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Customer Emotions

Lesson 7 from: Turn Customers Into Fans in the First 100 Days

Joey Coleman

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7. Customer Emotions

Lesson Info

Customer Emotions

Let's, talk about emotions a little bit. Okay? And again, this is the segment on emotions this is the hug your neighbor section will be moving back to the serious business stuff later, okay? The reason we're spending time on this is we all have emotions and most businesses are doing void of connecting with their most their clients and their customers and their audience members on an emotional level. Most of them have gotten into a transactional mode because it's all about growing the numbers for the next quarter. How do we make sure our revenues this year bigger than next year? How do we increase our profits? And they forgot that we're dealing with people. So robert pledge it created this wheel of emotions, okay? And part of the reason I like it because it's colorful but it's also an interesting study it's like a color wheel, right? And this idea that you know up here we have the anticipation and joy. So he identified that there eight kind of main emotions that people feel and what he ...

found out is that if you were to combine in tish the patient and joy you get optimism that's, what happens when those two merge? What happens when we merged choi and trust we get love this idea that our emotions are tied and they pulled together right and our emotions are complex you know if I were to ask you in the typical day how many emotions you experience first of all I get to different answers whether I asked a man or a woman what that wass but most of us aren't even in touch with all the emotions we actually experience you know they've done studies on facial recognitions and expressions anybody have a guess on how many expressions they've identified that a human face can make anyone have a guess other than suri because I think she might know anybody else since this history's business this is what she dio yeses anybody online consignment with a guest here in the room how many do you think one hundred twenty bob any guests fifty fifteen hundred fifteen hundred close seven thousand seven thousand facial expressions crazy thing is most of you are only used in about five seven thousand expressions different emotions different feelings that people can have you know if we draw this back into the dating paradigm again right and again the reason I keep coming back to dating for those of you that like I thought this was a business thing not a dating thing if I get you to think about your personal life in your dating life and you see how those relationships or connections are working and you drag that across in your business life you will be world class world class because the best businesses get it that they're dealing with humans they're not dealing with customers they're not dealing with patients with clients with users they're dealing with human beings fascinating word when we think about it isn't it being something that exist something that's complex something that's growing something that's evolving what are we be okay and so what they do is they figure out we kind of look these emotions now let's pretend you're in a relationship with this person and you might say I've gotten comfortable with all the different emotions that my significant other can express my ideal is to go for the second one in the list okay definitely avoid the fourth one in the list but the real challenge is what happens when all of these air different emotions now the men in the room are kind of like, you have kind of been there where I've been looking at her going oh, I think I understand what this is but it isn't the women are looking at this going, huh? Yes, I totally see the differences in the nuances in these four women how do you not see the differences become a student of human nature? Become a student of body language learn to read people learn to read expressions learn to read emotions okay if you get the chance I'm not a big proponent of hey go watch a bunch of tv okay? This tv siri's was on for three seasons it's called lied to me brilliant, brilliant tv show, and it was actually advised on by a guy by the name of I believe you believe I'm getting this right and paul eckmann is that right? Paul leichtman who's considered to be the top guy when it comes to emotions, he's the one that figured out seven thousand emotions what's fascinating is I saw an interview with paul and he was talking about this show and he said, you know what? I love the best about the show, and he consulted on it, he said they got the science ninety percent, right? He said the ten percent they didn't get right, they knew they weren't getting right. They had to build it because it's a story it's hollywood it's for tv, we need to create an arc from show to show, but ninety percent of it was spot on. Paul is consulted with everyone from the secret service on how the reed threat assessments based on facial recognition to pixar. How do we create animations that actually captured the human spirit? If you get a chance so on hu lu it's on netflix, it's on amazon, you'll watch for free lied to me, it's a great way to be able to do the homework that I'm reporting to ask you to do in this event and in this class. And also have some fun with it watching tv the things they talk about are great. The other thing she has no idea I'm going to give her this plug sri alexander sri alexander dot com with the hyphen in the middle observed connect influence part