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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Turn Customers Into Fans in the First 100 Days

Joey Coleman

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

I want to jump right in and start with a story today. And this story started many years ago in northern california. I was nine years old and I was standing outside on a bright blue, cloudless day. You know, not a care in the world at one of america's, most fantastic amusement parks. The problem is that I was anything but amused. Okay? And the reason for that is because over the course of the last year, I had actually grown a little bit, and I now met the requirements of this sign, which is a general rule. Wouldn't have been that bad of a thing, except for the fact that this sign I was in front of this sign demon. Okay, at the time, the demon was billed as the planet's, most ferocious, death defying, terrifying roller coaster. I was totally petrified. And as I stood there, I must confess that it took a fair amount of peer pressure and, to be candid, a lot of parental persuasion to get me to climb into the car and begin what would be a very fateful ride. So as I slid into the roller coas...

ter and I pulled that big bar down around my shoulders, the train slowly lurched out of the station right and as we began shrugging up this seemingly endless mountain right click click click all these thoughts of fear and doubt uncertain he started to flood into my mind right? I began to think geez, I wonder if this thing actually latched and I was like, oh my gosh, I'm kind of little I'm small what if I slide out from underneath it? What if we go into big loop and I fall out and idling and on the track and the next train comes through and hits me oh my god, what am I gonna be able to do? And I thought, you know jeans I'm only nine years old I've never even kissed a girl this would be a horrible way to die we crested the top of the roller coaster and began racing down story after story my stomach which had been located here shot into my throat and as soon as it landed in my throat it came back down as we did luke after loop after loop okay then we went into this corkscrew and to be honest, we were going so fast that like water started streaming from the sides of my eyes and to this day I refused to acknowledge whether that was because of the speed of the roller coaster or whether those were tears of fear okay and while regrettably I don't have a photograph of me on that fateful day I can honestly say that it was something similar to this now if I were to ask each of you do you love death defying crazy insane terrifying roller coaster rides statistically the majority of you wouldn't raise your hands which is interesting because in most businesses around the world in all industries that's what we're subjecting our customers too a roller coaster ride where they have no idea what they're getting into they start out thinking maybe this will be fun pretty quickly they moved to a state of oh my gosh why did I do this they begin doubting why they even did business with you whether this is going to be a good idea a good solution one thing leads to another next thing they know they're in for the ride of their life which often they even forgot that they signed up for what we're going to be talking about over the next three days is how to solve for that problem how to even out the ride so to speak and make it a little more enjoyable for your customers now what's fascinating is when your customers making decision too give you money okay whether that's by your product or signed up for your service or enter a contract in do it in with you for whatever use your offering again regardless of business regardless of industry a clock starts ticking and what's really kind of problematic about this is that the clock continues to tick and actually starts to tick faster. And while in the beginning they might have started out with that initial purchase feeling a lot of love and joy and satisfaction that, like I found the solution, I found the thing that's going to make this work I found the the product that's going to make my life easier. I found the service that's going to solve the problem that I've had for years, not long after they make that purchase sometimes a couple seconds, sometimes over the course of days the scene changes, okay? And they begin to doubt exactly what they've signed up for that you begin to fear whether this is really gonna work and in social psychologist terms, you may have heard this they referred to it as buyer's remorse. All right, so what exactly is buyer's remorse? It's probably something that you may have heard about in your day to day wanderings. And if you're in business, you may have heard people say, do you beware buyer's remorse? The problem is nobody really ever explains the science of buyer's remorse, so I'm gonna take a little bit of time this morning to do that some of you that are watching our thinking wait a second, I signed up for a business course, not a science course, right I'm gonna keep it light, I promise, but the reason I want to spend a little time on this is to kind of set the stage for what you're dealing with as business owners and as consultants and employees and people that are dealing with customers and because of you probably haven't had a lot of exposure to this. You may not understand just how ridiculous the human brain is and how frankly it's working against your business at every waking moment the other reason I want to spend a little time talking about this is because throughout the next three days I wanted to be clear even though I'm the one presenting this, this isn't just joey's random thoughts okay and rambling this stuff is backed up by