? We've gone through the process now what's interesting first all big round of applause for sherry big round of applause thanks big round of applause okay, hugely honest hugely open sharing what the experience was I love it the sad thing in here is that we did we did we ever get to advocacy? Will this guy become an advocate? Statistically no, the ride was too much even though it ended on a nine even though it's a business owner were like yeah he's going to refer new business to me no he's not probably not maybe there's this slight exception because he says, oh my gosh, she pulled it out of the fire she's amazing! She went above and beyond, but if he does refer business to you is you're going to refer the right kind of business knew not at all he's going to refer this b s you don't want more of this, you want to get to advocate by staying high above the line toe advocate you get to it fast forward david, we're halfway through the hundred days and we're never going to get today one hundred something to think about, okay, so we have a homework assignment here tonight. Your homework assignment is to complete your map of the first hundred days. All right, you've got this map in your work she completed out, fill it in and don't worry about the fact, you know, here's the thing we work with, cheri, we got today forty nine and we didn't finish the map and that's okay? Ah lot of times you don't finish the map where you at, where you tracking filling in what the stated goals are the unstated how those air changing how those air evolving as we go, okay

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