of the reason dot com part of the reason I'm so excited to have sri and the audience is she has forgot mohr about observation and body language and connecting with people than most business owners will ever learn definitely go check out her stuff she's working on a great book that's going to be all about it I'm a big fan of plugging people that get this stuff because you khun dive in and learn very quickly with an expert okay, let's, talk about these emotions that an audience member would feel all right, this is a list of all the impossible emotions you could feel now some of you may be looking at me like joe. You said there were seven thousand facial expressions. There are seven thousand facial expressions, right? But there's a more limited number of emotions and what I did is I took the three top emotional listings, if you will by social scientists and I combined them all into one so I am horribly stealing from the three top experts this has got palek mons list it's got blue chicks wheel and it's got parrots classifications and they're all combined into one. So you have this master list of all the positive and the negative what's fascinating is just look at the list. This is their list, not my list. I've just combined it into one worksheet for you and that's. Why I give them credit at the bottom. You can do the research and learn more let's. Just look at it. Yeah, there's. More negative emotions than positive that's what you're up against. The people you're dealing with are predisposed at a biochemical level to experience negative emotions more frequently than positive. Oh, I'm so glad I got into business. This is great. That being said, your ability to get them to experience some of these positive emotions is easier than you think. Okay, we're not curing cancer here. This isn't rocket science. This is about connecting with humans on an emotional level and saying, how can I make them feel that emotion? So john's been in business for twenty one years now, right? He's worked with people as he told us earlier. You know, he's got some very clear ideas on whose target markets are he's helping him with fitness and health and feeling good things that people often have a lot of emotional tie ins. On what I asked trying to do is go through this list, and for those of you that are playing at home or playing in the studio audience, you can actually go through the list and just circle all the emotions that you think your customers are experiencing in the first hundred days look through this list and say, are my customers feeling accepted? Are they feeling adequate? Are they feeling admired and just run through the list? And if you get to a word that you're like, no, I don't think so it's fine, skip it and just keep going and circle all the emotions on what this is going to do. Is it's going to give us the ability to assess very quickly in like five minutes of reading this list? What kind of emotional reactions are you having? So, john, if you could share with us, I knew you circled things on the positive side and on the negative side, if you could read through the positive emotions that people might experience in the first hundred days with dragon door and also the negative emotions that they might experience. Go ahead. Thanks, joey, I'm just going to contextualize it a little bit, and then I chose to focus on what I could identify of the positive and negative emotions for folk who had gone through a workshop with us. Those people who have registered for a workshop, the whole process of that attending the workshop and then after love just love it. And john, thank you for contextualizing that. And frankly, I appreciate that because that's something I should have mentioned before you do the exercise, decide which persona you're working on, right? We've identified all these personas earlier in the day decide which one you're working on and track it all the way through, because what you'll find and we'll see when you share your answers, they may experience positive emotions at certain parts in the hundred days and negative emotions at other, and so we're going to be able to track this way than this curve as they go through. So go ahead and share the emotion abel accepted, admired, amazed, assured or capable, confident, delighted, eager, elated, energetic, enthusiastic, excited, exhilarated, grateful, hopeful, inspired, interested, joyful, liked, optimistic, passionate, playful, pleasure, positive, powerful, relaxed, satisfied, strong, thrilled, triumphant, trusting zeal, nice and how many was that? That was a lot of positive, almost positive of murder for positive emotions and that's based on what we hear them say, observe. And all the interactions we have is a typical positive emotions that we see expressed one way or another I love it no it's brilliant and this is one of the benefits of having drawn in the audience is he's been in business long enough that he not only knows what they're feeling but he has the testimonials and the feedback from the customers as kind of like a proof point that that's what they're feeling for some of you that earlier in your business here like I don't know I hope they're feeling these things but I don't really I only have four customers I just started like how does this even work? You build it over time right? It's a little bit of a set up having john do his because we had about thirty seven you said thirty four, thirty four excuse me thirty four what's interesting is there's ninety seven positive emotions in the list okay, interesting so john who's crushing it, crushing it with thirty four there's still room to