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You Don't Need to Be Rich to Live Rich with David Bach

Lesson 123 from: The Chase Jarvis LIVE Show

Chase Jarvis

You Don't Need to Be Rich to Live Rich with David Bach

Lesson 123 from: The Chase Jarvis LIVE Show

Chase Jarvis

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123. You Don't Need to Be Rich to Live Rich with David Bach


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Lesson Info

You Don't Need to Be Rich to Live Rich with David Bach

right. Thank you. Thank you. Hey, everyone. Welcome to the episode of the Chase Travis Live show here on Creativelive. You all know this show is where I sit down with the world's top humans, the most amazing people in the world, whether their creators, entrepreneurs or thought leaders and I do everything I can tow unpack their brains with the goal of helping you all and you at home to live your dreams. Whether that's in career, in hobby or in life. My guest today is one of the top financial experts on the planet. It is a big deal. And he is the best selling author of countem. Want to forfeit nine New York Times bestselling books. We're going to talk a lot this morning about his personal journey. We're gonna talk about, of course, some personal finance, especially for creators and entrepreneurs, and spent some time talking about his new book, The Latte Factor. My guest is the one and only the in immutable Mr. David Bach. No long time coming, please. So excited Beer with you. Well, and t...

his is a special episode because we're doing this kind of conversation before you kick into a class So if you're watching from anywhere on the planet, you we could hear us talk, and then you're gonna go into, uh, we're gonna find the lock in factor master class today and give this guy Randall flaws because we are way are doing when there's a pre launch is actually out next week. So you're seeing here first. This comes out on Tuesday. You can pre order it now. But, you know, I reached out to you and said, Let's teach the class on this And you guys have been such huge supporters and such an amazing partner. We've had 32,000 people go through our last class start late, finish rich, create a lot of you guys. Just awesome. Thank you. Do appreciate you and welcome. Thank you. It's good beer. And it's cooler here in studio because last time was in San Francisco. Yeah, I got it right. I think this is where all eyes were all started. And speaking of where it all started, yeah, I want to go back to where it all started for you. So take me back, Chuy, and we'll see one Oprah and on the New York Times lists. But Let's go back because I think everybody at home those of us in the ensuing audience when we see on Oprah were like, We can't really connect with our own experiences and then ending up where you have ended up rich and famous. But talk to me about the very, very beginning because, um, I understand you came from humble beginnings. So give us the story. Well, eso I started off investing in a really young age. How it how early seven, Which is just completely bizarre. But here's Here's the thing. I was obsessed with money as a kid. So when I would go and visit my grandmother, all I wanted to do was play. Monopoly was my favorite game in the whole world, and my parents hated playing with because I always win. So when I would go visit my grandmother in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she would do whatever I wanted. I want to play Monopoly, so it's seven years old. The other thing she would do that my parents wouldn't do. My parents were very mean, No kidding. I would wanna go to McDonald's So my grammar go, You want to make dollars will go to McDonald's, right we could go to McDonald's twice a day and it was amazing. So seven years old, I'm at McDonald's and my grandmother says to me, She leans for She says, You know, David, I'm gonna teach you how to play Monopoly today for real I go. What do you mean she was? We love to play the game of money. How about I teach you how to play money for real? So she she taught me a lesson that seven on my seven year old experience. She taught me a lesson. Seven. By the way. All of you can teach your kids. You can teach yourself because it's seven. I got it. She said it seven. And she's like, There's three types of people in the world and I'm gonna explain it to you right now. The person right now he's working the cash register has a job. That job pays minimum wage. At the time, I think it was like 85 cents an hour literally. That was minimum wage was she's. It's a very hard way to make a living, and I feel for those people you should always appreciate them because they work so hard. But it's tough to build wealth that way, she said. The second have a person. Is somebody like you who comes here and eats and spends money? Call your called a consumer and everybody could does that. And then the third have a person is the person who gets rich. There's a person who actually owns McDonald's. And she said, If you own McDonald's, you can become very wealthy crime Howard on McDonald's. So she said, I've got a plan, Max. I'm a teacher So we went home and she took out The Wall Street Journal. I remember I'm seven, but she opens up the Wall Street Journal. She's she circles and see Dean for those you don't know em CD to this day is still a stock ticker symbol for McDonald's. She said, No, I'm gonna teach. So she showed me the price, but that price was yesterday. So she said, that was yesterday's price. Now I'm gonna teach you how to know what today's prices. This is before the Internet. So she brings me in the family room, puts me in front of the TV screen and teaches me how to read it. A stock ticker symbol. And she says Every time you see em CD, go by, call out the price. That's the price at that moment says Tomorrow, I'm gonna take you down to stockbrokers firm and we'll buy you a share. McDonalds and you will own this place every time you come here. Now you'll make money from yourself. Every time your friends come here, you'll make money. This is how people in America get rich. And my grandmother, at 30 was poor. She was dean of a college education, sold wigs at Gimbels department store and, through investing, became a self made millionaire over her lifetime. Past those lessons on to me my father, my sister with my family's been in the financial service industry for 50 debt. 50 year, 50 decades, like years. And we had invented a. But it's funny because two days ago in the Bay Area with my family, we did our first book event with my family and my family's clients and who I used to work with. And we had women, two women in that event that we're at my first smart women finish rich seminar that I taught in 1994 Wow wow, right, cause it was just It was just a little. It was just a little class that I had a dream to go make bigger, and my dream was, as so many creators have dreams. I had a dream that I want to teach a 1,000,000 women to be smart with money so they could do it. My grandmother done protect themselves and teach their kids. And that's what led to the class which led to smart women. Finish Rich, my first book, which led to a PBS special, which led to classes being taught all over America and in Canada. But it started in this little tiny class, and there were two women from that little tiny class. And one of those women, Lynn Hadley, later went on Oprah with me. So it's, you know, I get chills when I tell these stories because their first off, they're all real stories like it actually happened. And like this, if this event two days ago, we're just all these people in the room there, like I was at that class in 1994 and it's like, Wow, okay, times really going by fast to that was 20 years ago. That's 25 years ago. Do you credit your grandma to this day with helping you not just understand money? Obviously, because it's a very profound lesson. But there's life lessons buried in that story as well. Yeah, completely. First of all, I dedicated the first book to her. I wouldn't have written it if it wasn't for her. The automatic millionaire. No smart women finish rich. And what happened? This is the hard part to share right now. And it's in this book. The lot factor What happened is that my grandmother I was finishing the book. She was 86. My ground. They're super healthy. She outlived my grandfather by 15 years. Like so many women dio she was drinking green juice everyday in hiking five miles a day. She was dating three men three nights Way didn't know