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6 Points of Communication

Lesson 8 from: Turn Customers Into Fans in the First 100 Days

Joey Coleman

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Lesson Info

8. 6 Points of Communication

Lesson Info

6 Points of Communication

So we've spent the whole morning and the first party afternoon talking about this concept of the first hundred days. How do we figure out who our audience is? How do we assess their goals and their needs and their emotions? How do we tie all of those things together into being able to present for them? Ah, first hundred days experience that is unlike any experience they've ever had before. So while this morning in the first segment of this afternoon have been about the learning and the content in the process of figuring it out, I'm really excited about this segment, because this is where we're going to do the application, which is why, you see we have this lovely whiteboard that is appeared behind me, just like magic. What we're going to be talking about today in this last segment is really diving deep into the actual interactions or touch points or experiences that your customers air having in the first hundred days. And as I said at the first section, I've identified kind of six he i...

nteractions or touch points, then you can have and what I want to do is talk through each of them some of you are having these experiences right now in the first hundred days for some of you this will be new at the end of the day these six applied toe all businesses across all industries anywhere in the world if you hone in on these six experiences you can absolutely change the emotional connection you're creating with your customer the actual touch points in interactions the delivery bols you're giving them and at the end of the day they're feeling about what it's like to do business with you first in person okay this is kind of the old school way of doing business and that's why start with it I mean used to be went to an establishment and you went in and you said I want x I want this product I want a shirt I want some food I want you know this shovel so I can dig a hole whatever it may be and you had an in person interaction the person behind the counter probably knew you you know we lived in a smaller communities you know where you actually had a relationship with a customer customer loyalty it wasn't just something that was thrown around is a concept it was something that was actually real and people made in person connections what's great about the in person connection is it gives us the chance to experience that person right in the interaction to read their body language to see what kind of emotions they're feeling to see are they really explaining everything they're looking for right now? Are there some unstated goals that I can kind of pick up on based on their language? The challenge is most of our business is we have very few of these anymore it's one of the perils have an increasingly online and global society you know, we have clients that maybe wearing countries on the other side of the world that we're never gonna have the chance to meet we maybe have people coming to our website to buy a product and they don't even know who the person behind the website is we're never going to have an in person interaction with them, so as a result things have gotten a little more complicated and as the technology has evolved, we kind of turned to this second form of communicating with folks email right now what's interesting about email is for most business owners they absolutely love it. Why it's cheap I e free it's fast and it has some interesting analytics if you're doing it right where you can actually see did they open the email now the problem with that and not to disparage any of the companies that sell those types of services they'll tell you whether they opened the email they won't tell you whether they read the email and there's a distinction they're right because I don't know about you guys I get probably somewhere between two and three hundred emails a day, relevant work based emails, not newsletters, you know not to tell a little secret, but we'll talk about this more tomorrow. My newsletters all go to an email that I checked, like once every week, once every two weeks, all the other stuff that personal communication goes to emails, I'm still getting hundreds a day. Most of your customers are having the same experience, you know, I'm dating myself a little bit, but I remember being a freshman in college, jj, when they first rolled out email and I was thinking this is so cool, you can communicate with people and it's elektronik and you would go to the computer lab at school? We didn't I mean again, I'm dating myself. We didn't all have computers in our dorm room, we had a lab that we would go to and you'd log on you under your username and password me, check, mail and it be like to messages were two people loved me now I don't know about you guys, I would love to have a day where I only got two emails, right? I would love it, it would be fantastic instead of the hundreds and hundreds of e mails that I'm getting your customers in the same way so his business owners while we certainly see the business analysis ofthe why email is a communication tool is really useful from a customer experience analysis it may not be as good as we think it iss and if you have any doubt or you're saying what shall we know my customers are different ask yourself this how much time are you spending in all those e mails that you get from various places you've bought products or services from probably not a lot some to think about now again ruling the clock back a little bit this used to be the big one direct mail sending someone something in the mail and the problem is is overtime this evolved right and we had a whole junk mail business build out of this where everybody was like I know if we just hit him and hit him again and it really a lot of it stemmed out of that a theory that a lot of marketing experts will talk about and when I say marketing experts I mean people that run agencies that get paid to produce direct mail ok let's be clear they'll say we need to have seventeen touches before somebody really is aware of your brand what you should here when someone says that although it's true there's something with all the noise we haven't I mean depending on who studies you look at we're exposed to between seven thousand and twenty five thousand brand impressions per day per day okay that's a lot it used to be that we got dozens and dozens of pieces