grow that's the best thing about the first hundred days there's always a way to make the first hundred days better always now some of you were sitting here you're saying joey well let's spend three days with you we're going to figure out this plane you're going to help me implement it we're going to get it off running and roland and then wait, I need to keep working at it yes, but that's the fun part that's the part that's hopefully going to keep you engaged is a business owner because a couple things number one you're going to change you're going to be motivated by different things you're going to be excited by different things and you're going to want to be able to connect in new ways number two your audience is going to change every day they're different and I don't say they're different because you have different types of customers but guess what? I hope that the person I am today is different than the person I was a year ago is different than the person I was ten years ago and if you want to have lifelong customers which I know if you tuned in today that's what you're searching for you're gonna have to walk that path with him for their life and his things evolve and is the experience different emotions and how are you going to connect with him now? An interesting thing we can do is a subset you know let's pick one of the uh one of the emotions that you picked give me one of the positive emotions that you circled powerful, powerful okay now powerful respectfully works really well for a guy whose businesses kettlebells right powerful I'm bulking up I'm feeling great I'm feeling pitt this is amazing some of you are like your powerful is not an emotion that really my clients feel nor is it an emotion I want them to feel or is it what a sales person feel more powerful if they had all their contacts at their fingertip with the middle manager who's struggling with where they are in the corporate ladder feel more powerful if they felt they had a sense of ah plan and ah goal and the path to get to that with the person in the massage relationship feel a sense of power if they were really able tto own their relationship with their spouse and really able to feel owned by their spouse without power the lights go out very true very true yeah factual statement consciously, objectively and as we look to the person you're sharing the couch with who does missus massage therapy in relationships very true power goes out, the lights go out, the emotion goes out guess what, we've got problems so as you go through this, don't be discouraged if you're like I only circled for emotions or I only circled pen emotions or however many you circled as an exercise if you ever wanted to spend it maybe in your morning ritual you know, fifteen minutes having fun pick one of these and say if my goal was to make my customers feel like throw a dart at the thing and find it uh humorous how would I make my customers feel humors I can't make them feel humorous I do software I can't make them feel humorous I you know, do tax preparation I do photographs that you know weddings, weddings are supposed to be serious and solomon amazing events yeah we've all seen those awesome jumping wedding photos where everybody's jumping and having fun and they're all in the air they're doing something crazy and those air always much better than the everyone kind of you know doing this like nobody likes those but I mean I may forgive me some people like those wedding photos not any type of people that any of the people watching this course want to hang out with right you want the people that are doing the exciting photos let's talk about some of the negative emotions so the native emotions are in the context of interestingly enough when we talked about workshops for this was this is pre and post workshop almost a ll the negative emotions so we identify come before in the process of people trying to get to the workshop and what happens after the workshop during the workshop ninety five percent of the emotions are those positive one so this is interesting yeah, very intriguing if I may forgive me for interrupting the cool thing about that is even by doing the exercise john has realized that the path from signing up from the workshop toe actually showing up at the workshop is wrought with negative emotions maybe I should do something about that is a business owner we have a tendency to think well my job is the workshop I'm going to put on an awesome amazing workshop I'm going to make sure their emotions were great in there feeling fantastic I'm not taking into consideration that I'm hosting the workshop in a part of town where the streetlights are burned out and the workshop starts at nine o'clock at night and it's a workshop on maybe martial arts and self defense so the person is maybe already feeling a little less powerful than we want them to feel oh what can I do to enhance the emotion on the path there some to think about tell us the negative emotions so the negatives agitated aggravated angry, annoyed, confused, disappointed displeased exasperated frustrated, hesitant ignored surprised, unhappy upset wary nice how many emotions telling on the negative fifteen fifteen half his many negative emotions in many ways not surprising john's been in business for over two decades if he was still the bulk of the experiences his customers were having his negative he wouldn't be in business anymore he's figured out how to pull it to the positive the goal is not to get too zero negative experiences well wait a second showing what the goal is not to get to zero on the negative note you'll never