that until she passed away. Funeral. We found out Grandma, but Grandma block it. 86 had had a stroke and we brought her to a nursing care facility buyer by where we lived and I asked her because I was finishing Smart women finish rich. I said the books dedicated to you all your lessons air in here. Is there anything else I should share that. You haven't taught me yet And she said No, I've taught you everything and I go well Do you have any regrets in life? And she said no. And then the next day I came to the nursing care facility and I said, How do you sleep? She said, Terrible. I was up all night long, thinking about my regrets on I was like and then And she was serious. And what happened is she went. She actually did think about it. Regrets. And then she went through them with me and she went through five. And then she said, the lessons Not in these five regrets Chase, she said. The lesson is, David, what happened was I came to a fork in the road where I had and we all do you all We always come to forks in the road there transitions in life. And she said it came to a fork in the rub and on 11 road one journey was where all the gold waas This was where I really wanted to go. This is where you would say we've called a creator. I call your soul. This is where your soul wants to go, and she said, every time it's so taking out road I took the safe route and she said, What happened to me was I didn't listen to my little girl. She said there was a little girl inside of me, just like it. She's still here, by the way. But I'm 86 I'm probably never gonna leave this bed. I'm going to die here. And she said that the little girl at the time, she wanted to come out and play and I listen to my big girl and she said, So I want you to listen to your little boy because you're gonna companies forks in the road and I don't want you to be 86 go. What if? And she said, and tell other people this because everybody's got them all. So beautiful audience, You've all got little girls inside of you and little boys is that way. We got one boy, but and at any age there's these points and we talked about this last night, but, um, so I wanted if I also wanted to weave that story. That's actually the core of this block. A lot of actors is about so much more than money. It's about making sure in life you you listen to your soul. You listen to your dreams and you take the risk forward. And I think you know, in a way, even though the books not out, I feel like I'm already so happy with what's happened. Because I have a 15 year old and he's never read any of my books. He would read them. They're stacked by his by his bed. But he's like a kid, right? So he wouldn't. And so one reason I wrote a story that you could read in an hour was to take all these life lessons, unpack them and put him in a little story that 15 year old would read. Well, he read this book cover to cover, and at the end of it, on a flight home from skiing. After two hours, he turned to me and I said, What's because how this is actually really good book on? And then I any undergo. So what's the most important lesson you learn? And he said, your grandmother's lesson that I need to take risk and we're getting ready to go. I'm gonna tour across America for the next three months and they were picking up and moving to Florence, Italy, for a year, which is awesome, which is awesome, right? And it's and it's It's a scary thing to do to pick up and change your whole life. But I wanted my family to live abroad before it leaves my kid. My kids go to college in three years and I wanted him to have that experience and but we made a decision to give him a choice. He had a choice to go foreign silly. He could elect to stay at his school, which is scary, is held to give a 15 year old a choice that big and he said he chose. I want to go and the point is after read this book, he looked at me and he said The lesson I learned is I need to take risk in life and Dad, if I had a made a decision toe, want to go to Florence, that would have been one of my five biggest regrets in life. I would have looked back on this for the rest of my life someday and regretted this and I just thought, OK, I just did My life fresh has done done don't even need to go to Florence anymore, right? So all the benefit don't have to travel. But, I mean, this is a lesson that we all need to be learning and reminding ourselves what happens in the beginning. In this book, the books Manthey main character is a one is a woman named Zoe Daniels, and she's a something millennials, and it starts by her taking the subway from Brooklyn into New York City, where I live downtown and she's in the Oculus, which that's a big causes. Huge, massive, incredible $4.6 billion development above the Fulton subway station. It's the biggest subway station that connects everything in New York City right there at the 9 11 more, Yeah, right by the Freedom Tower. And so she she's walking through. The Oculus, which is underground, is all marbled, beautiful, and there's an LCD screen that's like a football field long and on this also do scream. What she sees is, if you don't know where you're going, you might not like where you end up, and she takes the escalator up above ground and she comes out right by her office, which normally just rushes right into only today in the Begin the book, she looks at the 9 11 memorial and she sees people Morning and she's She's gone by the memorial for six years, and I walked by the moral every single day. It's on my way to the office. Lots of people who live down there. You just walked first time ever. She takes it in, she sits down. And she asked herself, Question, What is she doing with her life? And that's what begins a journey for Zoe Daniels. And I started the book that way because at any age I truly believe you need to be asking yourself Where you going with your life? We just sort of assume we're gonna live forever. And you were not. And too many of us don't live intentional based lives. We get caught in this, like right, Right? How easy is it, right? You just you stop thinking with intention, even for not necessarily a day but a week, A month, and you end up like Wait a minute. One of what am I? I just had my fourth cup of coffee Why do I need to drink four cups of coffee? And is that it's Something is small and simple is that but that compound ID can like you hugely off course accidentally, without even trying both good and bad, right? Like wait a conversation yesterday. Couple friends and I about come My friends have gained a lot of weight and friends said, You know, I don't know how I ended up £100 overweight. I knew you. In college, you're the same size. I'm £100 heavier I go to do it wasn't that complicated. You gained £3 a year for 30 years. You didn't get £100 in a year. I know in which hit it is like you said, I don't know how the sudden I'm your age and I'm £100 heavier than you like first. You know, that's what happened, and it's it's the same thing with money, like the whole point locked. A factor is this incredible true miracle of compound interest and the miracle of compound interest, which should be taught in school, really isn't is that miracle. The miracle competitors can work against you or for you like the credit card industry works against you. Borrow small amounts of money, it adds up, have a high interest rate, never got a debt. Spend the rest your life, paying off debt for stuff you don't even need. The opposite of that is the miracle compound interest. Save 5 10 15 $20 a day and you turn around 2030 years later and you're rich. And when you start in your twenties, I think we've All these charts will show later today in this class, but when you start twenties, super easy and there's a lot of people go well, 50. Is it too late for me? I go, No, it's never too late. You have to get started. Yeah, small steps, baby steps, baby wins. When you get little tiny winds, those little tiny winds give you more confidence. I think that's that's true and everything. You know, if ah, musical artist you love is all a sudden everywhere, like didn't know them yesterday and now they're on every television show on the top of the charts. We have this belief that that just happened overnight. Lucky, but we understand through breaking all of these stories down and digging in One of the things that I I grew up reading artists, biographies and the same history with these biographies is with the music example I'm giving and with the compound interest example is that it's the classic 10 