of junk mail per day some people still experience that but we have probably noticed especially in the last two years you're getting less strunk male right there's a couple reasons for that not the least of which is the cost has gone up and so in most businesses they're saying well I'm not going to send mail because it's cheaper to send an email so actually counterintuitively using male is becoming more attractive because in your business you want to go where the crowd isn't right everybody's moving the email you want to zig and go no we're actually gonna put together some really sweet direct mail packages okay and a targeted direct mail piece again the same thing it really converts and the folks that are good at this they know the science they know how to do it most of us walk around all day every day with this little gadget in her pocket right a phone and what's fascinating is we move from this area of land line based phones where we all experienced marketing on that some of us still experienced marketing on that with a telemarketer who calls during dinner and were so annoyed we just hang up I mean talk about a horrible brand experience you know we're like really you're interrupting my dinner? No the days of interruption marketing or over if you're doing that stop it's all about relationship marketing that's actually what it used to be with kind of come full circle go back to the agrarian days where you walked in in person to the store I need a shovel I need a shirt you knew the person it was a personal relationship then we kind of moved through to this interruption marketing and now we had permission based marketing that seth gordon was talking about I like to think we're now in relationship based marketing where yes there's a permission element of it yes there's still kind of an interruption piece of it because sometimes you'll communicate with them when they don't want it but ideally you're targeting all your communications to be about building the relationship this is a fascinating tool right now I don't know how many of you either in the room or online or experiencing this but you're probably starting to get a text message promotions where you're like really I do not recall signing up for that this is annoying ah lot of the technologies that are out there saying if you get your customers text number their cell phone number now you khun tex it's message them with new offers just don't like don't even do that now earlier in the segment the previous segment we're talking with john with meghan about their classes sending a text space reminder that hey, by the way, your classes here tomorrow and here's a link that if you click on it, it will automatically open the gps on your phone so you can find our store acceptable. Sending a text message that says click here for twenty percent off your next purchase from us. Not acceptable. Okay, phone. Interesting way that we can play about not only in terms of inbound but outbound. What are we doing to actually call our customers and check in now, when's the last time you did, you know, dialing for customers pick a friday afternoon and say it's two o'clock I'm gonna spend the next hour just dialing up customers trying to catch him it's friday afternoon. Nobody wants to be at work on friday afternoon, and you get the chance to get him on the phone for five minutes and just say, hey, bob, hey, sherry, I was just calling to check in. How are you doing? You were just calling to check on me. This is fascinating. Well, the best phone experiences I've ever had in the first hundred days is I had a root canal. Okay, the root canal was not the best experience, but I worked with a wonderful dentist, and what he did is I had the root canal I scheduled it for a friday afternoon by design because I had heard that a root canal was one of the worst things you ever experience in your life and I had actually had a root canal prior to that I know I really should have lost more as a child but the moral of this story is I'm on my second root canal I'm thinking this is going to be miserable with the first one was horrible I swear to god the guy climbed up a ladder and jumped into my mouth with a sledgehammer that's what it felt like I was just like it was miserable why set this one up going to do this on friday afternoon at like two o'clock I'll have the procedure and then I have all weekend to recover and monday was a holiday so it's like this will be a three day weekend not ideally the way I want to spend my holiday but such is life I go ahead and I do the root canal I have somebody with me who drives me afterwards because you've been under anesthesia you're not supposed to drive and on the way home I was like we need to stop at the grocery store and pick up some you know, apple sauce and pudding and things that you can eat after a route you know and I'm walking through the store I'm still kind of a little bit in my anesthetic state of haze and my phone rings and I don't recognize the number on my answering I run my own business if it's not know number could be a customer who knows this could be exciting a new deal and you're going like this right? Because my mouth is also on her oh and it's like oh hi joe, you don't have to talk a lot it's the dentist I was just calling to see how you're feeling because it's about two hours since the procedure and in our experience if something's going to go wrong it's going wrong now I know you're probably in pain I know it probably hurts but are you in worse pain now than you were half a knauer ago or is it just kind of evened out and I was like what's even now he's a great you're doing wonderfully by the way it's friday we're going into a holiday weekend I called your cell phone and now you have my cell phone I'm calling from my cell phone if you have any problem this weekend, don't call my office don't call my service don't call the nurse just called me and I'll come to your house you can come in, we'll figure it out we'll get this all squared away I her I know your previous root canal experience was horrific I want this one to be good that's using your phone to create a customer experience video more people need to be using video it's that simple, you know, megan was teasing me about it. I thought, joe, you're going to teach us how to make videos, I'm not, and I appreciate that, but seriously, this is what you want to be doing. Use video. Well, what's great about creative live here's a plug for creative life, there's all kinds of courses about how to create video. Seriously, check it out and they only get the best. I mean, they had me come in, but then