get to zero because you're dealing with humans have you had a negative emotional experience in the last? Oh, I don't know day week month off course there isn't anybody in this room or anybody watching online that hasn't had a negative emotion in the last twenty four hours how we're wired it's the human condition it's not in judgment on whether you're a glass half full or a glass half empty kind of person humanity ah, welcome welcome to the joy of the human condition but at least acknowledging what the negative experiences are and being able to say okay, you've got this negative experience let's pick one pick one of the negative experiences jon exasperated, exasperated okay ironically enough probably a negative experience that bob's customers have had I'm exasperated my contacts aren't here now what's really interesting if we would ask john what exasperated means in his world and in his audiences mind and ask bob what exasperated means in his world and in his audiences mind we'd get different answers but there'd be some parallels that's why this stuff works for everybody regardless of what business you're in regardless of what industry regardless of where in the world you're operating you're dealing with humans so guess what they're the emotions this is what we're dealing, so what they're feeling exasperated what are some of the counter feelings of exasperation? How do we counter ah feeling of exasperation, contentment right, contentment might be something that we dio we make. Somebody has have feeling exasperated. They're feeling content. Now somebody might look at that and they say, well, joey, but wait! Exasperated is this big emotion and contentment? Sounds nice and sweet and quiet. That's not the opposite. Well, actually, maybe it is. If we really think about it. Exasperation is frustration. It's angst, it's discombobulated it's the storm contentment is the lake on a beautiful morning, not a ripple on it. Everything's adi's, everything's, quiet, everything's peaceful! Those are the types of variance is you want in your emotional experience. Most of us are operating in a band of emotion like this. We don't get too terribly excited. We don't get too terribly frustrated, which was kind of now stop and think if any of you ever been in a hospital and seeing an e k g, is this what you want or do you want kid? You want the latter? You want the full experience of emotions that some of your like? Well, wait a second, showy if I'm going to go to a big, positive, hi, and then I'm going to drop down real negative and low isn't that bad for my customer experience? Well, to a degree it isthe right, but let's at least give them the highs stop copping out on well, I just make it a little bit better it's just a little bit better than it used to be and they're gonna love me forever no change it quote steve jobs dent the universe do something bigger, okay? John laid this out perfectly and we're going to play a little bit more with him. So we talked about the emotion on this next work she where we actually map the emotions, right? The audience member emotion mapping after you've done the emotions list and you've identified all the different emotions that your customers are experiencing, we want to come in and we want to map them, okay? So first we're gonna tow when we use john is an example if he can continue to work with you, john, pick one of the emotions that you listed and choose for because you were kind enough to say that the negative emotions air usually going through the process and then the positive or once they're at the workshop let's start with the negative because sequentially in the timeline that makes sense so pick one of the negative emotions and not exasperated because we just had that one angry, angry okay, so what you would want to do on your worksheet is phil in angry when in the process do they feel angry um, beforehand, when they're trying to find out where to go to the workshop and they're not getting the information, they've asked a number of times and for whatever reason, they're not getting the message awesome, awesome examples. So when are they feeling that before they've attended the work? She workshop, they've asked for the information multiple times, they're not getting the answers they want, and they're feeling angry. We are at column too, and I hope for all of you playing along, you're seeing, well, there's some ways we can solve for that anger. What if we did a really awesome guide that from the day they signed up, we made sure that they knew where the workshop wass what if we actually had somebody on our staff call everyone cause this is kind of an expensive workshop, right? How much is the workshop? Fifteen hundred fifteen hundred dollars? So the average american, I think last time I looked at the statistics makes about twenty eight thousand dollars a year for a household of four sobering thought give you pause on that sobering so you're talking about spending and I'm not the best two doing math on the fly but fifteen hundred dollars out of twenty thousand men let's round it up and say thirty thousand just for giggles that's what you know, five percent of their income five percent of their income on your workshop you bet your ass I'm angry that I don't know where it's at when I'm giving you that money oh wow and again forget the cursing people at home but like this is how it is this is how you need to connect with the emotion you have to feel like oh my gosh of course they would be angry what can I do at fifteen hundred dollars a workshop do you think it's fair that when somebody register we call him and we say hey