science it's backed up by research and it's backed up by study in businesses around the world in all industries. So if at any point during the presentation you're thinking, wait a second, how does this really apply to me? Fact of the matter is we could have a conversation there's probably research that shows specifically how it applies to your business. So let's talk a little bit about buyer's remorse while we're looking at this lovely photo which I promised the child was not hurt in the making of this photo in any way, shape or form buyer's remorse basically sets in from the moment you make a purchase okay? And the way it works is immediately after we make this decision to buy something to spend our hard earned money trigger start to go off in our brain and we actually chemical reactions where dopamine is released, right? And initially we think this is awesome I'm feeling good about this, but this scene is the dopamine hit happens, it begins to fade and our body begins to notice wait, I don't feel is good anymore and the reason we don't feel as good anymore is frankly, for a number of reasons. First and foremost, we begin to doubt whether making the decision was a good decision at all. All right, most people think ok, why either can do this or not? See, most business owners think, oh, well, it's me against the competition actually, you're number one competitors the status quo you're number one competitor is doing nothing, okay, it's not really that they're evaluating all your competitors. You know, most business owners, I know they're like well, my competitors coming out with this new product next month, we need to have a new product and it's like yes, that's worth taking into consideration, but the fact of the matter is for the average customer, they're not looking to see what everything out in the world is they're just looking and going, do I actually want to take action do I want to do anything right? So this stasis or this kind of enjoyment of the status quo, if you will, this apathy is really what you're up against, and then when they actually make a decision to purchase this is when the fear and the uncertainty and the doubt starts to race in, they begin to ask questions like, well, did I spend enough time assessing, did I really look at all the different options? Is this thing really going to be the solution that I thought it was going to be? You know, I've had this problem for a long time, and I've tried a lot of other things, and this is going to be the one to make that worse thing even start to question. Well, did I get snookered by the sales person, like was it that I was more interested in kind of flirting with the sales person than actually liking the product? They begin to ask things like, well, what if my friend got a better deal, or did I get the best possible? She has negotiated better, then begin to wonder, well, what if this doesn't work? Okay, who am I gonna have to tell him? I'm gonna have to answer to my boss, to my spouse, to my clients, to my friends because, you know, this thing that I thought was going to be the end all be all golden snitch, the perfect thing that I've been chasing my entire life, it didn't work, and so all these things were going on in their minds and this business owners, we usually don't think about that, right? We usually think, but my products really good my services awesome. I'm great marketing materials, I have a beautiful logo, but we're up against their brain and their brain can actually process this stuff a lot faster than we is. Business owners can counter it where it gets even more complex is that every day in our modern society, this gets works. Okay? Some of you may have read the book paradox of choice by americans social scientists barry schwartz he talks about the fact that as we have more choices, it actually makes it more difficult to make a choice. So I grew up in a little town in iowa. We're going to talk about that later, but you know, this is not me making fun of iowa, I love iowa, but if you go back about a hundred years, two hundred years to iowa and you were wanting a shirt okay, if you went to the store, I mean, probably a two hundred years. Your significant other would make that shirt, but let's, say, let's, fast forward, you know, one hundred years, and you went to a store, you'd walk into the store and you'd have the blue shirt or the grey shirt, and you needed a shirt so you would buy the blue shirt, and any someone, some buyer's remorse that happened when you got home would be limited to maybe I should have gotten the grey shirt. Ok, that was it, neal. Pretty pretty straightforward. What happens today? We go to a store and we see the blue shirt. We see the grey shirt we see the striped shirt the polka dotted shirt the redshirt with flowers the green shirt with swirls we get the shirt that has wicking technology that pulls our sweat off our body we get the shirt that sewn with silver thread that makes it so you don't smell if you perspire right we get the shirt that's made out of recycled plastic bottles we get the shirt that was made in a fair trade organization in kenya and every time you buy the shirt they give a pair of shoes to a little group of kids we get the shirt that was made by the sweat shop in indonesia that actually you pretend not to know where the actual money went for this shirt right? We've got all these decisions then we've got the decision of I bought the shirt in the store may and I probably should have checked to see if they had it on amazon or on ebay or on suppose the paradox of choice is astounding the buyer's remorse is even greater this is what we're up against okay now the good news is over the next three days we're going to be talking about how to fix that I feel bad because we've