they also get the best okay? And the best are the ones that will tell you all about it. What's great about video is it's basically free at this point? Most of you are walking around with a smartphone in your pocket that shoots video at a resolution that frankly rivals the resolution of what we're shooting here in the studio today. For all intensive purposes, the guys back in the booth or going cheese joey, seriously, we had better kid, I know, I know I'm sorry, I'm teasing, but for the average person watching your plenty fine with the video that's in your pocket right now, you can shoot it what's great about video is that allows you to connect in ways that you can't get with an email or even with phone or even with mail. And let's explore video and ask why is that? Well, we get to touch on a number of the senses we get sight because we get to see you moo shit moving and we actually get a separate level of site which is actually motion as opposed to just a static picture we also get sound right we get to pick up on the emotion, the engagement we get to pick up on the energy videos of fascinating tool and it doesn't need to be they've actually done studies on this let me dispel one of the biggest secrets in the video world, okay? Most people that are running their business think, oh my gosh, I have to go out and buy a four thousand dollar camera and I have to set up a studio and I need to try pot and I need the proper lighting and I need to make this all beautiful and ready to go they've actually done studies and they do it yourself videos convert better it's that simple, this isn't mine this is, you know, proven facts literally if you were to reach in and I don't have my phone on me that if you were to take your phone and hold it and do the reverse angle and shoot a video talking into the phone like this, you will convert better than if you shoot a video in a studio like this it's fascinating but let's dive back to our earlier conversation about human psychology why is that? Well it's riel and somebody's like oh, it feels authentic you know one of the things I've loved about today's presentation and I don't mean toe call myself out or throw myself under the bus or our lovely host we haven't always said things exactly perfectly we've stumbled on words we've spilled over things and some people might look and say, oh my gosh, it wasn't polished that's horrible actually it's better for you the audience because you know this is real I'm not reading from script, you know? There aren't lines up here in front of me that I'm going from we're just having a conversation it seems more authentic, more real and that's the benefit that video gives you finally presence oh, and I know this is the one that excites cathy j she shared earlier right presence there's this book and it's gary chapman, right, who wrote this book called the five love languages and I'm going to talk again. Welcome to the course if you've just joined us joe he's going to talk about emotions and love and relationships a lot in the business course, but this is really relevant if you hear nothing else I say over the course of the three days nothing else please do this go on by gary chapman's book the five love languages read it it will take you all of about an hour at the end there is a test a quiz do the quiz and figure out where you score and if you're really into it have your loved one your significant other your children your parents everybody you know do the test I actually did this with my whole family on one of seven kids and I had all of my siblings and their significant others and all of my nieces and nephews I have eight of them do this test and the reason I did it is because the test lets you know what is the best way to communicate with this person there are five love languages okay? One is quality time the person who really wants you to spend time with them all right they want that quality connection over time another is words of affirmation they want to hear how much you care about them they want you to say I love you won this physical touch they want to be held they want to be hugged they want to feel like oh this is, you know, a special interaction that we have I have something with you that I don't normally have with other people one is gifts and presents okay and gibson presents are particularly interesting because when you do gifts and presents you have the opportunity to surprise someone now statistically, you know there's five love languages twenty percent of the people rank each one first, right? So for some people like for me, for example and you know not to get too personal here my wife barrett amazing woman her number one love language, gifts and presents on a scale of zero to twelve with twelve being you answered yes to every question. She gets a twelve on gifts and presents my score, love languages on gifts and presents. I get a zero how does our relationship work? Well, early in the relationship she would give me gifts and presents and I'd be like, oh, thanks this is great, but okay, I would've much rather had a hug because my number one this physical touch okay, ironically enough again not over share here but this is why this book is so valuable and it's useful for you to understand your customers on physical touch zero to twelve guess what I score twelve guess what she scores zero so one might look at it and say opposites while the other thing is opposites attract right? But what we've learned is each other's language twenty percent of your customers this is the best way to get through to them gifts and presents and if it's not yours that's ok, you just have to step into trying to have a different type of interaction now when we think about gifts and presents here's the thing we talked about this earlier and while in this segment's one of the typical gifts or presence that business owners think that they should give is a coupon for future discount on your purchase when is the last time that someone gave you a coupon and you thought god they love me they really care about me I'm gonna get a fifteen percent discount when I buy that two thousand dollar workshop what that's a gift for your business it's not a gift for them a gift for them is the unexpected thing a gift for them is the you know you're looking at your business and saying ok, there are maybe five products in our suite we have the cheapest product to the most expensive product if somebody buys the most expensive product we're going to send the cheap this product as a free gift but what they didn't buy that I know they didn't buy that but your profit margin on the most