2030 year overnight success. And I often reference a friend, Macklemore, whose from Seattle it was like, Oh my God, she came from zero toe like everywhere. Yeah, he was making music in his parents basement 15 years before you'd ever heard his name. You're putting in your putting 10 bucks a day in your bank account that's gonna pay off its, um, in the in the book Zoe Daniels has. She doesn't believe she compares self first. She's slight. Like everybody in America. She's living paycheck to paycheck. She has worked in New York for six years. Her income's gone up a little bit each year, but silver expenses. So she's six years in. But now she's six years more tired And what happens like a lot of times when you start any career, you come like New York City of Dreamers. So is Seattle now lots of cities, right? You, you come to a place for your dreams and your super energetic and you're super excited. And then six years later, she's super tired. She's working 50 hours a week. She hasn't got anything in the bank and she's getting depressed. And she's asking herself like so many millennials. She still got student loans. She's renting a little tiny apartment with another for like she's she's just your classic millennial struggling, and she's asking yourself, Is there ever gonna be a light in the tunnel? And in the story, she meets a mentors, and one of her mentor says to her, You need to get financially selfish. She's and she's been raised to not be selfish. And he sure, what do you mean? He said, You need you need to decide that the first person who's gonna get paid when you earn a paycheck is you. Right now you just pay everybody else. You pay taxes you pay or how you pay. Your landlord is getting rich off your rent. Whole foods, you can go through the list of all things that should pay is right, and you have to get selfish and put yourself first, you to pay yourself first, and he gives her and you're gonna all learn since classy, but he gives her the formula that ordinary people in America have used to become millionaires. There's 42 million people now in the world that are millionaires, the bulk of them of uses formula. It is. I want to give it all you like. It is one hour day of your income. So Zoe learns in this little book, she's just gonna save one hour day of her income. And he's like astral How much you make an hour, because from 9 to 10 if you keep your first hour day of your income and I would say it's everybody who's behind this cameras, your great alive. It's your first hour day of your income. It's it's whatever you make from 9 to 10 you keep the first hour. When I did this on Oprah and the show is over, the last show of the year was going was launched, the automatic millionaire on her show. The next day they called me from Heart Bone. They said, If this show does for America, what it just did a heart bone. This will be the biggest financial show we've ever done, and I go, Why would happen there like you left the building and 44 people signed up for their K plan on the like. Look at what it was like. I think we didn't have a 41 K sign up like everybody was watching you and then went down to their foreign caper down. The human resource person said, I need to sign up for my 41 K plan or I need to increase it to one hour day because of your income. Because what most people do chases, they save 15 minutes a day of their income. When you look at the average savings rate, Americans about 4% that's like 15 to 20 minutes of your income. So one hour days the math. So Zoe takes his math. Her case makes $30 an hour. She plugs it into a calculator, will give you in the class the calculator to use, and she runs the numbers and up pops $4.1 million in retirement. Now she runs the numbers of 10% but she's her mind is blown away. She's like $30 a day, one hour day of my income. I'm gonna want $4.1 million and her friends like you can't get 10%. So she plugs in 7% and the number is $1.7 million. Then she goes, Okay, fun. Let's be super conservative and say it's just 5% of rate of return. It's 991,000 and she kind of closed her laptop and she's like, OK, well, even that's a lot of money because right now she's like, right now contract and trying to pay my rent Right now. Right now, it's like I'm on track for zero. And if I can save one hour day of my income, I could change my whole life. And she goes back toe work with a bounce in her step in a plan. And then she does. These things go back to the message that she saw walking through the the Oculus with that, like, if soon as you can put yourself on a path. So speaking of a path, I want to go back to your personal story, Grandma gives you this wisdom at seven, which is, you know, the number of grandma's that gave that to their grandkids at seven. There's actually only seven of those kids. What did you do immediately with that knowledge? Because let's go to your your 15 year old son right now. I have no son. Heard it when he was seven. Could you let me tell you a story? And he was 70 like, Okay, great. Yeah. We just talked about the stack of books next to his desk. You got through doing with a lot a factor, but at seven, something probably changed in you. What was it? When did this sort of, um, this vision? Not just about saving money, but more about not having regrets in life and unleashing your inner child does your are swell. So if I goto that conversation, I didn't know she was gonna die. That was my last conversation with her. I think she's gonna get better. Yeah. You know, I was I was young. I was like, Grandma's. You'll be out of here in a week. You're fine. Yeah, she got That was my last conversation with her. What? When I left and I drove back to my office, my office was in its day. The ball group is still in Orinda, California, and under our our offices of parking garage underground, and I drove into the parking garage and I busted out crime. It's totally just I'm not a crier in here. I'm crying. I I busted out. I just started sobbing and I looked in the rear view mirror. Super dark was super early, and I looked in the rear view mirror and I said to myself, I'm gonna get you out of your David In three years I was a financial visor. Morgan Stanley, I had a career that I had worked so hard to accomplish. So much help help my clients. But my soul, my crazy ass soul. Because it was I wanted to go out and teach a 1,000,000 women to be smarter with money. And I knew I could do all of that at Morgan Stanley. And I told myself in three years I'm going to get you to the point where you I'm talking myself here. I know it sounds bizarre, but I'm talking to myself because we all do. If you're checking right now, yes, you dio um I told myself sitting there in this car in three years, I will get you out of here and we will spend. We spend our life teaching more people how to be smart with their money. And I It took four years and four years. From the date of that, I picked up on a wing and a prayer and moved to New York to go right, the automatic millionaire. And, you know, same thing I was I was a total 10 year overnight success story. I tried to get Oprah in 94. I had four books out before the automatic familiar came out, and I'd actually sold a 1,000,000 copies. I've been on every single TV show. People still didn't really know who I was, and then I launched the automatic millionaire on Oprah, which has skyrocketed things but the point. Waas, um, my soul new that I couldn't have a hard time being a corporate box way talked about this yesterday. Look in my soul. I'm a creator and I'm an entrepreneur. Most people actually are. Most people are not designed to be in a box, and even if it's a beautiful box and so my soul is like, you've got to go, there's more for you to dio and you know, God bless my mother. The most amazing mom in the entire world. Um, I posted picture with her yesterday on Instagram. My mom I told my mom, you know, Mom, I really want to go do this. And she looked at me and she said, Son, spread your wings and fly And that meant me leaving the Bay Area and moving in New York. I didn't know anybody in New York. And on that I was also worked with my father and I said to my mom, I know, What are we going? What about Dad? And so far I e go. What about Dad? And she goes, I'll take care of your father And and she did somehow. But, you know, my dad was fine, but, um, my parents, God bless them. They have given me so much love and unconditional support, and that's led to so much confidence. They didn't question any of the things I wanted to