started the presentation right now everybody's thinking oh my god churches closed my business there's no way that I'm going to be able to compete against the human brain this is absolutely insane no, as much science is they're out there. That is showing us what the problem is. There's, just that much science showing us what the solution is and the solution khun usually be boiled down to this magic number the first hundred days in the first hundred days. If you get the experience of your customers right, you can have a customer for life, it's that simple. Now his business owners, we have a tendency, I think, to be anxious and to say, well, oh, my gosh, you're so many things I need to be in charge of been responsible for I got to get new people in the door. I got to take care of that customers that are already here. I gotta manage my employees. I got to make sure my cash flow is good, etcetera, etcetera. If you focus on this, if you focus on the first hundred days and kind of if you will quiet your mind, we're going to talk about that on day three, right? Quiet your mind to the point where you say let's, let the focus be on creating amazing customer experiences right out of lattes so that they have a really positive impression of us, everything else evens out, the rollercoaster comes down so that's kind of a preview of what we're going to be doing today I wanted to spend a little bit of time because I've had the pleasure not only of getting the honor of speaking at creative life for the next three days, but I'm actually a creative life customer. I'd watched a lot of videos long before I even had the chance to come here and present on one of the things I'd always wondered about is it's kind of this way weird setup, right? You've seen me on the camera and you're like, but there's other people in the room and there's the host and where is everybody and what's going on? So I want to take a little time to introduce people you know, russ was kind enough already. Teo introduce cathy j and to kind of tell you who the hosts were and I know some of you that tuned in earlier got a chance to meet a few of our studio audience members, but I wanted to spend a little time introducing them and talking about them. Now they have no idea of this is about to happen, okay, so we can watch them and camera guys will put the camera on them to see just how exciting this is going to be, but I wanted to give you a little background on who's actually in the room for two reasons. Number one, because it's, just nice and polite to introduce people that you might see on camera number two, I wanted to be clear that the people in the room actually present a pretty healthy mix of different types of business is different types of audiences and different types of experience within their own business, so we're going to be able to lean on them and bring them up and do some exercises. They have no idea this was gonna happen, but it'll be exciting for everyone. We're also gonna have the opportunity for those of you that are online to try minna swell. So without further ado, let me introduce you to our beautiful, gorgeous, stunning studio audience and much in the way that we would approach it. If there were cannibals nearby, we'll have the men go first, okay, so we're going to start off here with bob bob torgersen. Okay, bob runs. This software is a service business called blue cap. All right? He basically has this business that creates. Wonderful software that help you manage your contacts across multiple platforms I don't know about you guys, but I run into this situation we're like my laptop has one set of contacts in my phone has another set and then there's just all nine c r m that I pay for it, but I don't use that has some other contacts in it and then there's my email address book that has some additional contacts in it and it ends up being a jumbled mess. Bob is your guy to fix that right? Bob software salts for that problem he's been in business for about six years now as we're using bob is the example here to start? Let me explain that the years that everybody has been in business is relevant for a few reasons. First and foremost, it gives you an idea that we have folks in the room that air trust starting out like many of you that are watching your early in your business, you may be in the first couple months, the first year respectfully your kind of trying to figure it out I mean, I'm with you we've all been there, I've been doing this for eleven years now the fact of the matter is the first few years are the hardest just trying to figure out just how do you put food on the table? How do you keep the lights on the longer and you're in business, you're challenges change, you know, my my friend, I'm a big student of tony robbins talks about the fact that you never get rid of problems, right? The goal is to have quality problems, right? You're your problem's change, but they're still there. So while the reasons were shane sharing, the amount of years that the folks in the audience have been in business is to give you an idea that depending on where they are in the life cycle, their experience might be a little bit different than yours. But if they're further out ahead of you, you have the chance to learn from them. If they're a bit behind you in your business life cycle, they probably don't have a cz many preconceived judgements is you have they probably don't haven't gone to the point where they're like, well, there's, no way that could work. I tried that five years ago when I didn't know as much as I know today with one tenth the resource is I have right, we get into our minds and we talk about this so that's, why we're going to talk a little bit about the time that they've been in business so that's bob, next