expensive one covers your cost of goods for the cheapest one think creatively about giving people bonuses giving them things that weren't expecting you know we talked earlier about suppose right how psyched was I when they said you paid for ground shipping cheapskate they didn't say cheapskate but that's what I was thinking right you paid for ground we're gonna upgrade you to next day zappos loves me how cool is that? Here's the interesting thing on shipping amazon and I love amos on nearly I'm a stockholder. I'm a big believer in amazon they have ruined shipping for the rest of the world. Why? Because it's free shipping and if your prime it's free shipping the next day, all you that they're charging shipping now, guess what your competition isn't the other people in your space, your other competitors, your competition is amazon because amazon has raised the bar that this is what the relationship is, so you can sit here and you can say, well, joey, all my competitors charge for shipping. You could shake things up by saying, you know what actually were like amazon free shipping free ground, you know you can upgrade if you want what's fascinating about prime, most people don't realize so I think prime costs like seventy nine dollars, a year now. All right, so when I first signed up for prime, I was an early adopter write because let's put it bluntly, I'm a guy who doesn't do a lot of advance planning, and I was like, I liked the idea not that I would get it in two days for free. I'd liked the idea that I could get next day for three, ninety nine. Okay, I was the guy they were hooking in with the next day purchases all right? Not their ideal target market but that was the benefit and so I signed up for prime and I was thinking let me get this right seventy nine dollars to be in prime I'm playing with the house's money I'm gonna beat you guys on this right? Because of all my paying three, ninety nine with the amount of things I order I'm gonna narrow that gap very quickly and I'm going to be playing with your money very a fast what I didn't realize is the average customer on amazon who is not a prime member spends four hundred dollars a year on amazon the average customer who is a prime member spends nine hundred dollars a year on amazon oh, wait a second the free shipping that you kind of paid seventy nine dollars for but it's free shipping actually doubles your sales and doubles all those margins on all of those profits all those projects all those products they're buying swish how can you look to other businesses that aren't it all in your industry and say, what are they doing that I should be doing? Stop looking at your competitors websites just stop seriously, I know some of you go home and you're like oh what's the competition doing you cruise over to their web site you like they haven't updated their website in three years we haven't updated arson to but anyway we're still ahead of those fools you know really stop licking their sights goto apple good at him assan go there the trendsetters go to suppose go to the people that are doing it differently and say what are they doing? They could actually change the conversation how could I implement some of these things could I maybe draw presence in as a unique experience for my customers in the first hundred days is real quick preview most people that are doing presents are doing one in the first hundred days to be world class top one percent of companies in the world across all industries if you did three in the first hundred days you're world class we're not talking about only because you have to do a present every day small incremental changes that could have huge impacts so in your worksheets you have a worksheet here called your current customer contact in the first hundred days and what I'd like you to do is pull this worksheet out for those of you that air playing at home are online grabbed this worksheet for those of you in the studio audience go ahead and turn to this worksheet what I want you to do is fill in qin in the various boxes so in the first hundred days let's say you run a retail establishment you say people come into my store you would write on the in person I haven't interaction in the store and they look for stuff and then they buy stuff so it's in person and you kind of go through the list and you fill in all the boxes okay? Where is many of the boxes as you can now let me give you a precursor on this road quick some of you are looking at this and you're going wow already I know that I don't do very many of these things I do some of them like I do the emails I send a boatload of emails but other than that I really don't do anything it's okay? I've had the pleasure of giving this presentation to audiences all over the world on average at the beginning of this talk I you right now where we are in this presentation the average person fills in two boxes so don't feel bad if you're not feeling in all six that's tomorrow tomorrow will be about how do we fill in all six but today is about filling injustice top you know the couple two three that you might have did you have a question? Yes yeah, I do a lot of my interactions with my clients on skype so is that in person? Is that video? Is that phone call that's a really good question that's a really good question I would say put it wherever you want my gut instinct is its closest to video and the reason it's closest to video I mean, if you have something in some people I had somebody in an audience recently said to me, why interact with my customers on facebook? I'm like, yeah, you don't. But thank you for giving that interaction pick the thing that's closest to what you're doing if it doesn't fit one of these categories, so sky, privates and video for a couple of reasons, they're able to see you there able to hear you if you're doing skype calls, but you're turning off the video feed because it's an eight a m call and you don't want them to see that you're still in your pajamas. I'd shift it over more towards phone because it's just a voice interaction it's basically phone that you don't pay for, right? So fill in whatever you think on those categories and why you guys are doing that, we've got someone in the studio audience that I'm gonna ask about her experiences. So sherry, can you go ahead and grab the mike and we're going to talk a little bit about your current customer contact in the first hundred days now, let's, see if you could remind folks because I know some people are just tuning in remind them what your business is. Kind of what you dio and then if you want to describe it because I knew