do. They were like, You want to do it, go for it. That's the biggest gift parents could give. And then they've cheered me on all the way. So true. Let's talk for a second. Not everyone has that. I know. So for those folks at home who don't have either both parents or any parents or they don't have a cheerleader in one or both of those parents, which I think is more common than not. So it says more than 50% of the people listening and watching. How do you How do you teach those people? Not about money, but again, To me, this is all about the life lesson. Listening to that inner person when they're getting messages as Zoe is in this book, and as we all are, that tell us what we're supposed to be like, what we should do, what we ought to be like. And when that conflicts with that inner child that you were encouraging us to pursue. What are some tools? What are some ideas and thoughts that you can share that help people who didn't have that framework that you had with your mother? Such a great question. So in the old days, you're network was all you knew which often was just your family. The the The incredible thing about today is that you can go on your computer in your IPhone and have a whole new network like this is a network this is You have created environment. You bring the no thank you for including me in this list. But the best minds together. And you can watch something like this for free for free and learn new lessons and then decide. Well, do I want to embed those in myself and you can watch us and all that was great. And then also go back and re watch it and re watch it and re watch it and take notes and then go, OK? What do I need to do based on what that person just said and then adopt those habits and then find communities of people there? But how many of you are my inside a group right now? Okay. What? So, five people in this room join my insider team to launch this book. We have 1600 people across the world that I send an email and said, Hey, I'm gonna create this this group to get people super motivated toe, learn these life lessons and I want to teach them to you first. And then you can go teaching to other people so you don't even know anybody here know each other, but like we have now a Facebook group online. That's a total community where people are supporting each other, By the way, that you can all still join this. It's at the lot safe after dot com. So you seen anybody who hasn't joined. You can only join this entire team for, like the next few days because is taking us through next week for launching in the book. And we've got 1600 people, the publishers all the biggest one we've ever seen. 300 with people now inside this team, by the way, part of it is, they get a free access to the start late finishers class we created only for a few more days. Um, I got used by one copy the book, but the more important parts to community and what happens with these online communities if you get if you're in a good community, is you see people like they're all helping each other is all cheering each other on, and it's really important, points out you can be in a positive community. You could be in a really talks of community because there's a lot of bad communities that people are on right now that are all about negativity. And if you watch negative news and then read negative stuff online and then are part of negative communities, your life becomes toxic. And so I think you have to be super conscious of are you. Surround yourself with dream makers or dream stealers, and they're always both around you. And there could be people by the way that you love that are actually dreams dealers. And I know a lot of people just say we'll cut them out. It's not always used to cut them out. It's hard to get your parents out for one, but you can. But you can stop dialing pain and what's crazy? Is that what a lot of us do? And I have done this in past myself. Super bad habit is you get excited about something, and then the first person you take it to is the one that you know is going to say it's dumb. And even in the book, Zoe Daniels has the dream stealer friend. She knows he's kind of negative, and as soon as she's excited to motivated, she brings it to him and then you know what he does. He yucks on her young. This is what my kids don't Yuck! My yum dad. He yucks on her. Um, she's all excited about paying result first. And he just started going through all the reasons why it won't work and it derails her for a while. This happens all the time where this is a community of creators. A lot of people who are creators have a dream to go create something. You were for one, the greats, photographers in the world. There are people, I'm sure. Who told you you couldn't be a photographer. You won't be a photographer. Totally was crazy. Like living is a photographer. Who are you to be a photographer? What do you know about photography? That's a dream stealer, for sure. And at the time, I didn't know anything and I got like, so basically for I hadn't shared that. That was a dream of mine. And when I started, it was so absurd because people had never seen me hold a camera up to my face. And I told them that I had this crazy dream of just traveling the world with my friends and my then girlfriend. Now wife Kate and taking pictures and getting paid for it. And that was complete fiction, too. Nine out of every 10 people that I spoke to because it sounds insane. But San thing being a guy, by the way, who wanted to write a book for women and money who doesn't know how to write. But you go back to you, for example, You had something in your soul that brought you this idea, and I would go what's not created all because that idea came from a higher power. And really, that's the core underlying messages. Lot a factor is that if you can free yourself financially, you can actually listen to your soul. And what I believe is it when you when you have these things that are inside of you that you want to do, it's coming from a higher power and that most people don't listen to their higher power. You know, God, whoever their higher power is because they're so trapped day to day that they can't listen to it. And so when someone he says to them, Chase can't go be a photographer. You should be a doctor. You should be a doctor. Did you like, But I want to be a photographer. Yeah. Then you like. You don't want to do I want to create this amazing thing online where I bring people together and teaches courses and teach millions of people. She she can't do that. You did it. But all along the way. Still to this day doesn't matter how successfully become people will start telling you why you can't do what you want to do. Yeah. This book that you're holding in your hands for 10 years My publisher didn't want it, even though I had nine New York Times bestselling books out, even though I'd sold seven million copies. You people think, Oh, you reach a level of success and the doors stay open forever to your ideas. It does not work like that. It doesn't work like that for entrepreneurs. You raised a bunch of money to build this business. The more successful you become, the more people tell you why things will work or they want to help your creative process. Hardest thing about being a creator is often if you become successful. Other people started either They want to keep you in a certain box. Yeah, right. you should just date a photographer. How dare you go start a company that does this exact same exact problem? Never. It never really goes away. There's always gonna be. And if you don't have parents like you were raised with David like, it's a really thing at every. I'm sure Taylor Swift is hearing from somebody that she shouldn't go do that next music video that looks like that because she's putting her career online. If she does this, she breaks out of her box and goes a different direction. He's gonna lose this money fan that she's not going to get the next record dealing to, like, perpetual. So what's this was flipped the script like you mentioned community. What are some other like Keep keep. Keep telling me this story about, well, community, I think communities huge. You need to find your tribe you need, even if just one or two people that you can go on this dream together with. So find those people. It's hard to do stuff in life alone. It could only be one person sometimes, but I will say this. The most important person you gotta listen to is you for sure. you've got a fire yourself up every single day and be totally clear