john mccain, john introduced himself earlier and jon is a really wonderful man. He is probably one of the most humble guys you would ever meet and when he says, well, you know, dragon door publishing, we do kettlebells the piece he's leaving out of this is kettlebells that you've heard of that air at the gym that everybody's doing these kettle bell class is they have kettlebells at home. John is the guy that brought those to america. He is considered the father off the kettle bell revolution in this country and worldwide, frankly, he's been in business for twenty one years. John's been there, done that got the t shirt lived to tell the tale. Okay, so he's had a fantastic experience, and I think we'll get a chance to talk to you later. His business has over evolved and changed a lot over those twenty one years. He's, also a fantastic expert in the martial arts. John's one of those guys that it's great to have along with you. If you're in a dark alley and he's also one of those guys who approaches it more from, I think, the point of centering and balance and how you go through life and choose the life you want to live so wonderful soul in john do caine now let's, get to the ladies in the audience, okay, meghan holub meghan is the queen of massage, ok, in the world of massage, there are a lot of how shall I say struggling massage artist who are wondering, like, how do I make money? Meghan literally wrote the book on how to make money is a massage artist. In fact, her book and the, of course, is she teaches in the the position she advocates will help you become one hundred thousand dollars a year. Massage therapist. I don't know about you. I met a lot of massage therapist, and I don't say this critically. The idea of racking up one hundred thousand dollars in revenue is a massage therapist seems impossible. Meghan khun teach you had to do that she's particularly well known for her business massage. L a it's actually got five locations around the west, and hopefully we're getting her to expand east a little bit so that the rest of the country can take advantage of that. And what she specializes is actually teaching massage classes. So instead of coming in and getting a massage, which you can do when it's great, you come in with your partner, your spouse, your significant other and you learn how to do massage together. Absolutely amazing business, it's, hugely successful, and frankly, she doesn't advocate this or promote this too much, but it's really like the hollywood celebrity thing to do right. She has a ridiculous clientele of people that you go to the movie theater and watch on the big screen. Yet she's also this, you know, just wonderful, warm, fantastic business owner so meghan, and massage away. Then it brings us to the mistress of the dark hearts. Okay, tree alexander sri has this fantastic business observe, connect influence and in the interest of full disclosure, especially here on the internet, I'm a big believer that tree and I have worked together. I actually had the pleasure of helping her to design her logo in some of her branding materials, and the reason I did that is because the book she is working on writing now and the things that you can get preview up by reading her blawg are absolutely fascinating. Her entire premise is that in order to have influence in this world, you need to first observe the person. Then you need to connect with the person and on lee then can you influence now we're going to get a chance to talk to sri a little bit later in the three day course because one of the things I think she's masterful at is building those connections and making those observations reading body language doing the things that will help you to be better when you interact with your customers most of us just kind of create a product or create a service and we're like uh if we build that they will come you know, iowa reference number two hope you're paying attention, eh? So we kind of put it out there and we say, oh, this will work and we don't ever stop to think about well wait, what is the interaction with the customer? How does it work? How can I connect with them in a meaningful and personal way? You know, not this kind of b s connection that we hear about it's like care about your customers know actually something that's deeper that they feel that we feel that we actually have an opportunity to dio so sri alexander in observe connect and influence and finally cherry duffy okay, I'm really excited to have sherry in the audience and the reason is I know from watching creative live courses that many of you work in the creative arts many of you are graphic designers, videographers, photographers think of sherry as your representative in the room, okay, not to put too much pressure on her. All right, she runs blix, eliza, brain ing and video company. Basically, we were talking about it, and what's. Fascinating is her business kind of grew out of the fact that she would shoot these videos, like, for example, she was shooting a video of friend's birthday party at one point, and that ended up in an h t c cell phone commercial. Okay, this is a true artist. This is someone who observes the world around them, captures that. And packages it in a way that the rest of the world can connect and feel inspired by wonderful branding and web design business she's been in business for about two years, I hesitate to mention I want to go back real quick. So bob it's six years john twenty one meghan just over two years, suri under a year in this business and sherry about two years, so we have the full arc of business experiences. We have the full arc of industries that these folks are working in and so that's your studio audience. So I appreciate your bearing with me while I introduced everyone, but