by the way you're registered for a workshop coming up we've talked to a number of our customers and one of the things they get frustrated about is knowing where our thing is because we have it in a studio that's a little bit harder to find in the city we know your local how long if you lived here oh I've been in this town for five years oh well you probably know where it's at by the way just do what I just did there not being creepy I'm getting information oh they've been in the community for five years so you didn't even feel it coming in did you and just five years okay five years they've been in town and you say hey okay so you've been in town for you probably know where it is but let me help you out you want to go down main street and you're going to come to the big target and you're going to make a left and you're going to go point four miles on your odometer and we've actually made this big sign it's this big gold and dragon it says dragon door when you get to the sign you're there come open the door and embrace your dragon god now we don't like these awesome marketing things and they're excited and guess what? Anger now has been reversed into an emotion of humor you all laughed so guess what? I just moved here from the negative emotion of anger over to the positive emotion of humor mmm interesting so the duration of the feeling how long do they feel angry currently in the current model not with the awesome cool dragon door son you're going to start using but in the in the model right now where they're trying to figure out where the event is? How long does that emotion usually last? Yeah I'm thinking slow burn but let's give it you know, a couple of days of rage and a week or two slow burn wow and john, I commend you for the honesty of sharing this means stopping think somebody's been in business for twenty years is the father of kettle bells in this country acknowledging publicly I know that my customers is a general field as a general rule have a few days of rage and then a few weeks of a slow burn because they're doing business with me. This stuff works. Spend time in the emotions. Is this a positive or negative thing? That's happening that they're feeling anger extremely opposed to extremely positive it's fabulous it's! What? I was going insane. Opportunity it's an opportunity for growth. June thank you, that's. Exactly the point I was trying to make. When you get to the end and you write it's a negative, I want you to kind of think back to science, class of polarity. Anytime you have a negative, how do you cancel it out? You throw a positive on top of it. How can we take this negative and systematized our business? Build it out in a way that the thing that used to be one of the biggest negatives is now one of the biggest positives that's exponential growth that's where you see your business not do three percent growth between last year and this year. But you see your business to thirty percent growth or three hundred percent growth, because because you come in and you catch the emotions and you flip them on their head, all right, let's do a positive one the reason we're spending so much time on this and using the example of john is someone that I want you to connect with how this works and why this is important to do their business and I hope you do it as part of the homework tonight what about a positive emotion triumphant triumphant, triumphant that's a great emotion to feel my gut instinct is most the people watching online most of people in the room if I were to ask you are your customers experiencing the emotion of triumphant you didn't circle that one and it's ok, but what if they could almost everybody in the room I would argue to say everybody in the room and everybody online at some point in your life has had the feeling of triumph I think you know hearing the chariots of fire theme in the background and feeling or watching the guy walk up the steps and the rocky thing and the whole thing you've had that feeling of triumph imagine if you were able to get that chair customers when do they feel triumphant in your first hundred days process? They feel it during the work show during the workshop it's uh it's this tremendous sense of accomplishment like carrots afar nice nice so when they're in the moment they're feeling triumph in the worst they really they've met and overcome a major challenge lovett I love it and how are you anchoring that in in the moment? How are you doing things in the moment when they're feeling triumph to make sure that they will remember that they felt triumph in your workshop this is diving a little bit deeper than the workshop are the work sheet we have in front of us but it's well what we've done is to video testimonials and video records of that and also asked them to in the workshop right up just at the at the timing on the last day when most them are in this place to write it and they do great and what do you do with what they write with the brush is on our website we put in our catalog publish it on your website putting on my nails which from a when we go back remember the graph we had in the first session where we're talking about customer life cycle and about drawing new customers in and that focus on marketing and filling the funnel and prospecting that's a brilliant solution and helps the others how does it help the person who experienced the emotion they feel recognized and respected and admired for what they did well he often interviewed them also and then publish the interview said they're lionized and they become inspirational heroes for others arthur so what's interesting