on what you want. And also, you need to be clear on what you don't want. We're at the very end of this class today. I'm gonna give you the two tools that I use to be incredibly intentional about what I want and what I don't want. I have a yes now list and a not now list. And everybody's got their to do lists. I need to know in life what I'm focused on, which is my yes, now list. And then I need to be super clear that I can only have so many yeses. So everything else has to go in the not now list and those you ruin my insider group that showed up. You've got these tools and at the end of this class will give these tools out. But the problem you can only do so much. And so you have to eliminate people that are toxic. You need to eliminate the things in life that you're wasting time on. You need to not minor and Major made minor and made not major minor. Thanks. And the last thing I'd say is this way. We treat our lives like we're gonna live forever and we're not. And you're gonna snap your fingers and be 10 years older and 20 years older and 30 years old and eventually dead. And we don't say this enough. And you have, I think you have to take time and you have to chunk it. And and what I would say to you is this First of all, the next 10 years of your life are gonna be the healthiest years of your life. People come on over exponential technologies. I'm gonna inject you when you're gonna live to 150. Yeah. Guess what, people. Men still died aged 78 in this country, and women died 80 to the difference in quality of life in the seventies is significant less in your sixties. I mean, I just came from an event where all these clients of ours er 70 75 80 85. A lot of Keynes my father's gonna walk or all the sudden at 79 he can't travel. Stop treating your life like it's gonna be this way forever. It's not. Take these next years and realize they're the healthiest of your life. They're the most energy you're ever gonna have. Now, if you're one of those rare people that can change that Fantastic. But for the most part, these next 10 years huge run with them like it's a sprint. Then go. What if you only had three years left to live? You can see buddy breathing differently. Yeah, but like if you had three level, If you have had three years left to live, then how would you live? Because you only have three is upto live. First of all, a lot of shit that seems to matter to you right now will not matter. And if you've only got three is upto live and you got 36 more months to go, you're gonna live differently. And I That's I wrote Smart women finish rich my first book 20 years ago because I was driving across the Golden Gate Bridge and I had a thought to myself, which was finally have three years left to live. I have to write this book. I wrote this book because I was, like, the only after years of to live this last book I'm gonna write and, um you know, going back to that creative process and getting out of a box. I've written 12 nonfiction books. Publisher didn't want me to write a story book. I wrote a story book because I know 98% of people will never read a personal financial book. My 15 year old was never going to read a personal, financial Trojan horse. But if I could speak it into you in a little story that you could read in an hour, you can learn all the same lessons, and I can translate it all over the world and rich people who need the message but normally wouldn't read a book on money. There are people right now who saying I don't I don't have this community. I'm in a job that I don't like. I'm doing something and don't beat yourself up for how you got there, right? We've all ended up in a position to just sort of like, you know, that old thing if you if you are one degree off starting right now that if you traveled 10 miles, how far away were you gonna be? If your destination so all of us and this is no nothing in life is a straight course. We talked about the year overnight success. The same is true. You don't walk this past ST Teoh straight to your your highest vision of yourself. We're all zigzagging. But if I'm translating, you're saying you've got toe have the and this is why you do that. You only have three years left. Test is you have to make some decisions to change them things in your life that will put you a around the people who are positive and who or into around your goals that the guests airs. Tune into communities like this one. Here you're your personal community program. Live your group and seek out the wisdom because it is very different. As you said earlier 10 years ago, even just 10 years ago, we didn't have access to the same people, the same ideas that we do now. So there is This is like I want a hammer on this because it's such oppression point. It's incredible. It's incredible how much wisdom we have now today at our fingertips. Wisdom always existed, by the way, in libraries, I spent a lot of time in libraries. The bulk of my books have been written in libraries, and I remember being young and thinking it's incredible. You can go into a library still to this day There, there. It's free. And there's all these wisdom in these books. You just have to pick it up, opened up, read. It was a lifetime with the wisdom, every book on the shelf, and you're like, Wow, there's a 1,000,000, So that information out there, but you have to use it like I'm not teaching anything that couldn't have been taught in middle school and high school should have been everything. I teach your money. It's super simple. It's timeless. Somebody said to me yesterday, You know, you've been saying the same thing for years ago because you know, it's still good stuff. I don't know because it's timeless because it works. Um, so I just think you'll ask yourself truly, What do you want? Like just like Zoe saw. If you don't know where you're going, you might not like where you end up. Where you want to go is as I'm get ready Go floors there. This is how the real world is. There are people that go look at him. Of course he can go. Florence is lucky on their bitter. There are people. Go man, that's amazing. Tell me how you did this. How did you How did you plan to take a year off? Because they're interested because they wanted to it and they want to know how you did it. And then there's the people that were just super excited for you and they celebrate and I'll come visit him. And that's like, That's how life is. Like we had a friend who was my motivator. He went to Barcelona for a year, picked up his family, moved to three kids. Young kids, gets to Barcelona, I said, My wife, Let's go visit them. We're the first family. We're the first family shows up to visit him, like in the 1st 30 days. There always show up early because everybody's excited seeing. So So we get there. We're the first family to visit, and I look at my wife is like, five years ago in ago. This is amazing. We have to We have to do this. We didn't go. Oh, look at them. They're so lucky. This is amazing. We have to do that. someday. How did you do it? And by the way, we didn't go do it the next day, but that planted the seed in us. And five years later, we're gonna go do it. Part of this book, Zoe Daniels learned to take sabbaticals will work too much, and well, we all work too much. America. Yeah. In America will work too much. In Europe, they just shut down for August. In Europe, they take 5678 weeks off In America. If you told people you're taking 5678 weeks off, they're like, What do you do? Yeah, How that how Richard, You In Europe, they all live like this. They don't lived to work. They work to live some. Yeah, what's hard for you right now? I think when what Our friend burn a Brown talks about gold plated grit, which is you put this shine on all the hardest things in life. You tell the story in 10 seconds. Well, that was really hard. I did this and then, isn't it awesome now? So I think for to bring us back to where 99.9% of the people are listening. Watching I want to know that some things hard for you right now. Do you tell us the story? It's all hard. I worked on the first of all 10 years of a publisher not wanting this book. Finally, I decided to write this book without this publisher. Without anybody else wanting it, I decided I would sit down with my co author, John Man. We've talked about this book for 10 years. He wrote a great book called The Go Giver. I said, John, we'll work on this book until I think it's perfect. I think it's perfect. You get to think is perfect, too, but we're literally not going. We're not gonna put