you worked with a variety of different customers if you want to describe maybe one type of customer and talk about the context you have with them in the first hundred days okay um so I own blick sel and it's a creative agency we do a lot of web design videography any type of creative field that you could need um to be honest, I don't do very many of these. Andi, can I pause embraced that that's awesome of you to trust acknowledge that and it's totally fine you are in good company, you know, we're picking on you, but I have a feeling if we ask the other people in the room if we ask the people that are online if they're filling this out while we're talking, they're only doing a couple right now too, which is frankly, why we're here and it's also why if we actually do more of these, you'll really stand out so I encourage you I embrace you, you're doing great even though you're doing a few, we're going to figure out how to do more so what we mainly dio is email all of it our interaction is via email or base camp, the kickoff updates everything um we don't really like to take phone calls but tell me about that let's talk about it a little why don't you just easier when we're doing like website designed specifically to have everything bulleted in front of us and to keep it in base camp phone calls leave a lot of things to get confused and a lot of things get left out, but you're going to become more open with that I love it let's talk about that a little bit because part of the reason I think is a business owner that you don't want to use phone is because it creates nightmare situations for you somebody says no, really, I told you you were supposed to make that button red on the phone and you didn't make it red and so now we need to change order and you need to do that and by the way, I'm not going to pay your designer a programmer for the time that takes I used to design websites, so I understand the challenges here a little bit but for the customer, if it's so if we take it out of the context of what's most important in the business and put it into the context of what's most important to the customer for a lot of your customers is this the first website they've ever built? Or is this the sexiest website they've ever built? Certainly sexiest for sure they've never had anything like this in terms of emotions, do you think they're feeling maybe a little anxious about it or they're unsure of the process? There's a lot of anxiety because it's a creative business so they're very excited at the beginning once they see our previous work. But then once the honeymoon phase is over, like, anxiety builds and, like, suspicions build and it's not exactly what they thought it was going to be because there's very limited, they communicate very limited communication or, um, very vague expression of the expectations. Yeah, and so part of the challenge is you're in a situation where the customers they having sad either going through this experience that maybe they've never gone through or if they have this one's completely different, right? You is the business owner are trying to get them to say, well, what do you want? What do you need specifically? What are we gonna build? You're looking for the direction and they're kind of in this its creative oh my god, I'm in accounts and I never get to be creative. I get to be creative making an awesome website for accountants, right? Yes on so the challenge is there in this emotional motive, I get to be free, I get to be expressive and it's in your business is best interest if they type up what they need if they're very specific and they articulate we see where those emotions were just grinding again that you see it yeah yeah and so it was I imagined correct me if I'm wrong as the business owner in the person trying to do it it starts to get frustrating for you because you're like, oh my gosh, I know it's a creative situation but you can't just give me that I'll know it when I see it line I need something more specific I need direction you need to help me out and they're going but no, this is where I get to be free and expressive and tell you all about me and it's like yes and so we'll talk more tomorrow about how we can build on this but just while we're in the moment cause I know we've got a lot of web designers and graphic designers and creatives that we're dealing with I get why you want a specific scope of work I get why you want really clear rounds and how many rounds of revisions russ I'm getting we've got people online saying, joey, you're crazy we've got ten, twenty three designs who says I do the same thing it's bittersweet I have so many customers that want to call and ask me questions that can be found on my f a q I feel bad not taking calls but I have to be working on orders yeah yeah absolutely so there's two pieces of the puzzle there so the person calling and asking the question that could be found on the vic they might be earlier in the day process they might be prospecting or they might meet at a project that's in full blow and then we have this interaction sherry's having which it's like okay we're in it and I'm trying to get the feedback right imagine if we turned the tables a little bit what if we said yeah we're gonna have this review on the phone and while we're on the phone I'm going to be taking notes and at the end of the call I'm going to send you the check list of everything you said you have twenty four hours teo add or subtract from that list at the end of twenty four hours I'm going to send you another email that says because I didn't hear from you I presume that's the list going forward that is your new change order it has been entered we will begin to execute accordingly I like that yeah because it protects you but it still gives them the chance to have the interaction they want I want to be on the phone for the person online who's saying well I'm on the phone and I got to be working on stuff and I can't handle these calls what if we actually shook it up a little bit? Okay most phone tree experiences is is a nightmare you get on the phone tree and they're like the thing, that thing that I drives me that's about the country's when they say, please listen to the entire explanation because our things have recently changed. No, they haven't changed. I've been calling verizon for fifteen years it still press one, press three press for press one to get to, I want to go to write and there's actually websites you can go to that will help you through a phone tree. I don't know if you guys know about this, you can google it, they'll actually go and you type in the provider