about this and I think it's brilliant that you do this and a lot of businesses don't so kudos to you but what's interesting is if you're listening to the answer starts getting all of it is about how that feeling of triumph is first used for the business to drive more business to get more people to believe that it's good and then there's a piece of it it's for them that it's it props them up and it makes them feel they're idolized in the community they feel like a hero within within the group what could we do to take it even further? That's fantastic and I am so glad you're asking that because that is where we fall down because they have that feeling during the workshop it's ah they often say it's a lifetime one of the experiences of a lifetime however we don't normally get back to them in those following hundred days and remind them of what a fabulous experience they have had yeah and how important and wonderful it wass we don't so what's great is john is capturing the information at the time so he actually has the data hey, he has the video he has thie interview imagine thirty five forty five ninety days later I'm sitting at home I'm back to my life overwhelmed exasperated him angry and rage and I get an email from john that says, hey joey was online going through some old videos and stumbled across this and was reminded of you and they clicked play on the video and they watch themselves being interviewed talking about how triumphant they were talking about how great it was talking, how they had beat this unbelievable odds it taken back in an instant you already have this stuff this is the big challenge most businesses have you have everything you need in your business right now you're just not using it I just want you to think differently use it in a different way instead of thinking it's all about gathering testimonials white get more customers know it's all about gathering testimony is so I can feed them back to the people who gave them to me to remind them how much they loved me how much joy excuse me se my pleasure my pleasure yeah and I mean this this is why we're doing it right they had this feeling of triumph they have this feeling of excitement and you bring him back I mean if you want to dive into this deeper think about the five senses right think about ways that you can give them that recognition I mean we were kind of joking about the chariots of fire but if you play the chariots of fire in the background during the workshop I'm not saying you do but hypothetically if you did imagine sending them ah link that said this came up on my ipod during my workout today and it made me think of you and it's the chariots of fire theme song like who wouldn't love to get that email who don't love to be like oh yeah I did kick tail and take names that's awesome I remember that I remember what I felt questions no, we've covered a lot of emotions, any burning questions online or in the room? Three this isn't a question, but I thought it applied perfect. I love it will refund. My favorite case for experiences is two people not finding the event knowing love professional speakers in my fields. I understand this problem, especially with in hotels, because people get lost and they're so confusing and there's no sign ege arianna and one of my favorite things that a fellow public speaker does is he puts foot prints on the floor, and so people just follow these footprints to the door and you actually see them walking like on the footprints, and they're just smiling and laughing when they come in and instantly, you already like the experience in the speaker hasn't even started love it love it because what does the speaker do? This speaker engages with the human emotion off playfulness, and it reminds us of what it was like to be a kid and go, oh, I can keep my feet on the line. When the last time we did that, it's been ages thanks for bringing it back thanking thanks for giving me that chance tto have that emotion toe have that experience, thanks for connecting in that way. Other questions, other thoughts and actually I have a thought about this, and I think I'm realizing what an overachiever I am, which I think is probably not unique here and listening to john has been really helpful because I've had a lot of success and other realms and now moving into these classes, listening to this, I realized our only negatives are getting to the class and potentially follow up and so it's just really fascinating. Also, the level of positives I have is astounding because the couples who were there are contributing tons and tons of positive um emotions to one another and the outcomes I'm actually very committed to teaching the people that worked for me that this is so much more than massage therapy it's so much more than teaching massage, and I actually instruct them on how to engage all of their senses to figure out what the customer needs and it's very unique and individual to each person, and so the level of emotions that they're going through is really significant. But it's really amazing because I walked away thinking joe he's going to show me how to make videos, you know, on on on how to do this thing, but the reality is is that's probably what I need to do my system is good that, you know, but anyway, I just want to say thank you, and I want to say thanks to john for being so open about that because it made me realize I'm not sucking entirely, which is great. Yeah, yeah, I mean let's, drive it back to the thing we were talking about. What about? And thank you for sharing that. Megan let's, try the back to the thing bob was talking about about his