a deadline on this book. We're just gonna work on it, work on it, work on a work on. John was patient with me because this book has been rewritten, painstakingly sentence by sentence by sentence over and over again. Finally, two years ago, it's there. Let's show to my agent. Then let's go shopping. Okay, that ends up being 10% of the work. Now the 90% is I have to go get this book into the world. I have been working on the the the point of which were here Now for almost a year I will take every dollar that I receive is in advance and spend more than that to get this book into the world. I have been working nonstop for six months on all of this is stuff just doesn't just happen. Then I will be on the road for two months, which is time away from my family. I have to balance people. Balance. Balance is tough, right? Like at the end of the day, it's still may I'm here alive. I've been on the road for 10 days. I'm gonna go home for two. I'm gonna do media for 10 and I'm gonna be on the road from her six weeks. I'm a go all over the country and it looks super glamorous. And you can tell like I'm super energized cause I love this, But guess who's doing the work? Who's doing the work? Me doing the word guess is gonna be starfish in their bed tonight. So, so dire. It looks cause it's cool cause we got lights and we're on camera and will be an awesome instagram image. And it is cool by the way, because how freakin cool is this? But it's still work, right? Like I also you know, when I was on Oprah, Oprah's did the work for 30 years, right? And I would watch her cause when the camera would turn on thin, she's on when the cameras off. Then she wasn't using the energy, right? Like an athlete. The energy that it takes to be the person is a massive amount of energy. When you and I have talked about this, it's but anything that you want to do. I was with Louis House, right? The greater dear friend. Anything that you want to do that involves greatness, takes great effort and it doesn't take great effort for like, a little piece of time. It takes great effort for a sustained period of time. And I think the thing that I thought waas well, eventually this will just all get easier. The truth is, it doesn't actually just get easier because worlds always changing, you got evolve. And so, fortunately, I've had a gift of passion and purpose where I've kept the sustained energy up. Um, and I've learned how to also recharge my batteries. You know, we're gonna take those two things separately. Passion and purpose recharge batteries. Yeah, it's gonna passionate purpose. Well, again, I'll go back to It's a God given thing, right? Like I've had the passion purpose to free people financially for 26 years. My favorite thing to do in the whole world is teach. Why I'm so Why I love doing create alive is that there's a live audience and I get to see when you're all getting it When you're a teacher. You just talked to a camera. That's the weirdest thing to me. Even like when I do Facebook live with you guys, right? Cause I'm like, I'm talking to you and I can't see you. I can't see you. Yeah, but you I can see you as I'm saying, saying things you're I can see when you're getting it. I can see when you start to get teary eyed and I can tell when I'm reaching you. And it's in those moments where you realize you're reaching somebody that you're like that I need to use that again. A lot of factor was all about I realized it was reaching people because I was in live audiences teaching and they were getting it like I've gotten a lot and I'm not saving $5 a day or I've got my bottled water and I'm not saving $5 a day or whatever it is right they were getting it. So I've had this passion purpose to free people financially, not about the money, but because I just want you to go live your God given gifts and somewhere in your in your past, right, because that's what most people like. I don't know how to find that thing. What brought you joy as a young person was the climbing trees? Maybe become an arborist for you. You're embedded. Your family was in the financial, your father and financial services. For years you got passion about money. But here's but here's the thing. Like when I got passion about was teaching. I remember teaching a class at a local adult school ones classes that started the lot a factor, and I remember thinking, if I could make $100, a year just teaching, I was making much more than as a funny advisor. If I could just make $100,000 a year, just teach it that would be, I would be the greatest thing in the world and eventually I've been able to make a living just teaching. I didn't want to go. Being in office working one on one with somebody's client as a financial visor was great. It was great career, but it wasn't a great career for me, and my passion was teaching so and passions can change. Of course, this is a very important point. And so I'm probably unusual that my passionate stayed the same, but I'm also looking being told, totally honest and transparent. Uh, I don't plan to write in her financial book, and I was. I woke up this morning thinking about this because I was so, so excited to be here. I'm like, If I'm still so excited, then why do why do I want something about stopping? Why do I want to stop teaching about money? There's another voice inside of me saying, David, you have another 10 20 years. You need to do something new, even though I've been doing this for 26 years and I feel like I'm the top of my game, there's another voice now saying to me, You're not doing another financial book. I don't know what the next book is, but so I'm having It's hard because the other party wants to go out. But you couldn't this another part saying Time to listen to the next voice. I just came up with the whole idea of kids books at a whole kids. Siri's not about money. We're gonna go back to the 70 s. Oh, so, um, so that was about purpose. I think the one thing I say anybody is listening and you're like, How do I find my purpose? Think about what you really like to dio If you had to do it every day, people go, What would you do for free? Because I basically did this for free for 10 years. Um, you know, what would you do for free? And then how? Because what happens a lot of times, if you if there's something you really love, eventually you get really good at it. Then it's no longer free cause people pay you. I taught 700 classes for free before I got my first chef gets in Ken 1st 1st check If each class was a day that 700 days of work to get to the place where someone paid you. That's not toe like, all right, and now I'm done. That's where you start after 700 days. This is this sort of the secret and why I feel like that's why this show exists to help people deconstruct when you're stuck wherever you are and we're all stuck in some way. That's why. Ask that. What's hard for you like? Okay, these are the things we all have hard things and just realizing that you're capable of taking steps toward the thing that you want and that is not the finish line. That is a start. You're at home in bed and you have to get to the starting line That's 700 steps away. Don't you think that it makes a lot of sense? Teoh, When you get there, toe, have that be the thing that you actually want to be doing to me? This is the trip, and I was such a golden nugget just that, because it's so true. You know, if you're going to do the work in anything for a decade, I want to learn from Tony Robbins. This was a moment Also, that changed my life. I was a Tony Robbins seminar and he said, In a decade, you're gonna be a decade older either having maybe reached your dreams because you tribe or just 10 years older I just told you like about and think about your next 10 years. And I was like, Whoa, whoa, right, cause I wasn't going for my dream. My dream was to write smart women, finish rich. I'd had the dream for four years and wasn't working on it. The funny thing about dreams, if you don't work on them, they never come true is not weird. Like they never come true. So if it requires work and requires you to take action steps and then required you to get your ass off the ground every time you're knocked down and no, that you're gonna be knocked down and you could be cheered The thing is, there's moments where, like, it's working, it's working. And now it's on your the guy. And then guess what? Something happens. You're no longer the guy. All of a sudden you went from being the gene. You know, they say hero zero life is funny. You can go like this. You're the hero and the next you know, people loved it. That hero down back to zero And then a lot of people who go from hero to zero never recover. And then people who you tend to see who reached greatness get knocked down, come back, get knocked down, come back. A lot of entrepreneurs by time you see a success, they're like, Oh, wow, look what they did. Same thing. 