I'm so excited to have these people in the room because the ability to get them involved in some of the exercises later on day later today, as well as on day two and day three will give you a chance to kind of have a surrogate or representative in the room, not to mention you still have the chance to try men in the chat room and ask your questions and that type of thing. I wanted to give you here on day one you know, a little bit of housekeeping, if we may, an overview of what you can expect for the next three days because if there's one thing I've learned about creative live and I say this exactly as I said, I'm a big fan there's eighteen hours of content over the next three days okay? And the fact of the matter is I don't want to have any judgments there but the majority of you that are watching this are more successful than having eighteen hours of your day to devote to playing on the internet I mean, you probably do that a lot with facebook and twitter anyway, but to be doing content and learning and knowledge right? So because of that I wanted to give you a little bit of an overview so that you can kind of jump in where you like track to the things that are most valuable to you as rest mentioned earlier you know, for ninety nine dollars you can buy the whole course and watch any piece of it later for long as you want in any format you want so I just wanted to be a little bit and overview so dae won today we're going to be covering for things each day we're going to have four segments, so in segment one we're talking about why the first hundred days why is this important? We already talked a little bit about buyer remorse and psychology we're going to dive further into the elements of the first hundred days and how to navigate someone through that in segment two, which is right after our first break we're going to be talking about who is your audience? Okay and we're going to spend a little time right out of the blocks specifically talking about why I refer to it is audience as opposed to customer so for those of you that are sitting there going, wait, I don't have an audience, I have a customer, I would argue you actually have an audience, and it will be used for for your business to think of it that way, buddy, for now, because we're not to that point, you want to think who is your customer? You might feel more comfortable about it, then we're going to move two goals in emotions in the first hundred days, and this is where we're going to get a little touchy feeling, maybe a little hoochie coochie we're gonna be talking about where people are at emotionally and how that aligns with their more objective or left brain goals and needs, and what the interplay between those two is because the more we can investigate that, the more we can understand that, the easier we can build our businesses to both acknowledge that and meet folks where they're at and build it out from there. Finally, we're going to finish up day one with a very interactive exercise I'm totally excited about and is a preview for those of you watching online, this will be a big opportunity for you to actually have your business assessed stay tuned for segment for at the end of the day today, but we're actually going to map the first hundred days. We're going to roll in a big white board here, okay? Right now we have this lovely bookshelves, but we're gonna have a giant whiteboard here, and we're actually going to map out what's happening in your business in the first hundred days. Okay? We're going to do that with a live studio audience. We're going to do that with some of you at home that'll finish day one. Oh, my gosh, like six hours. Seriously, it feels like I've been talking for six hours already. Right? Then we're going to go today, too. All right, day two is going to start out by reviewing and assessing your current first hundred days. We're going to take all the work we do in the final segment today. We're going to take the homework assignment. Yes, forgive me. There is going to be homework, but I promise it'll be fun, and I promise it will change the face of your business both in terms of your emotional connection to your business and your bottom line. If you do the homework. So preview, you want to do the homework and segment for and the reward for that is going to be when we start off tomorrow morning, the segment five we're actually going to review the homer. We're going to talk about what we learned, contrary to kind of most people's typical education background, you're not going to show up with the homework that teacher is going to go wrong, wrong, wrong, and you're going to get sent home to do it over again, right? I correct homework in green pen, it makes it feel more fun and more exciting and less judgmental, right? What we're actually going to do is go through and talk about the individual aspects of your business and learn from each other based on the way we're currently handling our first hundred days. Then we're going to move to our second segment of day two, which is identifying preferences and maximizing channel mix. Doesn't that sound nice and professional and business? He right? That sounds like it would be the chapter in a business book how to maximize your channel mix what that actually means is there tons of ways that you can communicate with your customers lots of different ways that you can interact with them, we're going to talk about where do you spend your time right now? A lot of your pricing? Well, jeez, I got a tweet and I got to do status updates on facebook and I got to maintain my group, and I've got this email list in this newsletter that I kind of send once a month when I remember about it, but nobody ever opens the door clicks through anyway, and I've got the real life