customer feeling like, oh, I'm just not getting it done. I'm failing most the people watching this video, most of the people sitting in the room have had that thought recently that's very natural, it's very natural for entrepreneurs. That's why you are different than the rest of the world with no judgement on any of you that are working for someone else. The type of person that goes toe work in a nine to five job in a cubical living a quiet life of desperation is different than the type of person that says I am going to forge ahead. I'm going to figure this out. I don't know how I'm going to do it don't know how I'm gonna put food on the table, rent's due next week and I have no customers, but you know what? I'm an entrepreneur, dammit, I'm gonna try to figure it out. I'm going to make it happen and some of us are entrepreneurs outrunning our own businesses some of us are intra preneurs that are working inside of a company some of us just have an entrepreneurial spirit even though we don't have a side business or anything like that we all have this inside us this idea that we want to do different we want to do something special really quickly off your comment about the path of people getting dear class I think if I were to ask you I'm not asking but let's just pretend if I were to say how many people signed up for your course but don't show up there's a decent number okay problem maybe maybe not if the path is that bad for them to get to there are some that air deciding they don't want to do it or if that doesn't apply to your business the experience they're having is there looking at it going yeah it's not really clear on where the event is and I'm wondering how I'm going to get there you know what? I don't have the time remember the big choice in the competition there's you there's your competition and then there's the really big competition which is the status quo of doing nothing just by focusing on the path to doing business with you life can get easier for your customers get you more customers, grows your business let's refute the goals and emotions in one minute okay, so we have this tendency when we need people to say what is the stated goal I need to drill when in reality we need to be diving deeper to the unstated goal which is I need the whole how do we actually figure that out? Well, we journal we try to put ourselves in the shoes of our customer and write about what they're experiencing before they meet us and what they should experience after and we're going deeper than the idea of their business and we're also looking at their personal life and the emotional connections they're having we're filling out these personas and basing their different stated in unstated goal so we have a clear map of everybody we're dealing with we're recognizing that there seven thousand facial expressions they might give and the typical business we're probably getting about five how can we get more well the way we get maura's we look at our positive in our negative emotions we look at ways to engage them in their act with them, draw them in and really take advantage of the emotions they're feeling we're coming up towards the end of our first day we have one more segment left and in segment for it's going to be super interactive I'm going to roll a whiteboard in here we're actually going to be working through to map your current first hundred days experience so we've been talking about this. We've been talking about all the elements all day. We're actually going to start to put it on the map. So if you haven't had a chance to download the worksheets yet, definitely do that, because you're gonna want the mapping work sheet for your current first hundred days experience. And we'll be back to you soon to do just that.

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If you're looking for speakers discussing marketing and sales, I'd suggest taking a time out and watching this lesson. While you can pour time and cash into marketing and sales, if your not keeping your customers happy, then what has it all been for? If you really want to take your marketing and sales to the next level, start with the client experience. Happy customers who become fans will provide better marketing than you could every write for yourself (plus other people will believe it, because it isn't you talking about how great you are, it's someone else talking about how great you are!) And those fans generate referrals by the boatload. And all you have to do is be great at what you do, and make sure your clients' or customers' expectations are managed well, and then exceeded. Joey will teach you how to do this. As a side note, we've made this course part of our onboarding process, so every new hire watches this complete lesson within the first two weeks of their tenure with us, it's that much a core part of our philosophy. Godspeed!


I watched a replay of this course in November, 2017. It's incredible it's still such a current and updated course, even though the lessons were shot in 2013. Very deep content, told in a very light, fun and assertive way. Wonderful examples that inspire action and hands-on tips that you can apply immediately for every kind of businesses. Best in-studio audience ever.

Tanya McGill Freeman

Wow...just WOW! What a fantastic course. Joey over-delivers, practicing exactly what he preaches in this truly insightful workshop. I honestly can't think of anyone I wouldn't recommend this course for. Such a small investment for such tremendous value. Get this course NOW! You'll be so glad you did.

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