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Prepare for Success

Lesson 13 from: The Ultimate Photo Storytelling Workshop

Finn Beales

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Lesson Info

13. Prepare for Success

Finn explains how he approaches a shoot and manages clients expectations from the onset.

Lesson Info

Prepare for Success

You receive an email from a client or prospective client you know the sort of thing, we love your work, we find your Instagram feed. We love it. This image in particular, we're really into, can you create something for us using our product? How do you start? In this module, I'm gonna walk you through all the steps I take. Things like how do I identify locations? How do I build story around product? How I work with mood boards so that I can get on the same page with my client, managing their expectations, as well as my own, and also producing call sheets so that everyone involved with the shoot once it's hopefully been commissioned are on the same page too. Everyone knows where they need to be at the right time. And how do you remove any risk from your shoot by preparing beforehand?

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Ratings and Reviews

Brent Morris

Fantastic My thoughts on the storytelling workshop. The short is; it’s fantastic. The long is I loved all the details covered, from shot types and the ideas behind them to the call sheets and shot lists, and the whole process. I felt like I had a better understanding of how to schedule a professional shoot and I really felt like I had a much better grasp on many ideas and concepts, and I believe I’ve been able to improve my photography with them, so thank you and Finn. It really is fantastic.

Oswaldo Martinez

A path to better stories Very happy I got this workshop. Finn and Alex do a great job at teaching highly useful methods and specific advice to help you improve your own work, and more importantly, tell better stories that are meaningful to you.

Tommaso Selleri

Simply the best This is simply the best workshop out there on photography and storytelling. Finn is awe inspiring and so real and authentic. A pleasure to watch, a joy to learn from such master. I really hope a volume 2 is coming soon! Thank you for this one!

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