10 year overnight success to you didn't see all the stuff in between. So we heard from you about some things that were hard. Um, I have a very specific question. How did you get the lot a factor in the Oxford Dictionary? It's literally in there. How cool is that? That's crazy, right? I'm thinking like worth purpose. Life mission. I'm like, How did you get that in the Oxford Dictionary? Well, this is so Oxford came to me, the city or the school. The people who wrote the Oxford Dictionary said, We want to do a financial dictionary. Will you go through the dictionary and tell us what we've missed? Well, sure seemed to me like the lot day factor should be in the Oxford Dictionary. But that's really the Oxford in the Oxford Dictionary. Came to me to both go through the dictionary, give give great other parts that we're missing and put it in. And we wrote a thing originally was 1001 word. You need to know the Oxford Dictionary Financial words, which became the finish rich dictionary. So Oxford people are like a lot of factors. Genius. Yeah, that should definitely go in the dictionary. So now docks lost chances in the dictionary. Nobody's ever asked me that question, For funny thing is, there's another guru who tries to use the lot factor all the time. And originally she said that it was her idea I'm like, but I had a trademark on it 20 years ago. So take that. You take that. You got a good idea. Make sure Trade market. There's two things embedded in that story. One is they came to you. I think most people who are at home or in the audience or me and my head right now, like how many times that does. Um, I think Scott Belski said, Amazing idea rarely comes to this. I'm paraphrasing. Rarely comes to you in an email with the subject line. Amazing idea, I And so, like, what you described is Oxford coming to you? And the reality is, if you're doing what you're doing well enough for long enough that people will notice and they will knock on your door. But there's a really long time before that ever happens. Yeah, So talk to me for a second about some more stories about things that you've done. I heard that you dreamed the dream of writing this book for four years before you did it. Um, tell me a few others so that people at home can understand that you You pitched Oprah's team. That you you, you know, drug. You're asked to the office every day for 10 years that you tell us a couple of those stories. 95% of what I've done in my career is because I went out and knocked on the door, including this You didn't call me. I've called you before, but nothing but held, but no. But how this came to be I was with somebody else. Ra meet setting who? You know, people think we're competitors. We shouldn't be friends. I'm friends with most other people in my space. And he's an amazing guy. And I'm like, What do you excited about investing with different companies? Oh, I'm an investor. Created live, just class. It was amazing. Oh, would you introduce me to them? That's how I got collected with great alive. When this book was coming out. I think he might have even reconnected us. Um, so if you go through everything that we're doing, for example, with this book launch, it's me making the phone calls right? Like we have a partnership with Brand. Lis is incredibly innovative. Director, consumer company. They've raised $250 million from Softbank. I'm. When I saw Tina Sharkey launching that company, I immediately texted her emailed or whatever it was. I didn't because I knew her from a Well days who had also called on to be the money coach for a Well. And they were launching it as a team that you're launching his amazing company. I want to invest in it well this week, every book that's bought for the launch brand Lis in a great way to say this brand list for every book this bought from the locked a factor dot com on our website brand list is gonna feed one family across America with feet America. No, I but I brought the idea to Tina like guys, Let's be involved. My book launch. Oh, I'm gonna do a podcast. Tina Brandley should sponsor the podcast. The pocket, By the way, the podcast is live. So I went. Did the podcast went to brand list said You guys sponsor the podcast, Then you guys should buy the books and given to people next week who buy stuff it brand list dot com All those things. It wasn't like I just called Tina and said, Hey, what do this idea one Do it with multiple meetings with their CMO? Um, this was multiple meeting and I could go. There's 20 things like this. You look at my tour, we're gonna go across the country across the U. S. Most of events are live in their free at the lahti factor dot com. I'm going everywhere. Chicago, New York L a Arizona on and on and on back. I'm ending in Seattle. You are definitely parting. On the last day all those cities I had to arrange I reached out personally to people I know. Love and respect. Part of my financial service company. Have a company that we started three years ago. We've raised $7 billion. Our platform. We have 500 financial virus. I hand picked the advisers in the city's. I wanted to go to every one of them. I had to reach out to personally to say I wanted to host me in your market. My friend from high school is in the back of room. Gretchen. I hired her Just a handhold. Those 10 people on those 10 cities and I could give you 100 more of those. And they're like, wrap it up because times ending here. But the person who has done everything that you're going to see me do with this book launch You started it. I start, I'm doing it. You and I were talking yesterday about this event, and like I'm on my phone going. Guys, you've got to be promoting more What we're doing right now. I was in the green room 15 20 minutes before he started. Like we need more emails out. We need more links out we need on Facebook. We need on Twitter. We need on Instagram. I have an entire team is paid to do this, but I'm still in the green room sending out text pushing me out on Twitter this morning. Didn't called you on tour this morning at 5 35 he's like, I'm up earlier. You up ready for this? I was like, I'm laying in belly like, Oh, man, come on. Okay. And I'm just back Bang then This is a really important thing that people need to hear. Is that how you're how many every years are into your career? How many New York Times best sellers? Still not gonna indoors, Still getting turned down. But more and more people, the more success like success. Because I've done the today show 100 times. I have done seven books. Leticia. They have not booked me yet for this book. Hello, Today's show. Where are you people? So again new people today show so hasn't happened. We have time for one last story. We've cut off our I'm grabbing went off When opportunities come your way, you think is opportune. Come across all your lives. You gotta grab them right, cause because a lot times like, doesn't community it's coming, it's coming by and they're like, Well, I'm not sure Maybe you know that she was gone and a classic example of this is I had an opportunity to fly Dejan even Meet Paula Cuello. Paula Quayle wrote the book The Alchemist. How many of you read the Alchemist and curiosity? Amazing way to hands. Three hands of going up that book. I think it sold almost 100 million copies. It's one of most famous worldwide books ever. Everybody should read the alchemist. You should Albright a note to read the alchemy. It's in your dedication of the book, isn't it? So this book is dedicated to Paula Quello and Oprah Winfrey and my wife. Those three key people and I went to go have I told my wife I'm gonna goto Geneva like there's, like, a last minute thing. I'm ago didn't even go have dinner. Paula Quail. She's like, what? Who I gotta follow quickly wrote The alchemist should go. I have that book. My Did you really just like No, I'm like a really good book. You're gonna go to Geneva for dinner? Yeah, it's Paulo quail. Oh, so I get on a plane a flat edge in even. I don't know what this is gonna be like. We go to the little dinner for Apollo and he's We closed this restaurant down. He's like a true rock star. And then he's like, Julia drink. Yeah, we