meetings and I've got the phone calls, and I'm trying to keep in touch with people. How do you actually manage that mix? How do you do it in a way that not only makes you feel good about running your business but actually connects with your customer in the way they want to be connected, right, identifying their preferences right out of the blocks? Then we're going to do another very interactive session right in segment seven, which is all about mapping the future. At this point, we're about halfway through the three days, and you're going to have enough knowledge that you're going to be ready to say, okay, what am I going to do differently in my business? Starting thursday morning? Is frankly, that's the kind of presenter I am. I'm not interested in spending three days of your valuable time saying, oh, well, you should do this and to be a theoretical exercise to have this no enough there's enough of that in the business world. I'm the action guy I'm the guy that at the end of these three days you say holy cow or maybe even something more bold than that okay and you say I am going to take action I am going to change my business and so in this segment we're gonna create the map of how you do that so literally halfway through day two you are gonna have the blueprint for how to change your business going forward it's gonna be fun it's gonna be huge really excited about it once you have the map you're left with okay, well, how do I actually implement this again? I'm not the theory guy on the action guy okay? We're gonna give you a calendar and checklist so as we're wrapping up the end of day two two of the three day course you're gonna have the map and you're going to have the checklist that says on day one you should do this with your customers on day five you should do this with your customers and it's going to be clearly built out so you can just go down the list and check things off yep said I was going to do that did it? Yep I said I was going to do that did it real straightforward, easy to understand applicable to any business finally we're going to get today three okay and at this point where were you it is a marathon right? It's not a sprint we're all going to be hanging in there when we get today three we're going to start with establishing a first hundred days mindset you all are going to be wonderful students I can tell already even those of you online you look fabulous, I can see we have this little thing where I can actually see you is well, you don't know that, but it's exciting technology they've developed here a creative life. The problem is after two days you're going to be built in and you're going to be saying, ok, I've got it, I'm ready to go and then on thursday morning you're going toe not be on creative live and you're going to be sitting at an inbox full of hundreds of messages you're gonna have all these voice mails that air backed up, you're going to be coming to the end of the month and need to be doing invoicing and pay rent and keep the lights on and all these things and your mind's going to start to play tricks on you, we're going to spend the first part of day three and this is why day three is really important, making sure that your mindset is solid, making sure that you have the tools and the mental acuity that going forward you don't need to rely on the course you have everything you need inside you right now to make the changes in your business that you need to make then we're going to turn to a conversation of building a first hundred days team and systems now let me address this really quickly some of you are saying but joey I'm a solo entrepreneur I don't have a team sorry you actually dio you may not have employees but you have other people you work with partners vendors that you work with people that you might sub out freelance work too how do you get everyone that interacts with your customer to have the same philosophical belief that you d'oh to have the same ethic to have the same drive to say customer service customer experience that's where it's at we're gonna be talking about how to do that for those of you that do have employees were going to be talking about how to get them on board as well right? Lots of ceos I know they're really excited they're like we want customer experience to become first and they get their whole team together and they have a big meeting and they're like guys we're launching this new customer experience initiative it's going to be fantastic we're going to roll it out we're serious this is a top down approach management is important we're going to even have an off site about this we're gonna let you know that this is where it's at and then the next day, everybody goes back to business as usual. No, we're looking for lasting change here, okay? We're going to talk about how do we build this into your team and how do we do it in a systematic way? Then we're going to talk about some tools and deliver bols for the first hundred days. This is going to be an exciting part of the presentation where I actually go through and show you some of the things that my clients and other people are doing in the first hundred days to create powerful, amazing experiences for their customers. So for those of you that are like joey, yes, I'm on creative live, but I don't think of myself as creative stop the madness, you are creative, but if you're not willing to believe that right now, in this section segment eleven, so at the end of day three, we're going to give you a host of examples that you confessed shamelessly steal or borrow or riff off of, however you wantto approach it, whatever feels most comfortable to you and that's going to be as we near the end of day three. Finally in our final segment no my gosh at this point you're like