you're dealing with, and they tell you all the buttons you have to push to get to a live person as quickly as possible. What if, for the person who shared their business the designer online, we said let's, create something fun for him, okay, he's got this business he's got f accused let's presume from the typical company, maybe there's ten f cues listed on his web site and he's like, why are they calling and asking me about this when it's on the website? Well, the reason there doing it it's, because they're looking for connection, they're looking to be assured, take us back to the first conversation of the day, buyer remorse. They're in that psychological cognitive dissonance point where they're saying I'm not really sure this is gonna work and I'm testing and I want to but you know if I talk to you human being I'll feel better about this so what if we took the phone? Freon turned it on its head? What if when you called and I forget what was the name of the design company rusty time twenty three designs ten twenty three designs all right, so ten twenty three designs let's pretend this is you I called up to ten twenty three designs and it said hello, this is joey at ten twenty three designs I can't take your call right now because I'm working on some awesome projects for my amazing clients you're one of two things you're either someone who's already one of my amazing clients or you're someone who's yet to be welcomed into the fold, but we're excited to bring it in if you're already one of my amazing clients press one toe leave a message that I'll listen tio if you're not yet one of my amazing clients but you hope to be there's a couple things you should know I'm going to run through a series of questions if it applies to you press that number if you're wondering how much I charge press one if you're wondering how long your web design project will take press two if you're wondering how many rounds of revisions were going to dio press three and then guess what, they get to have that connection in that conversation they want tohave all you're doing is reading your fake use into a voicemail tree, and they're picking what they want. Let me ask, have any of you ever had that experience where you dialed into a company and their faa cues? Where their phone tree no, most of you haven't some of you have you're like, oh yeah, actually, I did one time that was pretty cool making you do that for your company, I love it awesome, right? And so you give people the chance to interact the way they do for us and ten twenty three designs says, oh my goodness, because you were just record that for me, you know, what's so great ten twenty three designs is we just did you know, it's right there for you live open in on creative live so moral of the story is this can actually be fun. It doesn't have to be oh my gosh, I don't want to take phone calls, step out of it, get create, you're a creative person, step out of it and get creative and say, how could I creatively take phone calls without ever having to answer the phone? I could record a bunch of fun phone messages and let them click through, but I could even do an f a queue of the week here's my voicemail and it says, hey each week we pick a different thing from r f a q list you should go to ten twenty three designs dot com to check it out, but since you're probably on the phone and if you're with verizon like me, you can't access the website while you're also talking on the phone. What wa verizon and you're having fun, right? You're connecting with them a little engagement and you've said, but well, you do is today we're dealing with a fake number four how much does the typical website cost? Now? I know you're expecting me to give some type of an answer like, well, it really depends on what kind of functionality you're looking for really depends on how many rounds of revisions we're going to do really depends on what type of integrations you're looking for. Let me just cut to the chase the difficult website project at our company costs between fifteen and twenty five thousand dollars alors, hopefully that fits within your budget will talk more about it when you leave a message for the rest of you that we're dealing with that feel free to just leave a message now and thanks for learning more about ten twenty three designs and what if we did a different voice mail every week and it was fun and so even your customers that air your regular customers learned something new when they called you I mean the worst thing and this has happened to me in business. Gosh so many times I'd be sitting with a client and say, you know, I designed their logo and I designed their business cards this is back in the day when I did logos, business cards and websites right? I designed the logo I designed their business cards and then, like a month later two months later six months later we just run into him when we'd be talking I'd be like, oh, hey, and they're like joey, I love my business cards that are awesome they're getting the new clients people are raving about how remarkable they are like oh that's awesome and they're like, yeah, we're really excited we're going to launch our website next week I'm like, oh, wait, I knew websites how are you gonna launch it next week? Because we haven't like I can't build a website in a week and they're like, yeah, we found this company that's built our website and you know, it's not really gone that well, but you know where we think we're going to be ready to go it's over budget it's overtime but still we're gonna launch and I'm like, how did they don't know I did that become a marketing and branding guy shoot myself in the foot. This happens all the time, I guarantee, no matter what business in urine part of your customer's wallet is going to someone else when you have a solution that would solve for them that they'd be happy to give you their money, they'd be happy to do business with you. They love you, but they don't know that you do it. Why? The reason they don't know is we live in a world where we're bombarded with information there's too many things to keep track of aiken barely keep track of what my significant other is interested in what my children are interested in what I need to do for this client project I'm not remembering that that person that I bought a widget from six months ago also sells the widget plus that I'm now interested in, and I probably haven't seen your email newsletter that came into my catch all email list that I only read newsletters once a month out of I missed your free twenty percent off coupon how can we change the conversation?