go to a bar. Turns out Paulo likes to stay out. So we're work this bar. They're staying open for us. We're drinking wine and it's getting late. It's like 23 in the morning and he's got his his handlers with him, and she says, Paula, we have to go home now And he goes, OK, hold on one second and he looks at me and he goes, David, I must ask you a question. I wish I could do his accent after practice it she goes. I must ask you a question. What is the book that your soul desires to write that you have not written yet? And I go, well, Pollo. I want to write this little book that's like a story like how you've written books. I want to write this little book. That's a story that will teach people that they're richer than they think. That that small amounts money that can change your life and that they can free themselves to listen to their soul and go for their dreams. And I want to translate all over the world like your books have, and he puts his hand on my arm. He goes, Then David, you must write this book, the wisdom and the simplicity. And it's like this, like Yoda, always Paula. Then you must write this book and he says in the book, You must. And now and now I must go and he gets up. Can he please? And I'm with another buddy, my Brendon Buchard, and was like, What did Paul O Se And I'm like? He said, I should write this book the lot a factor and we, like, stumble out of this bar and I'm on Cloud nine. I'm like, I've got to write this book and I've been thinking about this book for 10 years. Almost at this point, I get home. I'm totally jetlagged. My wife goes, Well, what did Paulo say? I go, he said. I should write this book. She's like, I've been telling you this for years. You need to go to Geneva, Michael Paulo, reconfirm. It's a good idea. And, um and that was that really was a callous for me. And I talked. We didn't get to, like recharging your batteries, but I was totally, you know, what happened to me is in 2012 I was totally burnt out. I didn't know that I was totally burnt. I didn't know what was wrong with me. And I think this is probably a good thing that close on. Is that the need to take care of yourself? Like I was getting up and still early, I was going to the gym. I was going to the today show. Um, I was doing my work, but I was no longer joyful, and I was tired, and I was 46 but I felt 50 and I would and I thought I was just getting older and I went to the doctor, and I was like, I don't feel right, like I'm tired all the time, and I don't sleep well, so I'm tired and I don't sleep well. So, you know, he will do all your blood work, right? So they ran all these tests on me, and he's like, Yeah, you know, I just your blood works fine. And you went just beginning What you get older and truthfully, I think looking back on it is also, like, burnt out and depressed. Um, and I was in a business course to try to figure out how to 10 times my income, which I had done previously. Like I know they always use 10 X thing, right? I had already 25 x So I'm sitting in this class trying to hear how to 10 x my business. And I ran through what everything would look like if I te next more business and when What would I do at the end of those 10 years? And I came to this realization Well, I would take a year off and I would enjoy my life. The irony, the irony, right, cause so then I was like, That's a whole lot of work. Just did. Now, hopefully, in 10 years, be healthy and enjoy my life, and I came home. This is how life works. I came home from that class and my wife said to me, What do you want for your birthday? And I said, Do you want to know what I want for my birthday? A one a year off? Sure. This isn't bad. She like? Because What do you mean? I don't wanna work for a year. She turns the light on metaphor. Andrea, she does it. What do you mean you don't want? Oh, you mean don't read your book? I know. She's like What about the Today show? I got to know. What about speeches? I go? No. So what about your company? But I don't work for a year. That's what I want for my birthday. I was kind of being flippant. What would you do? Hadn't thought about that ago. How about if I did what you do? Like I could wake up in the morning, take the kids to school. I could go the gym. I could get lunch with my friends, run a couple errands, and I could pick him up. Looks like fun. It's not as easy as you think, but like I'm not gonna try it. I'd like to try. I'd like to try. Just stay home with something different. I'd like to try and be home and be adapt, Which was scary as hell. So she said, Well, can we have form for you? to take a year off. Can we afford for us to take a year off? I said. I said Yes, if we cut, if we reduced our expenses, I could take a year off She said, No, no, I didn't say anything about you thus reducing our expenses. I married you for better. Better stay. The same is just got joking. But I go. Yes, we can afford to take the year off and then she and how long can we before we start runs in numbers and she's like, take a year off So that all the things I started working on took eight months to plan that And that took 2013 intentionally off. I called the dispatch ical. Six weeks into not working, I felt 15 years younger. I was sleeping 10 hours a day. I was waking up joyful. I was totally excited about life again. I had I started having all these new ideas. I'm walking down the street like a little kid, like, almost like bouncing for no reason. I'm like, Oh my God, all I need to do is take a break. Health and a friend of mine are in, Huffington wrote a book called Thrive and shows that the book on sleeping and We were together because we're both we're both learning how to Also, during this time I learned how to meditate had you tm meditation. Did you meditate this morning? I did. I meditate yesterday at four o'clock because I needed the energy to see you like the meditate twice today. So meditation, they say, you know, it recharges your batteries And I said, You know, actually, it re It's like putting a new battery inside of you sabbaticals like I got a whole new battery. And so I've also the reason the sabbaticals in the book is that I know that more of you need a break because you're burnt out and you don't know it. One. The reasons people have to retire is there just exhausted. And so I think of more people could take breaks throughout their life. You could have you could just take these breaks. You would be reenergized. I came back from my break, became the vice chairman of one large financial service companies, America. I wrote four books. Now, in 36 months Updated smart women finish for smart couples finish their start late. Note. Smart couples, automatic millions smart women redesigned my seminars, launched them across America, started a new company which is a wealth management which is now the fat one the fastest growing our eyes in America and wrote this book. It is all because I took that break. So learn to rest, not to quit. Learned to rest because rest leads to recovery. Last funny story I'll tell you is so here I am. I'm feeling amazing, but I'm I'm like I feel so much better. This was the miracle pill. Just taking some time off. I'm I'm walking my son Jack to school because he was still the age he would let me walk him to school And he goes, Dad, You know what? Now that you're not working, do you ever worry that everyone's gonna forget about you? That you'll never be able to read another book? Go on television, get another speaking is you ever make money again? I have. This guy was and literally of course, those were all my worries. They have just gone away. When I was just like, thank you for voicing every single scare that I have, and I was like. Yeah, actually, I do have those fears sometimes, but I think it will be okay. And And the interesting thing is, as I came back and started doing all the stuff, my son also saw that last things like how, You know, you just stepped right back in, and now you're doing more so. Health help. Wow. Well, before we break, I want to say, for those of you who are watching live wherever you are on the planet, we're going taken our break. 45 months called 50 minutes because I went over. That's right. No, but but we also got to get some food. So wherever you are, go and get a snack and come back for the master class that you're about to, uh, deploy and host. And thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us. Big, creative, live round of applause for being here.

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