cheese show you've been talking about the three days for it seems like three days already this morning but I want to give you a preview of what's to come right because I know you're busy I know you're going to be checking in and out and I know that some of you may say yeah I got a lot of time today but I'm totally booked tuesday and wednesday if you are snagged the course so you can watch it later watch on the replay when we get to segment twelve we're gonna be talking about measuring and tweaking ah first hundred days plan okay and to be clear that's tweaking not twerking there's going to be no twerking in this presentation okay when we get to this segment what we're going to be talking about is okay joey I've got the plan I've got the blueprint I've got the checklist I've implemented it in my business and now with six months later you can't just let this stuff day and die on the vine okay? This is a living effort this is something that you need to put putting regular work into now some of you are probably saying joey I barely have the time to do this three day creative live course okay I do not have the time to check in on this on a regular basis don't worry, we're actually going to build you a system in that segment that'll help you do this. We're going to talk about ways to automate it. We're going to talk about ways to make it fun, make it easy, make it interactive. Okay, that's, what the three days are going to be? Here we go. So on the page, for those of you watching online and for the studio audience, we have gifts and prizes if you want to reach underneath your desk right now, for the people in the studio audience, the people that are total students are completely geeking out on this right now. Some of you who don't like homework or going, oh, my gosh, I didn't sign on to read a thousand pages of a worksheet again on the action guy. My goal is to give you the tools this is free. When I talked to creative live, they were like, joey, we can set this up and you can have some things that are available for folks to just download. Right now, you can also have some things that are kind of like behind the wall, for if they buy it, all the basic tools air right here, we're going to have some bonuses don't get me wrong, but the tools you need are in these pdf so case, but for those of you watching at home online now would be a really good time to just start click and download, download them all get him all cued up. We're not gonna talk about any of them in section one, but as soon as we get into segment to today, we're going to be jumping into the work sheet. So I want to make sure that you have him download him, print him out. I know we're going to kill a couple trees, not a lot of trees. Just a couple with this and forgive me for that environmentalist friends, but it's going to be worth it because you're actually going to spend a little time writing today. It's going to save you a lot of paperwork and headache later. Okay, so these are your worksheets will be ready to go here's the website is you guys, we're seeing you, khun stroll down and get the opportunity. I want to talk about one thing. I'm not going. I'm all about doing my best to deliver value in content and I say this respectfully I didn't sign on to creative live too pay my mortgage or to make retirement money, okay that's not what I'm doing and I say this respectfully at ninety nine dollars that's not going to happen anyway, okay but I wanted to spend a little time on this slide to say my goal is going to be to deliver so much value in this course. You look at that ninety nine dollars, and you say this is a no brainer, I'm not trying to oversell you, I'm just trying to give you context on this, typically the things we're going to cover in the next three days I would cover with my clients over the course of six months. We're going to cram that into three days, which is why I'm talking quickly, okay? Additionally, it would cost a minimum of twenty five thousand dollars, and I don't say that from a place of ego or to be like, oh, look at me, how this works. No, I say that to give you a context of why I've tried to work with creative life to create something that's, a great amount of value in fact, I'd even go so far, and this is probably freaking out. The production team with what I'm about to say I'd even go so far to say is if you buy this course and it doesn't change your business, send me an email and I'll refund your money. That's simple that's how solid I think this is going to be and how much I think if you actually do the homework you can't just buy the courses like joy about the course and three days later I didn't have a hundred thousand dollars more now that's not what we're talking about but if you actually fill out all the worksheet you go through the course and it doesn't work for you I'll give you your money back it's called a money back guarantee all right and the reason I'm the one that is because I actually believe in this stuff all right? I believe in it so much that I got my son involved now you're going to hear a little bit more about lachlan later, okay, but this is my son right here lachlan frost he's four and a half months old and we're gonna have a whole section about lachlan later so I don't want to spend too much time on him even though I'm a super proud dad. But what I've done is I've set up a bonus page for you and I'm gonna give you the ln a minute but before I give you the girl I want to tell you about the bonus page the bonus page has three things that are offered for you some you can get right now some you have to do a little bit of work for okay number one, if you come up here and you enter your email into that first box and hit, submit your immediately taken to a pdf you khun download with