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Yoko Co

If you're looking for speakers discussing marketing and sales, I'd suggest taking a time out and watching this lesson. While you can pour time and cash into marketing and sales, if your not keeping your customers happy, then what has it all been for? If you really want to take your marketing and sales to the next level, start with the client experience. Happy customers who become fans will provide better marketing than you could every write for yourself (plus other people will believe it, because it isn't you talking about how great you are, it's someone else talking about how great you are!) And those fans generate referrals by the boatload. And all you have to do is be great at what you do, and make sure your clients' or customers' expectations are managed well, and then exceeded. Joey will teach you how to do this. As a side note, we've made this course part of our onboarding process, so every new hire watches this complete lesson within the first two weeks of their tenure with us, it's that much a core part of our philosophy. Godspeed!


I watched a replay of this course in November, 2017. It's incredible it's still such a current and updated course, even though the lessons were shot in 2013. Very deep content, told in a very light, fun and assertive way. Wonderful examples that inspire action and hands-on tips that you can apply immediately for every kind of businesses. Best in-studio audience ever.

Tanya McGill Freeman

Wow...just WOW! What a fantastic course. Joey over-delivers, practicing exactly what he preaches in this truly insightful workshop. I honestly can't think of anyone I wouldn't recommend this course for. Such a small investment for such tremendous value. Get this course NOW! You'll be so glad you did.

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