resource is things that I didn't have the chance to talk about today okay, there we're going to talk about it a little bit on day three about my approach to resource is and how I do it but you can get a preview of that by downloading that right now it's free by the way some of you are looking at like joey thank you for the e mail opt in let me be clear you're opting in to get this resource guide you're not opting in to be added to a newsletter you're not opting in to be getting emails for me every three days for the rest of your life no, no, no you're opting in to get the resource catalog okay? And as if I'll give you the option later to say if I get more resource is do you want to hear about those if you do great if you don't no problem either okay, so that's what we're going to do for bonus prize number one bonus prize number two if you decide to buy the course if you say you know what ninety nine dollars is worth it, I'm gonna buy the course send your receipt to receipt at first hundred days dot com okay, and when I get all the receipts in and the people that about the course, I'm going to do a drawing, I'm gonna do that drawing next week, and the drawing is going to say, okay, you get a private consultation on how to apply this cheer business. Now, for those of you that are watching the tape later, and so that the guys don't think they have to edit this out. If you're not watching live, and you're watching this on video later, we will continue to do a drawing every quarter from now on, for as many creative live courses or sold. I really believe in this stuff. I want you to have the opportunity. I'm happy to help you figure out how to implement it in your business. Finally, part three of the bonus, I wanted to set up an assessment that would actually help you analyze where your first hundred days is right now. And so there is a survey now, it's a twenty five questions survey you don't want to click on take the survey right now. You wanna wait until about day two or maybe even day three or frankly, even after the course and then do the survey? Because when you do this survey, a lot of the worksheets we're going to be talking about, we'll help you answer those questions. If you complete all the questions on the survey, you will get a personalized, customized first hundred days assessment of your business. Okay, this is an offer for everybody in the studio. Audience it's an offer for all of you online? Uh, laughlin, my son reminded me that I wanted to put a little caveat out there that depending on how many of you are watching today, it may take me a while to do all these personal assessments. Okay, my goal is going to be determined as quickly as possible to you. But if you complete the survey, for example, tomorrow and you don't have your personalized assessment by wednesday morning, don't freak out. It's coming, tio, I promise. Be patient. All right, so these are the bonus gifts. How do you get them, you goto first hundred days, dot com. First hundred days dot com when you go there, they'll see the little video of lachlan you can watch the video, he'll tell you all about the bonuses you can enter in. Okay, that kind of thing. He's actually quite articulated a young age. I'm very excited he gets that from his mother and so first hundred days dot com that'll help you out. For those of you that are into twitter, I mean, we're coming to the end of the housekeeping things, I promise you, for those of you that are into twitter, I'm not a big twitter guy. True confessions here the hashtag is hundred days life okay, tweet away live tweet have fun do that self! We'll talk about that on dave two with like the segmenting and the channel mix and that kind of thing, all right, questions. There are two types of questions that can happen in this presentation today for those of you that are in the studio audience or online, if it's any point you are saying, joey, you're full of it or joey, this doesn't apply to my business or joey, you went through that really quickly. I don't understand what you were saying or I can't make the connection between what you're teaching and what I'm living, I want you to raise your hand and stop me this goes for our studio audience that goes for all of you that are watching online. Okay, jump in the chat room. Do a question russ and cathy j are going to be monitoring at the whole time. I really want you to interrupt me. I want this to be interactive and if anything, I'm saying you're like, what is this guy droning on about? Seriously jumpin? Because what I want to do is, again it's, a student of psychology and brains. I don't want you to shut now. I don't want you to be saying, well, that works for graphic designers, but I'm a photographer. It would not apply to me, ok? Or yeah, those who? Jeep yuji creatives I have a really business. We do products and technology. Okay, if you're thinking it doesn't work, if you have questions, jump in and ask them cathy, j and russ are going to raise their hands. They're going, they're going to get my attention. We're going to interrupt the flow of things. We're going to answer those questions. Same with the audience. So that's question type number one question type number two is any time we come to a screen like this in the presentation, it's a free for all. Any question you have about any topic, you khun jump in. We'll get the studio audience, the chance, folks watching online any time you see this. No, jump over to the question section and start dropping your questions in there, we're gonna take a cz many a cz we can, depending on the amount of time we have in the presentation, will run with this many as we can. And if we don't get to him, we'll save them for the next time.

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